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MAY 2013


everything, and anyone who thinks otherwise is really out of touch with reality. Being I think winter has finally left alive is risky business, even for the building, but what of the careful, even for the pruspring and dent even for the safe American middle class. summer? "Summer time and the living is‌ "

Spring is here, summer is nearing with each passing moment, and for Angelo Marinosci, Jr. m a n y ASSOCIATE EDITOR folks in the U.S.A. we may mark the summer by attending annual festivities, parades, country fairs and such. That's who we are and what we do. Nothing should change that and I dare say nothing will change that. In the aftermath of yet another pointless and truly stupid atrocity in the recent Boston Marathon, there may be the fallout of fearfulness to participate in these activities. For some folks, these outdoor activities may look like "soft target" opportunities for the depraved or broken minds of those who inflict such pointless pain, people who are without regard but for the benefit they seek from these dark deeds during such events and spraying their parasitic antics onto innocent folks. Is there a lesson to learn from this? Each time you step out from under the safety of your own bedspread you are in some form of danger. Most people get hurt at home and often while doing simple and normal stuff - tumbling in the shower, falling off ladders, tripping on the sidewalk, cutting the lawn or crashing the car a few blocks from home that's all true. Life is a dangerous ordeal even when you are very careful and take great precaution. After all, accidents are just that: accidental. The is no way to protect everyone at all times from

For most of us, we press on even while knowing that the elevator might suddenly plummet to the basement, lightening might strike the train, or a last bite of ham and cheese sandwich might get stuck in your throat. But, hey, we still go about our business of living, and being alive and paying close attention. We try not to make matters worse by following some of, if not all of, the rules. Or do we? Maybe we are all at heart really risktakers who like pushing the edge and are often in denial. Indulge me for a moment, if you please. At the risk of seeming judgmental, honestly, when is the last time you were on the highway and everyone was doing the speed limit? How close do you drive to the car traveling in front of your car? Do you ever pass cars on the right when they are turning left, even if it's a tight squeeze? Do you make a complete stop when turning right on red yourself? How about talking on the cell phone while driving or still insisting on texting while at the wheel? These are a few of the main culprits that lead to auto accidents yet many of us persist in these irresponsibilities as well as other deadly antics, all the time thinking we are law-abiding while we do them. In my estimation, the average American is a pretty risky driver and the average Rhode Islander at the wheel is going along rodeo-style and in denial while behind the wheel. Many folks who come here from out of town think we simply all drive badly while ignoring all the rules of the road. That is true! Who and what and why are we so risky?

MAY 2013

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“Not your typical nail salon”

We need experienced nail technicians part time or full time




HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30AM-7PM Saturday 9:30AM-5PM Sunday 10AM-3PM Closed Tuesdays


Pedi and Mani

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MAY 2013

Frosty Drew Nature Center and Observatory, A Great Destination for Everyone and once-in-a-lifetime celestial events. Best of all, Frost Drew Observatory is open to the public on Friday nights free of charge. This means that, weather permitting, visitors can experience the cosmos up close. Jupiter and Saturn and Mars become more than mere faint blips in the sky; they take on an entirely new look with rings and moons clearly visible. In a way that cannot be achieved in a planetarium, visitors sitting in the observatory's John G. Drew Sky Theatre, a large room with a cathedral ceiling featuring a large overhead screen, will soon be able to watch as observatory astronomers project onto the screen in real time images that are being viewed through the observatory's telescope. Public stargazing begins shortly after sundown on Fridays, and you can check the schedule for updates at anytime. You can also sign up to receive the Frosty Drew newsletter and twitter feeds. On May 4, Frosty Drew is sponsoring its 4th annual 5K run and walk that winds through the trails of Ninigret Park and showcases all the visual treasures of the site. On Saturday, July 27 (rain date July 28), Frosty Drew is holding its third annual Sea Star Marketplace, a celebration of arts and crafts. The lead sponsor is Casual Italian Dining in a Relaxing Atmosphere Dunkin' Donuts. In addiwith Reasonable Prices tion to the arts and crafts sale, visitors can enjoy food, live entertainment, and special events throughout the day. Featured is Dr. Giovanni Fazio, a renowned astrophysicist, who is returning to speak in the Sky Theatre. Admission to the Marketplace is free. Booths are available for artists and artisans. If you're interested in getting a booth, just email or call 401-364-9508. From July 1 until the SERVING LUNCH AND DINNER end of August, there are "nature weeks." These are Gift Certificates Available a special alternative to day camp and run daily from 9 Owner Ken Turchetta a.m. to 3 p.m. each week. Events are designed to get 441 Atwells Avenue • Providence, RI young children out-ofdoors where they can have fun experiencing and connecting with the natural

Rhode Island is blessed with several observatories, where astronomers can look to the nighttime skies and view wondrous celestial events; however, not all of these are accessible to the public yearround on a regular basis. There is an exception. Frosty Drew Nature Center & Observatory, truly one of Rhode Island's treasures, is hidden away immediately adjacent to Ninigret Pond in Charlestown, Rhode Island, a location that was home during earlier times to the U.S. Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (you can Google - I'm pretty sure Google doesn't like anyone making a verb out of its name, but, hey - a map of the site). Approximately ten years after the Navy abandoned the landing field, the property was deeded to the Town of Charlestown. On July 3, 1983, the Frosty Drew Nature Center formally opened its doors, the same day that new park, named Ninigret Park, was dedicated. At the time, the Center offered "field studies" for school children and other groups, programming that is still offered in the spring and fall today. The Center, a non-profit organization, now features a world-class observatory as well as nearly unequalled year-round access to nature. On a recent brief trip, we observed a great heron flying up from the pond and onto a roost in a nearby tree. Because of its terrific location, Frosty Drew Observatory features a spectacularly dark nighttime sky, one of the darkest between Boston and New York, and gives visitors breathtaking views of the Milky Way along with the many continuous annual


world, and participants spend days exploring the Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge from the shores of Ninigret Pond to the upland fields and forests. For information, go to: naturecenter/nature _weeks.php

Great White egret roosting in a tree at the nature center

The Frosty Drew Nature Center & Observatory stands as a memorial to the dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of Edwin "Frosty" Drew. Frosty contracted polio as a child, just a year before a vaccine was developed. He never let his disability stand in his way, and after graduating from Brown University, he began his career as a writer, soon becoming actively involved in efforts to preserve and protect the natural heritage of southern Rhode Island. Because of his gifts of leadership, public speaking, and private persuasion, as well as his tenacious adherence to his principles, Frosty earned a place as spokesman for environmental concerns statewide. It's not exaggerating to say that largely as a result of his efforts in organizing and raising public awareness, Ninigret Pond and its surrounding areas remain a priceless natural asset to both the town of Charlestown and the state of Rhode Island. In 1990 Frosty was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame for his contributions to the state's natural environmental heritage and the fame and distinction he brought to his state and nation. He, unfortunately, did not live to experience his induction. He died in September 1976 at the age of 28.

MAY 2013

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24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE 255 Quaker Lane • Warwick, RI 02893 Sherri Ferretti ~ Owner/Manager


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MAY 2013

RESTAURANT HOURS: Monday thru Wednesday 11am - 9pm Thursday thru Saturday 11am - 10pm Sunday-Private Functions Only



140 Comstock Parkway • Cranston, RI 02921 • 401-369-7309

The Grille on Comstock

NOW OPENING FOR BREAKFAST on Saturday & Sunday Starting May 18th at 7:00 a.m.

Serving A Full Breakfast! Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash, French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles, Omelettes and More!

sociation of Independent Attorneys A n As

Michael DiChiro, Jr. Frank J. Manni John C. Manni Alfred A. Russo, Jr. William J. Vescera James P. Creighton

1405 Plainfield Street Johnston, RI 02919

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25 International US Embassy Officials Visited Federal Hill Sunday, April 28th

MAY 2013

Embassy officials from the countries of Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, strike a pose with The Federal Hill Photo by Angelo Marinosci, Jr. Commerce Association representatives as they were welcomed to Providence on Sunday, April 28th.

“Vivere una Buona Vita" “Live a Good Life" April 15 was a sad day for Boston and our nation on such a celebrated Massachusetts holiday, Patriots' Day, and the Boston Marathon. Boston being our neighboring city, many Rhode Islanders were in attendance for the race. At 2:50 p.m. on that day two bombs went off killing 3 and injuring over 200 people, 17of them critically.

Sherri Ferretti

This is a time for social solidarity, a time to come together as one great nation. It is also important for us to come together in our communities, our churches, the workplace and to talk amongst our

families. Something this horrific takes a little piece from each of our hearts. Even though this may not directly be happening to you, it will affect you. It's the emotional wounds that hurt. It's because we care and have empathy that we cry for the injured, mourn the lives lost and pray for all the families, friends, bystanders, marathon runners, volunteers and municipalities that were directly affected by this tragedy. We were hit hard but not broken, perse-

cuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. Faith in God gives us the strength that will see us through.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18 Arrivederci and God Bless

Sherri Ferretti

MAY 2013

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Chef Nick Iannuccilli’s

Florentine Grille

Fine Tuned Italian Cuisine

Make You Reserv r Mother’s Da ations Now! y


Solution on Page 46


The Rhode Island Echo

MAY 2013

Food Tips with Chef Nick Iannuccilli

It’s Grill Time Finally our long New England winter has passed and the smell of fire places burning in the night air gives way to the unmistakable aroma of steaks and chicken slowly charring at sunset. Outdoor cooking is a favorite pastime for millions of people all over the world. Cooking over an open fire is the oldest form of the culinary art and has united billions of people from the time when Adam grilled his first apple. In our modern times, the easiest way that we can become one with nature is to gather our family and friends and have an outdoor feast. Summer is made for grilling and even though I prefer to grill meats and vegetables on wood, I still cannot wait to break out my Webber Gas Grill and pour olive oil over the grates. The only problem with this is that my whole neighborhood smells like gas and the hairs on my arms disappear.

The Perfect Grilled Steak on a Gas Grill First you must have a clean grill in which the grates have been seasoned with oil (any kind except motor oil) so that there is no rust or particles stuck to the grill. Second make sure your grill is well ventilated, outside and away from trees etc. Of course, check your gas level.

NOW FOR THE MEAT: Select the steak of your choice. Any good quality piece of meat will do. I prefer a nice thick T-bone because of its caveman like texture and the fact that a charred bone adds flavor to any meat. Once you have your grill properly heated, around 450-500 degrees, you are ready to go. Gently rub the outside of your meat with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt (kosher salt will do). The oil brings out a subtle richness in the meat and allows it to cook without sticking to the grill. (Note: Do not pour olive oil over the grill). The sea salt brings out the true flavors in the meat with an old fashioned Mediterranean flare. Sea salt is natural and has a much more subtle, earthy flavor than regular iodized salt. Cook the steak to your desired temperature while turning every 4 to 5 minutes. Do not close the grill. If you close the grill a small gas flavor might re-circulate down into your meat. Once your steak is done, remove from the grill and put a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on it and a squeeze of lemon. This is a prefect unadulterated T-bone. No need for A-1 sauce when you have these timeless flavors on your plate. Enjoy with a nice Chianti and a little salad and this simple steak dinner will fill your soul with centuries of L'epicurian delight.

SUNGLASSES FOR EVERY FACE Now that it's beginning to feel like spring (finally,) it's time to break out those sunglasses! While all the different shapes, sizes and colors they come in can feel overwhelming while you're shopping for them, make sure you're choosing the right By Lauren Spinella pair for your face. Different styles will accentuate different face shapes, so before you head out to buy your new shades, check out my guide for buying the right ones for you! Publisher’s Note: Consider for sunglasses If your face is oval-shaped: This face shape is the one I'm most envious of. Because you're features are balanced, mostly any style of sunglasses will look good. This means you can get a little experimental, so try on a bunch of

different styles and decide which ones you like best. If your face is square-shaped: Those with square faces should go with oval or round sunglasses to balance out the shapes of their face and strong jaw line. If your face is roundshaped: Just like people with square-shaped faces, you need to balance out the shapes, so go with a square or rectangular frame. People with round faces should choose these square frames in order to add angles to their full face. Try a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers. The wayfarers are classics that never go out of style. I've had mine for years now and I swear by them! They can be a bit pricey, but luckily there are tons of lookalikes in all different colors. If your face is triangular-shaped:

With this type of face shape, find glasses that are wider on the bottom or rimless, in order to shorten the width of the top of your face. If your face is heart-shaped: Heart shapes go great with rimless shades, like aviators, very round frames (think Jackie O), or cat-eye shaped frames. Be careful not to choose a frame that is too small, because it will show off the width of your face too much. If your face is oblong: With a long face, it's better to go for oversized lenses. You're in luck because these are very stylish but not everyone can pull them off. People with long faces have the perfect shape for these big frames. Also, consider buying a pair with some embellishments on them, but be careful not to overdo it. If your face is diamond-shaped: With diamond-shaped faces, look for glasses with top heavy rims, or ones that are semi-rimless. Cateye shapes are also a good fit for you because they will emphasize your cheekbones.

MAY 2013

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MAY 2013

Our beautifully appointed outdoor dining and drinking patio IS NOW OPEN!

In the Heart of Historic Federal Hill

Exit 21 off 95 North or South Sunday thru Thursday 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

171 Atwells Avenue ~ Providence, RI Tel: 401-421-3715 or 453-3164


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MAY 2013

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OPTX rhode island Names Celebrity Alyssa Campanella as Brand Ambassador

It is with great pride and excitement that OPTX rhode island names Alyssa Campanella, actress, supermodel and former MISS USA 2011 as their Brand Ambassador. After a long, selective search for a celebrity spokesperson to represent the luxury sunglass and eyewear brand Ms. Campanella was the perfect choice. OPTX will have the privilege to shoot the ad campaign that launches their Brand Ambassador to the world in early May, 2013 with famed fashion and celebrity photographer Fadil Berisha in New York City. OPTX executives will travel to New York City to meet with Ms. Campanella and her management team upon her arrival from Los Angeles. This is being heralded as the most elaborate and spectacular photo shoot to take place in the history of the luxury company. OPTX is very well known for their celebrity ad campaigns toting the phrases 'Nothing But OPTX' and 'r u ready 4 what's next?' OPTX consistently and proudly brings a little bit of Hollywood into Rhode Island by their interaction with rock stars, supermodels and actors. Team OPTX frequently travels between New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami for red carpet events and celebrity product placement. Quite a feat for a home base in the smallest state! "We have had amazing opportunities during this company's dramatic growth, positioning us solidly in the fashion world," states Lynne Diamante, CEO of OPTX. "We cater to a fabulous celebrity clientele and have photographed several

Alyssa and Lynne enjoy rehearsals at the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas in December 2012 as they cheer on Rhode Island's own Olivia Culpo, who later won the title. From left to right: Danielle Doty, Miss Teen USA 2011, Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2012, Lynne and Alyssa.

celebrities for previous ad campaigns. Naming a Brand Ambassador is a wonderful step for us. This photo shoot will be iconic and significant in many ways. Historically, for the company, this is one of the most spectacular ventures we have ever embarked upon." OPTX executives set up criteria to select the Brand Ambassador several months ago. They considered multiple factors in choosing the candidates: celebrities who are wearing OPTX eyewear and sunglasses, target audience of the celebrity Ambassador and of course the Ambassador's enthusiasm to hold the position. "Alyssa Campanella not only embodies the ulti-

Alyssa Campanella signs a nearly life size banner at a pool party given by OPTX for MISS USA delegates in June 2012.

mate look and feel of our brand, but she also wears OPTX eyewear and sunglasses almost everyday. For many companies a celebrity Brand Ambassador is just that, a person who is hired to promote them. This is not the case with Ms. Campanella. We are honored to say that she loves her wardrobe from OPTX rhode island. She enjoys not only the style, fashion and vibe of OPTX but truly embraces the chic ambience that makes us who we are as a company," stated Diamante. The OPTX rhode island connection in selecting Ms. Campanella as the Brand Ambassador is no coincidence. OPTX rhode island had the unique opportunity to act as a proud partner to the MISS USA Pageant in 2012 when Ms. Campanella passed down her crown. At an extravagant pool party given by OPTX for MISS USA in Las Vegas, Ms. Campanella received her first pair of OPTX sunglasses, an elaborate Cartier piece. Her sunglass wardrobe continued with Dior, Prada, Gucci and Chanel. OPTX CEO, Lynne Diamante, personally oversaw the styling and quickly became friends with Ms. Campanella. Later that year, Diamante interacted with Ms. Campanella when OPTX executives traveled to the Miss Universe Pageant for celebrity product placement. They again met at New York's February Fashion Week to enjoy the front row at premier designer shows together. OPTX executives held a "viewing party" during Super Bowl 2013, not only for the game itself, but


also to watch Ms. Campanella's role as the KIA "HotBot" in the premier of KIA's Super Bowl commercial. It is also noteworthy that prior to moving to California, Ms. Campanella grew up in nearby New Jersey and has some Italian heritage, promoting even more of a true, heartfelt connection as the Brand Ambassador. In a wonderful twist of fate, Alyssa Campanella even passed her title of MISS USA to Rhode Island's own Olivia Culpo while OPTX was in Las Vegas last June! The connections and ties to OPTX are numerous and meaningful. "It is a beautiful and very natural evolution with Ms. Campanella in which we arrived at the decision to name her as Brand Ambassador to OPTX rhode island," Diamante states with confidence. Ms. Campanella is equally excited about the pairing. "I am absolutely honored to have been chosen as the OPTX Brand Ambassador. I first met and fell in love with the OPTX team when I was Miss USA. The friendships that have blossomed since then are some of my most cherished. They truly value fashion and style, and I have been proud to wear OPTX for the past year. I am very excited for this collaboration and I hope the world is ready for what's next!" stated Ms. Campanella. OPTX rhode island is a luxury sunglass and eyewear company. OPTX showcases a full selection of high end designer products in both prescription and non-prescription. The retail flagship store is located at 1277 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, Rhode Island. On site, the OPTX medical division provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art eye care and surgical services under the medical direction of Giulio Diamante, MD.

Alyssa Campanella and Lynne Diamante, CEO of OPTX

Alyssa Campanella's launch of her ad campaign as Brand Ambassador can be seen on shortly. Fans can also keep up with Alyssa's OPTX interaction through the OPTX twitter @OPTXeyewear and FaceBook


The Rhode Island Echo

Our Cover Photo

The Generals

MAY 2013

"As Memorial Day draws near, service members of the Rhode Island National Guard continue to honor our fallen warriors, reflect on their sacrifice, and remember the sacrifice of their families who continue to grieve in silence," said Major General McBride, the Adjutant General and commanding General of the Rhode Island National Guard. "Our organization is extremely thankful that the retired General officers from our organization are still actively engaged with our service members and our communities, to ensure the sacrifices of all our men and women in uniform are not forgotten," said McBride.

About the photo... Former Air Force Security Specialist Larry Cunningham, in association with Retired Adjutant General Reginald Centracchio, assembled the active and retired Commanders (pictured) to honor and pay tribute to our veterans, active military, and those who have passed while in service to our country as we approach Memorial Day 2013.

Front Row (Left to Right) - Brig. Gen. (Ret) Richard H. Santoro, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Joseph Waller, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Amedeo C. Merolla, Maj. Gen. Kevin R. McBride, Lt. Gen. (Ret) Reginald A. Centracciho, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Thomas Fraser, Brig. Gen. (Ret) James F. Reed Back Row (Left to Right) - Brig. Gen. Marcus Jannitto, Brig. Gen. Matthew J. Dzialo, Brig. Gen. (Ret) John L. Enwright, Brig. Gen. Charles E. Petrarca Jr., Brig. Gen. (Ret) James E. Keighley, Brig. Gen. (Ret) Richard J. Valente Photo credit: Jimmy Cambio - Total Photographic Imagery

301 Atwells Avenue Providence, RI 02903 (401) 383-4422 Tuesday - Saturday 4 PM to 1 AM Sunday 12 PM to 1 AM



MAY 2013

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J. Michael Levesque

The 24 Saddest Notes In Music

Retired Air Force Sergeant Michael Jackson.

You might not know his name, but sadly, you probably have stood silently while he honored a soldier who once followed the flag, and was now about to lay beneath it.

Lori) and has been playing the trumpet or bugle for 52 years.

He started playing the trumpet in Boy Scouts to earn his Bugling Merit Badge, and has been playing ever since.

course Sergeant Jackson and his bugle took their positions to prepare to honor the deceased veteran. Though they have performed this service many times, according to Sgt. Jackson "our reaction is always the same. Solemn. When we leave, our heart is full". Those of us who have seen this solemn, moving tribute know and understand the proud dignity that it affords a fallen hero, and the family that always appreciates the honor.

Sgt. Jackson, one of four military buglers in the State of Rhode Island, has spent the last twelve years playing the reverent notes "Taps" throughJ. Michael Levesque of out our numerous cemeteries for service men and women, or their eligible family members. To Sgt. Jackson, who reports to the Rhode Island Military Funeral Honors Program, operated by the Rhode Island National Guard, the vital services that he provides to a family in grief is simply "a veteran honoring other veterans - giving back". Though he receives a small "per diem" to cover his expenses, spend two minutes with Sgt. Jackson and you know that this is a genuine act of patriotism and compassion. So much so that he had the notes of "Taps", "the 24 saddest notes in music", tattooed on his left wrist to constantly remind him of the men and women who gave their lives to protect our cherished freedoms.

Sergeant Michael Jackson and the Rhode Island Military Honors Program is a timeless and reverent group that always makes us appreciate the sacrifices made, and the pride that is our nation's military. The Great Communicator, as always, has said it best. In his 1986 Memorial Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery, President Reagan honored the men and women of America's wars and conflicts. He uttered these words that were that were at the very least prophetic as he honored the "boys of Vietnam":

Retired Air Force Sergeant Michael Jackson Mike served in the United States Air Force for 5 years, spending two and one half of those years recuperating in a military hospital after suffering damages to both hands after a mortar shell hit an aircraft he was unloading in Da Nang, Vietnam.

"And we owe them something, these boys. We owe them a promise: That just as they His devotion to honoring our fallen heroes started when he went to a family-related funeral and heard did not forget their missing comrades, Michael Jackson was born in East Greenwich, RI in the solemn notes of Taps played by a tape in a neither, ever, will we." 1946, (he now resides in Narragansett with wife

boom-box. Finding the experience unsettling, Mike's dad suggested that he volunteer his skills with the bugle to comfort other families with the dignity that is deserved.

That devotion now results in his playing an average of 20 funerals a week, sometimes 4 or 5 on the same day. He estimates that he has assisted at over 8800 funerals since 2001. With veterans dying at the rate of 1800 per day across the United States, it's comforting to know that the 66 men and women involved in the program continue to honor our veterans through the Rhode Island Military Honors Program. While talking with Sgt. Jackson prior to one of his four funerals scheduled for a bright spring morning, I couldn't help but notice how comforting it was to see the uniformed soldiers who would honor the family. Three "weapons" (the rifle salute), a caller and of

And these are other promises. We must always remember that peace is a fragile thing that needs constant vigilance. We owe them a promise to look at the world with a steady gaze and, perhaps a resigned toughness, knowing that we have adversaries in the world and challenges, and the only way to meet them and maintain the peace is by staying strong" On this Memorial Day we honor not only the men and women in uniform who gave the ultimate sacrifice but also our family and friends who have left us. If you permit me a little writer's license, I would like to offer a prayer of thanks to not only those brave heroes but also to Lefty and Glo, who are probably having a dance or two in heaven. A kid from Arctic couldn't have had better parents. J. Michael Levesque is a former Mayor of West Warwick and contributor to this newspaper.


The Rhode Island Echo

MAY 2013



PIZZA!!!!... Wow, it's such a great topic of discussion. It's hard to imagine a world without Pizza or the arguments that follow surrounding who's pizza is the best. Even the name origin is a debatable, whether the word pizza means, simply "pie" or "pinch" or both. The origin of the idea of pizza is also debatable. Many ethnocentric ItaloAmericans might argue that, "just as love-making is an entirely Italian thing, well, so is pizza." In Italy every region has its own "pie"… and likewise each village has its own style of pizza and again each family its own version of it, and on and on. Locally, here in the Ocean State, many enthusiasts prefer to call the toping "gravy" instead of tomato sauce, and even that can lead to unruly discourse. Gee, everyone knows that a good pizza, a glass of table wine, and a Fellini Flic gives you the recipe for a tasty evening of full-bodied imagiLinda and nation and gusto, and there's seldom an argument there. Yet, anyone who has traveled a little bit knows that most every peoples of the Mediterranean coastal regions have some form of unleavened bread with a simple topping of sorts: pizza … the Greeks, North Africans, Lebanese…. just about everyone including Italians from every region and including ItalianAmericans and even right here in Warwick, Rhode Island. We got pizza. When Jack Parente (now 50 years old) was just a little boy, he would ask his Grandmother (Nana in Italian, often called Nani in dialect and pronounced Nawni) "Nani, give me something good" and she would respond, "This IS something real and it IS something good…" and it was the family recipe for a simple peasant pizza. When I recently cruised the University Heights Whole Foods Market in search of free samples (and there were many and most were very good) I stumbled upon Jack and Linda, his lovely wife of 25 years,. They were both donning great friendly smiles while preparing and handing out sample portions of their own "Simple Peasant Pizza" and selling the product. I was impressed with the openness of the duo and loved what they were serving. Jack proclaims, "Nobody does what we do in terms of how primitive we actually make our commercial product. It's grilled over a 1600 degrees F open wood fire, handmade and with love as our last ingredient. Each one has its own personality, and each crust is different…" It's all genuine, natural and simple and maybe that's what I found fascinating: In this age of astrophysics, smart-phone-mania, plastic throw away everything, and fast-junk edibles, a family-owned and operated business making a

Jack Parente

delicious real and tasty food that was so user friendly. Jack and Linda's product is tasty indeed. Jack and Linda started this operation about three years ago as an extension of The Pizza Gourmet located at 357 Hope Street in Providence, which opened its doors in 2004 and where they first developed their thin crust pizza with its original recipe. It's truly hand made, or as Jack points out, " made by human beings." And being somewhat of a pizza enthusiast myself, I must admit, I kept scarfing down the samples as we first began to talk. The rest came easy. Papa (my Papa) used to say, " Where you plant beans, you get beans." And Jack Parente is kind of living proof of that notion. He is the grandson of an Italian native, M. Thomas Marcello, owner of the Original Marcellos restaurant that most Rhode Islanders know. So Jack's his life in the food industry

comes naturally. Both wife Linda and Jack are U.R.I. graduates, and his three children all attend there as well. Jack studied business, so it was that much easier to enter a professional life prepared for the challenges of owning and operating TOP SHELL, LLC where the love goes in and the flavor stays (and Jack swears to this) because of the wooden grill (wood barbeque); it's the secret to the pizza's flavor and the "no oven" approach makes it so. Jack, Linda and their children all work at the TOP SHELL and keep the love in with each hand made crust. From the original "The Pizza Gourmet" where the crust was born (and all the early first days of distribution was by the family themselves) to now national distribution, the successful marriage between husband and wife led to a very successful national business. And it all started right here in our Little Rhody. This Feature follows our on-going series that will be dedicated to those fine local Rhode Island products that The Rhode Island Echo is committed to bringing to public awareness. If there's something that you make or want to bring to our attention, please do so, as we feel very strongly about the need to let others know more about those good things we are proud of in our little state of Rhode Island. Truth be known, I have to stop here, because my wife Danielle just told me that our pizza is ready and, yes, it's from TOP SHELL that we purchased at the Whole Foods.

"Il tempo par mangare"… It's time to eat!!

MAY 2013

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AT THE MOVIES WITH FRAN SYNER THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES Good and evil get a riveting treatment in Derek Cianfrance's crime thriller, "The Place Beyond the Pines;" a multigenerational saga that follows fathers and sons whose lives intersect over the course of fifteen years. With its exceptional cast, a multilayered story tautly told, and intense "sins of the fathers" theme, this is the type of high quality film you expect to find vying for Oscar attention at the end of the year. Although a bit long at more than two and a half hours, director Cianfrance's feature seamlessly unfolds in three, chronological segments. The first one centers on Luke (Ryan Gosling), a brooding motorcycle stuntman covered in tattoos and sporting a wild shock of orange hair. Luke travels the carnival circuit performing risky bike moves that have earned him a certain low level celebrity status. While working at a fair in Schenectady, NY he finds out he fathered a son the year before, during a one night stand with a beautiful waitress, Romina (Eva Mendes). When Luke meets his son for the first time, something in him clicks. Wanting a better life for his baby than he had, Luke decides to give up his gypsy life style, try to win back Romina and raise his son. But there are hurdles. Romina is now in a stable relationship with another man, and with few skills, Luke's job prospects are meager. Eventually he lands a part time gig as an auto mechanic, but frustrated by his lack of money Luke reluctantly agrees to a get- rich- quick scheme proposed by his only friend and former bank robber, Robin, creepily and effectively played by Ben Mendelsohn. Luke's fateful choice, which makes use of his expert riding skills, brings him into brief but violent contact with rookie cop Avery Cross

(Bradley Cooper). The story line then shifts to Avery. He also has a baby son, the same age as Luke's. Unlike Luke though, he comes from a privileged background. The son of a judge, he has a beautiful wife (Rose Byrne), a seemingly sterling reputation and a possible political future. The explosive confrontation with Luke not only makes Avery a hero in his precinct, it also has a ripple effect; one that will be felt by both of their sons years later when the pair cross paths as teenagers, as we see in the final part of the movie. Filmed in the gritty, blue collar neighborhoods of Schenectady (the Mohawk term for place beyond the pines) the film conveys a bleak vibe; a metaphor for the lives of its characters, so ably portrayed by its superb cast. Gosling and Cooper, no doubt two of Hollywood's prettiest faces, don't settle these days for the superficial. Both have recently tackled complex and less than glamorous characters. Gosling gave a spine-tingling performance as a flawed husband in a failing marriage in Cianfrance's 2010 searing indie drama "Blue Valentine," and Cooper was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of a man struggling to recover from bipolar disorder in" Silver Linings Playbook." Here Gosling gives the best performance of his career so far as Luke, a tragic hard luck character that repels

as well as compels, and Cooper is almost as excellent playing Avery, an officer haunted by the less than ethical professional decisions he is forced to make. And Eva Mendes, who knew she was so capable of plumbing the emotional depths of a character like the conflicted, single mom Romina? Apparently director Cianfrance did, and the movie is better for it. Ray Liotta, always reliable in smarmy roles, plays a small, but effective part as a crooked cop and newcomers Dane DeHaan and Emery Cohen are impressive as Luke and Avery's sons, Jason and AJ. Don't miss this one. Rated R, 140 minutes running time

Our 15th Year ~ Ricci Furniture Inc. At Ricci Furniture, we believe in 6 words:

"Service after the sale that counts" LIBBY RICCI: “We provide quality long-lasting comfortable furniture at prices you can afford. Since 1998 we have been servicing thousands of customers and our number one advertising medium is word of mouth and The Rhode Island Echo. Mention the Rhode Island Echo and you will get an additional 7% off your purchase or up to $100 off a purchase. We offer kitchen and bath, hot tubs and saunas, furniture and bedding at prices below big box stores in Rhode Island. Call us at 823-0228 or visit us on the web at�


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New Eye Technology Technology has greatly revolutionized the eye exam, making it possible for more thorough, more accurate examinations with greater ease for the patient. New, advanced instruments are allowing us to diagnose and treat eye disease with incredible precision. This means that we can offer treatment options much sooner, to better restoraDr. Diamante leading tion and preservation of vision. I would like to share with you ways that current ophthalmic technology has transformed our practice. In order to evaluate eye health, there are a variety of diagnostic tests that can be performed, some very simplistic and others more sophisticated. An important first step is accurately measuring a patient's potential level of vision. Determining a patient's eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions has significantly changed compared to the past. The conventional way of this testing is in a darkened room viewing a lit chart several feet away. These testing conditions do not reflect typical everyday vision situations and can lead to errors in eyeglass/contact lens prescriptions. Pupil sizes are very

different in dim and normally lit conditions, which is a basis for these potential errors. To correct this issue, we have incorporated the Epic 5100 Refraction System into our practice. With this system, we are able to identify unique vision corrections that we could not identify with conventional testing and, it is completely computerized. Patients have raved over the results since their new eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are better than they have ever been - clear vision every time! Additionally, with this system, we are able to truly measure a patient's nighttime driving eyeglass prescription since this technology better simulates this specific scenario. Daytime vision measurements are more accurate. One nice feature of this new testing procedure is that it is very easy for our patients to complete, typically less than 90 seconds. Once we have accurately determined a patient's level of vision, we evaluate the overall health of their eyes. A very important part of the eye exam is to evaluate the inside of the eye, namely the retina and optic nerve. During a conventional eye exam, an eye doctor can typically only examine a small slit view of the retina, usually less than 5% . The eye doctor has to then scan every section of the back of the eye and assemble these images mentally to assess the status of the retina. If a section is inadvertently not viewed, vision threatening problems can be easily missed. To address this matter, we have adopted a new technology, the OPTOS Retinal

Imaging System. With this system, we are able to easily capture a 200 degree view of the retina in one image, nearly 100%. The main benefit of this technology is that it allows us to more comprehensively assess the retina. Areas that were previously difficult to view can be more easily evaluated. This testing is very easy for our patients since it avoids the inconvenience of dilation drops. We are also able to store these images and progressively monitor patients over time. Additional diagnostic technology that we have incorporated into our practice includes the Heidelberg Spectralis Optical Coherence Tomographer. This technology is unique in that it identifies, at the microscopic level, the earliest forms of macular disease and optic nerve disease well before becoming apparent during a routine eye exam. The captured images are incredibly detailed. Additionally, the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer and Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter testing allows us to measure visual function of the optic nerve and macula respectively. The visual field is a form of neurologic testing used to evaluate the visual pathways in the brain. As a result of this testing, we often can identify brain tumors and previous strokes which may not have been diagnosed. Also, digital angiography has enabled us to identify and evaluate retinal vessel anatomy better than ever

saturday and evening hours now available 1277 hartford avenue johnston, rhode island 401.521.3606

walk-in eye exams welcome

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Dr. Diamante before. New ultrasound technology allows us to more optimally visualize anatomic landmarks of the eye that can be very difficult to view during a routine eye exam. The Pentacam Corneal Topography System and the Tomey Specular Microscope allow us to diagnose subtle corneal disease with greater precision. In addition to our diagnostic technology, we have made advances in the operating room. Every step of cataract surgery has been dramatically improved over the past five years and it continues to do so every day. The technology and instruments we use in cataract surgery allow us to remove a cataract with superb efficiency. This means that surgery is much gentler to the eye which leads to quicker healing and visual recovery. Many patients see better within one day of surgery with no pain whatsoever. This efficiency allows us to easily complete a typical cataract procedure in less than eight minutes. The lenses we use in cataract surgery have also helped patients see better than ever. We now have toric intraocular lenses which can correct for significant amounts of pre-existing astigmatism. With multifocal intraocular lenses, we are able to correct near, intermediate, and distance vision, allowing a patient to see as they did in their younger years. With these technologies, and more on the horizon, eye care has reached a new standard of care. Every phase of the eye exam today- from more accurate dispensing of eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, to earlier diagnosis of visually threatening eye disease, to advanced eye surgery- allows us to provide patients with the best eye care possible to maintain and preserve vision. The future of ophthalmology is exciting and the options for our patients are extraordinary and ever expanding. Dr. Diamante is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery (ophthalmology) at Brown Medical School. His private practice is located in Johnston, RI.,



We Welcome New Patients Insurance Accepted Dr. David Marcantonio, DDS Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening Extractions & Fillings Dentistry - Implants Emergencies Seen Immediately



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Dr. David Marcantonio, DDS


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Recipes from Chef Domenic Warm Shrimp Salad with Green Beans and Chilies Serves 6 2 lbs. large shrimp (21-30 per pound), peeled and deveined 1/4 cup plus 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons black olive paste 1 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes 1 pound green beans or haricots verts, trimmed 1 cup (4 ounces) hazelnuts, coarsely chopped 1 red onion, halved lengthwise and very thinly sliced 2 red cayenne or other hot chili peppers, very thinly sliced grated zest and juice of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Pre-heat gas grill or prepare a fire in a charcoal grill. Place piasta (griddle over a hot fire) on the gill to preheat. Place the shimp in a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of the olive oil, the olive paste, and red pepper flakes and mix well with your hands to coat the shrimp. Set aside. Bring a large pot of generously salted water to a boil. Set up an ice bath. Drop the beans into the boiling water and cook

just until al dente, about 5 minutes. Drain and plunge into the ice bath and cool, then drain well. Place the beans in serving bowl, add the hazelnuts, red onion, and chilies and toss to the mix set aside. Spread the shrimp on the piastra in a single layer (cook two batches if necessary) and cook until pink and golden brown on the first side about 2 minutes. Turn and cook until just cooked through, about 2 minutes longer. Toss the shrimp into the bowl with the beans. Add the remaining 1/4 cup olive oil and the lemon juice and zest and toss well. Season generously wth black pepper and serve warm or at room temperature. ABOUT CHEF DOMENIC IERFINO Domenic Ierfino is Chef and Co-Owner of The Roma Hospitality Group, serving Federal Hill and Rhode Island for 30 years. The Roma Hospitality Group consists of: Trattoria Roma, R Bar, Via Roma Banquets and Catering, and The Original Roma Deli Cafe and Marketplace.

BIOSSE will star in one half of the co-main event scheduled for Friday, May 17th, 2013 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I., when he faces hard-hitting Philadelphia veteran Latif Mundy in an 8-round super middleweight bout. Tickets start at just $41. Tickets for "The New Era" are $41.00, $76.00, and $126.00 (VIP) and can be purchased by calling CES at 401.724.2253/2254, online at or, at the Players Club booth at Twin River, or through any TicketMaster location. Doors open 6 p.m. with the first bout scheduled for 7.

Book of 4 Regular Washes




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Federal Hill Stroll 14th Annual

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

For tickets visit or call 401-456-0298

Enjoy the treasures of Federal Hill, one of Providence’s most flavorful neighborhoods. Sample signature menu items or receive valuable discounts at dozens of participating restaurants, shops and galleries. Vote for your favorite venue and help crown this year’s “King of the Hill.” Space is limited and tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets are $30 each (plus tax) Rain or shine. No refunds.

PARTICIPATING VENUES Amici Bar & Grille Andino’s Restaurant Blue Grotto Restaurant Caffé Dolce Vita Carrara’s Shoes Caserta Pizzeria Chabot Fine Art Gallery Chef Ho’s Diva’s Palace

D’Vine on the Hill Gallery Z Garbolino, Inc. Geppetto’s Pizzeria Mediterraneo Nancy’s Fancies Palmieri’s Bakery Pane e Vino Royal Gallery

Scialo Bros. Bakery Skarr Smoke Lounge Trattoria Roma Trattoria Zooma West Side Eyewear Boutique Wise Guys Deli SPONSORED BY:


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JOE & SON’S SERVICE Key Factors Shape Get Your Vehicle Fixed RIGHT the FIRST time!

Your one stop shop for all your major and minor automotive needs

Family Owned & Operated EST. 1967 Second Generation

JOE POPOLLA JR. President/Owner


(401) 943-6179 • (401) 943-3320 TOWING SERVICE AVAILABLE


Rhode Island’s Longest Running INDOOR Flea Market

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Mortgage Rates

In today's economy, it is important that potential buyers and homeowners pay close attention to equity markets in the United States. Buyers need to realize that there are factors that play a part in determining mortgage rates and these factors need to be Zachary Levesque watched more than we think. Branch Manager The stock marVice President ket and bond market and the F e d e r a l Reserve's behavior are three extremely important components in determining the interest rate for mortgages. With the average 30year fixed mortgage rate down to 3.4 percent and the average 15-year mortgage rate hitting a record low of 2.61 percent, a strengthening housing recovery is evident. But in times like this when rates are low and still falling, we must look to alternative factors to see what the future holds for interest rates on mortgages. An important concept to understand is quantitative easing, a policy tool implemented by the Federal Reserve. Currently the United States is in its third round of quantitative easing, in which billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities are being purchased. Along with quantitative easing, the Federal Reserve has also adjusted the Federal Funds Rate to keep interest rates low by increasing the money supply. With the Federal Reserve adjusting the Federal Funds rate, a downward pressure is currently

being put on mortgage rates. Monetary policy is not only affecting interest rates for loans, but also influencing our equity markets. Another factor to pay close attention to is the bond market. Understand that bond prices and interest rates are inversely related, so in times when there is fear of economic instability, people traditionally move out of stocks and into bonds as a flight to safety. Understanding that bonds and interest rates are inversely related, you can anticipate more individuals moving to bonds; this is an indicator that interest rates are low or falling lower. Because we are currently experiencing a strengthening bond market, rates on mortgages are at extreme lows making it a relatively great time to purchase or refinance a home. Questions concerning what the future expectations are for interest rates and mortgages are starting to appear more as we approach the summer season. For the past three years we have had a decline in economic growth in the summer season and with the economy currently picking up speed, policy makers are suggesting that the central bank should start cutting back on its purchases of mortgage-backed securities. When the Federal Reserve scales back on purchasing mortgage backed-securities, the big question is, What will happen to interest rates? If we stay on the track of sustained economic growth despite the cutbacks by central banks, there should be only a slight increase in rates of roughly .25 to .5 percent by the end of the year. We are currently experiencing extremely low rates that should help home owners and future buyers realize that now is an excellent time to buy or refinance an existing mortgage for although the future of rates is undetermined, it can in fact be anticipated by paying close attention to equity markets and other external factors.


The wounded earth seeks a plaster alum applied to the canker. The un-nurtured child of slavery treads in a milkless river. How does voodoo comfort when daylight has buried centuries emptying Creole cradles? All that is left is a curse course when the dusty throat of a generation lies blind and voiceless and pins needle but never sow. The earth seeks her tourniquet hot flash menopausal remedy.

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Unified Arts Night May 23rd, 2013

Coventry High School will be holding a Unified Arts Night on Thursday, May 23rd. The Unified Arts department offers coursework in Visual Art, Music, Technical Education and Family and Consumer Sciences. The department supports the mission of the school by providing a foundation for students who are particularly interested in practical arts and performing arts. Electives within these areas explore the Fine Arts and Applied Sciences and are designed to help students prepare for a career, college, or a specialty school after graduation. The Unified Arts Night will run from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m at the high school. In addition to the student body, scheduled to

be in attendance include: ROTC, Bill Smith/ Band Director and Unified Arts Chair, Sheri Brown of RISCA Arts Talk, Mike Hobin, Bill Camastro of Balise Toyota, Ron Dabelle, Ray O'Brien, Christine Raffa and Staff of Raffa Yoga, Tyler Vigeant, Jacqueline Celeste, Jenna Sousa, Cynthia RafaDelaszyerda, Shana Fox Marceau of State Ballet of RI and more. The long-awaited mural created by Ron Dabelle will be unveiled at the Unified Arts Night. Balise Toyota continues to offer its support to the project as well as the Unified Arts Nights at Coventry H.S.

1478 Atwood Avenue Johnston, RI






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Complete Chiropractic Care For You & Your Family

401-461-1600 Do you have nagging pain in your neck or back and can’t seem to find relief?

Specializing in Whiplash and Disc Injuries

Pain medications can be addictive and cause long-term effects on your health. From neck injuries to sciatica, our effective and safe treatments can help you lead a life that is pain-free and drug-free. Chronic pain can make even the simplest tasks feel strenuous. It can affect your daily routine, lifestyle, and even how you appear to those around you. Take back your life and start living again. Call today for a same day appointment.

Fast relief from any discomfort: Dr. Gregg-Allen Medeiros Chronic pain Headaches Dr. Leonardo J. Marino Neck pain 1196 Elmwood Avenue Disc injuries Providence, RI 02907 Shoulder pain Phone: 401-461-1600 Carpal tunnel syndrome Fax: 401-461-3500 Whiplash Sciatica Pain associated with an auto or work injury Pain associated with a slip and fall Sports related injuries All Ages Welcome - Our office welcomes patients of all ages! Our casual and relaxed atmosphere will put you at ease, and our techniques are safe for patients of all ages. Most insurance accepted and we offer reasonable cash rates.

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Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 12pm

Put an end to your suffering NOW! Call Chiropractic Associates, LLC at 401-461-1600 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our Chiropractic Physicians.


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The Art and Soul of Reiki Fear and Anxiety After the devastating events that occurred in Boston a few weeks ago, many people around me have reported feeling afraid or anxious during the aftermath and even now. We are always told that we cannot allow the violent people of the world to cause us to not go on with our everyday lives. While this may be true, many of us go through the motions, however, carry with them feelings of fear and uncertainty. There are many Doreen Maura L. approaches able to eliminate fear and anxiety from your life. Most all of them have to do with trust. Those that live their lives connected to a higher power, in contact with a high power, and in communication with a high power, all report feeling much more relaxed and centered in their lives. They also seem to walk through life with an air of trust surrounding them. So, what are these fortunate souls trusting in exactly? They are trusting in the process of life, the universe supporting their dreams and desires, and most of all they are trusting that they and their loved ones are protected and safe. How do we go about bringing this calmness and awareness to us? There are many approaches to achieving this in our lives and this article will discuss a few of them. We have several options available to us if we wish to create a calmness and peacefulness around us. One way to bring in a more peaceful surrounding into your life, no matter how much exterior stress and angst surrounds you in the course of a week, is to set up your own daily practices and protections. Meditating even for five minutes each day can help you to relax in ways you never imagined. When you meditate, you attempt to let go of all thoughts and feelings and just simply, be. If we are carrying around stress and anxiety in our lives, the source of that is most likely coming from your thoughts and

feelings. Even if you work at an incredibly stressful job or with people who cause you much anxiety, you are powerful and strong enough to create a center of peace deep within yourself that they cannot penetrate. Meditating is a cure all for many of your feelings of fear. Another way to combat feelings of fear and anxiety is to attempt to make yourself conscious of your thoughts and change them as they arise. Remember, Thoughts and words can affect your feelings and emotions which in turn can change

your beliefs. Keeping your thoughts clean and positive can have a domino effect on the rest of your body in a physical, spiritual and emotional way. If you're thinking good things- you will speak in nicer ways; this will allow for nicer feelings and emotions and eventually beliefs. A very important aspect of keeping our lives peaceful, centered, and stress-free is connecting with a higher power on a daily basis. This process can help us tremendously. It can help us to keep our perspective during times in our lives that we are feeling despair and uncertainty about our futures. How do we connect with a higher power? Since this is not a religious article and Reiki is not related to any specific religion, I will use words like a" higher power" or "the universe". These words are not meant to replace God, simply to be inclusive of all belief systems, from Christianity to Buddhism. There are many ways in which we can make these Divine connections. They are profoundly important. These connections to our Divine self will keep us younger through the elimination of stress, anxiety, and depletion of energy whilst trying or attempting to find joy and happiness in other waysways that may be detrimental to us. Feeling connected to each other, to a loving

GARDENING WITH GREG A REAL SUCKER FOR TOMATOES Each summer I used to grow a couple of dozen tomato plants. I now rarely have more than 8 plants in my garden, but of those there may be 7 different varieties. Sometimes I have participated in tomato plant swaps with co-workers. We would each bring in a six-pack or a dozen plants of a different variety, then we would trade them in late May. In this way I was able to try yellow, orange and

pink tomatoes as well as those shaped like oxhearts, grapes, bananas, small marbles and plums. Some had high sugar content and others were bred for low acidity. A certain variety was not the best tasting, but it kept in a cool garage until February. An early cultivar matured in only 46 days, and the seed package of a big meaty one advertised that it would take 78 days for it to get that way. One year I even grew and exchanged plants from seeds that had been irradiated during their journey

higher power, to the earth, to the universe, and to ourselves on a deeper level, all create a profound inner peace and a calmness. This creates an energy within us that acts like a beacon of light for others. Those that are grounded and happy within themselves are much better equipped to handle situations that bring in fear and angst such as the recent events in Boston. We only need to tap into that part of us that is Divine, that is connected to everything else, and that is all knowing. We can do this by meditating as mentioned above, and also by changing our thoughts. However, the best way to approach this is to speak directly with or communicate to that higher, Divine power that you believe in. I have always felt that God is Love. So as long as my students believe in a higher power that emits that same kind of Love, I have always felt as if they could easily understand my thoughts and teachings as they relate to these connections that create peace within ourselves. This communication can be addressed to your guardian angels, Nature, God, Buddha, or any aspect of the Divine. All will surely bring you in direct contact with a feeling of peace. I personally work with Archangel Michael very often. In Catholicism, he is known as St. Michael. This angel is said to be the Angel who stands next to God. Associated with the color cobalt blue, Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. I call on Archangel Michael when I am in need of protection and want to feel safe. I also can call on this Archangel if I want help eliminating negative thoughts, emotions, or connections to negative people and situations in my life. All of the above techniques and practices can help to eliminate fear in your life. Remember that we are all responsible for our own happiness. John Milton, Author of Paradise Lost, says, "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." This sort of dedication to yourself and your own frame of mind affects the collective conscious of all of those around you. Instead of allowing fear to be contagious, allow your peacefulness to be contagious. Add to the peace and good that exists in the world already and your presence here makes it a much better place. Doreen Maura is a Reiki Master Teacher and is owner of Art and Soul, Visual and Healing Arts, LLC, located in Warren, RI. Visit her website at

by Greg Coppa

in space on SkyLab. The variety was called "Rutgers," and the hope among researchers was that there might be some interesting mutations among the specimens. We didn't discover any, but that was probably welcome news for the spouses of the astronauts. There are good reasons to grow different tomato cultivars in your garden. One is that variations among the species usually have different resistances to diseases and environmental factors. If you grow all the same kind of tomato plants, they are all suscepti-

ble to one or more predicaments: wilt or a particular insect infestation or a dry spell, which might cause you to lose all your plants or at least have very dramatically reduced yields. But with plant diversification, that likely won't happen. Still another advantage of diversification is that all the plants will not have mature fruit at one time, so you won't have a glut followed by a shortage. If you see an interesting plant in a friend's garden and think that you Continued on Page 28

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Join us for dinner, lunch or drinks. Select from one of the state’s largest menus - from seafood to Italian to International - plus an extensive selection of wines and beers. Cowesett Inn, a 35-year Rhode Island tradition of dining in excellence in a comfortable friendly atmosphere, just minutes from Showcase Cinemas.

221 Admiral Street

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Providence, RI 02908


226 Cowesett Ave., West Warwick (11/2 miles from Showcase Cinema Warwick)

828-4726 • Sunday thru Wednesday 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM Thursday thru Saturday 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM

Catering • Business Lunch Delivery • Meetings

Exhaust Hood Designs & Installation New, Used & Reconditioned Food Service Equipment

Custom S/S Fabrication NFPA & BOCA Member

PRIME TIME PROPERTIES INC. 498 Broadway • Providence, RI


We are bilingual speaking English and Spanish.


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265 ATWELLS AVE #1 & #7

This beautiful apartment features a newly upgraded kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances, granite counters and wine cooler. Amazing views of both Downtown Providence and DePasquale Plaza.

Principal Broker Certified Historical Home Expert 401-265-0521

19 Joy St., Providence $159,900

$199,900 Possible Lease Option

74 Comstock St., Pawt. $119,000

132 Robinson St., Providence $99,000


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The Animal’s Guardian HELPING WILDLIFE IN RI


Judy Salvadore

I always look forward to Spring and the birth of a new season. Look up or down, there is color everywhere and you can smell the earth coming alive again. Spring also brings the birth of babies; rabbits, squirrels, opossums, birds and other large and small wildlife are busy building nests and raising their young. In a perfect world, all of the babies will grow up healthy. But this isn't a perfect world that we live in; babies fall out of their nest, are attacked by cats or dogs, are "kidnapped" by humans or their parents die. If you stumble upon baby squirrels on the ground or a nest of bunnies in your back yard that seems abandoned, would you know what to do to ensure their survival? Two veterinarians, Dr. Chi Chan and Dr. Meredith Bird, and their licensed rehabilitators at the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of RI (WRARI) in Saunderstown can help you make the proper decision to increase wild animals' chances of survival. Squirrels and rabbits survive differently. Squirrels nest in trees. If you find a baby squirrel on the ground, do not leave him unattended as he will die from exposure or be eaten by a predator. Determine if there are injuries, begin to carefully warm the baby squirrel and call the WRARI Clinic for assistance. Rabbits build their nests on the ground. Mothers come around once or twice each day to feed her bunnies but the babies spend most of their time without Mom. Humans mistakenly think the nests are abandoned and remove the bunnies. Bunnies are very difficult to rehabilitate so by taking the bunnies out of the nest and away from their mother, their chance of survival is greatly decreased. If you believe the mother rabbit has died, in the evening pour a thick circle of flour around the nest then check in the morning for tracks in the flour. If there are no tracks, call the clinic for assistance before touching the bunnies. Mammals, unlike birds, have a keen sense of smell so wear gloves when handling. If you are unsure if you should stop for an injured animal, I would

MAY 2013

encourage you to stop. You may only need to move her to a safer location (under cover, off the road) and sometimes you may be her only chance at survival. WRARI is a nonprofit organization that handled approximately 2,000 wild animals last year, from mice to deer and hummingbirds to eagles. Though they are the only organization licensed by RI Department of Environmental Management to handle wildlife in RI, they do not receive any state or federal funding: support comes from donations, fundraising, memberships and grants. WRARI operates the Wildlife Clinic, has a hotline to help callers with wildlife problems and a very informative website. They provide food, medication and veterinary care to all of the animals in their care and educate the public about wildlife. If you would like more information about the do's and don'ts when dealing with found wildlife or if you find an injured wild animal, call the WRARI hotline at 401-294-6363 or visit Upcoming Fundraisers to Benefit Animals: Crafting for Critters Spring Fair and Bake Sale: May 11th, 10:00 AM -2:30 PM at Buttonwoods Community Center, Warwick. Over 40 vendors, benefits the Warwick Animal Shelter. For info: AnimalShelter WRARI is hosting "A Wild Tasting" wine tasting on May 19th 4-7 PM at the 108 Roadhouse in Peacedale. Tickets are $45 each. Enjoy locally produced beer, wine and spirits and nosh. The last fundraiser before baby season starts for the rehabilitators. Defenders of Animals Bike Run: May 19th, register at 9 AM, ride leaves Brightridge Club, E. Providence at 12 PM. $25 each rider. "Walk for No Kill" Dog Walk: June 2nd, 12 PM at Goddard Park Carousel, Warwick. "Heart & Sole Walk for the Animals": June 2nd, 10 AM, Glen Park, Portsmouth. $20 each. Judy Salvadore advocates for wild and domestic animals and is a member of the Board of Directors for Friends of the Warwick Animal Shelter. Reach her at:

32 Spruce Street GARDENING WITH GREG faster than their seed-grown parents, Providence, R.I. even taking into consideration that, of Continued from Page 26

Open 7 Days Lunch & Dinner

TAKE-OUT 453-2221

“When in the Ocean State, you want wood-grilled pizza - hand-stretched dough draped and then flipped over a charcoal-fired grill. And the best is at Bob & Timmy’s, an off-the-beaten-track spot on Federal Hill, Providence’s Little Italy.The crust is thin and crisp and its flavors smoky; the cheese blends heavenly with the sharpness of fontina or gorgonzola added to Parmesan and Romano.” ~ USA TODAY ALSO RECOGNIZED BY:


Bob & Timmy’s Pizza has been featured in The Boston Globe, GQ Magazine and most recently, was featured on NBC’s Today Show as one of the top pizza destinations in the United States.

Bob & Timmy’s Grilled Pizza Jr. 621 Pound Hill Road • North Smithfield, RI (Off Rte. 146)


have to wait till next year to try it, you may be wrong. Ask your friend for a "sucker" from the plant. For over 20 years I have had very good luck rooting the so-called "suckers" which many tomato plant aficionados pinch off and discard to discourage vegetative growth and encourage fruiting. With scissors, I just cut a 6-inch sucker and put it in a dark colored bottle, like a brown or green beer bottle, so that two inches of the plant stem are immersed in the water. I put the plant in indirect sunlight and in three or four days I see bumps on the immersed stem from which roots quickly emerge. They say that suckers are born every minute, but my record is seven days. In seven days a plant developed from a sucker that had enough root structure to set out in soil. With results like this, I typically don't even bother using a rooting hormone anymore! But there is something else interesting about these suckers that you should know. I have to do more research, but it does appear that the rooted plants give mature fruit much

course, you don't have to wait for germination of a seed because the plant is already six inches tall (and unlike seeds is hardy looking at "birth" in a week or two). Frankly, it is sometimes difficult for me to tell the difference between the parent and offspring plants even when the two plants have been grown side by side! Many gardening centers have started selling larger, single plants in place of smaller ones in starter packs. If you can't find several of the variety that you really want or if a gardening friend has a specimen you would like to try but does not have an extra plant for you, consider trying to root a sucker. Remember that the suckers are genetically identical to the mother plant. Since most tomato plants are hybrids, it is normally not worth saving seeds from a tomato for later in the season or the following year. The fruit that you will get will probably not resemble the fruit from which you harvested the seeds. But then again, you just might get a very special tomato that nobody else will have!

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“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life” ~ Oscar Wilde

Neckties, as they are know today, date back to a decade or two before the patterns allows men to develop a very personalized wardrobe. Tie styles have twentieth century. The history of neckties goes back to 1660, when a group of evolved, as designers tend to add new colors and patterns yearly. Modern techhighly decorated Croatian solders, in nology has brought about the ability to make the threads iridescent, which order to celebrate a visit to Louis changes the pattern and color in different light. XIV in Paris, tied silk handkerTies are a very important part of a dressy look. When you meet chiefs around their necks. Louis a person for the first time, you often judge him by his tie. the XIV loved the look, and it Right or wrong, a tie says something about you. If you became a rage throughout are wearing a very conservative stripe tie, it conveys Paris. It wasn't too long a message that you are a serious person. If you after that the new "crawear a tie that is somewhat colorful and has an vat" crossed the assertive pattern, it says you feel a lot of selfEnglish Channel assurance. Everybody has an image of what and was quickly type of tie a banker should wear, and what type adapted by the of tie a high-powered trial attorney should fops and dandies wear. It simply conveys a signal, or message in Merry Ole about you. A collage professor would pick out a England. very different tie to go with his tweedy suit, than Roger Gross In America, the would the high powered business man would pick Owner of Franklin Rogers long tie really didout for his expensive euro-style suit. n't catch on until Right now, there is one new trend on the market. towards the end of the Whereas stripes and paisleys are still consistent in their 19th century. The first President to have his official selling, small patterns and repeats are doing quite well. White House portrait in a necktie was Benjamin Harrison in There is a lot of interest in retro looks, spurred on by the Early 1890's. After that, neckties became a staple of fashion. Boardwalk Empire and the Gatsby movie. If you remember the ties Louis XIV Anybody who has looked at a picture of the crowd at a baseball you saw in the pictures of your grandfather when he was a kid, then you game in the 1920's will notice that every man was wearing a tie. know what the newest looks are for today. Today, ties are still popular, but not anywhere near the extent of only 50 years ago. Guys still do dress up, and they still wear suits. Ties have become a Roger Gross can be reached at Franklin Rogers Ltd. Gentlemen’s Clothier by personal fashion statement. The variety of styles, shapes, fabrics, colors, and calling 401-454-8170.

Are You A Veteran?

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Italian American War Veterans of the United States

(You don’t have to be Italian)



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Aggression: What It Is In light of what took place in Boston in mid-April, we are left trying to figure out what motivated the two brothers to commit such an unthinkable, cowardly act. I will not mention their names or discuss what they did but rather explore the root causes of aggression and violence. In trying to understand aggressive behavior, one must break down aggression into its basic elements. Aggression has been defined by several different sources as any action or behavior that one uses to cause intentional physical/mental injury or harm. The action is done for one's own personal monetary gain or satisfaction. Before one can correctly label someone's actions as aggressive, the intent of that action must be fully understood. Some violent actions might on their face appear to be aggression, but in fact the intent was for a just reason. An example of this type of aggression would be if someone physically restrained others from Darren H. Delaney harming themselves or others. One of the problems with identifying aggressive behavior President via intent is the guidelines and standards in Delaney & Associates which the intent is viewed. Based on the individual and group opinions, actions can be Consulting judged to be appropriate or inappropriate behavior. The society and environment will set the standard in which aggressive behavior is accepted or denounced. There are as many forms of aggression as there are personal intentions and motives. The question that has been so aggressively pursued is, What causes aggression? Some of the more prevalent theories on aggression are that aggression is inherited, learned, biological, or neurological. Many studies have tried to address each hypothesis concerning the cause of aggression. One study that specifically targeted the theory of genetic attribution is the Genetic Aspect (Cadoret 1997). This study examined violent aggressive

Wishing You A Happy Mother’s Day and Memorial Day! The Marzilli Family

behavior using three subjects the release of opiates into the blood stream can cause a physical desire that reinforces that violent behavior (Lipsitt 1995). Lipsitt summarized his findings simply by stating "nature and nurture are the constantly in negotiation." Regardless of the genetic disposition or chemical imbalance, violence prone individuals who don't act out anger do so because of socialization and learned constraints (Lipsitt 1995). The ongoing study of spotted hyenas from Africa at the University of California again indicates the importance of social dominance. The female hyenas are far more dominate than the males because of their biological make up. Female hyenas have much higher levels of testosterone-related hormones, larger muscle-mass, and are more aggressive than the males. In the social setting of Africa, the female hyena rules in every aspect. On the other hand, in captivity, as the hyenas were maturing from infancy in the U.S., there was a significant delay in the time it took the females to become dominate over the males (Sapolsky 1997). A study conducted by researchers at the Harvard Medical School suggests that predisposed individuals with lower IQ's are prone to higher levels of aggression. This study associated the individuals with lower IQ's and tasks handled by the brain's frontal lobes. The brain frontal lobes are responsible for such functions as attention and planning. The test results indicated that loss of inhibitions and frustration led to aggressive behavior. Another study suggests that high levels of testosterone in the male body cause aggression. Based on the fact that testosterone alters brain function which produces aggression and genes regulate how much testosterone is released, a case can be made that genetics control behavior (Sapolsky 1997). The conclusion of this study clarified the influence genetics have on aggressive behavior. The first supportive test of these hypotheses was conducted using twin boys. Family and adoption studies established the importance of genetically transmitted factors in the aggressive genes from childhood to adulthood (Cadoret 1997). Remi J. Cadorets studies also revealed that environmental conditions play a major role in the development of the subjects. Based on the adoption studies it was determined that environmental conditions interact with the genetic factors and are supportive of each other in determining aggressive behavior. There is also direct evidence that genetics have underlying biochemical mechanisms associated with aggression. Specific genes in animal models indicate an aggressive gene that is similar in physiologic mechanisms in humans. ( Cardoret 1997). Further studies support the theory that genes play a significant role in the way some people act. Genetic researchers believe that some people are born with certain types of mental and behavioral disorders. Research on male offspring of alcoholics might be hereditarily at risk for becoming alcoholics (Lipsitt 1995). This fact again gives support to the genetic causation of aggression; no single gene can be isolated that causes the affect. Some genetic dispositions or prenatal stress that could cause minimal brain disorders could indicate some risk factors for aggression. When one engages in violent or aggressive behavior, there is a major biological dump of opiates, testosterone, and adrenaline. This fact leads to a couple other questions: Does the environment cause a chemical reaction in the body that creates an aggressive reaction? In some predisposed subjects, testosterone was removed and the aggressive behavior dropped. When the testosterone was synthetically injected, the aggression level returned. (Sapolkky 1997). And: Does testosterone elevate aggressive behavior or does aggression elevate testosterone levels? Controlled tests involving males in a group setting revealed that testosterone levels predict nothing about who would act aggressively. This proves that behavior drives the hormonal changes, not the other way around. All the research concerning aggression, whatever the discipline, acknowledges the fact that the social system or "learned behavior" dictates what the acceptable response to certain situations are. Genetics, biological and neurological factors might cause sensations to act, but the rational cognitive thinking and realization of consequences of any action will determine the response. This is what free will is all about: The right to make a good decision vs. a bad decision.

“Una Serata di Musica Italiana� An evening of Italian Music featuring the famous Ambrosiani Band on Sunday evening, June 2nd, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Garibaldi Park, located at the archway on

Atwells Avenue. Tickets $10.00. Call Chris Chabot of the Federal Hill Commerce Association for more information at 401-432-7783.

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by Angelo Marinosci, Jr., Associate Editor WHO R THEY?


Tel: 487-2562 CHRIS DICHIRO

12 Priscilla Lane Johnston, RI 02919


NOW SERVING TABLESIDE GUACAMOLE! "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day… teach him how to fish and you feed him for life… but in Rhode Island where he won't be able to fish commercially or survive the paperwork."

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3 Course Meals Only $19.95 Sun-Thurs! In the heart of Federal Hill, 351 Atwells Ave., Providence


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Choice of Appetizer:

Mozzarella Sticks, Potato Skins, Stuffed Mushrooms, or Buffalo Tenders

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Cheese Raviolis & Meatballs, Chicken & Broccoli Aglio e Oilo, Chicken Parm, Chicken Marsala, Veal Parm, 6 oz. Sirloin alla Mama, Baked Scrod, and Eggplant Parm VALID ON WEDNESDAYS-SATURDAYS FROM 4PM-CLOSE

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Complete Collision Service • Quality Late Model Vehicles Specializing in Insurance Work

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La Pagina itaLiana Spain Written by the Passport to Languages

Lou Turchetta From Bull Fights to Flamenco dancing-Spain can offer something to even Italia-philes. Several years ago, we decided to augment our language classes at Passport to Languages by sponsoring a yearly trip to Italy. After introducing French to our offerings last year, we traveled to France. Since we have been offering Spanish for several years now, it seemed only fair to add Spain to the list. Having just returned from a week- long tour of yet another beautiful and historical European country, we decided to make this journey the topic of the next couple of articles. Our journey began in Madrid, the country's capital city. We stayed first in the Hotel NH Principe De Vergara. Our adventures in Spain were comprised of the usual amusing experiences of American tourists in Europe. It quickly became apparent that the language blunders that have provided humorous memories from our past trips were going to be as consistent in Spain as they were in Italy when a fellow traveler mistakenly referred to our hotel as the Hotel Viagra. Of course that could have been a mistake of the "Freudian" variety. It was hard not to compare Spain to Italy, given the number of trips we have taken to Italy. The history, the art, the architecture were comparable. Like Italians the Spanish people were very friendly, accommodating and willing to help us with their language. Like Italians, Spaniards also enjoy a big meal during the day and then eat a simple light dinner in the late evening, at around 9 or 10pm. The Spanish wine was delicious and we enjoyed an abundance of tapas and paella dishes. Coffee however, was not the same. Some of us, when we

arrive in Italy, become coffee addicts, not able to keep ourselves from overdosing on the Cappuccinos. We were disappointed in the Spanish alternative "café con leche" or their attempts at making a cappuccino. On the other hand, while the Italians may have mastered "Il bel far niente" (the art of relaxing) and may appear to be late night people by American standards, the Spaniards seem to take the prize for being late night partiers. Apparently young adults in Spain go out at about 11pm, hit the nightclubs at 1 or 2 am and stay out till daylight. We aren't sure how they manage to function on such little sleep, but it is clear that the "siesta" is a necessity in order to maintain this lifestyle. While in Madrid we enjoyed a panoramic tour of the city, with beautiful sites like the the Puerta del Sol, Plaza de España, Plaza Mayor, and a guided tour of the palatial Prado museum where the works of Goya, Velasquez and El Greco are on display. On day three of our tour we boarded our bus and made our way towards southern Spain. Check back next month for the continuation of our journey to the Costa del Sol and the yearly festival of Seville. ¡Hasta la vista!

TRANSLATION TO ITALIAN Dalla Corrida al Flamenco - la Spagna può offrire qualcosa anche agli amanti dell'Italia. Alcuni anni fa, abbiamo deciso di migliorare le nostre lezioni di lingua qui' al Passport to Languages sponsorizzando viaggi annuali in Italia. Dopo aver introdotto il Francese nella nostra offerta lo scorso anno, abbiamo visitato la Francia. Visto che

7 0 #2- 0 + #+ - Vi £ n > Þ Ü i` > ` «iÀ>Ìi`

i` V>Ìi` Ì ÃÕ«« Þ Ì i vÀià iÃÌ] Ì>ÃÌ iÃÌ] > ` } iÃÌ µÕ> ÌÞ >Ãà ÀÌ i Ì v > ` « V i` Ì -ÌÕvvi` iÀÀÞ *i««iÀà >`i À } Ì iÀi , `i à > `t

offriamo lo Spagnolo da alcuni anni, ci e' sembrato giusto aggiungere la Spagna alla lista. Essendo appena tornati da un tour di una settimana di un'altra bella e storica nazione d'Europa, abbiamo deciso di fare di questa avventura l'argomento principale di un paio dei nostri prossimi articoli. Il nostro viaggio e' iniziato a Madrid, la capitale di questa nazione. Abbiamo alloggiato prima nell'Hotel NH Principe De Vergara. Le nostre avventure in Spagna sono state caratterizzate dalle solite divertenti esperienze tipiche dei turisti Americani in Europa. E' subito apparso evidente che i soliti errori linguistici, che ci hanno lasciato dei ricordi divertenti, sarebbero stati consistenti in Spagna come lo sono stati in Italia, quando uno dei nostri compagni di viaggio ha erroneamente fatto riferimento al nostro hotel come Hotel Viagra. Ovviamente potrebbe essere stato un errore di tipo "Freudiano". E' stato difficile non paragonare la Spagna con l'Italia, dato il numero di viaggi che abbiamo fatto in Italia. Storia, arte e architettura sono comparabili. Come gli Italiani, gli Spagnoli sono persone molto amichevoli, premurose e disponibili ad aiutarci con la loro lingua. Come gli Italiani, anche gli Spagnoli sono soliti avere un pranzo abbondante durante la giornata e fare una cena semplice e poco calorica nella tarda serata, verso le 9 o le 10. Il vino Spagnolo e' delizioso e abbiamo assaggiato un grande varietà di tapas e paella. Per il caffè invece, non e' stato lo stesso. Alcuni di noi quando arrivammo in Italia, diventarono dipendenti dal caffè, incapaci di non far abuso dei cappuccini. Siamo rimasti delusi dall'alternativa

Daniela Ciccone Spagnola "café con leche" o dai loro tentativi di prepararci un cappuccino. D'altra parte, mentre gli Italiani sono esperti de "Il bel far niente" (l'arte del rilassarsi) e potrebbe sembrare troppo tardi la notte per gli standard Americani, gli Spagnoli sembrano vincere il premio per essere i festaioli della tarda notte. Apparentemente i giovani in Spagna escono intorno alle 11, entrano nei night-club intorno all'1 o le 2 e restano fuori fino al mattino. Non siamo sicuri su come possano essere attivi con così poco riposo, ma e' chiaro che la "siesta" sia necessaria per mantenere questo stile di vita. Mentre a Madrid ci siamo divertiti facendo un tour panoramico della citta', con siti bellissimi come la Puerta del Sol, la Plaza de España, la Plaza Mayor, e una visita guidata del museo dello sfarzoso museo del Prado dove sono esposti i lavori del Goya, di Velasquez e di El Greco. Il terzo giorno del nostro tour abbiamo preso il nostro autobus per dirigerci nel sud della Spagna. Seguiteci il prossimo mese per leggere del resto del nostro viaggio verso la Costa del Sol e del festival annuale di Siviglia. ¡Hasta la vista!

Daniela and Luigi are co-directors of Passport to Languages, offering Italian, French, and Spanish language classes for people of all ages. Only $75 to $110 for an 8 week course! Register now for Spring Session 2 of classes which will run May 13th to July 11th. For more information visit or contact 401-7491967/

7 ¾Ä Ì -ÌÕvvi` iÀÀÞ *i««iÀà >Ài } Ì Þ « V i`] > ` ÃÌÕvvi` Ü Ì >}i` «À Û i V iiÃi] ÜÀ>««i` «À ÃV ÕÌÌ ] >À >Ìi` «ÕÀi Ûi ÉÛi}iÌ>L i L i `° *iÀviVÌ v À > > Ì «>ÃÌ « >ÌÌiÀ À iÛi > à >V t ` > v 6i}>½Ã ÕÌ Ü>ÌiÀ } «À `ÕVÌà }À ViÀÞ ÃÌ ÀiÃ] V ÕL ÃÌ ÀiÃ] } ÕÀ iÌ `i à > ` i >Ì ÜÜÜ°Ûi}>«i««iÀðV

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"SHOWING YOU WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT THE OCEAN STATE!" Looking for something fun and different to do with your sweetheart, your family, your friends, or your out-of-town guests? Beginning May 25, Experience Rhode Island will offer four new and unique ways to enjoy Rhode Island:

Explore Providence! - a two-hour experience combining

a narrated shuttle tour of the history and culture of our capital city with a stop at one of our outstanding local cafes or bakeries for a pastry. Come on board the newest attraction in Providence and discover everything great about our city! Cost: $25

Dine Around Providence - enjoy a delightful evening on

the town with a wonderful three-course, progressive dinner tour of three of the highest-rated restaurants in Providence. In between courses and restaurants, we will entertain you with the lore of the city. Come on board and you'll see why Providence is considered one of the top culinary cities in America. Cost: $79

Newport for a Day - take the day off in beautiful Newport.


AUTO BODY & RADIATOR WORKS, INC. We Are Your Auto Service Experts Family Owned & Operated COMPLETE


Enjoy a fantastic narrated shuttle tour with plenty of stops along the way for pictures. Then enjoy lunch and some shopping along the wharf. Cap it all off with a guided tour of one of the luxurious mansions on Bellevue Avenue. Come on board and we'll show you the charms of Newport. Cost: $60

Waterfire Shuttle - want to enjoy Waterfire and dinner on

the Hill? Every single Waterfire this season, we are providing a hop on/hop off shuttle service to and from Waterfire to Federal Hill. Now, you can relax and enjoy the evening without the hassle of parking multiple times or walking a mile. Cost: $5


Arthur Brown (401) 827-0305

Complete Beverage Services Full Line of Quality Coffees Loaned Coffee Brewing Equipment Fast Delivery & Courteous Service




Recharge Only


*Most Cars *Dye Test Extra

• Oil Changes • Expert Major and Minor Repairs to Your Vehicle

44 Bradford St., Providence, RI Easy Access on and off Interstate 95 P.O. Box 81 West Warwick, RI 02893

RICHARD LEONE, JR. Business: 421-0993 • Pager: 640-1594 On Federal Hill, Rear of Garibaldi Park


The Rhode Island Echo


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JACKIE POULIOS Zuccolo Director

Zuccolo Boys Repeat As City Champs!! The Zuccolo Boy's Basketball team, ages 16 & Under, repeated as City Champions in the Roosevelt Benton Division, defeating the Joslin Recreation Center by a score of 50 to 33 at Alumni Hall on the Providence College campus. It was Zuccolo's 3rd City Title in the 16 & Under Division over the past 5 years. Zuccolo finished 1st Runner- Up in the two seasons that they didn't win the title under Head Coach Tony Scarcella, a former Zuccolo player himself. Tony was a member of the 1980 City Championship youth basketball team. The 2013 team finshed with a 10 - 1 record on the season. Led by Captain and scoring leader, Christian Claudio, the Hilltoppers from Zuccolo capped a fine season with their win at Alumni Hall. Christian was named game M.V.P. as he was the game high scorer with 18 pts. He Averaged 21.2 pts. per game on the season, with a season high of 35 pts. on opening night. Johnny Acosta was also instrumental in the championship game as he scored 14 pts., 11 in the second half. The highlight of the day was when Jamari Johnson drove down court and finshed with a powerful, two handed slam that sent the crowd into a frenzy! Other key contributors all season long were energetic guard Steven Piscopiello, athletic forward Luis Aceituno, outside shooter Daniel Grzych, 6'4" center Habib Touray, Tyree Garrett, Joel "J.C." Roberts, Derrick Kromah, and 6'4" center Dionis Moises Eugenio. The team is sponsored by the Law Office of Paul V. Jabour and received championship trophies after the game, and will be 2013 City Champs: Back Row (L - R) Asst. Tiffany Brimage, Johnny Acosta, Tyree Garrett, Luis Aceituno, receiving their Championship, Varsity-style jackets at the team Dionis Eugenio, Jamari Johnson, Coach Tony Scarcella; Front Row (L-R) Steven Piscopiello, Joel “J.C.” banquet in June. Coach Scarcella and Asst. Coach Tiffany Roberts, Captain Christian Claudio (MVP), Daniel Grzych. Brimage will present the champions with their jackets in keeping with a long standing tradition at Zuccolo, started in the 1950's by legendary Coach Leo Di Maio. Leo is still a "consultant" at the Zuccolo Center, and still avidly follows the success of the teams. Congratulations to the players, staff, and volunteers who have made this season a memorable one!


JOHN T. D’AMICO, JR. Attorney at Law

John J. Lombardi Attorney at Law

915 Smith Street Providence, RI 02908


Fax: 401-521-7330 Email:

225 Broadway, Providence, RI 02903 401-453-3900 • Fax 453-3920

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ANTONELLI POULTRY INC. 62 DePasquale Avenue • Providence, RI

(401) 421-8739 • (401) 621-9377 RECEIVERS • WHOLESALE • SHIPPERS BONING EXPERTS

Ducks, Chickens, Rabbit, Quail, Pheasant, Eggs

• Public Welcome • Senior Citizen’s Rates Monday-Friday • Gas Carts • Club Rentals • Snack Bar • Fully Stocked Bar

OPEN Tuesday-Saturday



“All Work Guaranteed! If You’re Not Happy, You Will Not Pay!” • Installation • Refinishing • Repairs All Types of New & Old Hardwood Floors Custom & Pre-Finished • Sanding • Staining • Pickling • Residential • Commercial • Schools • Free Estimates EMANUEL LOURENCO Owner 2nd Generation Business

Fully Insured • Calls Returned Promptly


JOHNSTON, RI Falla Portugues


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MAY 2013

The Magic Garden with Mort White One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin. Shakespeare will have lots of salad tomatoes within 60 days of seeding. Some good medium tomatoes are Homestead and Marglobe that maturate in 75 days. Later tomatoes like Supersonic, Beefsteak, Bonnie's Best and Burpee's Big Boy are large, juicy and they mature in 90 days. A Mort White larger whiskey barrel is much more porous than QUESTION: a ceramic or terra cotta I usually plant three difpot and will allow for ferent tomatoes. Can good drainage. Clay pots you recommend some are best but you will instead of the cherry need an equivalent sized types? Also would I be pot to accommodate the better served using a massive roots of larger whiskey barrel or a and medium size tomaceramic urn? Tricia, Cape toes. Cod QUESTION: ANSWER: What can I do with my Cherry or grape types

Easter lily now that it is spent? Mary, Ashbury, WV

hold off until later. Whether you are early or not, it's required that you cut back the stem now to about four inches from the root.

ANSWER: It can be planted outdoors after May 15, which is the last average frost date for zone 6. I know it can get cold at night depending what side of the mountains that you are on. If you plant it earlier than the 15th be sure to have a cover for it when the temps will go below 32. You can keep it barely alive for now with little water and no fertilizer or you can dry it out and store just the bulb until the 15th. This is more art than science. If you see a warming trend you can go earlier. If not, you can

QUESTION: I cut my six foot Rose of Sharon in half. I noticed a lot of the buds are starting to swell. Did I stop the shrub from flowering? Tina, Norwich, CT ANSWER: Since Rose of Sharon blooms in late summer and puts out leaves later in spring than most plants, you have done no harm. You will get more branching and more flowers by pruning. I just cut my Rose Of Sharon

Are your oil prices too high? WE CAN OFFER SAVINGS AS HIGH AS



*All sales C.O.D. Only: Cash, C/card with fee, check on credit approval, or money orders

Colonial Oil Co. A family business Serving thousands of satisfied customers for over 30 years.




Dependable Reliable & Trustworthy

Check our Fall specials: gas, oil or electrical boilers, hot water heaters, Boilermates, upgrades, oil installations.* Includes free for 2 years our “Oil Burner Service Contract” when all oil is purchased from Colonial Oil. Lic. #9 24-Hour service with factory-trained technicians available when all oil purchased from Colonial Oil Co. Service contract required. *Offer limited to 10-mile radius of Providence


Mort White's video, "How to Start Seeds" can be seen on The live radio/internet program on Saturday can also be heard on the website from 8:06 to 10 AM ET.





back from about six feet to about five feet. Young shrubs have a tendency to grow vase shaped in the early years and do become top heavy with a lot of flowers. My two year old cutting was leaning to the right. So I straightened it out to be more democratic. They are truly beautiful specimens that can be planted almost anywhere.

†Subsidiary of Douglas Oil Co.

Atwood Wine & Spirits and Cigar Shop • Pipe Tobacco • Lighters • Cutters • All Major Cigar Brands • Hookah Tobacco

JOIN US AT FITZPATRICK’S PUB FOR A CIGAR DINNER ON MONDAY, MAY 20TH at 7:00 PM • Call For Details Open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sundays from 12 to 6:00 PM

426 Atwood Avenue • Cranston, RI • (401) 944-6900


A Rhode Island Tradition for Over 50 Years!

If You’re Not Eating


You’re Not Eating Pizza! TAKE OUT 272-3618 or 621-3618 or 621-9190 121 Spruce St. (on the Hill) Providence

1 off






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from Alex DiGiglio and Robert Mancini at

Towne Auto Upholstery • Convertible Tops • Custom Leather • Headliners • Vinyl Tops • Auto Glass Towne Auto Upholstery is located on Killingly Street, across from D Palmieri’s Bakery in Johnston. Towne Auto Upholstery is a full service upholstery shop for all types and makes of vehicles, including trucks, boats and more.

627 Killingly Street • Johnston, RI 02919


~ Est. 1968 ~

The Wellness Room at Cherry Hill Manor Cherry Hill Manor believes in treating the whole resident, mind, body and spirit. What is Wellness? The quality or state of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit as a result of deliberate effort. Wellness is also an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases. Wellness is an active, lifelong process of becoming aware of choices and making decisions toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.

The Cherry Hill Wellness Room is open Monday through Friday from 1:00-4:30 PM.



For More Information or to Schedule a Tour, #NMS@BS *N@MMD #KTJDX @S ENQ GNTQ @CLHRRHNMR Contact Cherry Hill Manor at 401-231-3102

#GDQQX (HKK 2C *NGMRSNM 2) ,##! #/-


Cherry Hill Manor is located at 2 Cherry Hill Road, inJohnston, Rhode Island. You can reach them for more information at 401-2313102


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MAY 2013

Ocean State Theatre’s Inaugural Season Concludes with “The King and I” Ocean State Theatre Company (OSTC), the not-for-profit which brought new life to the historic Theatre By The Sea for the past five years, concludes their Inaugural Season with the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical masterpiece, The King and I, which opened in previews on Wednesday, April 24. This family classic full of splendor and pageantry features a dazzling score with some of the most popular songs ever written, including "Hello, Young Lovers," "I Whistle a Happy Tune," "Getting to Know You," "I Have Dreamed," "We Kiss in a Shadow," and "Shall We Dance?" The King and I is based on the novel Anna and the King of Siam, which recounted the experiences of the English governess, Mrs. Anna Leonowens, who spent seven years at the Siamese Royal Court in Bangkok, imparting Western ways and culture to the king's court. Running for nearly three years when it was initially produced

in New York in 1951, this great American masterpiece, with its legendary songs and touching story, is a must-see for children of all ages. Directed and choreographed by Producing Artistic Director Amiee Turner, with musical direction by John Jay Espino, the cast includes Christopher Swan, who recently won rave reviews for his portrayal of Jack Lawson in Race, as The King of Siam and opera singer, Alison Mahoney, who appeared as Sister Margaretta in OSTC's production of The Sound of Music, in the role of Anna Leonowens. Hyemi Kim, originally from Seoul, Korea makes her OSTC debut in the role of Lady Thiang, JP Sarro, who appeared in previous OSTC productions of Hairspray and

Man of La Mancha returns in the role of The Kralahome and Shawna Haeji Shin, originally from South Korea, will appear in the role of Tuptim. Local performers include Connor Buonaccorsi of Cranston in the role of Louis Leonowens, Andrew Faria of East Providence as Prince Chululongkorn, as well as Josh Christenson of Warwick, Elise Arsenault of Bristol, Valerie Fortes of Pawtucket, Margarita Martinez of Providence, Andy McLeavey of South Kingstown and featuring Calista Heart Aguinaldo of Warwick, Brooke Lee Ann Boisvert of Harrisville, Jacqueline Claire DePetro, Kate DePetro, Alexander LeBlanc and Sophie Rodgers of East Greenwich, Chloe Deveney and Jonah Heath

King of Cranston, Cameron Harrington of Providence, and Abigail Rain Heiser of Johnston as the Royal Children. The King and I will be presented at Ocean State Theatre through May 19. All remaining performances will be held Wednesday (except May 8 & 15) through Saturday evenings at 7:30 pm, with matinees on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 pm. The theatre is located at 1245 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI. Tickets are $39-$54 for performances. Discount rates for groups of 20 or more are available by calling (401) 921-1777 x112. $25 "Rush" tickets are available on a limited basis one hour prior to curtain on the day of the performance. Tickets are on sale at the box office Tuesday through Friday from 12 noon - 6:00 pm, Saturdays from 12 noon - 4:00 pm, and from 12 noon until curtain on performance days.

Italian Cooking At Its Best Now Accepting Reservations for Mother’s Day Lunch Specials Daily Multi-Level Function Rooms Available for Parties of 10-50 Corporate Accounts Welcome 177 Atwells Avenue, Historic Federal Hill, Providence


Valet Parking | Most Major Credit Cards Accepted Open 6 Days A Week, 11:30-Closing • Open on Selected Sundays

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“Still Riding the Wave of a Lifetime”

RI's Rock 'n' Roll scene has roots. The first big wave took place early 1964 when that 1st group of young musicians strapped on guitars, plugged in keyboards with mopped head drummers banging out a driving backbeat. Commonly called 'garage bands', many at that time in this area actually had their beginnings in basements. These guys were there then and they broke out big. What set them apart from the rest was their 4 & 5 part vocal harmonies layered above those rock rhythms. From 1964-67 they ruled this area music scene, winning eleven of fifteen 'Battle of the Bands'. Highly sought after for high school and college dances, radio station events and local tv appearances, they also performed for the Newport 'jet set', opened for national acts and were considered in 1965 for an appearance on the late night

Johnny Carson Show. They set the musical bar high and are still regarded today by musicians as well as the casual listener as vocally unequaled and always a fan favorite. THE DRIFTWOODS, RI's longest running active rock act, are still going strong adding new fans with each new performance. 2013 has seen the Driftwoods team up with famous NY record producer Alan Lorber who's long list of credits includes The Luvin Spoonful, Jackie Wilson, Neil Sedaka, and Orpheus. Lorber has done post production on the group's new CD Bamboo Bedroom, releasing the recordings on two new CD's as part of his Iris Music Group label. News about a CD release party is forth coming. The groups busy schedule includes concert series, fairs & festivals, casinos and corporate & private events from Maine to Key West Florida.




LOCATED IN JOYAL’S LIQUORS Exclusively Only At Mr. J’s... DON PEPIN GARCIA premium first run cigars at the unbelievable price of $5 per cigar!

“The Grotto Series”

Over 1200 Different Selections!

90 West Warwick Ave., Rte. 117 West Warwick, RI Exit 10b off Rte. 95 Tele: 401-822-0536 Fax: 401-823-1175 Toll Free: 800-259-4694

ABC SERVICES “A Better Choice” for Your Outsourced Bookkeeping


FULL-CHARGE BOOKKEEPER 75 Independence Way • Cranston, RI • 401-855-0496


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MAY 2013

THE COMEDY CONNECTION CORNER May is completely stacked with an incredible lineup of comedians. Don't miss Bill Bellamy from

"Mtv", "HBO" & "Def Comedy Jam", local favorite Jim Lauletta, Kevin McDonald from "The Kids in the Hall", Sommore from "HBO" & "Comedy Central" & "BET", Derek Furdado from "Comix" & "Hot 106", Kitty Litter & Friends Drag Extravaganza & The Reverend Bob Levy from "Sirius XM". Every Friday night at 10:30pm Hardcore Comedy takes over the stage bringing you not only some of the most talented comics around... but amazing prizes, audience participation and much more. Watch as your host Brian Beaudoin calls upon the likes of Derek Furtado, Ray Harrington and Cory Guglietti (just to name a few) to have you falling out of your seat laughing. This is truly not your average comedy show... it's an event. We hope to see you at some of our shows this month! For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit our website at You can also stalk us on Facebook at or on Twitter @cmdyconnection. Just no poking please... it makes us uncomfortable.

Featured Comic: Kevin McDonald Comedian, actor, writer and director Kevin McDonald founded "The Kids in the Hall" with friend Dave Foley, after they met in Toronto at Second City, and the television series ran from 1988-1995. In the troupe's television series and stage shows, he portrays several popular recurring characters, such as the King of Empty Promises, Sir Simon Milligan, and Jerry Sizzler. McDonald went on to appear in a variety of films including Boy Meets Girl, Lilo & Stitch, "Lilo & Stitch: The Series", and Epic Movie. On television, he has appeared on "The Martin Short Show," "Ellen," "That '70s Show," "Seinfeld," "Friends," "NewsRadio," "MADtv," "Arrested Development," and "Corner Gas." McDonald has also done voice work for various animated series, including Nickelodeon's "Invader Zim," "The Angry Beavers," "Catscratch," and

"Clerks: The Animated Series." He also played an imaginary friend named Ivan in the episode 'Sight For Sore Eyes' on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends," appeared in the music video for "Roses" by Outkast, and made an appearance in "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show." In 2006 McDonald hosted a CBC Television special, featuring several of Canada's best-known sketch comedy troupes. "Sketch with Kevin McDonald" won a Canadian Comedy Award (Best Taped Live Performance - The Minnesota Wrecking Crew). He was recently at the Just for Laughs Festival with the reunion of Kids in the Hall, and also with his show "Hammy and the Kids" with Craig Northey, based on his two dysfunctional families, his father ("Hammy") and the Kids in the Hall, as well as "Death Comes to Town" on CBC.

UPCOMING MAY SHOWS: Hardcore Comedy Every Friday night @ 10:30pm Comedy Showcase, Every Sunday night @ 8pm Bill Bellamy: May, 2 Jim Lauletta: May 3, 4 Kevin McDonald: May 10, 4 Sommore: May 15 Derek Furtado: May 17 & 18 Kitty Litter & Friends Drag Extravaganza: May 18 Frank Santos Jr, The R-Rated Hypnotist: May 23 The Reverend Bob Levy: May 24 & 25

MAY 2013

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Editor’s First Impression By ANGELO MARINOSCI, JR. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Well I just blasted out of the local cinema after watching the new Tom Cruise flick, "OBLIVION," and I'm unsure if I'll ever go back into orbit after this one. Cruise was in his best self (hey, he only has one malleable role he can play) but he is redundant in this movie. Cruise looks good and trim, and he's keeping the ladies in the picture welltuned as a "Good Team" member should, filled with super toys and lots of tricky business to boot. The futuristic-apocalyptic (sounds a little bit like island music) atmosphere created in this film is very convincing indeed and the running gag about who is (are) the bad guy(s) will keep you guessing right up into the last boom!!

In the tradition of such films as THX1138 and BLADERUNNER, this script, special effects, and direction certainly hold their own. Morgan Freeman (no, he's not dead!) does his usual great job; I'd watch him cut the lawn and be entertained. I'm comfy with this genre, and it really mixes the actionadventure with the sci-fi seamlessly, so from the Marinosci-meter, wife Danielle gives it a 6.5 and I weigh in a bolder 7.5, giving this flic a strong 7 out of ten and that's being critical indeed. For the ladies that really dig The Cruisemiester, well, they may tilt the scale to a 8 or more, and there's enough of Tom to go around, I promise you. There are loads of things I want a first impression of so don't be surprised if I show up at some local event just to give a look.

Happy 105th Birthday JOE CELONA, JR.!

Joe Celona, Jr. and his grandson Jason M. Geraci sharing a beer the night before his 105th birthday.

245 Atwells Ave. Providence, RI 401.383.2002

EARLY DINING SPECIAL! 3 Courses, $22 per person or $59 for 2 with a bottle of wine. Offered Sunday thru Friday from 4:00 - 6:00 P.M. Visit for menu.

Winner Editor’s Choice “Best Pasta”

Open Daily For Lunch And Dinner


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The DaVinci Mother's Day Celebration Wednesday, May 8-12 noon On this day, we will be honoring mothers, those of you have acted in the capacity of a mother for those you have guided through life and honoring every woman in attendance. Susan MacLeod, the amazing one-woman band, will entertain us with fun and

10:30 a.m. Dancing to live music from 11:00 to 2:00. The price for all this is only $19.00, including round trip transportation. Call Gerrie at 2727474 to reserve your spot. SNAP Bingo - Wednesday, May 811:00-12 Noon: The Rhode Island Community Food Bank will be on site to answer any questions on the SNAP food stamp program and to help you apply. We'll be playing SNAP BINGO for Dun-kin' Donuts gift cards

Center addition, it's fun! We are starting another beginner session on Tuesday, May 7. Classes will be offered from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon every Tuesday and Thursday for eight weeks. Classes are free and the cost of materials is $20. Our teacher, Vertie Gay, has been teaching computer classes in the Providence school system for 35 years - we are fortunate to

MAY 2013


cessing, social media communication, e-mail blasts and many other advanced uses as you request. We need to know how many of you are interested in the Advanced Class. As soon as we have eight enrollments, we will begin. Class day and time will be determined. Call Gerrie at 272-7474 to put your name in as an interested party.

Early Recognition of Cancer in the Elderly - Wednesday, May 29 - 11:00 - 12 Noon: Dr. Nada Kowar from Women & Infants Hospital will speak to the ladies on screening for and early recognition of cancer and how to talk to your doctor about any changes you detect.

The DaVinci Center welcomes its newest member of the Board of Directors, Manilay N. Khamsyvoravong lively tunes. There will be lovely roses for all the women who attend. Please come join the celebration - call Gerrie at 272-7474. Nine's on Lake Tiogue in Coventry Springtime Brunch Thursday, May 23 Come join us for a May Brunch on Thursday, May 23 when we go to picturesque Nine's on Lake Tiogue where you will be treated to a full May Brunch Buffet of fruit, assorted pastries, French toast, scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, baked scrod, stirfry chicken, rice with vegetables and beverages. We'll leave the Center at

GED and ESOL You want to get your high school diploma? It's never too late! DaVinci Center offers GED classes every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. and Thursday 9:30 to 11:45 a.m. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes are held Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9 p.m. and Thursday, 4 to 6 p.m. Call Gerrie at 401 272-7474 to register. We provide professional instructors who will be very attentive to your needs.

Computer Classes Start Again Our computer classes are very popular with our seniors. Classes teach you to e-mail your families all over the world, find your favorite recipe, get information on health care, or shop right from your living room and have gift packages wrapped and delivered right to the intended recipient. In

A STATEWIDE GUN BUYBACK PROGRAM was held on Saturday, April 6 at DaVinci Center. The DaVinci Center was one of four locations where Rhode Islanders could turn in operable firearms in return for a retail gift card ranging from $50 to $200 depending on the make and condition of the firearms. This program, sponsored by Mayor Angel Taveras and the Providence Police Department, encouraged residents to anonymously return firearms. have her. Save your place by calling Gerrie at the DaVinci Center. ADVANCED COMPUTER CLASSES We have been teaching beginner computer classes for a few years now and we have had requests for an Advanced Computer Class. Such a class will take you to the next steps of word pro-

CHAIR EXERCISE Chair exercise is an easy, fun way to tone up. Join us on Thursdays at 3 p.m. for an hour of stretching and working out while on your favorite chair. All this is done to sounds of music from the 40's. It's fun, it's healthy, it's exhilarating! Just drop in. Only $3.00 per class.

MAY 2013

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4th Annual “Haiti’s Child” Golf Tournament

Haiti Charity Hope Foundation (HCHF), a non-profit organization announces the renaming of its annual golf tournament, in honor of its newly launched child sponsorship program. “Changing the name to “Haiti’s Child” simply makes more sense, it better reflects our mission to improve the lives of the children in LaMothe, a small village near Croix de Bouquet, Haiti,” says David DiFilippo, a Board Member and owner of Concord Home Health and Wellness Services in Cranston. The long time supporter added, “With the endless dedication of our board members, volunteers, sponsors and our mission teams, we are truly making a difference bringing hope to Haiti, one child at a time.” This year’s 4th Annual Haiti’s Child Golf Tournament will take place on Monday, May 20, 2013. It is being hosted at the Lincoln Country Club in Lincoln, RI. The cost for this event is $100.00, it includes refreshments, 18 holes, golf cart, dinner, and prizes. Scramble Format. Hole Assignments along with Goody Bags available at registration and refreshments table beginning at 12:30pm. Shotgun start at 1:30pm. Contest and prizes for First Place, the Longest Drive, Closest-to-the-pin. Prizes include Red Sox vs Tampa Bay box seat tickets, a round of golf with a PGA Golf Pro, and multiple lessons. Dinner is being served approximately 6:00pm. To register for the golf tournament you may go to the website, click on Upcoming Events and follow the link below Golf 2013. If you would like more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Amelia Canto at 401-762-0346 or at amelia7joy@ The Mission of the Haiti’s Child sponsorship program is to

National Funeral Directors Association Announces Pursuit of Excellence Winners Brookfield WI - October 2007 in Las Vegas Nevada In honor of their ten years of national recognition for funeral service excellence, NARDOLILLO Funeral Homes, one of only four funeral homes in the country, has been inducted into the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Hall of Excellence. This impressive honor recognizes funeral homes for their dedication to evaluating and improving their level of service to families and communities. “Nardolillo Funeral Home has consistently displayed service excellence in all areas of the profession,” said NFDA Chief Executive Officer Christine Pepper, CAE. “This firm’s induction into the Hall of Excellence symbolizes their commitment and dedication to the families and the communities they serve.”

The Pursuit of Excellence Award Program honors funeral homes for outstanding service to families, commitment to ongoing education and professional development, and dedication to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. Achieving a Pursuit of Excellence award requires that a funeral home must meet strict quality service criteria that include: compliance with state and federal regulations; continuing education and staff development; family outreach and support; community service and education; professional association service and participation; and marketing, advertising and public relations.

provide the children of LaMothe with a solid education and teach a healthy environment. The school, named “School of Hope for the Future” provides annual physicals, daily vitamins and a nutritional meal each day. A 3rd grade class was added to the school this past year in September 2012, now up to over 140 children attending. It’s been a successful year for Haiti’s Child, sending two mission teams, repairing the security wall after the hurricanes, and they finished the roof on their orphanage building. Just recently in March, another medical mission trip returned in which over 600 people were treated in their medical clinic. For more information about the Haiti’s Child Sponsorship Program go to

Mt. Pleasant High 50th Year Class Reunion The Reunion Committee has announced that the 50th year reunion for Mt. Pleasant High School’s Class of 1963 is quickly approaching. The reunion will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Alpine Country Club in Cranston, RI. Entertainment by Ronnie

Nardolillo Funeral Home Inducted into Hall of Excellence

Sands and Lady Di. $55.00 per person payable to Toni McKenzie, due by August 1. For more information, please contact Jeanne Santilli Norcini at 261-7321 (cell or text) or email:; or Toni Maratta McKenzie at 946-0078 or email:

1278 PARK AVENUE CRANSTON, RI 02910 (401) 942-1220 Robert A. Nardolillo, Jr. RE/FD

1111 BOSTON NECK ROAD NARRAGANSETT, RI 02882 (401) 789-6300

David M. Nardolillo RE/FD/CPC

Angelo M. Nardolillo RE/FD

State Ballet Announces Partner with the Arts Fundraiser On Thursday, May 30th, The State Ballet of Rhode Island and artistic director Herci Marsden invite you to the 10th annual Partner with the Arts Wine & Food Tasting Soiree, Earth, Wind and Firefly. This very unique event takes place under the stars, on the beautiful garden grounds and studio of The State Ballet of Rhode Island in Lincoln. The evening includes live music by vocalist Kelley Lennon and the band Malloi, various tasting of fine wines, a lavish food buffet with decadent desserts donated by some of RI’s finest restaurants, including a live cooking demonstration and tasting by Johnson & Wales Chef Russ Zito and staff. Additionally, there will be perform-

ances by The State Ballet Company Dancers, Opera Providence and a world premiere played by composer Noreen Inglesi called Dance of the Firefly. This rain or shine event includes a silent auction and a chance to win a Cardis Furniture gift card. Thursday, May 30th, 2013 6 pm to 9:30 pm, The State Ballet of RI's Rehearsal Studio, 52 Sherman Ave., Lincoln, RI (off Rt. 146 N, just 8 minutes from Providence). Tickets: $35 per person, $60 per couple, visit Contact: for your reservation or call (401) 334-2560.


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MAY 2013

Perella’s Ristorante

Highest CASH Paid

Gold - Silver - Electronics - Rolex Coins - Estate Jewelry - Flatware

662 Atwells Avenue Providence 401-640-9983 Easy Access from Rt. 10 and Rt. 95 Across from Eagle Square & Pollo Campero


Free Estimates & Appraisals

Easy to Find! Easy to Park! Easy to Get Paid!

“Award Winning Ristorante offering an extensive Italian menu in a casual, friendly atmosphere”

311 Metacom Ave. • Warren, RI 401-245-0150 OPEN 6 DAYS

Sunday 12-9pm; Tuesday-Thursday 3-9pm; Friday & Saturday 12-10pm

Open 6 Days Sunday 12-9pm; Tuesday-Thursday 3-9pm; Friday & Saturday 12-10pm

East Bay Bike Path: India Point Providence, the First Step By Steve Carlson I have a confession to make. I always think of the East Bay Bike Path as running north to south. I suppose it is because I live in Riverside toward the north end of the path. That being said, I find the comunities along the East Bay Bike Path are as diverse today as they were one hundred years ago. In general the path, follows the old Providence and Bristol train line. If you hopped on board a train in Providence a hundred years ago, the sights and sounds would be far different from what we experience today. Technically, the East Bay Bike Path begins at the west end of the George Washington Bridge (accord-

ing to an employee of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management). The bike path over the bridge is currently closed for construction as the Department of Transportation turns the crossing into a beautiful linear park (a sneak peak at an artist's rendering of the new linear park can be found at: The park is expected to open some time in 2014. It was near India Point that Roger Williams first landed by canoe to found the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, a colony dedicated to religious freedom. In the 1700s into the mid-1800s, trade from the East and West Indies (hence the name India Point) came to India Point, Providence, by the fastest sailing ships ever built for trade: the clipper ships. These three-masted beauties are, in my mind, the most beautiful ships built in any era. In the 1850s, immigrants mostly from Ireland, Portugal, the Azores, and Cape Verdean islands first set foot in the new world at India Point. The ruins of the old piers that were once home to a forest of masts can still be seen in the waters off India Point. Even though India Point Park is not officially part of the East Bay Bike Path, the park is a well-groomed and crossed by pathways that link the East Bay Bike Path to the Blackstone Valley Bike Path through Providence's East Side and

Pawtucket. Future plans for India Point include tying three major bike paths, East Bay, Blackstone Valley and Washington Secondary Bike Paths together at the park. On any given day people use the park for a variety of recreational prurposes or just to relax and enjoy a quite time on the Providence waterfront. India Point is the summer home to the sloop Providence, a replica of an 18th century sloop that will take its visitors and passengers back to the 1700s.

R.I. Polonia Scholarship Foundation Announces “Travel Presentation” on Thursday, May 16th R.I. Polonia Scholarship Foundation is sponsoring a 12-day trip to Poland in the spring of 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to see this beautiful country. All are welcome to come to a free “Travel Presentation” on Thursday May 16 at 7pm St. Adalbert’s Parish Center 866 Atwells Ave Providence . Refreshments will be served. RSVP to Greg Malec 243-4982 or More information can be found on the Foundation’s website www.polishscholarships

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SALAD: Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Caprese over Baby Greens with a Balsamic Reduction PASTA: Penne Pink Vodka with Eggplant Parmigiana ENTREE: Chicken Marsala, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus Adults: $24.95 • Children $12.95 (5-12) Under 5 n/c


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Gallery Z News On Thursday, May 16, 2013, join us for the opening reception for our newest exhibition featuring artists Sharon Cutts, Valorie Sheehan, and Sue Butler from 5:00-9:00pm. For the month of May into the beginning of June, it is Gallery Z's pleasure to host an exhibition of three talented Gallery Z artists. These three women have shown their works in the gallery on numerous occasions, brightening up any show with their colorful and imaginative pieces. From painting flowers to shooting canvases with shotguns, these artists are living examples of the strength and importance of womanhood in today's culture, both in the art world and outside of it. Sharon Cutts is a woman of many mediums. From figurative paintings in oil on canvas, to columnar paintings referencing DNA codes, Sharon's versatility and creative gifts shine. She started oil painting at the young age of 13, continued through high school, and then on to the University of Wisconsin, earning her BA in art history with a concentration in ceramics. After returning to her hometown to teach classes in drawing and ceramics, she moved to

Chicago to attend law school, eventually teaching at two Chicago law colleges. She subsequently returned to the art world where she experimented with shooting her canvases with shotguns to stress her feelings about the changing culture around her. Sharon's art is a sight to behold with history behind each brush stroke or bullet hole. "Myths, fairy tales, and legends have always served to entertain and educate as well as shape the values and morals of the listener"- Valorie Sheehan One could say that Valorie Sheehan is a true advocate of "girl-power". As a daughter, mother of daughters, sister, wife, and teacher at an all-girls school in Providence, she has always been fascinated with the way women, young or old, are shaped by today's society. Valorie incorporates "Jungian Archetypes", or reliquary figures, into her work to depict goddess myths of female power and glory. She uses her art as a form of educating, using fairy tales to instill the power of a pure heart into the young girls who hear them, doing her part to steer young women of today down the correct path.

MAY 2013

On the last Thursday of every month, a participating Public Art Window non-profit organization hosts a fundraising event at Gallery Z to elevate public consciousness for their cause. This month on Thursday, May 30th, from 5-7 (Gallery Z's Art, Food, and Wine Creating Awareness for a Cause), Gallery Z will partner with Rites and Reason Theater. This group is a research component of the Department of Africana Studies at Brown University, and it develops new work by playwrights of all descriptions. The trademark of this organization is its unique Research to Performance Method (RPM) of play development. Plays developed by Rites and Reason have had successful productions on Broadway and in regional and national tours and theaters. The Theatre prides itself on its partnerships and collaborations in the community. Since its founding, thousands of students have participated in Rites and Reason projects and productions, often working side by side with professional and community actors, writers, directors, designers and dramaturges. /academics/creative-arts-council/about/rites-and-reason-theatre

Located on Historic Federal Hill in Providence, Last, but not least, Sue Gallery Z provides the Rhode Island community Butler is the third artist with an eclectic collection of art by Armenian, local, exhibited in this show. A Valerie Sheehan true homebody, Sue paints interior spaces national, and international artists from the 20th familiar to her. All the century to the present. Since its inception in 2001 objects she paints in her by photographer Berge Ara Zobian, Gallery Z has loose and expressive been spearheading efforts to connect the public style symbolize memo- with the growing arts community. The gallery's ries and personal mean- public art window was created in the same spirit, ing, such as flowers sent geared towards raising awareness of issues of to her, or selected con- importance to those in our community. Gallery Z is tainers she admires for a member of Gallery Night, Providence, and holds the color and/or shape. opening receptions on the third Thursday of each Her color palette is bold, month. Gallery Z offers an intimate setting that bright, and exciting, attracts a diverse clientele and provides a center for showing her viewers just experiencing fine art in a historic neighborhood in how wonderful every- Providence. day surroundings really are. Her studio is her Gallery Hours: Thursday- Saturday from 12-8pm home, and her home and on the third and last Sunday of every month lends her visions for from 12-6, otherwise by appointment or by chance. future paintings.


MAY 2013

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Chabot Gallery News Chabot Fine Art Gallery is so pleased to announce that one of their artists Lydia Martin, a long-time NESADSU Professor Lydia Martin is the latest recipient of a Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation Faculty Fellowship, which will enable her to spend a month this summer in Paris on a research project of her own devising. Of the 118 applicants for Whiting Fellowships, Lydia is one of 36 recipients. May 29, 2013 marks the centenary of Igor Stravinsky's groundbreaking ballet, the Rite of Spring, which premiered in the then newly constructed Theatre des Champs Elysees and

Lydia Martin

which was performed by Serge Diaghilev's Ballet Russes. Lydia's study project will involve researching the circle of artists that participated in that event. The Russian art director Serge Diaghilev drew upon a rich network of composers, painters, designers and architects to produce a multimedia event that led to further collaborations among such artists as Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Leger, Goncharova and others as well as composers such as Debussy, Ravel and Satie. Upon her return from Paris, Lydia will give a presentation to her students on her research and will incorporate a variety of creative explorations in drawing and painting into her curricula. Through May 11th Chabot Fine Art Gallery continues its presentation of "Beauty & Diversity

in Nature by Jim Grabowski & Robin Wessman". These two very talented artists have created magnificent works that capture the visual and emotional diversity found only in nature. Inspired by their natural surroundings Grabowski & Wessman illuminate the canvas with impressive power and beauty by their use of natural light, color and composition. Truly an emotional journey as they pursue the beauty & diversity of nature in their respective styles in this exciting collection. 2013 EXPRESSION - a year of enduring, creative, expressions! Winner of the RI Monthly Best Art Gallery Award, Chabot Fine Art Gallery is located on historic Federal Hill, Providence, Rhode Island next to the Award Winning Restaurant Pane e Vino. The Gallery exhibits works by local, national, regional and international contemporary artists. It rotates exhibitions regularly, and has a collection of original paintings, sculpture, designer handbags, ceramics, creative blown & fused glass, drawings and other artworks available for sale. The artworks selected for this gallery reflect the gallery's long-standing commitment to contemporary artists including it's founder, Lee Chabot, that will certainly inspire both the collector and the novice without constricting itself to a particular style or Genre. The gallery space is available for filming, special events and exhibitions. Consultations are an important factor to take into consideration when determining your fine art needs. Our fine art services can be customized to meet your needs whether you are a first time buyer, serious collector, interior designer, corporation or the filming industry. We can arrange a time that is perfect for you to view artwork in your home or business environments. Leasing artwork can be the perfect solution to the décor decisions you have to make in your office or home space for short-term or longterm rental. The gallery accepts all major credit cards and has payment plans available to suit your budget needs. Chabot Fine Art Gallery's courtyard sculpture garden is the place to visit in the warm season. Beautifully adorned with trees and flowers the courtyard is the perfect place to relax while you contemplate the creativity that surrounds you.


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MAY 2013


I would like to thank our friends from Federal Hill, the Greater Providence Area, the Sons of Italy, and all of Rhode Island for receiving the 2012 President’s Award, Toyota’s highest award for Customer Service and Satisfaction.


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