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What Story and thought leaders believe is that while the process is not about you, it starts with you. Who you are on the inside is what others experience on the outside, which means it’s critical that you see the world through the eyes of your clients. “None of us is as creative as all of us,” says Story, whose clients include Chick-fil-A and Koch Industries. “When we work with the client, we can leverage the synergy of two or more minds thinking as one. We can't offer a prescription until we have the proper diagnosis. The quickest way to build rapport with a client is to demonstrate through your actions that their thoughts and opinions matter. When you seek out their input, you move beyond communication and begin to connect.”

Enables your clients to know who you really are and gain a sense of trust

Creates ongoing, consistent dialogue, not a one-time sales pitch

Will not only learn what they like and don't like, but you will build a deeper relationship

The closer you are to your customers, the less likely they are to look for an alternative provider

Enables you to see, sense and feel emotions on a more intimate level

The best evangelists for a company are delighted customers

Communicates that they are not just a piece of business, but that they matter, too




September/ October 2016  
September/ October 2016