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Interview with Robyn Frey

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Robyn Frey

alk into Robyn Frey’s office, and what you see may surprise you. A fire hydrant. A sombrero. Godzilla. They’re all a part of the creative genius at work. Now president and creative director of BolchalkFReY in Tucson, Ariz., Frey headed out west after graduating from the University of Georgia with a BA in Graphic Design. These days, she spends her time listening to her clients’ needs and working out ways to help them achieve their goals. If she’s not at a client meeting, she’s working with her talented creative department to brainstorm and execute designs that are visually impactful and appeal to the client’s target market. Here are her insights on what to expect from the creative world in 2016.

Define the trends that are happening on the graphic and marketing sides today.

There will be an ongoing trend toward hand-drawn lettering with more emphasis on creative and expressive typography on the design side, as well as flat design in logo and web site development. In addition, you will see the use of brighter and bolder colors that bring back the use of modern retro design and visual styles, (’60s to ’90s) reminding the consumer of their youth. Traditional illustration will experience a comeback, due to graphic artists’ reluctance to fall back on stock images that are often over-used in many designs. On the marketing side, we see trends continuing to evolve in the digital world. The number of options and advances in technology is constantly growing and changing.

What’s the biggest area every designer should focus on this year?

Graphic designers should focus on keeping the message clean, clear and concise, making sure the content for their designs is accessible across all formats. Focus should be on creating messages that are engaging,

direct and to the point. Short equals sweet, since the consumer’s attention span continues to shrink. Designers are lucky enough to go to work every day at something that doesn’t feel like work. Enjoy it, and remember to color outside the lines.

How important is it for designers to continue to learn and understand the language of business and marketing?

The business of marketing and the forms marketing can take are constantly changing and developing. It’s very important to stay ahead of the curve. Marketing and business work in tandem to create success. You need an understanding of both in order to knock it out of the park.

What role will design continue to play in this?

It will always play a major role in telling a client’s story through visual inventiveness paired with images and words that create an emotion. Design excellence is essential for building a successful brand. Outstanding design is at the core of every brand’s voice. As a brand, you should tell your target who you are and what you are

all about. Artful crafting of each and every word, design or image connected with your brand helps build that voice. Make sure your designs enable the brand to say the right things, say it at the right time, and say it to the right people.

What advice do you think is critical to success in 2016?

Don’t get locked into one way of doing something. Be open to ideas from alternative sources. Seek out what’s old, what’s new, what’s different. Learn how to be a good listener. Learn how to ask the right questions. Zig when everyone else zags. Care about your community, shop local, don’t drink too much coffee and have fun.


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