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Headteacher’s Update/Ms Williams’ Thoughts


GCSE Art: Array of talent

“Trips abroad are an integral part of our enrichment programme.” (Page 10-13)


GCSE Performing Arts: Hillsborough and Blood Brothers


Maths Breakfast Club: Improving Exam Grades


Extra-Curricular: Guitar Lessons


MFL Mandarin Club/ Year 8 English


GCSE Geography: Betws-y-Coed


PE Department: Football Trip to Spain


PE Department: Football Match Report


Sports Tour: Basketball


PE Department: Girls’ Trampolining


Love Dance Club




Humanities: Politics in Everyday Life


Student Artist, Andrew Hardy


Chemistry at Work

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Hot Topic: Hidden Dangers in Junk Food


PC Parry’s Fishing Trip


Primary Liaison: Easter Bake-Off

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Supporting Students’ Learning

June 2015

1 June: Whole school exam week 10 June: Auschwitz trip 19 June: Year 11 Clearance Day

July 2015

Saturday Morning Year 6 Induction

Careers Trip: Catering Masterclass Careers /A Sad Goodbye

1 July: Annie (school show) 6.30pm 13 July Year 10 Work Experience week 17 July: Last day of term


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Headteacher’s Update: Preparing students for life

By Mr Taylor

Ridgeway High School is Wirral’s only ‘all-ability grammar school’. Naturally, as you would expect, this means we place a strong emphasis on preparating our students to fulfil their potential in GCSE examinations. For the past month this has included ‘Saturday School’ for Year 11 students in the lead-up to the start of the GCSE exam season. With breakfast served from 8.30am, numbers have grown to over two-thirds of Year 11 now attending school for three hours of free tuition. This hard work is clearly having an impact, based on results in practice examinations. Saturday School is an addition to our traditional programme of after-school homework and study clubs and part of our ethos of nurturing young adults who recognise that hard work pays off and brings rewards and success. This is excellent preparation for life beyond Ridgeway and the world of further education and work. Other life skills are developed through our extensive range of enrichment opportunities, many of which include the development of leadership skills. A great example of this is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Every member of the school staff contributes to our enrichment and extra-curricular programme, inspiring students to develop an interest or hobby, as well as further enhancing their knowledge, skills and understanding. Following the Easter break, I delivered an assembly to Year 7 students. I asked them what they wanted to do in the future Every single student had a job/career they aspired to move into. Of course, as time moves on, they may change their minds but having that dream and something to aim for can really be a powerful motivator. As Headteacher, my drive, my passion, my motivation is to create a school that works with every student to ensure they fulfil their potential and realise their career aspirations.

Finally, you will read inside the sad news that the School Nurse, Sarah Broadbent, is leaving Ridgeway to take up a new role as a Senior Families Support Manager. This follows a longstanding career with the NHS, fifteen of which have been here at Ridgeway. She will be truly missed and we wish her well as she takes up her new challenge with Safe Families for Children.

Ms Williams’ Thoughts: The academic year seems to have flown by and the summer examinations are almost upon us again. The results students achieve in these examinations influence the setting for next academic year. Students often query why they are placed in a particular group. The answer is simple: it is based on performance in examinations and teachers’ expectations of progress.

School examinations are also important because they help prepare students for the public examinations they sit at the end of Year 11. I am sure you are aware by now that GCSEs are getting harder, that there are a lot more papers to sit in one go and that many of them are longer in duration – two hours or more, in some cases. We need to ensure that students are ready for the challenge and so we use the annual summer examinations to get students used to the stresses of an examination ‘season’ – with several examinations in a short space of time. Revision matters, too. Revision packs were sent home in the last reporting cycle and a copy has been put on the school website. Many examinations are based on work covered over one, two or even three years, which needs to be thoroughly learned. In this edition, you will find some tips on how to revise effectively. As a parent, you can support your child by ensuring that s/he has a quiet place to work and keeps to a revision timetable, which includes regular breaks and ‘treats’. At school, mentors, pastoral support leaders and subject teachers are advising and guiding students at what we know can be a stressful time.


GCSE Art: Aesthetic appreciation and excellence By Miss Dangerfield GCSE Art students worked hard on their examination ‘prep’ to ready themselves for the GCSE exam which took place at the beginning of May. Subject matter ranged from water and waves to spirals, including spiral staircases and cabbages. Inspiration for the work was taken from artists such as David Hockney, who explored water in his swimming pool paintings, and local artist Ann Bridges, who produces work around the theme of shells. The students worked on their themes using a variety of materials and techniques. Outcomes included a series of paintings of waves, a mixed-media collage based on mechanical forms and work incorporating spirographs. Students had ten hours to produce their final piece, a culmination of all their preparatory work.

Inspired by David Hockney

4 4

Ridgeway Reader

GCSE Performing Arts: Hillsborough and Blood Brothers


By Miss Bonsall

We will remember them The Year 11 GCSE Performing Arts class have been working towards their final examined performance since January. They performed in front of the external examiner in April.

The students were expected to create their own 25-minute theatre piece around the theme of ‘Good and Evil’.

One of the groups created a performance based on Blood Brothers. They used a selection of songs from the famous Willy Russell musical to prepare a showcase of singing. The other groups decided to show the turmoil of fans during and after the Hillsborough disaster. Their script included poems and actual statements from survivors.of the terrible disaster.

Ridgeway Reader5



Maths Breakfast Club: Outstanding progress

By Mr Hodgson Mathematics is one of the core subjects and we prepare students thoroughly for their GCSEs. As the Year 7 and 8 Breakfast Club was so successful we introduced it to the Year 11s in the months leading up to their GCSE.

Year 7 and 8 Maths Club Thursday Year 8 Friday Year 7 Toast and bacon sandwiches available!

Year 7 and 8 Breakfast Club returns after half-term on Thursdays and Fridays between 7:30am and 8:30am. Bacon sandwiches, toast and drinks are available.

Regular attendees:

Daniel Halwood, Calvan Kier, Jack Howell, Erin Paul Collins and Calvan Kier Murphy, Imogen Nowicki, Cameron Remes, enjoying a hot chocolate and Joshua Riley, Dylan Roden, Daniel Nielson, mathematics work. Finn Evans, Jack Masters, Ethan Davitt, Megan Edwards, Danielle Wheeler, Liam Keate, Paul Collins, Jamie Whelligan-Docherty, Dalton Sands, Ethan Naismith and Kieran Mooney

We prepare students

Creative Skills: Warhammer By Mr Barney In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war...or so the creators of Warhammer 40K say! In the 41st Millennium a variety of races battle each other to survive in the galaxy against innumerable threats. What this means is lots of models to paint and pitch against each other on a table, with dice and rulers replacing laser blasts and churning tank engines. Over the past four years a number of students across all year groups have spent time improving their painting skills to produce some very good pieces of work. A keen eye and steady hand are useful but patience is key. There have been a few battles along the way, fought over scenery created by the students too.


Warhammer models, painted by students.

Extra-Curricular: Guitar lessons

“Students have the chance to learn from a a professional musician, producer & sound engineer.�

Extra-Curricular Benefits Leads to better progress in lessons Increased self-worth, esteem and confidence Character-building, engaging and worthwhile


Modern Foreign Languages: Mandarin Club By Mrs Cooper

Here at Ridgeway we are privileged to have Yuki Chen offering Mandarin Club every Wednesday between 3.20pm and 4.30pm. Students have already really impressed us with their knowledge of the Mandarin language acquired so far. In addition, they are learning about Chinese culture and

Year 8 English: Non-fiction writing By Miss Travis Year 8 are currently working through the non-fiction writing unit, exploring many forms of this genre including news reports and speeches, using informative, instructive and persuasive writing styles. The class pictured right are currently working on a Dragons’ Den unit: they create an invention, write an informative pitch and present the idea to the class, persuading classmates to vote for their idea.

Writing a persuasive pitch


heritage. Sometimes they can even be heard singing ‘Frozen’ in Mandarin! If anyone would like to join, it’s never too late. Come along after school on Wednesdays.

GCSE Geography: Betws-y-Coed

By Miss Cotter

In May 44 GCSE Geography students took part on a trip to Llanrwst and Betws-y-Coed to complete fieldwork for their upcoming controlled assessment. Geography involves collecting and analysing information. Students gathered their data using questionnaires, a pedestrian count and a shop survey. Their focus was the impact of tourism on the town of Llanrwst. This process was repeated in Betws-y-Coed, allowing students to compare their results.

Researching tourism


PE Department: ol

Football trip to Spain By Mr Beattie It was just after the Easter Bunny had delivered our Easter eggs that 48 students and six staff departed for Platja d’Aro on the Costa Brava. It was a gruelling 27-hour journey but the boys were amazing and as we reached our hotel we knew the journey had been well worth it! The Caleta Palace Hotel is situated right on its own private beach - a perfect setting, especially as the sun was shining. We had a packed itinerary for the duration of the trip. Day One included unpacking and getting settled into our rooms before having the first of many delicious meals in the hotel restaurant. Later that evening we headed to the amusement arcade, with the star attraction undoubtedly the bumper cars. After breakfast on Tuesday we headed off for our first training sessions. The facilities on offer were fantastic, with the surface of the 3G football pitches allowing the players to showcase their skills. After lunch back at the hotel we were off to the Nou Camp, for a tour of the ground and the museum. The evening gave us the opportunity to show off our other talents at the karaoke, with John-Paul Holmes and Ellis Thompson stealing the limelight despite Mr Charles’ best efforts. Wednesday followed with a morning and afternoon training session with our fantastic football coaches. After dinner it was time for a highly enjoyable game of ten-pin bowling (Head of PE Mr Charles finishing last in the staff game!).

10 10

Ridgeway Reader

Thursday was the culmination of the sports tour: two games each for the football teams and another fixture for the basketball teams. Our Year 7 & 8 teams were mixed together to make an U-13s A and B side.

“With Lewis Phillips a constant threat up front and Nathan Evans running havoc down the wing, the B team won both games convinvingly by scores of 5-2 and 3-0. The pick of the goals came from the captain George Marsland, curling a free kick into the top corner from 25 yards.”

We took an early lead

Mr Beattie gave his views on the A team performances: “After outplaying our opponents for large parts of the first game, we unfortunately went down 2-0 to two pieces of individual brilliance from an opposition player. Ben O’Neill and Matthew Christie, both Year 7, stood out as our best performers despite playing against a team of Year 8 students.

In the second game we took an early lead with David Harrison arriving late in the box to score, after some great work by Charlie Holland down the left. After our brilliant performance in the first game, the heat and big pitch took its toll on our lads with our more physical opponents eventually coming back to win the game 2-1.”

Ridgeway Reader11 11

PE Department: ol

Football match report By Ellis Byrne,Year 10 The first game was a close encounter with a team from London. After being 3-1 up at half-time Mrs Roberts’ team-talk started with “Well done darlings” and ended with instructions to defend deep and battle hard. At the final whistle we had won 3-2. The Man of the Match was our star midfielder, Jay Dease. The next game came around quickly, the opposition looking fearsome with a Peter Crouch lookalike in defence. Our game plan was to defend and hit them on the counter-attack, using the speed of both Cameron Renner and Robbie Campbell up front.We won the game 2-0 with Alex Hill putting in a great performance and being the well-deserved Man of the Match. Ridgeway U-15s are the undefeated champions of Spain!

12 12

Ridgeway Reader

Ellis Byrne reports

Sports Tour: ol


By Mr Barney

A cut-down Year 11 team with support from Year 10 players... Not the strongest ‘squad’ Ridgeway could bring to a match against one of the best youth basketball teams in the local area. Nevertheless, after witnessing the strong, aggressive defence of our younger players, which the Spanish opposition struggled to cope with, we felt hopeful that we would not embarrass ourselves. Far from it, in fact. We witnessed the coming of age of captain Dan Cowley, who led the charge with his end-toend play, diving on the floor for loose balls, ripping down rebounds and driving to the basket relentlessly. Following his lead, the deadly-fromthree-point-range Scott Small drilled long-range shot after long-range shot, while Liam Baker found a mid-range jumper in his arsenal after days of practice prior to the match. Sam Lane has seen a huge improvement in his play this season and finally showed skill and intelligence to match his athletic ability. Every player who came onto the court fought on the defensive end to stop the Spanish attack. They couldn’t handle it. Combined with good passing and movement on the offensive end, Ridgeway’s team showed a togetherness and awareness that reflected their hard work in training and mental strength. As a coach from the sidelines, it can be frustrating watching a game, as you want to get in and get amongst it yourself. But I can honestly say the players on the court did their job fantastically well and I could not have been prouder.

More importantly their impeccable attitude before, during and after the game was refreshing to see.

13 Ridgeway Reader13 12

Sporting Success: Girls’ trampolining and basketball By Miss Lodge


During March we had a member of Bromborough Basketball Club visit the school to promote girls’ basketball in the local area and the fantastic opportunities that can arise from being part of a basketball team. If any girls are interested in playing, please speak to Miss Lodge – a former basketballer herself!

In March the Year 9 and 10 GCSE PE girls visited Drill Grange Road West Trampoline Centre for a day’s coaching with Level 3-qualified and British Gymnastics-qualified trampolining coaches. It was a fantastic day for the students, with several of the girls progressing to landing somsersaults and flips that they had never tried before! The Year 7 netball team took a trip to Hilbre High School for a netball match and came away victorious! The girls played very well, with some lovely shooting from Emily Davin and excellent defending from Shania Evans and Jade Williams. The girls showed great sportsmanship and teamwork. The Year 7 and 8 basketball team played a local derby match against Woodchurch towards the end of March. Unfortunately Woodchurch finished on top. However, the girls played fantastically well, never stopping running and showcasing some formidable defence.

14 13 14

Ridgeway Reader

Once again Charleigh Downey showed off her brilliant dribbling skills, beating several defenders to reach the basket. Emily Davin showed great tenacity and hunted down every pass and shot, making life very difficult for the opposition! During our first week back after the Easter break, the PE department took a group of 37 students across the water to the Liverpool Echo Arena to watch the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters.

The students and staff all greatly enjoyed the event and were amazed by the skill, tricks, and dunking ability of the players! Now that we have moved into the summer term the PE department will be focussing on summer sports during the extra-curricular programme. Rounders Club is on Tuesdays after school for the girls and Trampolining Club will continue on Monday nights.

Love Dance Club: Learning from the best

By Miss Love


Funkstar’s Donna was outstanding Dance company Funkstar visited our very own Love Dance Club, teaching street, contemporary and commercial dancing. The students were pushed to their limits, enjoying every moment. Dance teacher, Donna, recognised their talents as she choreographed the students.

Ridgeway Reader15 15

16 16

Ridgeway Reader

Humanities: Politics in Everyday Life By Mr Heayns The General Election on the 7th May was a vitally important day for all our students, from Year 7 to 11. Some may not realise this but the next Government decides what college courses are accessible to them, the level of debt they will be in if they decide to go to university and the amount of tax that they will pay when they enter the world of work. The main aim of our General Election assemblies was to show that politics does matter to us all. Our students are the future electorate. They need to know about the political parties in the UK and what they stand for. We want our students to become active citizens, taking an interest in local and national issues.

Inflation Explained Inflation means “an increase in the price you pay for goods”, so prices get higher or it takes more money to buy the same items. If wages don’t increase but prices do, then you will pocket less money each month.


ag r e Av

e pric



on i t a nfl




£ 1.34



£74, 000 £205, 530

15,900,000 people in 2010 decided that they were just one person and their vote didn’t matter, yet this total outnumbered the votes received by any of the political parties. One person can make a difference and that one person can be you.


Year 7 Student Artist, Andrew Hardy (7BA) Encouraging Creativity By Miss Willis

Year 8, Andrew Hardy, is one of Ridgeway’s aspiring young artists, inspired by Japanese Manga art.

Andrew is inspired by Manga and graphic illustration “My dad used to draw things when I was younger, so it went from there. He is my biggest inspiration! I really love Japanese Manga and graphic illustration, so those will be my main themes.”


Chemistry at Work: University of Manchester Trip By Mr Bolton Before Easter fifteen Year 9 students attended ‘chemistry at work’ seminars, hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry at the University of Manchester. Students learned about the massive range of careers that depend upon chemistry and chemical scientists. The seminars were facilitated by large multinational companies such as Vauxhall, Kellogg’s, Cancer Research UK and BASF (Bayern Munich are their company football team!), alongside some smaller companies like the Manchester Polymer Group. Students got the chance to use chemical techniques to measure water quality of waste from the Vauxhall plant at Ellesmere Port.

A biochemist demonstrates techniques used to develop cancer treatments.

Many careers depend on chemistry

Making Science fun: Practical Investigations By Miss Lawrie In Science,Year 7 have started an exciting new topic where they investigate through a series of practical experiments the different types of reactions that can occur. Students used all their practical skills learnt throughout Year 7 to carry out the investigations independently and then analyse the results to conclude whether the reaction was a chemical or a physical one. Students carried out seven different experiments at stations around the room, ranging from melting chocolate to mixing together unknown chemicals, and noted down their observations. Students enjoyed the lesson and some even said it felt like part of a Harry Potter scene, mixing together potions of unknown solutions that fizzed and changed colour!

Ridgeway Reader19 19

Hot Topic Hidden Dangers in junk food By Miss Willis Fast food is bad: it makes you fat. Don’t eat junk food. You’ve heard it all before, haven’t you? What’s wrong with eating in fast food restaurants a few times a week or month – where’s the harm in a Happy Meal? Junk food is damaging your body – every time you eat it. Damage to your arteries occurs almost immediately after just one junk food-type meal. As well as the obvious harm – obesity – too much junk food can lead to allergies like severe asthma, eczema and type 2 diabetes; even cancer. That’s frightening. But does that mean you shouldn’t eat junk food, ever? Well, probably not. We all like a bit of junk food every now and then. The trick is to try and keep it to a minimum, if you can’t cut it out completely.

Junk food twice a week is a diabetes risk Here’s why… Eating junk food twice a week doubles your risk of developing insulin-resistant diabetes (type 2). Asthma and eczema link to junk food What about the link between asthma, eczema and fast food? Research shows that 6-7 year olds who eat fast food three times a week increase their risk of developing severe asthma and eczema by ages 13-14. Not good. Now for the really scary bit… People who eat junk food are more at risk of cancer. Research has exposed the huge link between eating junk food as a child and getting cancer as an adult. What can you do to reduce the risk? Visiting fast food restaurants no more than once a week will cut the risk of diabetes by 50% and the regular consumption of fruit and vegetables is likely to protect against diseases such as asthma, eczema and cancer.


Stop accepting junk food as the norm. Who isn’t guilty of thinking junk food is a normal part of life these days? Maybe we’ve all stopped thinking about what we are putting into our bodies. We’re increasingly time-poor, strapped for cash and stressed out by modern life. Junk food offers a cheap, enjoyable and convenient solution… but at what cost?

Tips on eating well at school Drink water with your lunch Drink freshly squeezed fruit juice Include raw vegetables, such as carrots, in your packed lunch Have two servings of vegetables with a hot school dinner Avoid bringing crisps and chocolate into school

21 21

Ridgeway Reader

Saturday Morning Year 6 Induction Cracking the code By Mr Tyler As part of our Smooth Move programme, we invited Year 6 students to take part in some amazing computer coding. They took part in a reaction time test which they then hacked and changed the variables in the code. Then they made a remote control from a Makey Makey invention kit and Play-Doh to control a game they had coded in Scratch.

Coding computer games

22 22

Ridgeway Reader

PC Parry’s Fishing Trip Hampton Springs PC Parry’s ever-popular fishing trip continued in the Easter holiday. Birkenhead Lions sponsored the cost of taking boys from Years 7-11 fishing on three consecutive days to Hampton Springs Fishery in Cheshire. The warm weather had the carp, barbel and F1s feeding, with as many fish lost as were landed. Such was the enjoyment that at the end of each day the lads had to be coaxed back on the bus to come home! Tom Allain and Reece Jones from Year 10 are pictured with one of the many carp caught.

We caught lots of carp!

Four reasons to go fishing Stress relief

Spending the day fishing helps to release the stresses of everyday life – it’s very relaxing and can help you recharge your batteries.

Social bonding

Sharing a fishing experience can help strengthen relationships with family and friends.


Fishing isn’t just sitting around! Every time you move around, cast your rod, walk to the next spot, you are exercising. Being outdoors also makes you feel better, as well as burning unwanted calories.

Self-esteem boost

Fishing can play an important role in social and personal development, as it teaches you to respect your environment, have patience and connect with others.


Primary Liaison:

Easter Bake-Off


By Miss Grady

Let battle commence When the cooking was over, the students displayed their culinary Easter scenes. Mr Taylor and Ms Williams judged the competition. They had a very difficult task in choosing the winning team. After long deliberation they chose the winning team from Christ Church.

Students came from Christ Church and Woodchurch primary schools to participate in an Easter Bake-Off. The students were set a challenge from the Easter Bunny to create an Easter scene using a range of dishes. The students in their teams planned what they were going to make and then baked head-to-head.

24 Ridgeway Reader 24

Homework Club:

Supporting students’ learning

By Mr Waterworth

We’re very clear here at Ridgeway that homework matters. Homework extends what is covered in class. Homework helps teachers to assess how well students are doing. Most importantly of all, homework develops independent learning skills. After all, in GCSEs, only one person is sitting the exam – and that’s the student! But we also know that homework is one of the biggest causes of arguments at home.

Taking the stress out of revision It’s important not to leave revision until the last minute because that just adds to stress levels. ‘A little, often’ is a good way to approach revision. Here are some tips to help you revise: • • • • •

Do about 30 minutes and then take a short break Avoid distractions like having the TV on Don’t just focus on favourite or ‘easy’ subjects Don’t overdo it in a day – give yourself time away from your books Make sure you have past questions from your teachers for practice

Make revision active so that you are doing something • Break your notes up into bullet points • Read them aloud • Record them and play it back • Make flash cards of key points • Create spidergrams or mind maps • Ask someone to test you on facts • Make up mnemonics to help you remember lists

So that’s why we have improved our Homework Club provision and we want as many students as possible to attend. It’s open for all year groups and runs until 4.45pm every day of the week. It is now staffed by teachers, with teaching assistants on hand to provide additional help and support. After a breather, a drink and a biscuit, the focus in Homework Club is very much on helping students to complete homework on time and to a high standard. Based in a classroom, a quiet and supportive working atmosphere is assured.

Specialist support from teachers and teaching assistants A quiet working atmosphere Open every day of the week until 4.45pm Ridgeway Reader2525

Careers Trip: Catering Masterclass By Miss Grady Year 10 GCSE Catering students were given a fantastic opportunity to go and have a master cooking class from one of the top chefs teaching at the Vocational College. The students were shown how to prepare some outstanding dishes and given lots of interesting ideas for new and exciting dishes. They also had an opportunity to look at further career opportunities in the catering business.

Top chef wows students with dishes

26 Ridgeway Reader 26

Career Opportunity: RAF careers talk

By Miss Willis

We invited the RAF to visit our Year 11s to tell them about the many unique and interesting job, education and training opportunities in the RAF. Jobs include aviation operations, engineering, hospitality & catering and IT, all supported by expert training, “accelerated” pay and the chance to travel the world.

RAF employees inspire our students, detailing the many benefits of working in the RAF. The job demands are tough, so the social aspect of RAF life is also very important.

How can I apply? If you want a career in the RAF and would like more information or would like to apply, please visit

A sad goodbye: So long, Sarah Broadbent By Miss Willis

We say goodbye to our wonderful School Nurse Team Leader of 15 years, Sarah Broadbent. She leaves us behind, along with a longstanding career in nursing, to pursue a new role with Safe Families for Children, as Senior Family Support Manager. We will all miss her, staff and students alike.

“It’s been amazing here at Ridgeway. I’ve worked with some incredible people, but most importantly, the students have been integral in my job satisfaction. I’m hanging up my nurse’s hat after 30 years, 15 of them here. This is pretty daunting, but exciting. Goodbye and good luck to all our brilliant students, who really bring the school to life.”


Student Media Team: Skills for employment

By Miss Willis

The Student Media Team was assembled to allow any students interested in working in the media the opportunity to work alongside Miss Willis, Marketing & Communications Officer, who has extensive experience working in the media and creative industry. Miss Willis’ expertise in social media and marketing campaigns, graphic design and marketing strategy means students in the team will benefit from her knowledge. Wednesdays 1pm-1.30pm Miss Willis’ office

What will they be doing?

Writing blogs Photography (optional) Researching news stories Visiting a real-life company media team

Learning new skills

How to write compelling stories for a website Social media in the workplace Researching news

Is it too late to join? No! Go and see Miss Willis.

Ridgeway Reader Producer: Miss Willis Editor-in-Chief: Mr Waterworth Illustration & graphic design: Miss Willis

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