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structors to cover a 12-hour event”, Jesper Jas Sørensen explains. “We always try to find instructors with different personalities and styles to ensure variation and to keep on challenging the riders. Our aim is to be able to present a mix of well-known, experienced instructors and new, upcoming talents.” Drummers and dancers At ØRBIKE 2018, instructor Rikke Kirkegaard kicked off the event and made sure that the riders got the pulse pumping and the sweat rolling during the first class of the day. She knew from experience that the opening hour of a big event has to offer something out of the ordinary. “When I said yes to open ØRBIKE 2018, I told Jas right away that I wanted an orchestra of drummers on the stage with me”, Rikke Kirkegaard says. “He agreed without flinching, and told me that he would find the drummers for me. Along the way I even added a solo dancer to the show.”

Indoor cycling comes first Regardless of the big show setup, Rikke Kirkegaard is clear about what matters the most to her. “To me, the entertainment part is always secondary. The actual indoor cycling experience is truly what matters. That is why my event hours always closely resemble my daily classes at the local fitness center. I just add a bit of glamour, like drummers and a dancer, or change the playlist. Some tunes might work at the gym but not at a big event with hundreds of riders, stage lighting and so on”, Rikke Kirkegaard explains. January 2019 RIDE ON