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Ridley Hall, Cambridge

“That the Good News of Jesus be proclaimed”

Welcome to Ridley Hall from the Principal

However you have become aware of Ridley Hall, I hope this prospectus will give you a glimpse into who we are and what we offer. You may be heading for ministry in the Church of England or amongst young people in the community. Perhaps you are seeking a world-class setting for postgraduate study or sabbatical renewal, to prepare you for the next phase of your Christian calling. Whatever your interest, I warmly invite you to read on and contact us if you would like to find out more. Those who study at Ridley join a dynamic community which is centred on biblically-nourished faith, prayer that sustains and worship that transforms. Our catchphrase is ‘roots down, walls down, bridges out’. This invites an orthodoxy which is deeply-rooted yet generous, constructively engages with differing traditions and impels us to build bridges for evangelism and mission. We are dedicated to equipping leaders of the future for our ever-changing world. To achieve this, we are committed to theology that ignites the heart, a worldwide Church of which Jesus is Lord and a kingdom vision that longs to make known the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ in every corner of global society. In all this, we are conscious of our humanity and our need of God’s grace. The riches of Christ are best seen ‘in jars of clay’ (2 Corinthians 4:7). Our website has a wealth of information to give further insight into life at Ridley, and we would love to hear from you directly. I hope to meet you in person one day soon to welcome you to a community being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ-centred fellowship, teaching, worship and prayer. The Revd Dr Michael Volland

A Community of Grace As members of the Body of Christ we share in the life, generosity and self-giving love of the trinitarian God revealed in Jesus.

Anyone who visits Ridley Hall quickly discovers that people here care about each other. Community life is an essential part of our discipleship and ministerial formation. It provides a context for growth towards Christian maturity and holiness. The College’s founding vision is evangelical and Anglican, and continues shaping our common identity. But this is no closed community. Ridley is part of the wider Cambridge Federation of theological colleges and institutions, where Christians from different traditions encounter one another.

And our commitment to mission continually draws us outwards to our changing world. ‘Roots down, walls down, bridges out’: God’s grace is at work in our community in all these ways. Ridley brings together male and female, single and married, local and international students. At any one time the community includes ordinands, pioneer ministers, youth workers, postgraduate clergy, lay ministers and sabbatical guests. Through worship, study, sport, meals and social events, students and staff grow together in an atmosphere of friendship, grace, honesty and humour.

“Ridley Hall provides ministerial training for the world as it is and will be; not the world as it was ten, twenty or thirty years ago. For top-quality collaborative, mission-minded, biblical ministerial training, I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Revd Rhiannon King, Transforming Church Co-ordinator, Diocese of Birmingham (Ridley 1997-2000)

Formation for Ministry The College’s core business is to form Christian leaders, thinkers, pastors, and pioneers. But this is not just our business, it is our passion.

Since we first opened our doors in the late nineteenth century, we have trained generations of teachers, pastors, evangelists and prophetic leaders. Today, as the twenty-first century opens out before us, we want to equip the Church’s leaders and ministers for the great missionary challenges and opportunities of the future. Ridley prepares men and women for ministry in a wide variety of settings, which fall into five training streams: Ordained Ministry in the Church of England The majority of our residential student body is preparing for ordained ministry in the Church of England, serving across the country in rural, suburban and inner city parishes. Ordained Pioneer Ministry Ridley has a cohort of pioneers whose training is overseen by the Revd Ian Adams, working in partnership with the Centre for Pioneer Learning. Ministry among children, young people and their families CYM Ridley Hall provides ministerial training for those called to work with children, families and youth. Students are equipped to minister with integrity and wisdom for the furthering of God’s Kingdom. Lay ministry Each year at Ridley we welcome enquiries from independent students who are seeking to equip themselves for service within the Church. Ministry in the worldwide Church Ridley welcomes members of the global Anglican Communion and other churches for sabbaticals, postgraduate study, exchanges and conferences, as well as representatives from other churches wishing to experience an evangelical Anglican theological college. The formational training we offer is founded on the belief that these leaders of the future need biblical theology that ignites the heart, worship that transforms, prayer that sustains, and a Kingdom vision that seeks to make known the ‘unsearchable riches of Christ’ in communities across the world.

“My daily prayer for Ridley Hall is that it will continue to flourish as it plays a vital role in the training of leaders for the Church. Ridley is in the business of fetching life-giving water.” The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu (Ridley 1974-77)

What is a ‘pioneer’?

Centre for Pioneer Learning

Pioneers are those who work primarily in ‘fresh expression’ churches – new churches which take a variety of shapes and forms.

The Centre for Pioneer Learning aims to resource and equip those who are training for pioneering leadership in the Church of England, and to provide a focal point of training, research and collaboration for church pioneers across denominations and worldwide.

In 2004 the Church of England published the report MissionShaped Church, which recognised the changing culture by encouraging these new forms of church, established mainly for people who might not normally venture into a traditional church building.

Directed by the Revd David Male, Ridley’s Tutor in Pioneer Ministry, the Centre is a collaborative project developed by Ridley Hall in partnership with Westcott House (a fellow Anglican member of the Cambridge Theological Federation) and the Diocese of Ely.

Pioneers take the Church to existing groups and networks of people, to serve and shape Christian community in new ways appropriate to the specific context.

The Centre aims to serve all pioneers who are establishing new forms of Christian community and taking the Church to new and unreached places. It offers an environment where pioneers can meet together, and be resourced, challenged and supported to take pioneering forward in its scope and effectiveness.

The main areas of the Centre’s life are: — to oversee the Ordained Pioneer Ministry Track at Ridley Hall and Westcott House — to bring together pioneers from across the world to learn together — to provide research, study and sabbatical facilities for pioneers


CYM Ridley Hall Many young people have never even seen a Bible; few know the Christian story. Ridley Hall is facing the challenge of this primary mission field head-on. CYM Ridley Hall brings together theological excellence, ministerial experience, a desire to grow God’s Church, and a commitment to high-quality transformative education, in order to equip the next generation of children, families and youth ministers. Students study in six block weeks over the year, applying their learning as part of a local ministry team from day one of their studies. At the core of our training is the rigorous engagement between faith, theology, ministry and mission in a real-life context. READ MORE AT

What makes a good youth minister? “Youth work is applied theology. We ask our trainee youth ministers to be self-reflective, to articulate their beliefs and to own their faith. We encourage moral reasoning. It’s a challenge to get it right with youth, to walk that fine line between confronting younger people and telling it how it is, yet not judging them and making sure that they come back tomorrow. It’s very hard work – but it works.” Robin Barden, Director, CYM Ridley Hall

Theology that Ignites the Heart Our prayer at Ridley is that we will ‘be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding’ (Col. 1:9).

Knowing God requires using our minds to understand him in the Scriptures, and learning from our brothers and sisters in Christ, past and present. To this end, we are committed to rigorous study of Scripture, the Christian tradition, and contemporary insights that help us to live and communicate God’s grace. We rejoice in all that Cambridge offers for theological study. The Cambridge Theological Federation and our partnerships with the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University, the University of Gloucestershire and Staffordshire University allow us to offer programmes from certificate to doctorate level within a rich and vibrant theological environment. People come to study at Ridley with many gifts and with much experience. We aim to build on these gifts, share them in relationship with others and enrich people with new situations, challenges and opportunities. We seek to rely upon the Holy Spirit, who motivates us, leads us into God’s truth and gives us the courage to put that truth into practice.

“Our vision and passion is to be a Christ-centred community where people are formed by the Holy Spirit – formed to know the love of God, to live in grace and service, and to be able to articulate the Gospel with clarity, power and hope to a rapidly changing world.” Revd Dr Michael Thompson, Associate Principal

Each ordinand is linked to a local church or Cambridge college chapel throughout their training, providing an environment that encourages ongoing theological reflection and opportunity to exercise and hone preaching and pastoral skills. Further in-depth experience of theology in context is gained from extended periods on full-time placement in a parish elsewhere in the UK or other parts of the world. At Ridley, our students spend time learning through active ministry. This might involve sharing a meal with a Muslim family in

Birmingham, helping to rehabilitate a young prostitute, planning services at a church in North America, or getting involved in running a children’s holiday club here in Cambridge. We believe it is vital for the future leaders of the Church to be ready and able to share the good news of Jesus with others. Social Context Placements and Parish Missions offer valuable opportunites to integrate faith and practice in a mature and creative way.

The Cambridge Theological Federation One of the world’s most visionary partnerships in theological education today, the Cambridge Theological Federation is a living witness to the richness of the experience of the people of God. The Federation brings together Anglicans of different traditions with Methodists, Roman Catholics, United Reformed and Orthodox, enabling students to prepare for ministry in an ecumenical context, while remaining rooted in the tradition of their own particular institution. This collaboration also allows each college to build up specialised library collections and teaching expertise and to make them available to the whole Federation. Each partner in the Federation is unashamedly committed to a particular tradition, and is responsible for training, developing and caring pastorally for its students. At the same time, we learn together, plan together, socialise together, confront difficult issues together and regularly worship together. READ MORE AT

Worship that Transforms Prayer that Sustains At Ridley we believe that the power and credibility of ministry depends on the Spirit of God, shaping and reflecting the character of Christ in us.

Worship is a key part of our formation, as individuals and as a community. Every Thursday, we gather to hear God’s Word and celebrate around his Table. Each weekday morning we meet in chapel or in small groups, and in the evenings enjoy a variety of worship styles. Staff, students and spouses work together to plan and prepare, enabling different gifts to be discovered and nurtured. Our desire is to encounter God in worship together so that we may be transformed into the likeness of Christ, each of us more fully ourselves as we learn to live and worship in community.

Our commitment to mission is founded on the bedrock of worship and prayer.

“Send us out in the power of your Spirit to live and work to your praise and glory.”

Without prayer, we wither and fade. A host of resources is available to the Ridley community to nurture a rich and transforming prayer life: • a chaplaincy team, for support • a prayer weekend early in the first year, for encouragement • local spiritual directors, for guidance • a month of guided prayer, a programme of Ignatian-style prayer, for growth • a weekly Quiet Hour and Quiet Days, for refreshment • lectures drawing on the depth and breadth of the Christian spiritual tradition, for enrichment

The Simeon Centre for Prayer and the Spiritual Life The Centre’s vision is to nourish and strengthen the spiritual life of the College, and to resource the wider Church in faithful and prayerful discipleship.

A Gift to the Community The Centre provides guidance, encouragement and training in prayer and spiritual formation for all the community. We offer a variety of prayer resources and opportunities for our own students, and are developing formal curricula through the Cambridge Theological Federation.

A Resource for the Wider Church Our passion and aim is to help Christian leaders, churches – and indeed anyone who longs to be closer to God – to grow in the desire and capacity to pray, and to be better equipped to guide and enable others. To this end we work alongside church leaders and congregations around the country, teaching and nurturing the disciplines of prayer, mentoring and spiritual direction. Details of forthcoming conferences and quiet days can be found on our website.

The Simeon Community The Simeon Community has come into being as part of the Centre’s core vision. We are a group of people around the country who believe that God has called us into fellowship with one another through prayer and mutual support, even though we are widely scattered. Our rule of life is very simple: • We pray regularly for the other members of the community. • We undertake to pray for The Simeon Centre’s ministry, and for those who request prayer. • We meet periodically, usually at Ridley Hall, to get to know one another better, and to build a deeper sense of Christian family. • We give financially to the work of the Centre, according to our means. • We offer our talents to the Centre’s ministry generously. • We promote the Centre among our family, friends, colleagues and in the wider Church.


“I’ve been involved with Ridley for forty years, and the diversity of what happens here never ceases to amaze me. This is a truly entrepreneurial, innovative college with so many strands, from youth work and revolutionary urban ministries to religious leaders and dignitaries who come here to debate the most pressing religious issues of our day – and the spirituality embodied in the Simeon Centre is a driving force behind it all.” Revd Canon Fred Kilner, Member of Ridley Council (Ridley 1967-70)

Kingdom Vision As we are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ-centred fellowship, teaching, worship and prayer, so change finds its expression in the way we live and work.

Mission, Evangelism and World Concern Christians face huge challenges in our fast-changing world. Helping the Church become God’s missionary people takes courage, sensitivity and wisdom. Here at Ridley Hall we want to inspire vision to lead, to nurture gifts in teaching and caring, and to kindle passion and skills to empower all God’s people. Our courses include modules dedicated to Mission Studies, and the Centre for Pioneer Learning seeks to identify and train individuals who have a clear vocation to serve and guide the whole Church in developing fresh expressions of church life.

At Ridley our prayer is to see the Good News known across the earth, and God’s grace, justice and love transforming every sphere of his creation.

We believe passionately in a God who calls us to engage in his mission in the world. College missions offer all students a way to build into their lives a commitment to mission. Recent mission teams have been involved in a diverse range of outreach initiatives, from engaging in Muslim-Christian dialogue in Toxteth, to sharing the joy of the faith through gospel singing in Farnborough, to working with punks, the homeless and drug addicts in Denver, Colorado. Social Context Placements give valuable opportunities to explore the way the Christian faith relates to issues of contemporary life — whether working with healthcare or armed forces chaplains, or spending time with an organisation that reaches out to marginalised young people. Overseas mission and a deep awareness of the worldwide Church are part of our heritage, and are integral to our life as a community today. It is our privilege to support our College Mission Partners and former Ridleians across the globe.


Faith in Business Directed by Ridley’s Lecturer in Christian Ethics, the Revd Dr Richard Higginson, Faith in Business is founded on a twin motivation...

Supporting Christians in demanding working contexts All too often in the Church the concept of lay ministry is restricted to what lay people can do for the Church. Through a range of activities Faith in Business seeks to recognise and support the role of their faith in the work that occupies the large part of their time, and to explore topical business issues from a Christian perspective: — Regular public conferences, workshops and worldwide speaking engagements — Publications including books and a quarterly journal — A rolling programme of research via consultation, interview and study

Transforming the Church’s engagement with the world of work and business At Ridley we seek to raise awareness among our students – the future leaders of our churches – of the critical issues of contemporary culture and business. Insights gained through the events, publications and research activities of Faith in Business are integrated into the regular teaching programme at the College through modules on Ethics and Gospel & Western Culture. In addition, a short intensive course dedicated to exploring the relation between faith and business is designed to equip our students for ministry to and alongside business people.

A Global Outlook At Ridley we aim to develop and foster a keen awareness of the worldwide Church, and especially of the gifts and insights brought by the two-thirds world to the Church in the West. Every ordinand spends a minimum of four weeks’ block placement in full-time ministry in an Anglican parish, and a growing number who already have considerable experience in the UK take this opportunity to travel abroad to learn more of what it means to be Anglican in a very different context. Since Ridley opened its doors in 1881 many of its graduates have served God overseas, and the College has been a magnet for students from other parts of the world seeking either formation for ministry or further training. Today Ridley is reenergising its commitment to serve the global Church through its international programme, which seeks to enrol students from a broad range of countries and ethnic backgrounds.

“Ridley Hall totally laid the foundation for everything I now do in the Middle East. It has always been one of the foremost colleges for training people for ministry.” Revd Canon Andrew White, Vicar of St George’s, Baghdad (Ridley 1986-90)

Rooted in Our Past Bearing Fruit for the Future As culture changes and Ridley seeks to respond to new realities, the college is preparing itself to make its next substantial contribution to the Church’s ongoing mission.

Since its establishment in 1877, every chapter of Ridley’s life has been marked by an intense commitment to its founding vision: that the Good News of Jesus Christ be proclaimed to the ends of the earth so that individual lives, communities, and cultures may be transformed by God’s grace. Unfamiliar challenges face the Christian churches in today’s bracing social and cultural climate. At Ridley we are finding ways to meet these challenges in a spirit of grace that seeks both to honour our heritage and to respond with faithful creativity to the changing landscape.

Ridley owes much to its past, but we recognise that a significant turning point has been reached requiring bold and farsighted initiatives that will continue to fan the flame. While the College will maintain its tradition of excellence as it shapes tomorrow’s leaders, the 21st Century demands that Ridley continues to develop.

The chapel as it was in the 1920s

“Before coming here I hadn’t anticipated the strength of the community. You share your life as well as studies and preparation for ordination. I forged real friendships with people who understood my calling.”

Revd Kylie Hodgins, Vicar of St Luke’s Bricket Wood (Ridley 2000-02)

History has bequeathed us a remarkable collection of buildings in the heart of Cambridge that still work well today. But with well over 100 men and women now studying, praying and living together at Ridley at any one time, our facilities are stretched beyond their intended limits. We are working on exciting plans for the creative development of our buildings in order to maximise their potential for the future.

For further information or a confidential discussion about supporting Ridley’s future contribution to the Church, please contact the Principal: Revd Dr Michael Volland Ridley Hall, Ridley Hall Road, Cambridge CB3 9HG Tel: 01223 741060 Email:

To find out more about what Ridley Hall has to offer visit or call us on 01223 746580

“Ridley Hall is one of the great institutions of the Church of England. In recent years it has broken fresh ground in training pioneer and youth ministers... while remaining true to its central biblical vision for the Church.� Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams

Ridley Hall, Cambridge

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Ridley Hall Prospectus  

However you have become aware of Ridley Hall, we hope this prospectus will give you a glimpse into who we are and what we offer.