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Characteristics Maintenance | Facades cladded with Öko Skin slat wall panels require minimum maintenance. Unlike wooden claddings, glassfibre reinforced concrete need neither be abraded nor painted at regular intervals. Individual elements can be replaced easily. Easy to install | The slat wall panels have a very convenient size and can be mounted and processed on site - both by professionals and skilled doit-yourselfers. Flexible applications | Facades, cladding of porches, conservatories, terraces, garden sheds, garages, fences and many more.

High fire resistance | Absolute fire resistance, fire protection class A1, non-flammable, safe alternative to traditional wood panelling.

Long-term durability | Proven long-term durability for numerous applications as a result of optimum product quality. Quality and Environmental Standards | ISO 14001 ensures a systematic recording of the environmental impact of the product and its constant minimization. Sustainability | The use of high-grade raw materials consisting of purely mineral substances and glassfibres guarantees optimum product quality. As the Rieder slat wall is based on organic substances the material can be completely recycled. Energy-conscious | The production of glassfibre reinforced concrete causes 40% less global warming potential than fibre cement panels or aluminium sheets based upon IBO criteria. Because of its excellent ecoprofile, it spends 70% less primary energy than the production of HPLpanels (Ref. IBO Product Test 06/2007).

As beautiful as wood, as sustainable as concrete!

1800 / 147 mm | Thickness 13 mm Other sizes on request. Usage incl. joint 8 mm: 3,6 slats / m² surface area



Glassfibre reinforced concrete is a natural material. The natural raw materials used for the production of Öko Skin create a specific surface appearance which is typical for concrete. This play of colours within a certain colour shade is intentional and enhances the vivid character of concrete as natural building material.

02 | Ivory

03 | Silvergrey

04 | Anthracite

05 | Liquide Black

06 | Sandstone

07 | Terra

08 | Mocca Brown

09 | Venice Green

10 | Terracotta

\ öko skin

\ o with two dots With a thickness of only 13 mm Öko Skin slat wall panels are lightweight and therefore easy to handle.

01 | Bianco

\ ö is a character used in several Latin alphabets. It consists of the letter o with umlaut. It represents the umlauted form of o, resulting in [œ] or [ø]. \ the pronunciation of ö is like „i“ in „Sir“. ö can be transcriped as „oe“. \ ö is a typical character of Austria. The ö of Öko Skin stands for Österreich (Austria), ökologisch (ecological) and ökonomisch (economical).

The surface of Öko Skin is sandblasted and creates a vivid surface. Due to technical reasons printed colours may differ from the original shade.

SA | Sandblasted

Installation Instruction


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Assemblies 1 wall / brickwall 2 wooden slat 3 sheets for waterproofing 4 waterstop / joint tape 5 Öko Skin Slat Wall 6 screw 7 joint





ø6 8




1 2


Construction Details 1 wall / brickwall 2 wooden slats 100/30 mm, distance between wooden slats ca. 500 mm 3 flexible sheets for waterproofing / protective membrane e.g. DuPontTM Tyvek UV Facade 4 waterstop / joint tape e.g. made of rubber, neoprene; width 100 mm 5 Öko Skin Slat Wall 1800/147/13 mm 6 screw 4,8/38 mm, coated with colour of slat wall; centrically drilling 6 mm 7 joint 8 mm





Easy to cut and drill!

The slats can be cut to size and holes can be drilled by the craftsmen directly on site.


öko skin 04/2011

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Öko Skin Folder 2011  
Öko Skin Folder 2011  

Öko Skin - thin concrete slats for facade and terrace.