Ride & Drive Eureka Springs 2018

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In 2 national surveys over the past couple of years, the Pig Trail has been voted one of the best rides in the country by riders. This is a challenging ride and not for the novice. Often it’s hard to stay focused with the breathtaking views at the pinnacles or the feeling of riding on the edge of the canopy covered road as it follows the contour of the mountains. These are just a few of the reasons that have made this the #1 riding route in Arkansas. There are several roads that can take you from Hwy 23 to other roads to create great loop routes for your day trips bringing you back to Eureka Springs filled with everlasting memories. Often times at night, laughter and stories can be overheard being shared at the restaurants & entertainment venues throughout town about the various experiences riders encountered on their days journey. It stokes the desire for the rider to keep coming back! eurekasprings.org 35