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School Information Pack

Introduction In order to help you and your child prepare for transfer to secondary school, we have compiled this pack of information. We suggest that you keep it in a safe place so that you can refer to it throughout the year. School begins for all pupils at 8.45am on Wednesday 4th September 2013. New pupils will be directed to form rooms on arrival. Pupil Information upil Information This information pack includes a Confidential Data Sheet which we need you to complete as thoroughly as possible. Also, a Dietary/Medical Form and a Connexions Agreement. We must be given an emergency telephone number for either you or your partner, or a close family member or friend. We will also require a mobile telephone number in case of emergency. Although it is rare, on occasions children can become seriously ill very quickly and accidents can happen. We take many photographs during the course of the school year. These are of pupils taking part in various activities and trips. We need your permission as parent/carer to use these photographs for publicity purposes in school publications, on noticeboards and LCD boards, on our website and occasionally, in the local press. If you do not want photographs of your child to be used for such publicity purposes please tick the box on the data sheet. Please return the completed forms to the school office as soon as possible, preferably before the end of this term. If this is not possible, please send them in with your child on the day we return to school in September. Also, it is essential that we are informed whenever your details change e.g. address and telephone number so that we can contact you in case of an emergency. Please could you ensure that you contact the school to update these details as and when necessary. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

School Information Pack

Governing Body Headteacher • Mr T Taylor Staff Governors • Mrs K Keaney • Vacancy Parent Governors • Mrs J Kearney (Vice Chair) • Mrs A Bryan • Rev. R Iveson • Mr C Millar • Vacancy • Vacancy • Vacancy Community Governors • Ms J Gordon (Chair) • Mr J Weise • Mr S Westgarth • Mrs Y Boon • Vacancy • Vacancy Partner Governor • Mr M McManus • Mrs D Oakes • Vacancy LA Representative • Mr M Patrick • Mr A J Brame Correspondence Clerk • Miss L Nicholson All enquiries or correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to Ridgeway High School and marked for the attention of the Chair of Governors or alternatively email with FAO Chair of Governors as the subject.

School Information Pack

School Day Pupils should arrive in school for 8.45am. School finishes at 3.20pm and lunchtime is from 12.50 until 1.40pm. There is a morning break from 10.50am to 11.10am when pupils can buy toast, drinks and fruit. Water stations are also available in the main hall for pupils to refill their own water bottles. The exact timings of the day are as follows:

The School Day 8.00 - 8.45

Breakfast Club


Tutor/Assembly time


Period 1


Period 2



11.10 - 12.00

Period 3


Period 4

12.50 -1.40



Period 5


Period 6


End of the school day

3.20 – 5.00

Homework club

Assembly and tutor time are very important. Pupils get a lot of information passed to them during this time. It may be about changes to the school day, or about future events. Pupils who miss this time find school very difficult as they do not know what is going on. Please ensure that your child attends school punctually, arriving at least five minutes before the start of registration.

School Information Pack

Lunchtime Arrangements There are two sittings for lunch as follows: Lunchtime First Sitting

12.50pm - 1.15pm

Second Sitting

1.15pm - 1.40pm

The school is divided into Key Stage 3 pupils (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). One week your child will be on first sitting and the next week they will be on second sitting. This ensures a fair system for all pupils. We operate a cashless catering system. The system can be topped up online using Parent Pay. You will receive a username and password for this system during the school holidays. Alternatively you can apply for a Pay Point card to top up the account. Parent Pay is used for trips as well as lunches. As a guide, £2.00 will buy a very adequate lunch, £10 per week, but pupils may spend as much or as little as they wish. Pupils eligible for free school meals receive a lunch to the value of £2.00. Pupils who bring a school lunch may also use the cashless system to buy a drink or snack.

If your child is eligible for free school meals, please telephone Wirral Borough Council on 606 2002 well before the start of next term. Similarly, please apply if you think your circumstances have changed or will change, and that your child may be entitled to free school meals when they start in September.

Pupils may bring packed lunches and these must be eaten in the main hall. We are a 'Healthy School' and as such we encourage pupils to make healthy choices at lunchtime. Please support us by not allowing your child to bring canned fizzy drinks into school. Pupils are not allowed out of school at lunchtime. If you wish your child to return home for their midday meal, you will need to put this request in writing to the Headteacher.

School Information Pack Public Transport Pupils travelling to Ridgeway by bus can use any of the following 'School Only' buses and 'Public Service' buses which stop outside the school: Buses 98

From Town Meadow to Noctorum Avenue (public bus)


From Charing Cross to Noctorum Avenue (public bus)


From Ridgeway High School to Bidston Village Road


From Park Road to Ridgeway High School


From Bedford Drive to Ridgeway High School


5pm Service From Ridgeway High School to Bidston Avenue

We expect the highest standards of behaviour from pupils travelling by bus, as they are representatives of our school community. All pupils are expected to be seated when travelling by bus and to remain in the seat until the bus stops. Walking or Cycling Walking or Cycling If your house is within 3 miles of the school then walking or cycling are the best options. Walking to and from school contributes to your child's 10,000 steps per day. It is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Also, it is fun and sociable to walk to school with friends. Although we provide a bicycle storage area on the school premises which is locked during the day, the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Pupils travelling by bicycle need to obey the rules of the road and must remain aware of their own safety and the safety of others. In particular by ensuring that they always wear a helmet and do not listen to music or use mobile phones whilst cycling.

School Information Pack Who do I talk to if I have a In Problem? primary school the titles of staff are usually quite straightforward. In comparison the organisational structure of a large secondary school is much more complicated and it can be difficult to know which member of staff to ask for when you have a problem. The following table has been designed to help you identify which member of staff to contact at the school if you have any queries or concerns. As you can see, some staff have responsibility for an academic area such as English or Maths. A key point of contact will be the Year 7 Manager, Mrs Johnson who will have responsibility for your child's well being and academic progress. Mrs Johnson can be contacted via the school number 0151 678 3322 ext. 210, by mobile 07545208066 and by email Senior Leadership Team Headteacher

Mr T Taylor

Deputy Headteacher

Ms L Williams

Assistant Headteachers

Ms S Marrion, Mrs S Long and Mrs K Hytner Mr T McCormack, Mr D Waterworth, Mr D Griffiths, Ms S Pelter, Mr J Evans and Mrs R Edwards

Associate Assistant Headteachers

Mr Taylor is Headteacher. Mobile 07739 774008 Email:

Ms Williams is Deputy Headteacher. She also oversees school standards and admissions to the school. If you have any questions regarding the school and your child please contact her. Mobile 07545 208062 Email:

Ms Williams is an Assistant Headteacher and oversees pupils, their well being and progress. She also oversees admissions to the school. If you have any questions regarding the school and it’s admissions procedure please contact her. Mobile 07545 208062

School Information Pack

Heads of Faculty Head of English

Ms L Shaw

Head of Maths

Ms D Fagin

Head of Design Technology

Mr T McCormack

Head of ICT & Business Studies

Ms L Lord

Head of Expressive Arts

Ms S Marrion

Head of Science

Mr D Griffiths

Head of Modem Foreign Languages

Mrs K Hytner

Head of Humanities

Mr D Waterworth

Head of Learning for Life

Miss S Pelter

SEN Coordinators

Mrs S Long, and Ms S Pelter

School Information Pack STOCKISTS WIRRAL UNIFORM CENTRE, BIRKENHEAD – 0151 647 9588


Blazer Skirt Trousers Shirt Cardigan or Pullover Sleeveless Jumper Tie Shoes Socks Opaque Tights School Bag

GIRLS UNIFORM NAVY with School Badge Hamilton Check Pleat BLACK – regulation Ridgeway style WHITE – regulation style or NAVY with Ridgeway Logo

PRICE From From From (Twin Pack) From Cardigan From Pullover From Sleeveless Jumper From

Ridgeway High School Black Shoes – flat heels only Navy BLACK/NAVY – winter option

£25.00 £18.00 £10.00 £8.00 £16.00 £15.00 £14.00 £4.00

SPORTS KIT - GIRLS Girls Winter PE Uniform WHITE Ridgeway Polo Sports Shirt NAVY Shorts with School Logo WHITE/NAVY Socks Training Shoes` NAVY Hoodie (Optional) School Logo (Student Name Optional) Shinpads Drawstring PE Bag with Logo

Blazer Trousers Shirt Pullover or Jumper Tie Shoes Socks School Bag

£8.00 £6.00 £15.00

Girls Summer PE Uniform WHITE Ridgeway Polo Sports Shirt NAVY Shorts with School Logo WHITE/NAVY Socks Training Shoes NAVY Hoodie (Optional) with School Logo (Student Name Optional)

£8.00 £6.00 £15.00

£5.00 £5.00

BOYS UNIFORM NAVY with School Badge BLACK – regulation Ridgeway style WHITE – regulation style Sleeveless NAVY V-Neck with Ridgeway Logo

PRICE All sizes from From (Twin Pack) From Pullover From Sleeveless Jumper From

Ridgeway High School Black Shoes, no logos or colours Plain Navy/Black

£25.00 £10.00 £8.00 £15.00 £14.00 £4.00

SPORTS KIT - BOYS Boys Winter PE Uniform WHITE Ridgeway Polo Sports Shirt Ridgeway Shorts with School Logo Long WHITE Socks Training Shoes BLUE Ridgeway Football Shirt NAVY Hoodie (Optional) with School Logo (Student Name Optional) Shinpads Drawstring PE Bag with Logo

£8.00 £6.00 £4.00 £15.00 £15.00

Boys Summer PE Uniform WHITE Ridgeway Polo Sports Shirt Ridgeway Shorts with School Logo WHITE Socks (Short) Training Shoes NAVY Hoodie (Optional) with School Logo (Student Name Optional)

£8.00 £6.00 £15.00

£5.00 £5.00

PE KIT is essential school uniform and pupils have to wear / provide full kit for all lessons and games. SHAVED or PART SHAVED HAIRSTYLES ARE NOT PERMITTED. Haircuts are to be no shorter than a number 3. In the interests of Health & Safety braided styles must be tied back. Extremes of colour are not allowed.

School Information Pack

Pastoral Care The Headteacher is assisted in the planning and delivery of pastoral care by a team which includes the Senior Leadership Team, Year Managers, Progress Mentors and Form Tutors. Form Tutors are the first point of contact and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise. For more serious issues, the Year Manager Mrs G Johnson is there to support you and your child both in terms of their academic progress and for any major pastoral issues that may arise. Please get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or Year Manager by phone, email, letter or a note in your child’s Pupil Planner. The Pastoral staff should be kept informed about illness, absence, dental or medical appointments, or any change in home circumstances. Tutor Time (every morning 8:50 to 9:10am During this time, pupils will meet with their Form Tutor. A daily ‘Uniform and Appearance’ check is carried out to ensure the highest of standards are maintained. Your child will have at least one assembly each week with a Senior Member of staff. As part of our drive to encourage all children to enjoy the pleasure of reading, we actively promote this by asking all pupils to read silently during tutor time. It is important therefore that they come equipped with a suitable reading book. This then allows the Form Tutor to focus on the tracking and monitoring of pupils academic progress through individual meetings. Each form group elects representatives to the School Council, where pupils have the opportunity to put forward suggestions for further developments at Ridgeway. The tutor group also elects a Recycling ambassador. Parents’ Evening and Reports You will receive a report home every six weeks. November from 4pm.

Parents’ Evening will take place on 28th

Take Your Work Home On Friday_____________ your child will bring all their books and folders home from school for you to look at. This valuable exercise helps you get an overview on what your child is learning and gives an opportunity for you to comment on your child’s progress.

School Information Pack

Attendance Matters at Ridgeway Every half-term in your child’s report you will see in detail their attendance percentage for the previous term. It is vitally important that pupils have at least 95% attendance. The main cause of failure to achieve in education is poor attendance at school. It is also the main reason for pupils not gaining a place in college, a job or on the training course that they want. Please work with us by ensuring that your child attends school regularly and on time. Punctuality is extremely important as learners will miss out on guidance, help and organisation if they miss registration. It is extremely important in preparing them for their economic future. It is essential that you inform us if your child is going to be absent from school. The Education Social Worker will be asked to make a home visit if learners are not attending school regularly or on time. Did you realise... 90% attendance


97 lessons missed

80% attendance


194 lessons missed

70% attendance


291 lessons missed

60% attendance


388 lessons missed

Following a directive from the LA the Headteacher will not grant any leave of absence for holidays during the school term. (Please see enclosed letter).

Punctuality If you are late by

Time lost each week

Time lost each year

Teaching days lost

5 minutes

25 minutes

15 hrs 50 mins

Over 3 days

10 minutes

50 minutes

31 hrs 40 mins

Over 5 days

15 minutes

75 minutes

47 hrs 30 mins

8 days

20 minutes

100 minutes

63 hrs 20 mins

Over 10 days

30 minutes

150 minutes

95 hours

16 days

School Information Pack

Curriculum All pupils at Ridgeway follow a wide and varied curriculum in Year 7. The curriculum includes core subjects of English, Maths, Science, ICT and MFL and also includes Humanities, Expressive Arts, PE, PSHCE and Design Technology. Homework is set in all subject areas, and recorded in the pupil planner. It is important that at the beginning of Year 7 parents assist their children in organising that completion of homework. A homework club is run every morning, lunchtime and after school to support pupils in the completion of homework. Please contact your child’s form tutor if you wish them to attend either session. In Year 7 pupils are mainly taught in mixed ability groups apart from Maths, Science, English and MFL where they are set according to ability. In Years 8 & 9 pupils are taught in sets for the majority of subjects. . SUBJECT

Number of Lessons









Modern Foreign Languages




Design Technology


Expressive Arts


Learning for Life




School Information Pack

Extra-curricular Activities The extra-curricular life of the school is rich and varied, we offers pupils a wide range of activities extra to the normal timetable, either at lunch time or after school, providing pupils the opportunity to meet, teach and learn from each other in a relaxed and less academic atmosphere. Your child can pursue their interests in: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Football Cricket Basketball Netball Dance Leadership awards Rugby Gymnastics Duke of Edinburgh Award Choirs Science / Art / Drama club ICT / Textiles club Chess Reading club

We are proud of the opportunities for pupils to participate in a wide variety of dramatic and musical performances throughout the year. Every child in Year 7 has the opportunity to take up a musical instrument free of charge. Please contact Mr Evans Associate Assistant Headteacher to discuss your requirements.

School Information Pack

Daily Equipment Your child should always attend school with the following equipment: • planner • 2 pens • 2 pencils • ruler • eraser • books for the day • other items, such as coloured pencils, are useful to have Pupils should have with them each day a bag suitable for bringing books and other equipment (including PE kit) to school. Hair and Make up Pupils are expected to wear hair in a neat and acceptable style. Hair must be of one colour, natural in appearance. Hair styles (including shaved heads) judged to be extreme by the Headteacher are not permitted. Hair fashion accessories are also not to be worn. If hair bands are worn they should be in school colours. Pupils who do not conform to the schools uniform and appearance policy will be sanctioned in line with our Behaviour Policy. Jewellery Apart from watches, and one pair of small ear studs, jewellery (including body/facial piercings) is not to be worn. This is because of the potential risk of accidental damage from the wearing of such items and so they may be confiscated. We will do our best to assist your child in safeguarding their property. However, the School does not take any responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal possessions brought on to site. Large amounts of money or items of value (including personal audio equipment [such as MP3 players, iPods etc], electronic games or jewellery) should not be brought into school. Such items may be confiscated by staff (and can be obtained by parents from Reception). Mobile Phones Pupils are advised not bring mobile phones into School. However, we do recognise that some parents may wish their child to have a mobile phone with them as they travel to and from school. Any mobile phones brought in should be both switched off and put away, and not seen whilst on the premises. We do not take any responsibility for loss of or damage to mobile phones. Inappropriate use of phones in school will result in confiscation without notice (they may subsequently be obtained by parents from Reception). Should you need to contact your child in an emergency, please use the main school number 0151 678 3322. The Headteacher reserves the right to make the final decision on what is or what is not appropriate.

School Information Pack

Rewards and Sanctions We recognise effort, hard work and success. If a pupil has done a particularly good piece of work or has shown great improvement in their work then a IRIS reward Point is awarded. Similarly, marks may be awarded if a pupil has made progress in an extracurricular activity, or performed a service for the School, or shown an act of kindness. IRIS points are awarded online and can be viewed at home and at school. Achievement Assemblies To celebrate success and reward achievement, your child will attend a termly Achievement Assembly. This is an important highlight for both pupils and their teachers when pupils are awarded for effort and achievement in all subject and extra curriculum areas. There are also special Form Tutor awards and Year Manager awards. Certificates should be added to your child’s Record of Achievement portfolio We believe that pupils achieve well through constant encouragement and well deserved praise. We hope that throughout the year you will receive a number of Praise Postcards by post which are sent by any member of staff at any time to let you know that your child has done well. At the end of the year, pupils who have done well and have a 100% record of attendance have the opportunity to go on a Rewards Trip. Behaviour and Discipline The School has a minimum number of rules, but we feel that the Code of Conduct ensures the smooth running of the School and fosters good working relations between staff and pupils. If a pupil breaks any of the rules, then they are given an appropriate sanction. Pupils are taught that behaviour is a choice which can bring positive or negative consequences: good behaviour is expected and rewarded, and poor behaviour is sanctioned. The Code of Conduct is shown over the page. Church Services At the end of each term we hold ecumenical church services for pupils, parents and our primary feeders. You will be invited to attend each service.

School Information Pack

Houses At Ridgeway all pupils are assigned to a House when they arrive in Year 7 which is linked to their form colour. Our motto is “Making our Best Better� which is built around the lasting legacy of the London Olympic Games 2012 to continually focus our pupils on the Olympic values of respect, resilience and friendship. Each House is made up of a form from each year group all having a common House, having a common Colour and a name taken from a city on that Olympic continent. The House that your child will be in is as follows: 7BA 7BL 7GR 7RE 7YL

Black Blue Green Red Yellow

Madrid House Lima House Wellington House Tokyo House Cape Town House

Throughout the school year pupils can earn House points through excellent classwork and progress sin lessons as well as through competitions and extra-curricular opportunities. We celebrate our achievements during termly whole school assemblies giving prizes and awards recognising the contributions of individuals and whole Houses to the school and the local community.

School Information Pack

At Ridgeway we have 4 core values for staff and students alike: CO-OPERATION AMBITION RESPECT EQUALITY Put simply, we CARE! These 4 values drive everything we do at school. From these values, we have created 12 simple rules. They must be followed by everyone in our school so that we can all enjoy a calm, orderly and safe learning environment. Co-operation We are honest, listen to each other and behave in an appropriate way. We act in a safe way. For example, we walk quickly and quietly around the school without causing disruption. We only use digital devices (mobile phones, music players etc.) in phone zones at break and lunchtime. Ambition We arrive at school and for each lesson on time and bring the right equipment. We try our best to achieve excellence in all we do. We strive to be responsible and hard working to ensure a fun and enjoyable lesson. Respect We respect our school, the environment around us and the property of others. We arrive at school dressed smartly and appropriately for our role in school and remain smart. We are proud to represent our school positively in the wider community. Equality We respect everyone’s right to learn without interruption or disruption. We express our views sensitively and responsibly. We celebrate the many different cultures and religions in our school and the wider community.

If anyone breaks any of our rules, they must be prepared to face a consequence, which will be fair and appropriate to the situation.

School Information Pack

Academic Year 2013 - 2014 Autumn Term 2013 Inset Days

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September


Wednesday 4th September


Friday 18th October

Academic Review Day

Friday 19th October

Half Term

Monday 22nd October - Friday 26th October

Inset Days

Monday 28th October


Tuesday 29th October


Friday 20th December

Christmas Holiday

Monday 23rd December - Friday 3rd January

Spring Term 2014 rm 2012 Open

Monday 6th January


Friday 14th February

Half Term

Monday 17th February - Friday 21st February


Monday 24th February


Friday 11th April

Easter Holiday

Monday 14th April - Friday 25th April

Summer Summer Term Term 2012 2014 Inset Days

Monday 28th April


Tuesday 29th April


Friday 23rd May

Half Term

Monday 26th May – Friday 30th May


Monday 2nd June


Friday 18th July

School Information Pack

Welcome to Ridgeway Community Library As a new pupil at Ridgeway High School you will be able to take advantage of the services the library has to offer. You will need to fill in a joining form, which must be completed by you on the front, signed on the back by your parent or guardian and returned to us as soon as possible. If you are already a member of another library on the Wirral, you may use that library card. We offer you... • • • • • •

A wide range of good books for you to enjoy, which you can borrow for three weeks at a time. The ability to request books from any other library on the Wirral at no charge for children. Use of computers for leisure or homework free of charge for the first half hour and then 65p per half hour thereafter. A small charge is made for printing. Help with homework, during and after school hours. Reading groups for pupils. Activities and reading schemes during the summer holidays.

Your library staff are: Ridgeway Community Library Staff Library Manager

Mrs Kelly

Library Manager

Mrs Allen

Assistant Librarian

Mrs Wallace

Please ring 0151 641 8484 for details

Encourage your child to explain Helping Your Child with Homework homework tasks to you. Discussing often helps to focus the mind

Reward your child for successfully completing homework tasks

School Information Pack

Try to provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to do his / her homework

If your child is preparing for a test or exam, help by testing him / her on the key facts

Tips to Help Your Child with their Homework Help with spelling, punctuation and grammar

Take an interest in what your child is learning about

Encourage your child to read out loud to you. Reading skills are essential to learning

Help your child to find out information from books, Internet, etc. Be careful not to do the work for him / her!

Take an interest in how well he/she did in previous homeworks. Praise all praiseworthy efforts

School Information Pack Help Available to Parents/Carers

We have a wide range of people available to help Parents and Carers with any issues they may have. Please ring the school office to request an appointment giving at least 24 hours notice. HEAD OF YEAR For issues concerning attendance, FORM TUTOR behaviour and uniform First point of contact for all routine issues and concerns SCHOOL NURSE For any medical issues or concerns

People Available to Help Parents / Carers

HEAD OF FACULTY For subject-specific information or concerns

EDUCATIONAL WELFARE OFFICER To support pupils, parents and teachers in matters of behaviour and attendance

HEADTEACHER / DEPUTY HEADTEACHER For issues not resolved satisfactorily after all other channels have been explored

SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS COORDINATOR To support those children with special learning needs

LEARNING MENTORS To help pupils overcome difficulties with their learning and give them support and guidance

School Information Pack Uniform

School Information Pack

Mobile Phone

School Information Pack


School Information Pack

School information pack 2013  

Ridgeway High School Information pack 2013

School information pack 2013  

Ridgeway High School Information pack 2013