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Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Babeeze in Arms doula center | What’s the problem? | Ellen Richins, the founder of Babeeze In Arms Doula Centre, dreams of opening a private birth center where doctors, midwives and doulas can work together to create the best birthing experience. She has just been approved for funding by her loan officer and is wondering how and who she should be promoting her new business to. | Objective | The Babeeze in Arms doula center wants to raise awareness of its new and larger facilities and classes in order to bring in more clients and encourage members of the medical community and doula community to work together. | Target Audience | Demographic: Women, 25 years of age and older, professional and financially stable (“High Needs” group in case study). Psychographic: These women are career-oriented and highly educated. Curious and knowledge seeking, they are eager to learn and want to know about every step of pregnancy, labor and parenting. They are a little concerned about the cost of a doula, but are able to afford one. | Competition | The three other doula centers in London, Ontario. The three midwife services in London, which are covered by the government health plan. The local health unit, which offers classes and free online resources. | What the target currently thinks | Doula are useful for teaching and explaining steps from pregnancy to birth to parenting, but can they really replace the role of a midwife or obstetrician/doctor? | What we want them to think | Babeeze has certified doula to take care of our needs. They are legitimate, knowledgeable and well-trained and I feel genuinely cared for and safe. | Single Most Important Thought | You can trust that Babeeze will be there to provide the extra knowledge, support and personal care you need during and after your pregnancy. | Support | All the doula working at Babeeze are certified, meaning they’ve gone through extensive training, exams and have practical experience and continued education in the field. Health care professionals have referred women to Babeeze in the past and the customer testimonials were all positive. | Suggested Channels | Word-of-mouth, local health and business fairs, local TV and radio, flyers, Babeeze website

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief TruEarth Healthy Foods | What’s the problem? | TruEarth is a well-established maker of gourmet pastas, sauces and meals. Isabel Eckstein, the brand manager, is trying to decide whether or not it would be beneficial to launch TruEarth’s newest product line, whole grain gourmet pizza. This brief is written assuming that TruEarth decides to release the product. | Objective | Create awareness of TruEarth’s new, customizable whole grain pizza as a product line extension to the food market, thus meeting the unmet demand for a healthier pizza option. | Target Audience | Demoraphic: Mostly women, college-aged and older. Parents. Psychographic: These women are health-conscious and enjoy making their own meals, but they have a rather busy lifestyle. Some of them are mothers and the shoppers of the family. They are busy but still concerned about the health of their kids. Some of these women may be dieting, meaning they’re looking for ways to alter/improve unhealthy food to suit their dietary needs. | Competition | Rigazzi, which sells whole grain fresh pasta, made using traditional techniques and vintage Italian equipment. While Rigazzi has yet to introduce a whole grain pizza, its existing products are very similar to TruEarth. Local pizzerias and chains like Papa Murphy’s, which offer whole grain options. | What the target currently thinks | With options like delivery, pizza is fast and easy; however, it’s not a healthy option and not something I want to eat/I want my family eating on a regular basis. Because it’s unhealthy, it’s hard to justify eating it. | What we want them to think | Pizza doesn’t have to be off-limits just because I want to be healthy. TruEarth is providing a healthier alternative to delivery and regular refrigerator pizza. Because it’s ingredients are healthy, it’s easier to incorporate into my diet. | Single Most Important Thought | Pizza doesn’t have to be an indulgence! | Support | Past and current success of current product lines, such as the whole grain pasta. In research, health-conscious women said they’d enjoy a healthy pizza option. | Suggested Channels | TV, give out taste samples at health food stores or larger chain stores like Costco.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Hasbro Games – POX | What’s the problem? | Hasbro Games is about to release POX, its brand new handheld game. With the toy market being extremely mature and competitive, Hasbro is hoping to top its success of Pokemon. Matt Collins, the director of marketing, is struggling to decide the best way to market the product in an industry where competition for the handheld products is high. | Objective | Hasbro wants to raise awareness of their newest game, POX, with a creative and unique campaign in order to represent the creative opportunities the game offers. | Target Audience | Demographic: Young boys, between the ages of 8 and 12. Psychographic: At the age where they’re still under their parents’ rule, they want to be able to break away, create something all their own and be in control. These boys are just outgrowing traditional toys and games and are very knowledgeable about technology and electronic games. They’re interested in fantasy and science fiction. They’re competitive and intrigued with the idea of being sneaky, stealthy and secretive. | Competition | Nintendo, which has multiple handheld, cartridge-based gaming devices, such as the Game Boy (or today, the 3DS). Microsoft and EA Games, both industry leaders in PC CD-ROM games. | What the target currently thinks | Hasbro has cool and fun electronic games like Star Wars and Pokemon, but I can’t be as creative as I’d like to be. I can’t make my own characters or worlds to play in. I want more options! | What we want them to think | Hasbro’s new game, POX, lets me make my own characters and worlds to play in. It’s really fun! | Single Most Important Thought | Forget Mom and Dad’s rules! Be in control and create a world all your own with POX. | Support | Hasbro has acquired many toy companies over the years and has released successful electronic games. They experienced record sales growth throughout 1999. | Suggested Channels | Young boys spend a lot of time in front of the TV. Television ads on cartoon channels would be effective, as well as ads in gaming magazines, gaming websites or on small inserts that are in packaging of similar electronic games young boys would be playing.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Mountain Man Brewing – West Virginia’s Beer | What’s the problem? | With a long-time tradition and loyal fan base, Mountain Man Brewing is know as being West Virginia’s Beer; however, the only beer category gaining market share is the light beer category. Mountain Man has never sold a light beer, and the company fears it may alienate its core consumers if it enters the light beer market. | Objective | Raise awareness of Mountain Man Brewing in a younger consumer group without alienating or ruining the brand equity with core customers. | Target Audience | Demographic: Young adults, men and women, ages 21-27, “first time drinker” Psychographic: These young adults haven’t established a loyal connection with any particular beer brand. Instead of being concerned about brand loyalty, they’re looking for a good time, focusing on the social aspects of drinking. They most likely drink at parties with friends. They consume their beer in larger quantities than the older Mountain Man generation, so a strong and heavy beer isn’t want they want. For women in this group, they may be health-conscious and drinking light beer for its low calorie count. | Competition | National beer companies, such as Anheuser Busch, their “most significant competitor.” Budweiser and Bud Light. Light beers that already have shelf space in stores or are served in “onpremise” locations, such as restaurants and bars. Because Mountain Man is the only major and regional beer company to not have a light beer product, any of the nationally known companies could be a potential competitor. | What the target currently thinks | I know about Mountain Man Brewing, but I’ve never bought its product. While it does kind of give off a retro feeling, I feel like it’s a beer my dad or grandpa would drink. It’s probably too strong for me anyway. | What we want them to think | I love that Mountain Man Brewing introduced a light beer. The company has been around for so long and seems like such a cool, retro brand. Growing up on the East Coast, I’ve always heard about it. Since they have a beer that isn’t so strong, now my friends and I can drink the same brand that I’ve always seen my dad and grandpa drink! | Single Most Important Thought | Carry on your family’s age-old tradition of drinking “West Virginia’s Beer” – just with a lighter taste. | Support | Mountain Man Brewing wants to increase sales, and the light beer category has been “gaining in market share and accounted for 50.4% of volume sales in 2005.” Light beer is also the only category that shows consistent growth. Research shows young beer drinkers are aware of Mountain Man, but prefer lighter beers. Light beer will allow Mountain Man to be distributed in on-premise locations, such as restaurants and bars. | Suggested Channels | Using word-of-mouth will continue to be successful for advertising Mountain Man to its loyal and core consumer base; however, in order to reach the younger target, something other than a grass roots campaign will need to be used, such as online and television ads.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Capitol One | What’s the problem? | Capital One is about to begin its first major advertising campaign in Canada. Will a similar advertising strategy that worked in the U.S. and U.K. also work in Canada, or will the campaigns need to be altered? Capital One needs to figure out what Canadians value in a credit card company. | Objective | Capital One wants to raise its awareness level in Canada, specifically in the category of the super prime credit card holder, in order to establish itself as a major credit card provider, attracting new customers by focusing on its valuable reward programs and superior service. | Target Audience | Demographic: Adult men and women in the super prime, low risk category. They are already Canadian credit card holders and have a high annual income. They are a part of the two-thirds of the Canadian population who pay their bill in full each month. Psychographic: This group of men and women are likely frugal with their money and know the importance of saving. While they earn more than enough to live comfortably and can indulge on expensive purchases every now and again, they have such a great credit score and are able to pay off their bills in full each month because of their frugality. Their money is valuable and they are conscious of what they’re spending it on. They probably enjoy finding a good deal when they can in order to save. Because they already have a credit card and all card companies offer cards to them, they’re looking for a company that will give them the best experience and rewards. They want it to be easy and not something to worry about. Fantastic rewards programs add value to their hard-earned money. | Competition | Canada’s six major domestic banks: Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank and National Bank. Retail banks. MBNA, a credit card issuer similar to Capital One. Any Canadian bank that offers some sort of reward program. | What the target currently thinks | I already have my one primary credit card that I use for all of my banking. Because I pay off my bill each month, the high interest rate of my current card company doesn’t really matter to me. The service does what I need it to do, so why would I switch? | What we want them to think | Capital One’s reward program convinced me to change my primary card. The fantastic staff worked with me to find the perfect card to fit my lifestyle and to top it all off, I get great deals on reward miles and club points! | Single Most Important Thought | Capital One adds value to your everyday life that other cards can’t. | Support | Capitol One staff works with customers to easily provide unique and personalized accounts. The most common reason Canadians switch their primary card provider or sign up with a certain provider is for a great reward program (23%). Because Capital One wants to grow their customer base while keeping current customers happy, focusing on rewards would be beneficial. | Suggested Channel | Television ads. Mailers, making the focus point the rewards program. These new customers already have a credit card, so they’re likely to ignore the majority of credit card mailers they get unless they offer something of a greater value.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief The Slanket | What’s the problem? | Slanket used to be the top sleeved blanket on the market until the Snuggie came along. Snuggie’s advertising is much more costly than what Gary Clegg, Slanket’s creator, is willing to pay. He’s always preferred simpler ways of advertising, yet still needs to find away to bring the Slanket back into the minds of sleeved blanket users everywhere. | Objective | Raise awareness of Slanket’s versatile and high quality product, reestablishing the Slanket as the top sleeved blanket. | Target Audience | Demographic: Young adults, men and women, 18 – 24 years old. Mainly college students or recent graduates. Psychographic: As college students and recent graduates who spend so much time studying or in class, they take their lazy time very seriously. They want to enjoy their time off as much as possible, which includes being comfortable. At the same time, this audience is young and has a fun sense of humor. They appreciate jokes and gags. They’ve probably already considered giving a sleeved blanket as a gag gift or buying one for themselves so they could tell friends about it. They’re active web users and regularly are on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because they spend time online and consume many different forms of media, they’re fairly up to date on current fads and trends. | Competition | While other sleeved blanket companies have entered the market since Slanket, the Snuggie is the only real competition for Slanket. | What the target currently thinks | Sleeved blankets are pretty funny, but wasn’t it just a fad? Besides, they all are similar with nasty fabric that doesn’t even keep me warm. | What we want them to think | Slanket definitely stands out among the other sleeved blanket brands. They’re super warm and actually comfy. The fabric is soft and even comes in my favorite color! | Single Most Important Thought | Slanket will actually enhance those lazy days, keeping you feeling warm and comfortable. No scratchy fabric here! | Support | People complained about Snuggie’s lack of versatility. Slanket is made using high quality fabric and comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. This should be a major selling point for Slanket. | Suggested Channel | Continue selling/raising awareness with QVC and SkyMall. Use Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even an official Instagram hash tag since people seem to enjoy posting funny pictures of themselves/others in slankets. Slanket should take advantage of its connection with the National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Metabical | What’s the problem? | Metabical, Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuiticals newest weight loss drug, is about to launch in the United States. The drug is soon to be FDA approved and has an extensive support program for the consumer, but with the overwhelming amount of weight loss drugs on the market, how can Metabical successfully distinguish itself? | Objective | Bring awareness to Metabical’s FDA approval and post-weight loss support program, which will set it apart from other weight-loss drugs in the eyes of customers and health care providers. | Target Audience | Primary Audience: The consumer. This consumer’s name is Judy. She works and makes about $75,000 a year. She’s around 40 years old and has struggled with her weight throughout her life. She’s tried fad diets, only getting temporary results. She’s willing to make an effort to change her eating habits and understands that she needs to eat a healthier diet if she wants to loose weight. She’s had trouble in the past, being a mom and having a job. Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy when she’s always on the run. Secondary Audience: The healthcare provider. This doctor’s primary concern is the health and wellbeing of the patient. They want their patient to have successful, long-term success. | Competition | Alli, the only OTC weight-loss drug with FDA approval. | What the target currently thinks | Primary: I’m tired of trying one fad diet after another. I never reach my goal and I loose the weight only to put it back on. It’s extremely difficult and discouraging. Secondary: I’m concerned about my patients who are unhealthily overweight. I want them to learn how to eat right so that can maintain weight loss, not just loose it temporarily. They need to learn how to change their behavior if they want to truly succeed. Pills can’t do that. | What we want them to think | Primary: Metabilac works. I’ve learned how to eat healthier with it and the support program afterwards is helping me keep the weight off. I feel like I’ve gone through such a struggle with the other drugs. Metabilac makes it much easier. Secondary: I feel much better prescribing Metabilac to my patients knowing that it’s FDA-approved and that it has a support system to educate them about healthy eating and keeping the weight off. | Single Most Important Thought | Metabical helps you succeed. For good. | Support | Metabical will be approved by the FDA in the coming year, making it the first FDA-approved prescription drug specifically for 25-30 BMI patients. It has less-intense side effects than the competition and has been clinically proven to help people loose weight and keep it off more easily. As for bringing awareness to the support program, the support program is the most important aspect in the eyes of the health care providers. | Suggested Channel | For consumer: Television ads, as well as ads at the gym (the target might be a current gym go-er, trying to change their lifestyle). For health care providers: Use print ads in medical publications, like magazines or journals. Interactive ads for online physician-resource information.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Dannon | What’s the problem? | The Dannon Company has been committed to corporate social responsibility since its founding years, but very few customers are aware. With competitors who are more public with their own CSR, Danon wants to avoid looking like it’s just jumping on the bandwagon if it starts actively promoting its own CSR commitment. | Objective | Raise awareness of Dannon’s Corporate Social Responsibility, creating a more emotional connection with the audience and giving them a greater incentive to purchase Dannon. | Target Audience | Demographic: Women, 30 and older. They most likely have children. Psychographic: This woman is either a stay-at-home mom or a working mom. She’s the one making the grocery decisions for the family. She wants her kids to eat healthy and often purchases yogurt for them. She usually focuses on the nutrition and price of the yogurt, but seeing that a brand cares about social responsibility would be another incentive for her to buy it. She would use it as an opportunity to teach her kids about the importance of giving back/donating to causes, etc. | Competition | Yoplait is a top competitor, especially in the CSR realm. It holds an annual “Save Lids to Save Lives” event. | What the target currently thinks | I buy yogurt now, but I just buy it so my family/kids will have something quick and relatively healthy to grab in the morning before school or as an afternoon snack. If they’re happy to eat something healthy, I’m happy. | What we want them to think | I buy Dannon not only because of its health benefits, but also because I know it cares about nutrition, people and the environment. I feel like I’m doing something good by purchasing it. | Single Most Important Thought | Purchasing Dannon makes you feel like you’re doing something right for society. | Support | Support for advertising CSR: Today, it’s important for a brand to figure out how to emotionally connect with consumers. People usually don’t buy a certain brand repeatedly just for the product. Many times they’re buying it for the experience or feeling they get from doing so. If Dannon successfully advertises its CSR activities, people might feel as though they’re doing something good for society by purchasing Dannon. So people don’t think Dannon is jumping on the CSR bandwagon, advertising needs to focus on how Dannon has cared about this issue for decades. Focus on the historical aspect. | Suggested Channel | Television. Branded website focusing on CSR. Social Media, like Dannon’s Facebook page. Interactive timelines so people can learn the history of Dannon/company’s long-term commitment to CSR. Since Dannon has some product lines specifically for kids, there could be a website with games and information about helping others, charities and community service.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Lady Gaga | What’s the problem? | With Kanye West dropping out of the tour he and Lady Gaga had planned together, Gaga and her team are faced with the decision of how to move forward. Production costs and Gaga’s image are a major concern of her manager. | Objective | Present Lady Gaga’s decision to develop a smaller theater tour in a positive light to fans. | Target Audience | Demographic: Young men and women, ages 16 to 25. They’re high school students, college students or recent graduates. Psychographic: These men and women are young and in the know about popular modern culture, like art, music and fashion. Some are a part of the gay and lesbian community. Some are a part of the party and club scene. They’re looking to have a fun time where they can completely feel free to be themselves. Niche audiences of Gaga already feel a deep and personal connection with her and seem to be very loyal. | Competition | Other pop artists who are currently touring. Fans on Kanye who might not want to see the tour anymore since he’s dropped out (maybe more of a threat than competition). Recording artists? Are they a threat if the focus is touring? Would be Britney Spears, Madonna, Pink and Rihanna. | What the target currently thinks | I like Kanye and am a big fan of Gaga, but Kanye seemed like the leading force in the tour. Without him, I don’t know if Gaga can carry the tour along by herself. It’d be embarrassing for her not being able to sell out the big venues. | What we want them to think | Gaga is awesome about making connections with her fans with social media, so I can’t wait to see how she’ll work to connect with an audience in a small, personal venue. | Single Most Important Thought | You’ll connect with Gaga on a much more personal level in these smaller venues, while also making connections with fellow Little Monsters. | Support | Gaga’s manager said that failing to sell out a huge arena could seriously hurt Gaga’s brand. Failing to sell it out quickly also wouldn’t look good either. While scaling down to smaller venues will require changes in stage production, at this point in Gaga’s career portraying her brand image properly is key. You need a strong brand if you want to be successful for decades. The money spent on scaling down the stage production will still be less than the $12 million that would be spent in the large arenas. With her recent exciting VMA performance and loyal fan base she has created through small shows and social media, she should sell out the 6,000 – 8,000 seat venues easily and quickly. | Suggested Channel | Because Gaga is such a prominent user of social media, she could promote herself through Facebook and Twitter. Advertising with radio and posters in clubs and bars would also reach her target. The posters could also advertise her use of social media.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 Creative Brief Culinarian Cookware | What’s the problem? | The two executives at Culinarian Cookware, Donald Janus and Victoria Brown, are at odds on whether or not the company would value from a price promotion. They’ve done them in the past, but Janus feels it unnecessarily cheapens the product image. | Objective | Present Culinarian Cookware’s price promotion in a way that doesn’t cheapen the high quality and prestigious product and brand image. | Target Audience | Demographic: Men and women, 30 to 55 years of age. Have an income of around $75,000 and higher. Most likely have a well-established job, settled in a house. Psychographic: These men and women look for quality in their cookware. Because they have the money, they search for the most durable/valuable/high-quality products. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, they want nice looking items that match or compliment their kitchen/other cookware. Since Culinarian focuses on providing cookware of high quality for serious cooks, the majority of the target audience is probably aware of the product since many of them consider cooking to be their number one hobby. | Competition | Main competition: Le Gourmand and Robusto, which both sell premium products like Culinarian Secondary competition: Star Chef and Kitchen Select, which sell mid-level and low-end products | What the target currently thinks | Sometimes I buy products from Culinarian and have received a few pieces as gifts. The quality is great, but sometimes the higher price has me choosing another brand. | What we want them to think | I love Culinarian’s sales and price promotions. It’s really a bargain to get such high-quality and prestigious cookware at a low price during the promotion. | Single Most Important Thought | Culinarian makes you feel like a professional chef without emptying your wallet. | Support | 30% of the target wants to buy new cookware at a discount price. Quality of the cookware was ranked number one in order of importance, with price at number 3. This shows that it is important for Culinarian to make sure the image of the brand remains prestigious and high quality. | Suggested Channel | In-store displays - 30% of $75,000+ consumers said they were likely to buy from a store with attractive displays, meaning they’re paying attention to the display Television – but only 4% of the target customers who were surveyed could recall seeing a Culinarian ad. Clearly past ads have not been good attention grabbers/not on the right channels/target audience does not watch much TV.

Alissa Barry – June 10th, 2012 – Prof. Kim Sheehan – J 444 | Promotion Suggestions | Culinarian Cookware would most likely benefit from a discount price promotion. Because quality and a prestigious brand image are key factors for Culinarian, a price promotion done in an upper class and well-respected kitchen store would be beneficial. The beginning of summer and the holiday season have the highest percentage of consumer sales, and 55% of $75,000+ consumers said they have purchased or received cookware as a gift. If the price promotion was done in December, the sales would probably increase even more. 39% of consumers said they watch cooking shows, so if Culinarian could partner with a cooking show somehow for its price promotion, that could be a way to get more exposure of the promotion and the product. A price promotion on TV might also increase the percentage of consumers who order cookware via television shows. Even though the two other premium product brands have never done a price promotion, Culinarian doing a price promotion will help set it apart from the competition. While Star Chef and Kitchen Select often have price promotions, it doesn’t seem that Culinarian would target the same consumer as these brands.

Final Creative Briefs  
Final Creative Briefs  

Final briefs for J 444 - Account Management.