Ride High Magazine 9 - January 2020

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Esben Dalgaard Andersen The well-known Danish actor regularly has to gain or lose 30kg for his roles. He shares his diet and exercise secrets with Kate Cracknell


Esben, how about we start by you telling us a bit about yourself? I was educated at Odense theatre school in Denmark, graduating in 2008, and have worked as an actor – across TV, theatre and film – ever since.

what happened for me: I got a good gig on a TV series in Denmark, a police drama called The Protectors, with the first series airing in 2009. Since then, I’ve regularly appeared on television as well as on-stage as part of the Royal Danish Theatre.

When you start out as an actor you need a bit of luck to come your way, and fortunately that’s

I won’t try and mention everything I’ve been in, but one TV series that received internation-

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