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s ’ r o t i d e n te Happy Spring, dear readers

It is an honour and a privilege to be the editor of South Africa’s freshest online magazine. A mag, I might add, which is growing at a ridiculous pace with a current total reach of over 70k readers, and we are only on our 6th edition. Indeed God is Good. Clearly, there is something awesome that the team here is doing. We will continue to bring you only the best that Mzantsi’s young untapped talent has to offer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we take time to salute fighter and survivor; Ntokozo Dludla, for her courage and we also find out about her plans to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Read our not-to-bemissed cover interview with the multitalented super woman; Khabonina Qubeka.

We interview Edcon’s Garth Napier on how he conquers his challenges. Ilaph’lam attended the Vukani Fashion awards; congrats to all winners. Sonwabile Ndamase, event founder, tells us how the awards came about. We are also very happy to welcome one of Mzantsi’s coolest rappers; Selwyn Bongani Ngwenya. The list of what you’ll find in this edition is endless, thanks again to the team for delivering another stylish journal for you, our readers. Be inspired this season. As we appreciate your support, we urge you to keep interacting with us on whatever medium works for you. Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

We would accomplish many more things if we do not think of them as impossible _ C.Malesherbes

Fashionably Yours,

Ngawethu, editor


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TREND FOCU written by Pumza Kentane


October marks the peak of the season; spring is in full bloom and almost everyone is walking in tune with the beat of nature; in lovely and happy fashionable colours.

For this edition’s TrendFocus we will spend some time fleshing out ideas on how to bring this season’s feeling to your wardrobe with various styles and trends.


CHROME If you don’t have the black and white monochrome stripes in your wardrobe

US yet, it’s time to jump on to the bandwagon – no selfrespecting fashionistas should be without this pattern this season. This trend started in early spring and as the season progresses, we see the sizes of the stripes going bigger and bolder. There is no need to fret over colours because the trend is not limited to just black on a white base; play also with royal blue and burgundy stripes.

‘Tis the season to be fashionable, whether vertically or horizontally. How you do it is entirely suited to your own individual taste. keep r





Moving along and away from Daisies no longer have to stripes and on to florals... be dainty. Whether you like ditsy floral prints, modern What would any spring be floral graphics, laser cut without flowers, or floral neon florals or even 3D prints for that matter? embellished blooms, there’s We have seen a huge floral a floral for everyone this revival from last summer. season. And floral prints have been seen on men and women; on blazers, shoes, denims, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc. This is one trend that keeps getting better and this revision has gone bolder, brighter and highly graphic.


Join the fashionistats in full bloom this spring as this is a key trend and I can’t think of a better way to complement the pretty flowers and lovely blue skies.


This floral print trend extends to the very fresh and chic oriental fashion trends. Asian cultures are in the brightest spotlight this season. The prints are available in gorgeous floral or animal graphics; there are hibiscus prints, lotus prints, peony prints, to name a few.

How you chose to embrace this trend is entirely up to your individual taste and personality. Ethnic-Chic has never looked as good as it does on oriental this season.





Before the question of the hottest colour even crosses your mind, imagine BLUE in the boldest and most royal shades possible. Blue is the new pink. It is this season’s most eye catching colour. There is nothing blue about exploring this colour this spring if you stick to the right shade; from bright cobalt to navy... no fashionistas should be seen without blue this spring.


These are the trends for this season and if you are yet to update your wardrobe for this summer, make sure that you have something striped, floral, oriental and blue... and you won’t go fashionably wrong. The only rule is that you interpret and adapt the trends to suit your own fabulous style.


SAVING with SIYA Whether you’re interested in fashion, music, cars, nutrition or the markets; one question remains: “Can you really afford it?”

knowing where there Rand stands is important - with ridiculous inflations in cost increases that have negative effects, with margins dropping and falling performances.

Not that different from any lifestyle that needs commitment. The biggest challenge with the lifestyle of saving is that you sacrifice short term happiness (using We all want to live a funds for other things), to comfortable life were we can realise the benefits in future. access and are able to buy So, what are the chances of If you don’t save, you could into these desires. getting performance bonuses, end up a pay check away considering the only time from being broke. The Rand has seen better withdrawing funds from a days, and if you are someone sinking company is during Savings creates a comfort for that cares about what the bankruptcy. dark, hard days. future holds this can serve If you still have excuses as an alert that anything is It is important to think ahead like me, ask yourself, if possible in these times. in business (and for personal your company decreased finances). And this all starts your salary by R500-R1000 You could find yourself with changing how and what today, would you be able without a job. Retrenched. you think about money. Think to continue living this life Or maybe your health quickly ahead. (style)? detoriates, and you cannot work. MY STORY Start saving. If you sold your car because of ridiculous Do you have a plan, or do When I started working I felt I fuel prices or, have started you would secretly hope earned too little to be able to walking to work because of that a well full of money will save. I promised myself that rising public transport fares, magically appear with returns the day I doubled my salary then start saving. for investments you never I’d be comfortable enough made. to start saving. I had a list of Start planning today, and excuses; paying study loans, retire when you want to, not The reality is that we no needing to assist parents, when you have to because longer talk about issues that furniture and appliances. of grand old age. If you save matter, we overlook them. today, that can help you I reckon that saving should The list was long. Fast retire earlier. be a compulsory subject, in forward 7 years later, my I have decided to edit my every school, so that we can salary is more than 3 times story and start saving. Join raise better informed and what I started with and I still me as I take the road to responsible citizens. struggle with saving. financial liberation, past the Yes. Saving is a lifestyle. pitfalls and the traps. AFJ


ZABALAZA KREAXIONS, EMERGING DESIGNER Thabo Skosana (Jali), a 31 year old fashion designer, was born and raised in Limpompo’s Monsterlus Township. Raised by a single parent, his mother could not afford to buy him and his brother new clothes, therefore they grew up wearing old clothes from the house where she worked as a domestic.


At first Thabo had wanted to venture into Law, but he knew the difficulty by which that could happen. He decided to look for a job in Mamelodi (Pretoria) but maintained his strong bond with his motjer, as they

“I started sewing while I was working; in that way I marketed my On the Sunday he offered to help, Thabo found his mother creations to my very happy to teach him. colleagues, so my Although challenging at first, clientele started Thabo soon started enjoying growing which paid it. the way for my flat Thabo always had a where I operated my head for business. business from.” shared a single. On weekends Thabo’s mother would knit woolen hats, spotties and scarfs. She was good at it.

He worked at Truworth’s as a merchandiser then became Floor Manager. While there he bought himself an industrial machine as well as a mannequin.

A business plan was drafted soon after a friend, Tebogo Mokwana joined the brand. Not long after, his younger brother Thapelo, an Honours student in Business Studies joined in building the Zabalaza brand.

interview by Ngawethu The trio opened a workshop and store-front in Monsterlus, having invested into the venture themselves. Zabalaza has hosted several Fashion Shows and are growing from strength to strength.

”We’ve realised is that fashion is for everyone, so our mandate is to educate our people about fashion and style” What defines and guides Zabalaza Kreaxionz is telling township stories, sharing ideologies and infect mainstream culture with our kind of credibility.

Zabalaza’s is a Pan-African style-child; using a lot of natural tones and raw art fused with a modern look.

“We specialise in ladies wear, simply because women are more versatile and outgoing”. Inspired by cuts which they call “Unplugged” the finished product that looks undone, raw and rough but yet commercial. Zabalaza works with a lot of fabrics, fusing leather, seshweshwe and a little bit of tulle in one piece does comes together wonderfully. For them, it’s all about working different textures together.

Thabo Skosana owes part of his success to Grace Mashego, one of her Mother’s friend who has passed on. She pushed him to go and apply for NEFSAS, In Garankuwa, Tswana University of Technology were he obtained his National Diploma in Fashion.

“We were not even related, she was my mom’s friend, and she literally proved that a child is indeed raised by a community” zabalazakreations@gmail... +27 76 979 7587 +27 79 263 1455



with so many titles in her name, Kim is Joburg’s jewel and she has what is takes to make the whole world turn its head...

I’M A BUBBLY, FUN-LOVING intelligent 23 year old female who is very ambitious and progressive. I enjoy working tirelessly to help others as I interact extremely well with people from all walks of life.


She is very successful and has inspired millions of people. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most successful women and also an exemplary example in all spheres of her life. She has JOZI IS KNOWN AS THE set extremely high standards for her show. Her traumatic city of Gold. It is a very childhood (been raped densely populated city as many people settled twice) has not deterred her here after the discovery from setting, reaching and maintaining high standards... of Gold. rising above the pains of her Johannesburg hosts difficult childhood. international stars and concerts. Many important people in society live in Johannesburg. In a nutshell, Jozi is a city of opportunities.


ON ENTERING MISS SA... The pageant is prestigious and is a stepping stone for young ladies to achieve success through the empowerment it provides. It encourages women to play more important roles in society. It also lends itself the opportunity to meet different people, be a role model and contribute to charity organizations.



is the most recent pageant which I competed in, and the Miss SA I most admire. with the love and blessing She is a a beautiful woman from my family and friends, I who won millions of South Africans hearts. She used her managed to walk away with the winnings. title to her full advantage; It has definitely been the launching the Romeo and Batesane Family Foundation highlight of my year. (develops children that are orphaned by AIDS and other I AM BLESSED ENOUGH TO related diseases). She is a be able to put a smile on spokesperson (alongside other’s faces just from being Salma Hayek) in the battle happy myself. That I can against neonatal and help other people wherever maternal tetanus. She owns possible also makes me very fifty percent of Tswelopele happy. Productions and has won numerous awards. She is a PREVIOUS PAGEANTS: multi talented woman with 2004 :: Ms Die Adellar (1st) incredibly high standards. 2004 :: Ms SA Sun (3rd) :: Ms African Ambience I WOULD ENTER MISS SA 2006 (1st Princess) Height: 1.68m again as it has always have 2006 :: Ms JIP Westgate Mall Weight: 50kg being a dream of mine. The (semi final winner) others times that I have 2007 :: Ms Limelight (Top 5) Bust: 66 entered made me realise that 2008 :: Ms Roodeport Hips: 88cm I still had to trim and polish (Public’s Choice Finalist) Shoe: 4 a few things and so I have 2013 :: Face Of Clearwater taken that and incorporated AFJ the lessons into my everyday.



The Phys of Fashi written by Lisa Baynes

As a (22) 4th year medical student at Wits, and a capable junior health care practitioner, the idea that I will be a qualified doctor in the near future is both exciting and humbling. So what am I doing writing for a fashion journal?

in line with the season. Trust me; this has been a hard lesson for me to learn. It is hard for some of us to see snapshots of ideal characters strutting perfectly in magazines and photoshopped avenues and not be able to follow their lead.

What does it matter if this pale chequered shirt washes out my face? It’s all the rage right now, all the cool kids are wearing them.

Fashion has always been a part of my life, and I find the allure of clothing so wonderfully real and powerful. I can This must be madness, following in the styles of little resist it.


people who look nothing like us, nor resemble our body Call it passion, talent, good fortune. Call it what you will. shapes or colour. I am a self-confessed style Don’t get me wrong, I am all lover. for new trends and bold ideas when it comes to it, but that’s I am passionate about women dressing stylishly; for just the thing... their body type, rather than

There is a vast difference between style and fashion. Ralph Lauren is having said that “style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over very quickly. Style is forever.” Knowing, and loving, both your body and yourself are imperative to knowing and choosing things to represent yourself in the public forum, that not only makes you look great, but makes you feel great as well.

There is so much power in the way that you present yourself to the world, both in the working environment as well as the personal one. And hence, it is of utmost value to present yourself well.

siology ion Firstly, there is no sense in dressing for a body you don’t have.

Look after yourself and be sensible. Sometimes you should just allow the blemishes to become part of the charm, and go with it.

It is of little interest to me whether you are a size 6 or 16. Your body is the only one you’ve got and so it is yours to treasure. You aren’t paying yourself any compliments by wearing over-sized or, heaven forbid, super-slim hug-metight clothes.

I have used endless amounts of product; scrubbing and peeling my face off, but eventually, I can’t really remove all the spots at one time.

would call it: I am a bit of a square peg in a round hole, in the sciences. I am a bit of a hippie, and I love it. And because I know what I like, I choose to wear it out. Black skinnies with red embroidery, my favourite harem jumpsuit, vintage dresses (with figure belts).

I love clothes that make me feel beautiful and feminine I can’t make the lines go away and that represent my and I can do nothing about personality as much as they the mole under my eye. And do my body. Consider the possibility that I am ok with it. I will choose The way you dress, is how the you are beautiful the way you to make the effort to wear clothes that suit my skin world is going to see you. Do are. Then dress for it. tone (I absolutely cannot it with style, with flair and wear pink well) and to wear with wisdom. There is no amount appropriate make up when I of peroxide, dye, feel I want to, not when I feel Choose to accept the body I have to. In order to impress, you have and to dress it in a lightening cream, hide or perform some kind way that is flattering, bold, tightening cream, any or of damage control miracle. beautiful and you!

other potion you can think of that is going to significantly improve your given appearance.

Another issue of endless contention is that I really don’t like to dress uncomfortably. Or as some

After all, it’s clothes, what could possibly go wrong?






01:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou (actress) Photo: Krisztián Lágler 02:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler Dress: TildArt EcoFashion 03:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler (c) Stylist: Jo Douka



04:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler Dress: TildArt EcoFashion 05:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler 06:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler Dress: TildArt EcoFashion 07:Model: Nasia Papadopoulou Photo: Krisztián Lágler (C) Stylist: Jo Douka




06 07


. y e n r u o j y m written by Selwyn

Ready to splash into 2014 with a new installment and freshas-ever beats and rhymes, Selwyn takes us through his journey of self-discovery.

We are all supplied with blessings though we seldom see evidence of this. In hindsight this proves that when good things happen, it’s because you were blessed in advance and you just attracted them to yourself. This revelation sets free my captive nature and I am humbled that I am remain relevant, fashionable and a voice of my peers in this time.

My new lease on living is my new album “New Life”. The title takes precedence in my entire life and new career.

My journey in the music fraternity has gone from vibrant and radiant to lackluster, as motivation and thrills took a plunge. It is common to experience the high’s and lows of this business and very crucial to view this purpose of art as a business not a popularity contest (where your career rests solely on your last hit). In 1992 I was right there at the forefront of what’s now being called J-sec Hip Hop. I was already injected and infected by rhymes running over beats, drums and rhythm. Honest expression of emotions.


Rap music piercing through your soul as you would listen to spoken word and dance at the same time. 2005 I won the SAMA Award as the best Hip-Hop album of that year. And I’ve had to invent, and re invent, then re-re-invent myself so I can remain a credible rapper.

Life is a journey not to be travelled blindly. I have seen many blessings in my life and and career.Having the opportunity to work with pioneering artists and forward thinking brands has developed me greatly. And I have managed to sustain good relationships. I started out a bit naïve and ended up lofty-eyed and haughty; lacking the character and class to carry out important tasks that were key to have me maintain and sustain my career. Thus the spiraling down of greater opportunities and a an almost dead career.

I rember now. It was the story I was fortunate to reach a of the 3 R’s. point of turn over. I had a renewal of mind. Even so a renewal of dress. Thus I came Revelation into… was at the beginning of my music career. Cheer and smiles, then came the fame. There was excitement and a life full of glamour and then the spotlights. Not knowing that this revelation was a platform for me to stand on a podium and present to the people and share my gift, skill and talent to either educate or impact their lives through me entertaining them.

Reversal was when I realised that this is not a popularity contest but a business. And I must have a mission, vision and a plan. As soon as I realized this through trial and error and slowly making little and no progress. I’d think I was all alone, I have no friends, no girl friend, and no family member to help me out. I realized how I have been spoilt by destiny diverters, false hopes and dreams. I lacked planning but had all the time to play. Reality was kicking in. Although the universal plan of God hadn’t changed, I had to change to fit the man I wanted to be.

Restoration With a refreshed mindset, my language changed, my diet changed my sense of dressing too. I was introduced to new people in the market. My rapping skills haveimproved, my sense of confidence is restored and gone to another level. Being fearfully and wonderfully made is the code to unlocking your own fear to change. Being simple and decent is a classic theme that can not be locked-into by fashion trends and time. II use fabrics to tell my own story, to mix, match and make my own trends. This has been my journey. Come with me as we walk into 2014 with pride and a good sense of will and purpose.




I’m that guy. Yes, I am the person tasked with marketing and communicating the brand of one of the fastest growing fashion and lifestyle centres in the inner city. I’m also the manager of the centre.

The event was first held at the Kapitol last year. It was such a success that organisers decided to use the Kapitol as a venue once again this year.

The purpose of the event is to take the tourists, who come from all corners of Joburg on Two events recently took an inner city tour around the place at the Fashion Kapitol during the month of August. Fashion District. Both saw the Kapitol come alive and the Fashion District was on everyone’s lips.

A TOURIST IN MY OWN CITY On Saturday the 17 th of August 2013 the Fashion District Institute (FDI) hosted the Sunday Times “A tourist in my own city” Fashion District Tour, at the Fashion Kapitol. The tour is a project, organised by both the Sunday Times and Gerald Gardner, that aims to highlight the inner city as a must-experience and mustvisit precinct within greater Johannesburg. The aim of this project is also to help change perceptions about the inner city and the District was chosen by the organisers as the ideal destination.


After the tour of the District is done, the group makes it’s way to the Kapitol for an authentic Jozi lunch (catered by the Fashion Shack). And they can get involved in some of the activities which take place regularly on Saturdays at the Kapitol Fashion Market. we hosted many activities; live performances, tenant exhibitions and stalls and a fashion show. As a finale, we had a bold and eccentric fashion show, titled “The Fashion District Fashion Tour (fashion show)”. The fashion show was a mixture of fashion garments and accessories showcased by tenants (Fruitcake, Chisomo, Dare To Differ and V-Net; emerging inner-city based designers and students from the SEWAFRICA Fashion College (Tshepiso Gawu). And to add some funk to the show, we had some live Hip Hop dancing to book. Another feature that electrified the air was the

PMD Fashion Revolution. The purpose of this activity is to act as a platform that affords emerging fashion photographers, models and designers an opportunity to converge at the Fashion Kapitol to exchange insights,

information and resources. In the end, photographers take photos of the models, who are wearing garments designed by the designers; thus adding value to their profiles, portfolios and brands respectively. It is a great initiative, which happens once a month, and has seen impressive growth.

MAGICAL MONDAYS Participants were encouraged to dress up according to what they considered to be magical, in whatever shape or form.


Along with the performances of the day, the event was Tuesday, male participants otherwise a great success. had to dress like females and vice versa.



This day was dedicated to all The week after the Fashion the women as August was District Tour, the inner city Women’s month. came alive again with the first instalment of the Festival. The fest ran from the 25th to the 31st of August, brought alive in part by JCTA (Johannesburg City Tourism Assoc.).


Participants had to dress up according to what they deemed to be trendy, or soon to be on every street. Wild The FDI made the best of the and crazy styles came out in festival with a programme force here. which saw the Kapitol having activities (from Monday the 26 th to Saturday 31 st of August 2013), daily. To make things more interesting, participants (SEWAFRICA students) themed each day.


FREAKY FRIDAY For this theme, participants were encouraged to think outside the box and be creative in the manner which they put their outfits together. Fun-filled fashion contests accompanied each theme, except for Wednesday. The top three most creative participants; those who had the best costumes; took R300, R200 and R100 respectively. The prize money was given away on a daily basis, except for Wednesday. Wednesday’s programme was filled with female performers who ranged between songstresses to poets. There was also no fashion contest scheduled for Wednesday, but due to pressure from the participants, we had an impromptu Women’s fashion show. The daily activities were such a success that a The contributions and 100+ people attended the involvement of the daily contests. SEWAFRICA students made the festival a lot more fun. ”due to pressure The Kapitol was constantly from participants, abuzz with fashion forward stylistas and gurus.

we had to have an impromptu fashion show...” 27

The Saturday that followed a fortnight later on the 31st was the last day of the Joburg City Festival. Once again the Fashion Kapitol had a packed programme for our patrons. Zanendaba Storytelers, Zamashenge Zulu Cultural Dancers, Melodi Ya Koma Tswana Cultural Dancers and Jam on Toast Contemporary

band were just a few performers which made the event. The day’s entertainment culminated in a fashion show, which was designed around the concept of the one that took place on the 17 th. This time, however, we had more participants in both emerging designers (SoulBrown, Taxi Rank Collection and You and Me) and SEWAFRICA students (Tshepiso Gawu and Reletile Tladi). There were also two television channels (CCTV and Fashion District of Alex TV) which came to capture the activities of the day.

The day was such a success that the Fashion Kapitol saw a crowd of +/- 300 people walking into the centre.

The Fashion Kapitol is gradualy becoming home to the best fashion shows in the Joburg Inner City.


We are also becoming a platform for Joburg based fashion designers to introduce their products and brands to the public.

Aside from the month representing a dawn of a new season, it is also the National Heritage month. The month therefore represents both new beginnings whie urging all citizens to take pride in who we are. It is a month which allows us to celebrate our heritage.

If you believe that you have what it takes work the ramp on the PMD you can contact us on 011 333 7372 You can otherwise get all our feedback and updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



01 04


01:Models: Chidinma Sylvia Chuku + Comfort Nsek Location: Nottingham, UK 02:Nico Gotsis - self portrait Location: Nottingham, UK 03:Model: Angel Wolf Black Location: Lake Volvi,Greece 04:Model: Cristina Location: Thessaloniki,GRC 05:Model: Jay Bui Location: Nottingham, UK (c) all Photos: Nico Gotsis















06:Model: Tom jones Location: Nottingham, UK 07:Model: Greg Moschopoulos Location: Thessaloniki, GRC 08:Model: Emeka Okafor Location: Thessaloniki, GRC 09 + 10 + 11: Models: Chidinma Sylvia Chuku + Comfort Nsek Location: Nottingham, UK (c) all Photos: Nico Gotsis


KHABONINA QUBEKA interview by Ngawethu


She is beautiful, sexy, multi- “and life is just too talented and has a heart short on wasting of Gold, Ilaphulam African Fashion Journal finds out your energy on how Khabonina Qubeka finds balance in her hectic being depressed schedule and what makes and unhappy” her happy. There are two words to describe her: Super The distance we cover from Woman even better Super where w met to our photo “K”, shoot if great however the Khabonina might qualify as a drive seems shorter. modern day super hero, one She is the kind of person you want to add to your list as a whom young South African women can and should read big sister as she unfolds on what has kept her going in about and start emulating. the industry and why people love working with her. Khabonina is a daughter of

them displayed to a pool of vultures.

God’s truth, it’s her attitude; her humble nature that just makes you love her.

She also mentions that nothing beats home, South Africa. Kwa Zulu Natal is her favourite province!

Africa and is taking Africa to the world.

An actress, dancer, motivational speaker, gameshow judge and now she has As we pass Midrand she educates me on the current added designer to the list. developments mushrooming in the area. I think to myself; She is now preparing to this woman knows her story launch her Fitness Gear as and you can’t mess with her. well as Fitness DVD.

In short, she loves her personal space; where she connects with the people that matter most in her life. And she likes to take time off and go on holiday. She admits to being so blessed to have been to some of thee beautiful parts of the world: Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan, Spain, Monaco, and the snowy season in Austria and all over Africa with her loved ones.

”Amanzimtoti has become my second home,” she exclaims. She adds that her mother is her best friend. She is living proof that through hard work, anything is possible! She tells her the truth and is a genuine being.

Sis’ Khabo is such a breath of fresh air. A few minutes with She is well informed. her and you can’t help but be She knows the rules of the in high spirits. game and with time she has grown to master her cards, She is respectable and that is why she has managed respectful person, making it to separate her private life Loving and respecting what easy to engage with her. she does has been the from the public. principle which has kept her is well aware of the fact on the right path. “Every challenge She that she is a human being has a life span that and is not perfect. “You do not need the

eventually has an expiry date”

She realises that she can easily make mistakes but ideally she would not like

Ego when you are confident in your God given talent”


Patience, though, is the one thing that she’s found hard to learn, even from her mother. Following her stint on The Wild, which was aired on Mzantsi Magic and Mnet, where she played the character of Maxine, Khabonina is now producing and shooting her very own fitness dvd. She is multi talented, and indeed a super-woman as she is also producing a new

lifestyle show and a dance reality show. And on the subject of reality shows and being a judge, Khabonina had this to say; “Being a judge is a huge honour. I am a huge fan of dance, dancers and the culture“ “Having to choose between groups or individuals is always hard for me to do as I believe all dancers bring something special and unique to the art”. Currently she has her own Dance School / Project

named Kha’bodacious Dance Moves that has been running successfully for the past 7 years. We move swiftly into other interests she has beyond dance and fitness. This leads us to discuss the vibe of the local film industry.

”We have a lot of new production companies mushrooming and this will give a lot of actors, writers and producers work opportunities which will take the country to a new level. There is a Lot of room for improvement, we must just utilise it” It soon becomes clear that she doesn’t make preference in her talents. They sort of intertwine, with no way of choosing one above the others. She explains that when she is dancing she is in character, and when she is acting, she is choreographed and links each scene like a dance. Khabonina also clearly states that she never found the

need to find balance between her career, family and friends.

“Everything seems to fall into place, like a puzzle. Honestly, it is all controlled by God. S’tru.” She states that her dance school in Brightwater Commons (Randburg) was the best move that she ever made. “It is an amazing space where I use dance as a tool to motivate and bring out the best in people.” Khabonina is a strong woman A gem and her rock. Living who’d like to remembered, proof that God is good. above all else, as a woman who did things her way. “Women are thee most powerful beings that God mastered! We just need to see ourselves, see our worth and the world will follow suit.”

And above all Khaboninan has a healthy and super toned body. She laughs off the idea that she must look good for the public, saying instead that fitness and health is a “It is such an honour walking lifestyle. down the streets anywhere in Mzantsi and then a perfect She personally can’t go stranger says “Loved your over two days without work on that show “or ‘I Love working out, her body how you dance” etc. starts complaining. So she runs, swim, practice yoga That humbles her daily. And and Pilates, she also takes she is ever-thankful of her spinning classes and of greatest blessing; her mother.

course busts a few dance moves pretty regularly. Khabonina is a smart, strong individual - since primary school she was known as an artist and athlete. She danced, sang and acted. She was also in the debating and SRC Team. She followed that through high school and continued dancing, music and sports.

She strongly believes that the industry picked up on her energy and 36

took her in and gave her big break at a young age. With so much going on in her life she must also deal with negative reports and publicity. “There is one important thing that every person, artist or not, needs to learn - there will always be someone who has a negative opinion of you. What you need to remember are the facts you have about You. No matter what gets written, I just take out my director’s hat and call out: “Cut! Next.” We move naturally into her role in the music industry. “I released my First album Gama Lakho in 2009 under my label Kha’bodacious Music.

best spirit ever! Climbing Kilimanjaro is a huge deal, she is on her way to conquering it! She ”Most recently I released two singles truly inspires me and I want S.A and We getting Down and Wax It Wax On the world to know WAX Off with Hallo about her that is why I am supporting her Productions. The video is currently on through this process air and all my music and beyond” videos are available She also has the ‘Book Club with Khabonina project; on my website” I worked with the rapper and producer ZUBZ and Sthembiso Instro Herimbi. I then followed it up with an Ep titled Abuti.

Besides her day to day work she always makes time to deal with matters that are close to her heart.

where she goes to different schools in different locations motivating the young to READ not because they must, but for the love of it.

Breast Cancer is one of them, Her message to the youth is and a growing challenge that Know Yourself Love yourself. South Africa is facing. Khabonina understands how important this is as she A lady, Ntokozo Dludla, has also had to encounter a breast cancer survivor challenges to get to where who plans to climb Mount she is. Kilimanjaro approached Khabonina for support.

“Sis Ntokozo is an inspiring woman and I love working with and supporting fearless women of God as she has the

“It has been negativity from different people taking me for granted, telling me NO, and that I will never make it in this industry. I learned to take that all in and use it as a spring board that propels me to bounce even higher”.

At the end of the day it really boils down to how one chooses to live life. Given the fact that she is not married, we walk into a discussion about being single in this century. We have seen sitcoms like living single and Sex and in the city. Movies like Waiting To Exhale and most recently Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man as well as Temptations.

As a single lady, know yourself and never fall in the rush-to-getmarried-trap as you will find yourself settling due to pressure, rather stay single , keep working hard and look good, until you connect with someone.

And all these almost truthfully and tastefully represent all the dramas that independent hard working and single women go through in their lives. Khabonina Qubeka is indeed In love, work and friendships. the future and a testimony that good things come to “I feel that life is one those who work hard. beautiful occasion which sometimes comes with Do not miss out on Mzantsi’s ‘uninvited guest’. It is very favourite star as she launches important for you to know her fitness DVD that is not what you want and what you your typical Work-Out dvd. do not want. She has added a little

Her fitness gear, Kha’bodacious Fitness Gear is hot, exciting and bright. It will also be available soon. You can drop her an email on or follow her tweets @khabonina_Q All this information is available on her website:, to keep up with her and find out about her latest projects.


something for you. included are insights and other things which will help you keep fit and healthy in a fun way.


Ntokozo Dludla and the powerful human spirit story by Ngawethu + Selwyn


Breast Cancer survivor Ntokozo Dludla takes us through her experiences of being diagnosed, fighting and beating the deadly cancer. She also shares her plans to climb Kilimanjaro with a group of breast cancer survivors called the Pink Peaks. This initiative is inspired by those who are fighting and all those who have lost their loved ones to breast cancer. Ntokozo discovered a lump on a breast while taking a shower and became very concerned. After a week she consulted a doctor who examined her and said she was too young to have breast

cancer and just prescribed tablets for the lump.

“I was very angry at the two doctors that wasted my time, I could have been getting Six months later there was no treatment in the pasted six improvement, and the lump months”. was getting bigger. She went to the hospital for a She felt cheated of time but second opinion, this time the this was no dream, rather an doctor told her that it could event that changed her life be fibroids. She insisted on forever. tests to be done, despite two doctors telling her she did Ntokozo remains thankful to not have breast cancer, she the Bosom Buddies as they felt extremely uneasy and facilitated her appointment worried because the lump at the Helen Joseph Hospital was growing. where she was examined and sent for a mammogram, Her breast was changing sonar and biopsy. its shape. A biopsy test was She was given treatment, six done and after two weeks, circles of the chemotherapy results confirmed that she and surgery to remove had breast cancer. the lump and radiation treatment.

“I was devastated initially I thought my “I am so thankful to the Bosom Buddies life was over and I for the support was going to die”

group that help me understand what I was going to face and offer the support I needed to fight the cancer”.

“our greatest battles are those with our own minds” _ Jameson Frank


Ntokozo is now 5 years cancer-free, which is one of the reasons she climbing Kilimanjaro. For every women who is going on treatment, because it is not easy.

“My aim is to inspire every woman to start with their bucket lists and not be afraid of challenges that life throws at you. We all have the power to beat it”

We hope that this story will move you to act and support Ntokozo. This proposal is also on behalf of all the fallen soldiers; the women who have lost their lives in the fight against breast cancer. It could be your sister your mother or a friend, no step will be in vain.

to all who value life no matter what. We can …Survive, Inspire, Empower and Love. The fittest are not the only who survive, so do the brave! Ntokozo through Selwyn requested Ilaphulam to sponsor her photoshoot so that her story could have life.

You can support Ntokozo by following and make a donation : www.backabuddy. Thank you to the following who assisted in the kilimanjaro. buildup of telling Ntokozo’s story : Khabonina Qubeka, Help make her dream come Selwyn Ngwenya, Kabelo Poo true. Let us change lives. and Unathi Sizane. Come together in helping women beat this, we can if If you want to donate to This climb is to also stand we stand together. the fighters and survivors of up for the women facing the breast cancer mammagrams, agonizing paths in the circles “Out of suffering have contact us at of treatment. emerged the strongest souls, the most massive characters Khabonina, a South African AFJ are seemed with scars” Actress, Dancer and _ E.H. Chapin. Motivator was approached by Ntokozo for support and she Through Ntokozo’s courage instantly fell in love with our to live we are reminded how her story. much it takes to keep the human spirit alive. She immediately adopted her and her cause as she embarks on her life-changing climb of Life is not for the Mount Kilimanjaro. faint hearted!

Cowards can never

“I believe in a woman be equivalents of who believes in herself; it is up to us heroes. to teach and motivate Ntokozo Dludla, mother of the nation”-Khabonina two’s fight for her life against 41

breast cancer is a testimony


TRAVEL WITH LARRY The South African weather has real been unpleasant this past winter, so unbearable, that I almost forgot that there is something called an African sunset.

After spending so many days in this cold Johannesburg weather-Spring has finally decided to grace us with her presence--Well its about time I smell the roses and see some colours in my backyard. 43

shades,the Halle Berry bikini bod you’ve been working so hard on the whole winter --( jealous!) . Yes its finally time to show it all off- flaunt it ladies..---For me? The hair salon-weave out, shave it all off or braids?---hmmmm --- short hair? not just yet- so braids it is! (dreading the hours I have to spend doing this though)-with all the technology we have, you’d would think someone out there would have thought of inventing a machine that can get those braids on your head in 30 min.... or at least find a braidme-in-an instant box that comes with a tag that says --made in Africa-- IMAGINE THAT!

The vibrant fiesta of colours the Cape sunsets displays during the summer season, the warm waters of the Indian ocean in Natal, The therapeutic springs in Citrusdal, how it feels to swim in the beautiful lagoons of Knysna, road trip to spend a weekend with the big 5 in the game reserves of Polokwane, Having an all day braai in the sun next to Hartebeespoort dam..--yes I can go on and on about the summer season in Talking about things Made South Africa. in Africa, African designers are on top form lately There Now speaking to my is an international frenzy on girlfriends in Europe I can african prints.Big up to British safely gloat about getting my born Summer wardrobe together Nigerian lawyer turned as they freeze into the entrepreneur Liza vou winter.. Goje,founder of Vou brown boutique in London, the So what does a girl do when first multi-brand,all african the sun is out? --fashion boutique of its kind. Get out there, show it all off-It brings together the finest offcourse! -The new hairdo, showcase of contemporary, the new sun dress. The

independent, African designer fashion. so next time you are in London, be sure to go check it out.

price, Jet right up to ZaraAfrican Prints are very big now-so chose them wisely-go for colour or print!

from scented soaps to potpourri and perfume. You can literally hand-pick all the ingredients you like for your potion, then later pick it up in a bottle, this experience 3) The alpha, most crucial-really makes choosing a scent For now 6 tips to sun block. Make sure you much more fun and personal. get you through the keep one at home, in your If you are in Italy or planning hand bag and at the office to go there, the Santa Maria summer from yours just incase you forget to put perfumery is worth a visit. truly. some on, with all the global The Summer season is a time heating you cannot afford to when its really important to 1) Remember true beauty forget layering that SPF ..the have a longer lasting scent starts from within, then we importance of sunblock is as we tend to perspire more, can cover those faulty areas timeless. since you’re out in the sun all with what ever we like. So day---for the younger ladiesmy first tip is health related- 4) Shades just as important think tangerine, gardenia and --Chinese green tea, an as sunblock and since you passion fruits... and for the ancient Chinese drink which have no choice but to protect mature ladies, think--floral is packed with polyphenois your eyes might as well do and white linen.......whatever (anti-oxidant), that helps it in style---opt for a classic you do just keep it fresh!speed up the metabolism, colour and oval shape as your -Loving the new Versace, which is great for losing basic,--still diggin my Tom Yellow Diamond. weight, combined with a Fords!--. If you are getting a balanced diet and some second pair, go wild---. the 6) Wedges and block-heels exercise. Chinese green tea aviator, pilot and cat-eyed are your best friend.Finally, offers endless health benefits shaped style shades are really no more sore feet! and should be every woman’s cool. Finding the right shape best friend. Revitalise with for your face is key----so Remember with every natures best -my favourite never ask for shades as a gift fashion item you choose at the moment-grate some if you cant be there to chose comfort first and always ginger, squeeze lemon and them yourself.... go for what works for add some honey (optional) in your shape. hot water--You can have this 5) Perfume and cologne Hot or cold-just a fabulous is really something that summer drink everyone should try to change as the seasons 2) Ladies, Mantobazani, change, (atleast 2 signature Please throw away those scents) a new fresh summery unflattering see through smell just puts the lady bug leggings. What ever on top of the idea of a new happened to keeping it neat season. One of my favorite and tight, ever heard of places is the Santa Maria Treggings?--They are just as perfumery in Florence Italy, sexy-A cross between Jeans this heavenly building was and leggings-affordable too! established by Dominican -These can be found from Mr monks and makes everything AFJ



CELEBS! compiled by Jodi Miller


BONANG MATHEBA “It is very glamorous and sometimes over the top. It is very trendy yet always elegent. It depends and relies on my mood, thoughts. My feelings will determine the colours I wear, the items I pick and the make-up” _ Bonang on her style (Elle)


This beautiful dynamite will be launching her own clothing line mid November. Her range offers stylish garments with an edge and fantastic quality at a good price. “My inspiration was to bring catwalks trends to confident young women who love to look and feel good.” _ Jeannie D (Leigh Ann Liebenberg)

LIRA SA’s sweetheart and totally comfortable with who she is. What really makes her sexy is how she dresses herself. “My style is very embracing of my African self.” _ Lira (Radar Online)

TYRONE KEOGH For Tyrone the true fashion minds in S.A. are the guys on the street who push the boundaries of what is considered cool. They mix outlandish prints and vibrant colours and still pull it off with grace. “Just because it is expensive or a name brand doesn’t mean it is good” _ Tyrone (Edgars Club Man)

SIMBA MHERE Nominated as Most Stylish Man, Simba oozes a sense of style in how he conducts himself and the confidence shows. His style may be most noticeable in the way he dresses, but his overall sense of style and class manifests itself in every facet of his personality _ (Kagiso Media)

AKA “I just believe that you should be multifaceted in how you can appear because a huge part of people’s perceptions – or one of the biggest parts – is image... so when I dress up I just like to make a statement” ”

_ AKA (Pearl Moshobane)






compiled by Mpho Mashaba Summer is here the doom and gloom of winter is long gone, our dark eye shadows as well as Charcoal smokey eyes should do the same. The make-up trends that are emerging this season are light and soft shades, sexy luscious lips and strong eyebrows. Bold Lashes, light pinks, peaches and soft browns for the eyes paired with Lips that make a statement: Bold! but not in your face. My personal favourite is the Yardley colour lash Lips evolutionary red matt lipstick. To pull off the runway look at home. As an expert I recommend balance, if you are wearing light lips, keep your eyes nice and simple.

glam eyes When using those natural colours on your eyes make sure you use a mascara that gives you flirty lashes. This is achieved by using a blue mascara after your eyes have been done, that process helps in awakening your eyes, you no longer have to stress if you only had two hours of sleep and you think your eyes are going to give it away.

glowing skin Get into summer action with these uplifting treats every women should have in their bags. Remember it is hot and our skin reacts so keep your face even toned and beautiful with Neutrogena’s visibly even daily moisturiser with SPF 15. Get to show off the skin you have been dying for the world to see. Thank God for Summer. Nivea’s Q10 Firming Body Cream that will give your skin deep nourishment and also assist with reducing stretch marks. Awake your eyes (as they are the mirror to your heart), maintain beautiful lashes with the New Revlon’s lash portion mascara by Glow Luscious.

& must haves - Rimmel Super Extra electric blue mascara - Yardley Colour rash revolutionary Red Lipstick. - Make Up box is what every women should invest in this summer, and be the make-up expert in your home. For all your make-up needs : 0737258826 | @yame63



Babalwao Mavus Age : Hometown : Height : Size : Shoe size : Star sign :

22 Lusikisiki 1.65m 31 5 Libra

“Knowledge alone is not power, the use of knowledge is power�


y e l s g Kin ake Seb Age : Location : Height : Shoe size : Waist :


19 Midrand (Jhb) 1.65m 5+6 28 + 30

u h t e s o Siph be Gwazu Height : Waist : Bust : Hips : Weight : Location : Hometown :

1.8m 64 cm 32a 87 cm 76kg Cape Town East London

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion” - Coco Chanel


QUEENDOM Ilaph’lam’s Zubenathi Gcingca got a chance to sit down with the ladies from Queendom; Khanyisile Mnguni (33) and Margaret Ratau to talk shop


QUEENDOM IS A 3 MONTH old fashion company that designs and makes afro-vintage clothes mostly to females.


WHAT MAKES US STAND out is our afro-vintage style. The fabrics that we use and we don’t design clothes only we do image consulting, styling so our clients get more than clothes but an experience. We are not boxed in terms of our creativity.

OUR MOST DEFINING moment was the birth of Queendom. It is a huge accomplishment for us seeing our dream come alive was truly a blessing.



demand from clients and juggling orders (and our lives) is our biggest challenge to date.

by Alexandra Mcqueen hence the name of our brand Queendom.


we have comfy Queendom summer dresses, skirts and a range of other women’s clothes. 079 147 0705 (Khanyisile)

you must understand each 071 676 0069 (Margaret) We came across her other. Good communication while studying other and a connection is needed AFJ designers and we found her to keep the business going. fascinated and we wanted to keep her memory alive. Be professional at all times.


WHO IS GARTH NAPIER? I am married, with two daughters (4 year old and 5 month old). I grew up in rural KZN on my Dad’s farm so I love being outdoors. I enjoy most sports and growing up I played soccer, rugby, cricket, tennis and hockey and nowadays I have few a few strokes of golf now and again.

WHAT DID YOU STUDY TO GET INTO YOUR JOB? I studied a BComm in accounting and later on completed an MBA at the Harvard Business School in the USA.

Garth Napier is Edcon’s (Discount Div.) Marketing Manager


interview by Ngawethu

HOW DO YOU STAY RELEVANT IN YOUR INDUSTRY? Keep learning regardless of what field you are in. Retail is very competitive, so it’s very important that you spend as much time in your competitors stores as you do in your own.. With the growth of digital platforms it is important that you are following not only what your competitors are doing but also to keep an eye on what the best practice is across the world. I try to read as many articles on global retailing and marketing as I can get my hands on to ensure I am knowledgeable on what is happening out there.

HOW DO YOU HANDLE BEING A MARKETING EXEC AND A DAD? I have made a commitment to be a Dad first and an executive second... what this means is that I make sure I schedule time in my calendar for my family responsibilities first and then add all my work commitments.

waking up every morning at 4am to milk his cows and only getting home after 6 in the evenings.

“with the growth My mom was a stay at home of digital mom and she was always there to support us and us to follow our platforms... it encourage dreams. is important They both worked extremely hard to give us a good and ensure that we to keep an education had the things we needed. eye on what ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR LIFE? the best I have been very blessed in practice is my life so far. I cannot change the past and do not want to. I believe that I still across the However have a lot to contribute going forward and that is what I am world” focused on. For exampple, I take my daughter to school twice a week so I block these times out of my calendar to ensure that nothing comes in the way of me fulfilling my role and duties as a dad.

WHO HAS ADDED THE MOST VALUE TO YOUR LIFE SO FAR? My parents have been powerful role models in my life for different reasons. My Dad instilled in me the importance of hard work. I remember vividly my dad

WHO AND WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO WORK HARD? I have never needed external motivation/ inspiration. I guess, like all parents, we want to ensure that our children will have a better life than our own. Overall I want to leave a legacy for my family. I want them to look back and see that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to as well.



interview by Ngawethu

Amongst the many hats Sonwabile Ndamase wears, he counts Fashion Innovator, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Family man. Above all, Proud African. “Most notably, I am known as the creator of the Madiba Shirt. On the business front, I am the founder and brains behind the Vukani! Brand and SAFDA (the South African Fashion Designers Agency) which together host the annual SAFDA Vukani! Fashion Awards, together with the aid of sponsors from both the public and private sector. ‘I like to think of myself as a son of the soil. I am a Mpondo Prince from the Eastern Cape, in the village of Mthombe at Libode. ‘I grew up in a house where there was no gender divide. My mom was a visionary and put me to task in our family; mending garments and knitting jerseys. I guess she brought to the fore my natural love of design. My tertiary studies saw me obtain Business, Marketing and Management qualifications from various

him from a formal to a semi-formal meeting in one day, and represent a signature style for him. That was the birth of the Madiba Shirt. Soon after that commissions, requests ‘My practical business training came from a stint as and contracts followed. I a store manager for a clothing still design for Mam’ Winnie today. shop in Butterworth, and I believe this is very important. local and international institutions, these helped me in understanding business as a whole and putting together proposals.

‘Designing isn’t only about making pretty clothes. You have to know how to market, distribute and sell your product. This is where my tertiary education stood me in good faith. ‘I then spent some time working at the media broadcaster SABC which helped me grasp the importance of managing public relations and perceptions.

I like to think of myself as a son of the soil. I am a Mpondo Prince from the Eastern Cape, in the village of Mthombe at Libode.

“But we didn’t always have a factory like we do now. ‘I was a tailor making clothes At first we designed and in the Johannesburg CBD. outsourced other services. One of my clients was We had to keep reassigning Mama Winnie Mandela. We what we needed to prioritise, designed her clothes in the and how best to manage period Tata Madiba was in costs without sacrificing prison, and when Tata was quality. Now we can take released, she introduced me our garments all the way to him, and he invited me from idea and design to to make some clothes for production. We’ve been him. Excitedly, I designed going for about 20 something many items for him, but after years. Longevity is important. learning that his lungs were not strong, I knew I had to ‘We have a specific design come up with something that slant; we want to bring Africa didn’t involve a suit, but still to the world. So we go for looked classy. It had to be specific cuts, fabrics, textures something that could take


and design techniques that speak of the vibrant cultures and influences that make up our breathtaking continent. ‘However we do adapt to various markets; this means being able to execute a brief for high corporate or ‘classic’ or high-glam red-carpet creations when the need arises. “My inspiration for Vukani! was our richly diverse and precious heritage, and our continent in its whole. At the time there wasn’t really such a thing as designing with the unique textures and patterns and fabrics that we have at our disposal. ‘Western influence and way of doing things dictated everything.


handwritten notes from Him, we all have his God-given instincts to help us get from A to B. Remaining grateful for all things big and small is also important. Take nothing for granted.

Vukani! Fashion Awards is a full educational and mentoring experience for the designer “My business has become synonymous with Vukani! Range Creations, as is the Madiba shirt. The most gratifying aspect though is to be able to showcase the amazing design talent that we do year after year and the opportunity that the awards allow us; to impart our expertise and experience to young designers.

competitions in various countries. An opportunity to showcase my work on international runways would be amazing. “The awards attract people from all walks of life. The one thing they have in common is a love for clothing, design and the exciting and new. ‘The Awards are open to anyone who would like to attend each year, as long as you book your seat. Government is not directly involved with the Awards, although the City of Ekurhuleni was involved in helping to make our 19th annual SAFDA Vukani! Awards our biggest show yet.

‘With 15 finalists, 9 International designers and the awards merged with a ‘Secondly, I felt we needed song and dance productiona platform to showcase made, it the biggest show young and emerging design yet. Our sponsors now ‘The Awards were the first of include Proudly SA, Gauteng talent, not only locally but internationally and make our their kind when we started Growth and Development out and that has helped designer items and apparel Agency, NYDA, Emperor’s our business to be seen as available on a mass scale. Palace, Festival Mall, to pioneers and the creatives we name but a few. believe we are and I’m truly ‘Vukani! Fashion Awards humbled by the support for My vision going forward is is a full educational and and interest in the Awards. mentoring experience to continue unearthing raw for the designer so that, talent and mentoring young “In the future I want to hopefully, they go away designers in an effort to feeling empowered. Ready to expand the reach and range promote and grow the local conquer the world with their of what we do. There are fashion industry. some exciting projects in the creative brilliance. pipeline. And I love being This also links to the invited to mentor designers “God is my guide and objectives of the Dept. Trade and adjudicate fashion although we don’t get & Industry’s Competitiveness

Improvement Programme (CIP) for clusters in the clothing, textile, footwear and leather goods industries; also building and improving capacity in the manufacturing and related value chain of the clothing sectors in South Africa to effectively supply their customers. For example, major retailers, government and niche markets, both locally and internationally. ‘The CIP understands competitiveness to encompass issues of cost, quality, flexibility, reliability, adaptability and the capability to innovate. Competitiveness improvement interventions should thus include innovative activities related to people, products, processes and market development.

the reach and range of what we do, in order to provide opportunities for up-andcoming designers. ‘If we, as a nation, can support the local fashion industry, we will create a demand for more local designs and also create jobs in this industry. My vision is also for South Africans to realize and accept that there are local designers who produce top quality and fashionable clothing which can easily compete on international runways. ‘We need to be proud of what our country produces before others will also recognize our designers as a competitive international design force.”


‘As Godfather of the industry, my vision, through other stakeholders like CIP, is to lead, through the cluster approach, to create a group of globally competitive companies that would ensure a sustainable business environment able to retain and grow employment levels. ‘Many young South Africans are filled with untapped potential and are not necessarily given the opportunity to harness that potential. Therefore part of my vision includes expanding

Awards i n a k u V h t ed the 19 d n e tt a 24 2013. o t ls s a u g m u la A ’ h n Ilap rs Palace o ages. o r e p m E t held a or the im f e g a p k c See the ba


Profile for Nathi Xinwa


fashion journal


fashion journal