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Clinical Research Courses Open New Avenues in Pharmcovigilence

Introduction Pharmacovigilence is allied to the fields of life sciences and pharmacy. It is defined as the science and activities relating to the detections, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effect or any other drug-related problem. To put it simply, the role of this scientific discipline is to examine the side effects of drug and monitor the safety of drugs that are available in the market. Whenever any adverse effect is reported, the pharmacovigilance professionals are the ones who follow up with the various developments of the case and carry out the necessary tests. Now there is new twist industry to master the filed, there are now clinical research courses which help the candidate in the industry to grow better. Eligibility Criteria to Pursue a Career in Pharmacovigilance A clinical research professional

needs to possess a life sciences degree such as

botany, zoology, biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, to be eligible for a career in Pharmacovigilance

One can also go in for a career in

pharmacovigilance with chemistry as their subject

either at postgraduate or

undergraduate level. However, the individual needs to score a minimum of 50%. Clinical Research Courses expand your knowledge in Pharmacovigilance After their graduation, It is essential to pursue a certification course in clinical research and pharmacovigilance from a clinical research training institute .The best training courses in clinical research and pharmacovigilance offer industry-oriented training which is conducted by teams of corporate experts with several years of experience in the clinical research and pharmcovigilence industry

Scope of Pharmacovigilence India is one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals in the world. There are thousands










pharmacovigilance professionals in large numbers. Apart from the opportunities in the country, proefessionals would find opportunities worldwide. Career Prospects in Pharmacovigilence The pharmacovigilance industry always struggles for qualified medical talent which suits to the needs of the drug safety enterprise. One could land a job in pharmacovigilance after completing the best courses in clinical research and pharmacovigilance. Moreover, the pharmacovigilance job profiles have the ability to unleash a professional’s true potential and eventually they go up the corporate ladder swiftly. With the pharmacovigilence industry growing at a rapid rate, professionals will find many job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies along with a few positions in the public sector. Salary Package in the Pharmocovigilence Industry After completing certificate or diploma courses in pharmacovigilance, one can start their career in this profession with more than 2.5 lakh per annum. In a duration of five years, the pay scale of the professional will go up to 5 to 8 lakh per annum Roles and Responsibilities of Pharmacovigilance Officers The roles and responsibilities of a pharmacovigilance officer include:  Recording








professionals and consumers  Conducting in-depth interviews with patients and healthcare professionals  Developing a thorough understanding of products  Completing periodic safety update reports on drugs and other treatments

 Writing and reviewing serious adverse effects reports and forms  Flagging up early warning signs of adverse effects of drugs  Mitigating the risk of serious side effects  Completing safety audits  Working on clinical trials of new drugs Pharmacovigilance officers are employed by the following companies:  Pharmaceutical  Medical device companies 

Biotechnology companies

 Regulatory authorities

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Clinical Research Courses Open New Avenues in Pharmcovigilence  

This Document is explanation about the concept of clinical research courses, and what is effect of clinical research courses in the avenues...

Clinical Research Courses Open New Avenues in Pharmcovigilence  

This Document is explanation about the concept of clinical research courses, and what is effect of clinical research courses in the avenues...