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Alissa Barry Leah Kennedy Nicole S. Johnson Account Management June 5, 2012 TruEarth Creative Brief Final Project Objective: To raise awareness for TruEarth’s new refrigerated pizza line that allows for quick and convenient dinners full of flavor and nutrition. The pizza offers options for customization for each family to make it their own. Target Audience: We will be targeting Jane, a 30-year-old woman who leads a busy lifestyle yet still values the experience homemade meals bring to her family. She balances both her family and her career and is looking for a quick option she can pick up at the grocery store on her way home from work. Jane wants to provide her family with a healthy meal everyone will enjoy. Additionally, she tries to make her meals a family experience that everyone contributes to, making dinner a time where they can enjoy each other and discuss their days. Competition: TruEarth’s competition consists of other pizza companies including local pizzerias and chains like Papa Murphy’s that offer whole grain options. More specifically, they compete against Rigazzi, another refrigerated and frozen pizza brand that offers whole grain pizzas and other healthy options. Current Thought: Currently, Jane thinks pizza is an unhealthy option, although it is one that her family really enjoys. Desired Response: TruEarth fits into Jane’s life, providing her family with a healthy, easy option for making pizza. The line allows her family to have a homemade meal they can customize, making it a fun culinary experience that satisfies the whole family. Single Most Important Thought: TruEarth pizza gives families a simple and healthy culinary experience even on their busiest days. Support: Pizzas are a core component of the Italian-American food category, with annual sales in the United States estimated at $53 billion in 2007. We know American consumers love pizza and would prefer to not cut it out. Independent surveys of restaurant-goers showed that 33% of people had strong interest in a whole grain crust. The store-bought refrigerated pizza market was 11% of sales and totaled $5.8 billion, making it a larger market than refrigerated pasta. Suggested Channels: Because of the popularity of TruEarth products, an effective method to increase awareness would be to advertise through the usage of the existing pasta product. Advertising through established social media channels and by placing pizza coupons on pasta products allows for their established customers to become aware of their new products. Additionally, we would recommend they use television and radio advertisements along with in-store displays. This allows for moms on-the-go to be exposed to the ads within the span of their busy day, giving them an idea for a dinner option for that evening.

TruEarth Creative Brief  

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