Ride & Drive Eureka Springs 2018

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The Pig Trail Scenic Byway

Famous for many reasons the Pig Trail has become a coveted conquest for riders and the “must do” ride for that annual trip or first timers wanting the experience. Eureka Springs sits at the top of the Pig Trail and serves as the starting and stopping point for these excursions. The heart of the ride lies along a 19 mile stretch of Hwy 23 between Hwy 16 to where it meets interstate 40. Here you will experience twists and turns as they climb and descend the mountains of the Ozark National Forest. This run is designated as the Pig trail Scenic Byway. The history of the trail covers part folklore, part ritual and part historical significance. Serving as path for explorers, trappers and Indians early on it served as a road during the Civil War for both Union & Confederate troops. It gained its popular name from the fans using the Pig Trail as a shortcut on their way to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville to watch the Razorbacks (also called Hogs) play games. Today, it remains a tradition by students and alumni to take the Pig Trail on the way to “Call the Hogs!”. 34