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Enhance the Longevity and Performance of Your Filter with Pleatco Pool Filters

Pool owners are well aware of the significance of installing superior quality pool filters. However, not many are aware of the fact that timely replacement of pool filters hold equal significance. Usually, pool owners fail to realize the grave consequences of using an old and worn-out filter for a prolonged period of time. A worn out filter shows deteriorated level of performance resulting in murky and cloudy water. This results in clogging of the filter which in turn puts undue pressure on the pump that might damage the pump in the long run replacing which may turn out to be a more expensive affair than replacing a pool filter. While proper upkeep and maintenance augments the longevity of pool filters, the cartridge filtering element require to be replaced with a new one when cleaning methods fail to keep the entire filter up and running. Replacement cartridges are available in different types including some with similar and others with completely different specifications. This allows pool owners the freedom to choose replacement filter cartridges as per need and requirement. Some of the reputed filter brands such as Pleatco and Filbur have in-built filtration fabric that ably trap contaminants and debris before releasing crystal clear water that is absolutely fit for use. Pleatco pool filters offer best fit for; Filbur, Great Barrier, Unicel and Pleatco. They are also known to offer best fit for Canadian Spas, Coleman Spas, Garden Leisure Spas, Great Lakes Spas, Gulf Coast Spas, Hydro Spa, and many others. Have a quick glimpse at some of the Pleatco pool filter models:-

Pleatco PA106 4 - Offering perfect replacement for Unicel # C-7488, Pleatco # PA106, and Filbur # FC-1226, this replacement filter cartridge can handle top load of 106 sq ft and offers best fit for Hayward Super-Star-Clear C4000S, SwimClear C4020, Super-StarClear C4000, SwimClear C4025.

Pleatco PA175 4 - With an ability to handle top load of 175 sq ft, this filter cartridge offers best fit for Hayward Star-Clear Plus C1750, Waterway Plastics. Made up of superior quality materials, these filters are very easy to install and provides crystal clear sanitized pool water.

Pleatco PRB25 IN 4 – Bearing tp load of 25 sq ft, this Replacement Filter Cartridge replaces Unicel # 4625, Filbur # FC-2370 and is most suitable for Pool Products-Rainbow Pl, Waterway Plastics, Heldor Spas. Hydro Pool Industries, Haughs, Serenity spas, J.E.M. Spas, Blue Pacific, Alps Spas, Aries Spas, etc.

Pleatco PFAB100 4 Replacement filter cartridge is a best quality filter cartridge for Pentair Pool Products-Pac Fab Re, Wet Institute, Pentair Pool Products. With an ability to manage top load of 100 sq ft, these filters are designed using superior quality materials and provides crystal clear pool water free from all sorts of contaminants.

Pleatco PTL47W P- Made up of 100 per cent polyester spun bonded Reemay fabric, this cartridge filter is best fit for Advanced Spa Design, Pacific Spas, Blue Ridge, Hydro Spa, etc. and offers you complete protection from dust, worms, sand particles, etc.

Enhance the longevity and performance of your filter with pleatco pool filters  

Pleatco pool filters are designed using superior quality materials such as spunbonded Reemay fabric and more to offer crystal clear, clean a...