Ride & Drive Eureka Springs 2018

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Located in Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs has always been a tourist destination. Long before it was a town, the Native American’s used the springs and land as a healing and gathering place for their tribes. Those stories traveled and soon the town was flooded with folks wanting to be healed by the springs! Today those springs offer a beautiful backdrop to the towns winding lanes. Shopping is fun in this town that hosts independent shops offering wonderful gifts, home items, and art both locally made and internationally known. Dining is world class with something for everyone to delight in. From catfish to filet mignon there is an experience waiting for your next meal. Dancing the night away at a number of venues and take your sweetie for a spin, or stop in and listen to some original folk music being sung on a balcony or in a cafe. Being bored isn’t an option in Eureka Springs! eurekasprings.org 13