Chronicles of Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley

Page 17

“Where are we going?” said Ergo. “Oh, I’m sorry,” said Dotty. We’re only going back to our house. It’s quite boring, really.” “Not at all,” replied Ergo, “I’m sure it’s very interesting. Could I come with you? You see I’m looking for adventure and this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.” The Farnsbarneses told Ergo he would be most welcome to return home with them, and so he sat up in the co-pilot’s seat and watched the trees flashing past beneath them as they flew. Soon, they arrived at the Farnsbarnes’ tree residence, where they landed. Ergo was introduced to the Large Disused Owl, who had been woken up by the noise of the rotor blades and was a little bit grumpy.