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October 2012 Dear Parent / Guardian and Student Curriculum Enrichment Week 2013 Introduction Welcome to the Curriculum Enrichment Week Launch Booklet for 2013. We are pleased to announce that Curriculum Enrichment Week will take place from Monday 1st until Friday 5th July 2013. All students in years 7, 8 and 9 will have the opportunity to take part in a series of activities that are not normally available as part of the standard curriculum. Curriculum Enrichment Week is an integral part of the students’ educational experience at Ridgeway School: it is a special week offering huge opportunities to extend their curriculum experience. Attendance during this week is not optional as it is part of our school term and it is important that normal attendance is maintained. A reason for non-attendance would be required, since we have to provide details of all unauthorised absences to the DCFS. Every absence must be supported by a parental explanation which will be authorised by the school if the reason is acceptable, e.g. illness or medical appointment. Cost The cost of each activity is shown. The activities vary in price and some do require a deposit to secure a place. Please note that deposits are non-refundable, so please ensure that students select their activity carefully. Please take the time to read through the booklet carefully. Some activities require early departures from school and will return late in the evening. It is important that students can make their way safely to and from school at these times if they pick these activities. If the student is in receipt of a free school meal, then these will be ordered in advance for them, otherwise meals can be purchased from the school canteen as normal. Behaviour Naturally, we expect students to maintain their high standard of behaviour during this week. All students should be aware that taking part in Enrichment Week is dependent on a good behavioural record within the school environment. I will be asking Mr Harris (Inclusion Manager), Heads of Academic Progress and Tutors to give me the names of students who they feel should not be taking part. For these students, alternative arrangements will be made for the week. We have already built up a good reputation with the coach companies that we will be using and most of the activity providers. If we feel that a student is behaving in an unacceptable and potentially dangerous manner then they will be withdrawn from the activity. If this is the case, a refund will not be possible and parents/guardians may be required to collect them from where the activity is taking place. Important Information Please think about the choices very carefully and make sure that students discuss them with friends and family. There are over 400 students in Years 7 – 9 so the task of arranging the activities will not be easy. Whilst our aim is to allocate every student to their first choice, this may not be possible. It is therefore important that students select a second and third choice in case their first is overbooked. Students cannot opt for part of an activity and must accept the whole package where different daily activities are involved. As some activities will require a minimum number in order to run, please be aware that it may be necessary to cancel an activity should not enough interest be shown.

Once students have made their selection, they need to complete the booking form at the back of this booklet and return it to Student Services. This needs to be done by Thursday, 25th October 2012. Please note that forms will be returned should students not select three choices. In addition, we reserve the right to make changes to the schedule of an activity, should it be deemed appropriate to do so. Payment As soon as the student’s place has been confirmed (and a deposit paid if needed), you will be given more information about your activity by the member of staff in charge. Please be aware that all deposits are non-refundable. Letters confirming your child’s allocation will be sent by staff in charge during the week beginning Monday 19th November 2012. Deposits will need to be paid by the week beginning 3rd December 2012, in your son/daughter’s assembly. Dates for further payments to be paid will be weeks commencing 28/1/13, 25/2/13, 25/3/13, and 29/4/13. Collections will be made during your child’s assembly. Exact dates for these collections will be advised in due course. If you wish to pay the balance in full rather than spread the payments, you may do so. If students are taking part in a residential activity or one that involves long journeys / specialist activities then you may be invited to an information evening. This will give you the chance to meet the staff members involved and find out more about the itinerary for the activity. These take place approximately two weeks before Enrichment Week. If you have any questions about an activity you are interested in, then get in touch with the lead member of staff first. If you have any questions about the week in general, then please contact me on ext 171 at school. Yours sincerely

Mrs V Yeomans Enrichment Week Co-ordinator

R1 – Great Trips Away Do you enjoy rides? Do you enjoy getting wet? Do you fancy some West End entertainment? If the answer is yes then this is the activity for you!!!!! We will be visiting 5 fantastic attractions that will literally turn your world upside down! Have you got what it takes to tame the metal monsters Oblivion, Nemesis, Stealth, and Saw? Can you stand the pace of Rita Queen of Speed? Are you ready to ride the waves, enter the state-of-theart Alton Towers waterworld where you will find slides, water cannons, flumes, wave machines and raft rides. Do you fancy meeting your worst nightmare at the London Dungeons see the history of the Tower of London and the historic landmarks of London during the river cruise and then singing your hearts out at the London production of Mama Mia. During most evenings we will be practising our team building skills with a variety of fun activities. If this sounds like you then sign up for an experience you won’t want to forget. We will be travelling by coach to Alton Towers, Alton Towers Water Park, Thorpe Park, Drayton Manor and London for the day. We will be staying at youth hostels on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. The price includes all entrance fees, accommodation, full board for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and dinner on Monday night along with breakfast and lunch on Friday.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£320 Mrs Pengelly £60 4 x £65 or payment in full There will be an information evening for parents before Enrichment Week.

R2 – Livin’ it up in London Take this opportunity to spend an action-packed week in the capital city. You won’t have time to draw breath as we take you on tours of the major sites before watching spectacular West End shows during some evenings. We will try and fit in time for shopping! You will be staying at a youth hostel in the centre of London, which provides bed and breakfast. During the week we will be visiting places such as:           

The Tower of London Harrods Hamleys Covent Garden The London Dungeons Buckingham Palace The Houses of Parliament London Museums The London Eye The Globe Theatre and workshops Thames Boat Trip West End Theatre Shows

So make sure you have your camera with you! This is the perfect opportunity to explore London and see some of the amazing shows that it has to offer.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£350 Mr M Poveda £70 4 x £70 or payment in full An information evening will be held for parents and students before departure. Students will need at least £3.50 per day for lunch.

R3 – Visite à Paris Join us on an exciting, fun-filled five-day trip to Paris! Includes a full day at Disneyland and a day in Paris. Climb the Eiffel Tower and sail along the River Seine! Visit all the famous places you’ve read about in books. Spend a day visiting the places which shaped history along the Somme battlefields and see for yourselves what it must have been like. Stay in a real hotel with your friends and eat delicious French food! Go shopping in French supermarkets! Monday

Leave early morning for travel by coach to Paris. Arrive early evening in time for dinner. Tuesday The whole day in Paris. Visits to Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. Cruise along the Seine. Wednesday All day in Disneyland Paris. Thursday


Leave Paris hotel, visits to Somme Battlefields: Newfoundland Memorial, Thiepval Museum for the Missing and Lochnagar Crater. Arrive at second hotel in time for dinner. Visit to be arranged (possibly a bakery or sweet factory) , then depart for journey home. Arrive back in the evening.

In addition there will be frequent opportunities to do some shopping, including a visit to a hypermarket. Some of the visits may be changed depending on the weather or other factors. The cost will be between £389 per student based on a party of 40. This will include four nights at a hotel, all travel costs, insurance, meals, excursions and entrance tickets.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£389 Mrs C McGill £89 4 x £75 or payment in full Please note that your child will require a full valid passport as well as a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is available online or you can apply at a post office - there is a charge for both of these, but there is no charge if you apply by telephone.

R4 - Fell Walking in the Lake District

Fancy an adventure week in the Lake District? This year we are off to North West England for a week of walking through some of the loveliest mountains in the country. Our plans will take us off for 4+ days of walking the likes of Helvellyn with Striding Edge, Great Gable, the Langdale Pikes and visiting some of the towns and villages embedded in the Lake District. It will be a camping experience week allowing us to stay in one place for the week whilst we travel to different regions for different walking adventures. It will be essential to have proper kit for walking in all types of weather, but do know that the school has some kit that can be borrowed for this type of school adventure activity. Those interested must be willing to give 'walking' a try and need not be experienced walkers. We will be doing some local training prior to the week so that we can learn to work as a team and learn about safety and responsibility while part of a group.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£150 Mr J Didymus £50 4 x £25 or payment in full There will be several training sessions before the activity that you are expected to attend. An information evening will be held for parents and students before departure.

Spanish Trip to Malaga We are planning a trip to Spain for Years 7, 8 and 9. The trip will take place during Enrichment Week. We will be staying in the south of Spain in Malaga. The package includes:

The provisional cost of the trip is ÂŁ515. If you would like your son/daughter to go on this excellent trip please contact Mrs Herrero-Shaw in L3 or any MFL teachers, who will be able to give you further information about securing a place on this activity.

ADR – Adrenaline Rush Want to try something a little different during Enrichment Week 2013? How about sliding down the UK’s longest zip wire at 40mph? Plummeting 150ft on a giant swing? Tackling an obstacle course 40ft in the air? Add in freefall drop slides, a master blaster water flume, drop slides and the UK’s largest outdoor waterpark and you have Adrenaline Rush 2013. Each day will see the group tackle new challenges. For many, the ultimate rush will be visiting Adrenaline Quarry with the longest zip wire in the UK which will see you zooming over a lake at 40mph before plummeting 150ft at an 80°angle and experiencing zero gravity whilst for others, freefalling 40ft using a powerfan and completing an obstacle course high amongst the trees at TreeSurfers will be the highlight. Others may prefer their thrills to be water based, so we have added in a visit to QuayWest which is the UK’s largest outdoor waterpark. Hopefully the sun will be shining so we won’t need to use the free wetsuits in order to experience the Devils Drop and the Kamikazee. If you prefer your waterslides a little warmer, then the pool at Butlins with it’s MasterBlaster water rollercoaster, spacebowl and black hole. Outside, the fairground with it’s space swinger should provide the adrenaline rush required. Woodlands provides the final adrenaline rush, with it’s water slides and freefall drop slides, and based on previous visits we normally have the park to ourselves.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£160 Mr I Hartley £40 4 x £30 or payment in full

AEA - Art Extravaganza During the week you will explore and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. These could be clay, painting, sculpture, collage or photography. An artist will be working with you as well as the Art teachers and they will be looking to encourage your creative talents. Because the course runs a over a period of days in your own studio space, you are sure to discover that your skills are much greater than you suspected.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£25 Mrs M Romanski £5 4 x £5 or payment in full School uniform does not need to be worn during these sessions.

AMC - Animal Magic & Scrapbook Souvenir This is a week of 2 halves. Each morning will be spent looking after the donkeys at the sanctuary in Ivybridge. Meet Wayne, Pooh, Eeyore and Snowy and spend your mornings taking care of them. You will have to feed and groom them, pick up poo (it has to be done!), take a ride in the donkey cart and much more. If you are a Y9 student thinking about animal care for work experience in Y10 then why not use this a s a taster day to see if it really is for you? If you've been on this activity and then apply for work experience, your application will be looked on favourably. The afternoons will be more relaxed as you will work on a scrapbook detailing your morning activities. Under expert supervision you will build up a long lasting souvenir of your experiences.

Cost Lead member of staff Useful Information

Free Mrs S Waldock & Mrs M Steels For the mornings you will need strong shoes and a packed lunch. There is a small shop where gifts can be bought, so you may want to bring some spending money. We will involve you in fundraising in school before Enrichment Week, to raise money to buy craft materials. We will contact you about this.

CRA – Crafty Things In this activity you will learn how to make your own gifts and presents. Using the skills you gain could just be the stepping stone you need to become a successful entrepreneur, just like Alan Sugar, setting up your own home business. During the week you will learn the following skills:    

macramé – art of knots crochet greeting card design jewellery making

In addition you will spend time making high quality truffles, for which you will design and create a presentation box. With all these new skills you may even want to open a stall at the Ridgeway School Christmas 2013 Fair!

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments

£25 Mrs T Cudmore and Miss C Baker £5 4 x £5 or payment in full

CIN – Cinematography Course The focus for this Enrichment Week activity is to grasp the basics in the art of photography and develop skills for making short films. Advice on how to mount & present printed photos will also be offered. Access to a digital camera and / or video camera is essential. The expertise, transport and software will be provided by the school. After an initial ‘heads-up’ day where the fundamentals in operating equipment and learning about positioning / sequencing will be taught, some in-house studio style practice will take place. The remainder of the week will involve utilising the skills learnt out into the ‘field’. Daytrips in and around Plymouth will provide paramount positions for taking shots and filming. Venues may well include:     

Dartmoor / South Hams Mount Edgcumbe Plympton (including Saltram). Plymouth Barbican & surrounding monuments Local beaches

Additional tutoring will be provided in the ‘post-edit’ stage, which will provide an opportunity to learn how to manipulate images after they have been uploaded and also how to edit together moving images to make short films. An exercise in scrapbooking will also be completed during the week.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£35 Ms S Oram £7 4 x £7 or payment in full Numbers will be limited and student selection process will take place. Cost will include shared transport to some destinations and materials for scrapbooking.

FAY - Football Academy

Are you one of the people who can never get enough football? Think that all lessons apart from PE are a waste of time? Then, look no further. We will spend time training with Coaches from Plymouth Argyle. Under their guidance your skills should improve dramatically as you will be spending 5 hours a day on the pitch.

The final day will be spent at Plymouth Argyle. There you will have a ‘backstage’ tour of the ground and meet people who work behind the scenes.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£90 Mr D Watson £30 4 x £15 or payment in full Students will need their own pair of football boots and bring a packed lunch with them to eat during the visit to Home Park. The final day activity may be subject to change due to the current situation at Plymouth Argyle.

FLY - Fly Fishing This week offers a 5 day fishing experience which begins with a session on the school site to allow the novices among the group to perfect their casting technique, check kit and firm up on fishing etiquette. Experience isn’t necessary but you must have a valid trout fishing licence and your own equipment. Patience and a love of all weathers is a must!! This will be followed by four days at local fisheries in and around Devon and Cornwall. These include: Tavistock Trout Fisheries Burrator reservoir (this session may commence at 12 noon until 9pm) Siblyback reservoir Tavistock Trout Fishery

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£40 Mr P McEvoy £8 4 x £8 or payment in full A valid trout fishing licence is essential to take part in this activity. These can be applied for online or at a Post Office.

GAD - Girls Allowed How about a week of activities to pander to your ‘girlie’ needs? Ever fancied turning your fashion ideas into reality? We all love to be pampered and this activity offers students the opportunity to have a hair and beauty make-over. Time will be spent re-designing an old or out of date piece of clothing into something fresh and funky. You will have a day shopping at local charity shops, looking for an item of clothing that you would like to transform into something wonderful. You can then parade your new outfit on the catwalk at the end of week fashion party. Another day will be spent receiving expert advice on hair and beauty. You will have the chance to have a make-over in the Ridgeway Salon. The hair and beauty consultants will be on hand to give you the answer to your hair and make up questions.

Cost Lead member of staff Payment in full Useful Information

£20 Ms S Jenkinson £20 You will be using public transport from Ridgeway School to travel to Plymouth City centre and back again when you visit the charity shops, so will need money for bus fare.

GRO – Groundforce We need your help, we have planted out areas around the school site and they are looking so much better than they were. However there are lots of other areas around the school that need to be planted and cared for. We also want your ideas about what should be planted in the future so we will be taking you out to look at Garden spaces around Plymouth. So, want to be involved in a project that will make a long term difference? Want to have the chance to make decisions about what the school looks like? Join Groundforce and get involved in changing the school site into somewhere beautiful that makes everyone happy.

Cost Lead member of staff Useful Information

Free To be announced

HOE - Hole in One . Take part in this week and you will soon be aiming for that hole in one! This activity is open to all those who wish to improve their golf with 4 days spent on local courses. Absolute beginners, intermediates and advanced (those with a handicap) are all welcome to join us. The first 2 days will be spent at the Plymouth Golf Range, where you will have 4 hours of tuition from the Professional there. During the week, we plan to go on a day trip to a local attraction, such as Woodlands Leisure Park. Be sure to save some of your energy, though, so that you can head back to the green on for the remaining days. On the final 2 days, we will visit a local course where you will spend 2 hours in lessons before tackling 9 holes on the course in the afternoon.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£115 Mr C O’Sullivan £35 4 x £20 or payment full Preference will be given to students who can provide their own equipment, although it may be possible to provide some. You will need to bring a packed lunch for Monday – Wednesday. Whilst at the local golf course, lunch is provided (a choice of jacket potatoes & filling; sausage & chips and chicken burger & chips plus a drink). Nearer the time we will confirm which local attraction the group will be visiting.

MAS – Marine Safari For those aspiring to become Marine Biologists, this is the activity for you! Join professional marine biologists and take part in surveys and experiments around the South Devon area. Below is a taste of what is in store: 

A day will be spent at the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth. Here you will take part in a Laboratory Workshop and experience the work of a Marine Biologist.

A day will be spent visiting the National Marine Aquarium for a guided tour and a science activity.

A day of snorkelling*

A day spent on a nearby beach, studying species and including a creative art session.

‘Alien Invaders’ and rocky shore exploration.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£105 Mrs L Frost £25 4 x £20 or payment full *In the event of severe weather warning, we may need to substitute some of the activities. Any specialist equipment required will be provided.

MSW - Multi-Sports Week

The PE Department have designed a week to give you a taste of lots of other sporting activities. During the week there will be a selection of traditional and nontraditional to take part in, which may include:        

Street Surfing Dodgeball Rounders Rowing Tennis Fitness Suite sessions Dance mats Climbing Wall

The aim of the week is to be fun, challenging and confidence building. Perhaps after the week you may want to join one of the many extracurricular clubs on offer at Ridgeway School. All equipment will be provided, all you need is your sports kit and the enthusiasm to participate.

Cost Lead member of staff Useful Information

Free To be annnounced

OAE - Outdoor Adventure Led by an experienced Outdoor Education Instructor, this week is all about the Outdoors. You will spend the week Canoeing; Climbing, Walking on the Moors and Bell Boating. Most nights you will return back to your comfortable bed, but one night will be spent under canvas on the Moors. So if you have a head for heights; don’t mind getting wet and enjoy spending the night under canvas, then look no further. This is your opportunity to explore your local surroundings through new activities. All equipment will be provided but you will need to have a decent level of fitness in order to fully enjoy the activities. You will be tired by the end of the week, but hopefully you will have taken part in some new challenges and enjoyed every minute of it!

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£100 Mr P Roberts Plymouth School Sports Partnership OAA Coach £20 4 x £20 or payment in full Limited spaces are available. Students will need to provide a packed lunch for each day. A meeting will be held with the instructor before the week starts. Ridgeway School staff will also be supporting this activity.

OBE - On your Bike Inspired by the achievements of the cycling team at the Olympics? Do you have a bike but are unsure of where is suitable to ride it? This week could then be for you. Each day we will explore the local area on circular routes which begin and end at school. Monday – Plym Valley and Jennycliff This will mainly be by cycle path and will pass through the grounds of Saltram House. Tuesday – Burrator A round trip to Burrator reservoir along the Plym Valley and returning to school via Cadover Bridge and Elfordleigh. Wednesday – Plym Valley and Wembury A variation on Monday’s route, this time visiting Wembury and Brixton on the way back to school. Thursday – the South Hams Today will be spent mostly on country roads visiting places such as Brixton, Yealmpton, Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers. Friday – South Dartmoor Challenge A day on cycle paths and country roads visiting Dousland, Two Bridges, Burrator and Cadover Bridge.

This week is suitable for those who like to cycle and are already familiar with the power needed to cycle up hills!

Cost Lead member of staff Useful Information

Free (Students will need to provide their own packed lunches) Mr B Schur Students will need their own fully roadworthy bike and helmet. Routes could be changed depending on weather or other factors.

OYD – On Your Doorstep Join us for a week delving into the best that Devon and Cornwall have to offer - all by public transport! We will meet in the City Centre every morning and visits will include: the historic fishing port of Looe by train, National Marine Aquarium, Ten Pin Bowling, a treasure hunt on Wembury Beach, painting pottery in Totnes, enjoying a film at Vue Cinema. We will always make time for ice creams and fish and chips when possible! Please note, as we use public transport, there is some walking from location to location.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful information

£55 Pastoral Support Team £15 4 x £10 or payment in full The cost of getting to Plymouth City Centre each day and home again is not included in the cost. Students will need a packed lunch or money for lunch each day.

RTG - Ranger Training ‘13 ‘I want to be a Ridgeway Ranger…’ If a career working with animals or in the great outdoors appeals to you, then this week must be your number 1 choice! We will spend the week visiting wildlife centres and parks, observing animals, finding out about the role of a ranger/warden and thinking about conservation. The week will consist of 5 exciting, varied and fun-packed days to the following venues: A day will be spent at Paignton Zoo learning about the animals that live there, where they come from and how the zoo is helping to conserve their numbers. A day will be spent at Wembury Beach where the rangers from Wembury Marine Centre will work with us, helping us identify some of the creatures that inhabit the rock pools. A day will be spent at a Mount Edgcumbe Park working with the wardens to help them clear land and find out about the role they play in looking after the wildlife there. A day will be spent at a Pennywell Farm finding out about what the keepers do and helping them with feeding time. A day will be spent designing and making an interactive toy for the animals of Living Coasts and watching the seals and penguins play with their new gadget. The week will also include the opportunity to win lots of prizes through various competitions. In addition each trainee ranger will receive a T-shirt to remember the week by.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£75 Ms V Rogers £35 4 x £10 or payment in full Students will need to bring a packed lunch with them each day and wear suitable clothing.

SAP - Saddle Up Working with Newton Ferrers Equestrian Centre, this week is designed for both those who have ridden before and absolute beginners. We will spend 4 hours each day at the centre learning about horse management by carrying out day to day horse and stable care. We will also have use of the sand school and students will have a lesson every day. This is the ideal opportunity to learn how to ride or to improve your technique in friendly surroundings. So saddle up and see you there!

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£150 Miss A M Williams £50 4 x £25 or payment in full Students need to bring a packed lunch with them each day. Riding hats will be provided but suitable clothing must be worn.

SSS - Sail, Ski and Splat! We may be close to the sea, but not all of us have the opportunity to sail on it and in this part of the country snowy slopes are nowhere to be seen! We all know that the chance to run around the woods shooting paint at people doesn’t come along too often! This activity includes: 

two days of watersports including sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, raft building and, on land, a high ropes course for those who dare! All under the guidance of fully qualified instructors at Siblyback Lake, near Liskeard,

a two day ‘Learn to Ski’ course at Plymouth Dry Ski Slope,

a day Paintballing at Skirmish Exeter.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£145 Mr J Parrott £45 4 x £25 or payment in full You will be put into a group with students of a similar age. You will need a packed lunch on each of the days. For the ski activity you will need long sleeved top/coat, gloves, thick socks, long trousers. All students taking part in this activity must be able to swim, unaided, 25 metres. The watersports activity is a multi activity package. Decisions on which 4 will be available is dependant on weather and conditions at the time.

SUP - Surf’s Up

If you are an experienced surfer, or fancy something a little more hardcore, then this surfing package is for you. We will travel each day to Discovery Surf School at Bigbury Bay, where we will surf under the expert tuition of the instructors. We will be surfing for 2 x 2 hour sessions each day from Monday to Thursday with filming taking place over these four days using board Cams water cams and cameras on the beach. On Friday, we will be based school, in an ICT suite, where we will be editing the video taken and transferring it to a DVD to keep as a souvenir of the week.

Cost Lead member of staff Deposit Instalments Useful Information

£150 Mr D Molesworth £50 4 x £25 or payment in full All equipment will be provided, although you can bring your own wetsuit and / or board. You will be provided with a list of items you need to bring with you before the week begins.

CURRICULUM ENRICHMENT WEEK 2013 APPLICATION FORM Please return this form via your form tutor to student services. Do not include deposits at this stage. Name

Tutor Group

If you are in Year 9 and you did not get your 1st or 2nd choice last year, please tick here Code



Activities (preference order) 1st 2nd 3rd

Great Trips Away Livin’ it up in London Visite à Paris Fell Walking in the Lake District Adrenaline Rush Art Extravaganza Animal Magic & Scrapbook Souvenir Cinematography Course Crafty Things Football Academy Fly Fishing Girls Allowed Ground Force Hole in One Marine Safari Multi-Sports Week Outdoor Adventure On your Bike On your Doorstep Ranger Training Saddle Up Sail, Ski and Splat Surf’s Up

The completed form must be signed by parents/carers. Once handed in you will not be able to change your choices. Note that your signature: (a) Commits you to the activities you have chosen. (b) Commits you to pay for those activities. (c) Commits you to the behaviour that is required. Behaviour Prior to Enrichment Week All students should be aware that taking part in Enrichment Week is dependent on a good behavioural record within the school environment. Heads of Academic Progress, The Inclusion Manager and Tutors will be asked for the names of students who they feel should not be taking part. For these students, alternative arrangements will be made for the week. _______________________________________________________ Parent / Guardian Signature

_____________ Date

Ridgeway School Enrichment Week 2013  

Welcome to the Curriculum Enrichment Week Launch Booklet for 2013. We are pleased to announce that Curriculum Enrichment Week will take plac...

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