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In collaboration with the multitude of partners above, during my developing years as a designer, I have come to know myself as an ambitious and committed eyeopener with valuable experience from manufacturing, product development and design processes. The aim of my career is to execute my knowledge and talent in design to further develop as an innovative creator of transportation design primarily, but aswell within the realm of product design. As a co-worker I am social, honest and engaging while I enjoy and prefer teamwork. My support to any kind of project is always a strong drive towards challenging preconceptions and seek possibilities with innovation. I am not wasting time, waiting for future to happen!

// Stark

KOENIGSEGG PRESTERA DEGREE THESIS What if performance of a supercar was defined by a visceral relationship between man and machine?

Ume책 Institute of Design Collaboration with Semcon Gothenburg May 2013

VISCERAL MOBILITY Take advantage of Smart Vehicle A.I controlling the vehicle allowing riders to experience enhanced intuition based driving.


AERO BODY THEME To keep the active aerodynamics condensed within the boundaries of package and suspend riders at the core of the vehicle.



+ Developed Expression & Volume + Refined = Less Sport + Partly Covered Chassis + Air Channels + Detailed Graphics

+ Functional Expression & Volume + Mechanical = Less Premium + Airflow aesthetics + Commonly radical + Complex

ABSTRACT AESTHETIC Reduced surfaces emphasize Aero Body design theme and visualize tension between chassis and exterior skin.



Control aerodynamics with surface resistance using a ferromagnetic laminar skin to project “goosebumps� on body. Reduce external aero-features. Control air resistance, drag & downforce.

Sustainable carbon fibre from wood pulp composed into a thin force rigid framework of flanges. Inspired by natural structures. Compose a strong & durable chassis with least amount of mass.

MODELLING Main volume sculpture to visualize unconventional concept semantics of low friction design. 3D Scan for digital refinement and detailing.

Exhibition Model 1:4 Scale Final model built and exhibited at Ume책 Institute of Design (UID -13). More than 160 individual pieces come together at last.


It offers maximum cooperation between man and machine, sustainable technologies, radical vehicle dynamics and unique visceral experiences that define the “Spirit of Performance�.


With the goal of challenging preconceptions about performance, the Prestera envision a future Koenigsegg that consciously lead automotive innovation. 2110






The bumped surface texture actively control air resistance and friction applied to the body. It appears and disappears like goosebumps!

Forget about downforce! For increased efficiency the Prestera utilize ground effectaerodynamics to reduce friction.

It allows asymmetric aerodynamics and adapt drag depending on situation.

It literally flies 20cm of the ground in high speed and controls with wing shaped bodied driveshafts.



Rider & Vehicle bond by experiences and create a unique relationship that trigger values of long lasting ownership.

Inspired by natural motions of mobility, the carving dynamics allow a more connected driving experience.

Prestera possess and promote a character that the rider need to accomodate to build performance over time. The more they learn from each other, the greater symbiosis.

The architecture is designed with a higher centre of gravity than conventional automobiles to provoke vehicle tilt and efficient cornering with less friction.



Onboard electrics support magnetical wheelhubs that integrate suspension to maximise the reduction of friction.

Low friction vehicle dynamics and extremely lightweight materials support a self sufficient pneumatic drivetrain running a system of 32 rotor engines.

This eliminate vibrations, allowing a frictionless driving experience with a sensation of flying.

Visible tanks promote this radical powerplant and work as counterweights during vehicle tilt for dynamic weight balance. Photovoltaics constantly drive a compressor that recharge the tanks.

VOLVO CARE 3rd TERM INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT What if Volvo’s caring values translated into more freedom and comfort for occupants?

Umeå Institute of Design Collaboration with Volvo Design Gothenburg December 2013


Is Volvo enough Volvo? Can Volvo show care for us?

Intention Soul Search Design age ess M Personal Volvo

Could Volvo allow freedom?

Enhance Occupant Interaction Reduce Vehicle Interaction

Boldly Project Craftsmans hip Authentic Luxury

Technology not luxurious 2030 ! Cluttered Trend ... 2030 Reaction? TE Reaction - DIFFERENTIA

When we don’t drive ? Reaction - REDUCED DESIGN CONCEPT


Reduced componentry Integrated functionality help enhance occupant interaction transform interior modes

Interior atmosphere lead by climate control

Handmade design theme Authentic luxury


FUNCTIONALITY CONTROLLER The option to control autonomous vehicles is valuable for user perception. This is the relation between letting control and being controlled. The controller is not a steering unit, it is a casual controller for added drivers input during “semiautonomous driving�.

DRIVE MODE When controller is activated, front table raises up along with the backrests to increase awareness in the situation.

DEFAULT Generous space is one advantage of electric vehicles. Table lowers into a “coffee table� and seats slide as far back as possible, offering limousine like space.

TRANSPORT For situations when storage space is needed. Seating is similar to conventional cars and table raise into an IP.

LOUNGE During long distance travelling on highway seats can be turned and create a lounge with generous floor space.

AMBIENCE Interior climate is the theme! Depending on situation, demanded awareness and outside environment, the interir adapts. Dimming/tinting D.L.O Floor heating and ambience lighting Natural daylight roof open/close

VOLVO CARE CONCEPT The architecture inside focus on the versatile life of occupants, giving them freedom and comfort. Surrounded by intelligent window sills that integrate U.I wherever inside. Wood, steel, wool and ceramics with seem almost handmade and promote authentic luxury.

FORD MERGE INTERNSHIP PROJECT What if cars were 3D printed, tailored with fabrics and fully autonomous while offering augmented experiences to extend your private space?

Ford Werke GmbH Cologne Collaboration with Color & Material Design August 2012

URBAN MICRO COMMUTER The idea is to conform to a young chinese target user living in urban surroundings. Inspiration from clothing and shoes was key to personalization and individual style. Fully autonomous 3D printed pulp chassis Embedded electronics Witricity Smart fabrics

CONFORM TO YOU One size fits all should be possible with a seat that adapt to whoever sits into it. A universal idea that would reduce componentry! No doors needed as you climb inside through the exterior fabrics like with a tent.

1-2-3 SEATER The idea is to not divide interior into seatings, limiting freedom for occupants. This interior has room for approximately 2 adults or 1 adult + 2 children.

See it on Vimeo!


WALLPAPER INTERIORS Interior use ambient lighting and LED fabrics to project different interior atmospheres/environment themes. Seating experience should feel like stepping into a snug shoe. The seat is deep and 3D printed in one piece into lamellas that adapts to your body. QD-LED fabrics cover the inside of canopy and interior and project surroundings captured by 3D cameras. It also offers possibility to display whatever the user wants, and augment reality.

FORD MERGE Inspired by wearables and sustainable production this urban micro commuter shows the future of private vehicles. Reduced componentry and added manufacturing make production into a franchise. Local manufacturing from most sustainable materials leave less ecological footprints.




Durable hydrophobic exterior fabrics are lightweight and move slightly in the kinetic wind.

Photovoltaic textile covers the top and charge electricity for onboard systems.

Organic Nano-pulp composite, sandwich carbon nanotube foam batteries within chassis.

Lightfabric handle & quickpocket for external reach from inside. Glows on approach, indicate battery level and positioning in traffic

Heat exchanger behind mesh fabric recycle energy from battery waste heat. Backpack storage compartements that allow adaptable space, and reduction of unused space if empty.

4 wheel steering modules with internal hub motors connected to one piece 3D printed Twheels that integrate suspension in spokes.

DAIHATSU BALANCE INTERNSHIP PROJECT What if spaciousness was percieved greater in a smaller package, while adding stability through exterior styling?

Daihatsu Design Center Osaka Advanced Design collaboration with Modelling August 2011

TANTO The best selling Daihatsu model, Tanto, is well known for its spaciousness in the interior. But at the cost of boxy exterior design. Increasing the D.L.O will achieve a perceived space beyond the boundaries of the vehicle while giving the exterior design more play.

BALANCE Young family’s vehicle in the Kei-Car segment that feels spacious and safe. It should express more stability than current Tanto and feel familiar and practical.

BUBBLE The contained bubble exterior theme symbolise a trapped balloon within the framework of the chassis.

ARCH THEME Inspired by impressions from a trip to Kyoto, the arch theme define a volume that directs balance to corners. The large D.L.O fill the gaps. Reduction of the B-pillar allow freedom during ingress and offer handsfree door opening with foot levers.

OCKELBO PACER 2nd TERM VEHICLE DESIGN PROJECT What if the legendary swedish brand Ockelbo would be resurged in a state of the art contemporary motorcycle that honorate nostalgia ?

Ume책 Institute of Design Collaboration with Ockelbo April 2011


PACKAGE The Pacer is basically a big engine in a small, lightweight frame.


TO DIGITAL Digitally designed frame merged with 3D scan from clay model.

FULLSCALE For evaluation purposes the model was milled in light foam material. Rough details enough to evaluate the overall concept.

OCKELBO PACER This modern classic is a tribute to Oscar Hedström, founder of Indian Motorcycles and “inventor” of the first modern performance motorcycles in early 1900’s. If the pacer was realised it would probably be the most lightweight extreme performance motorcycle available. With Swedish engineering and technology incorporated.

SPECIFICATIONS Folan V90 Twin Engine @1160cc (170hp) Supercharger + Carbon fibre frame Total ~ 130kg 2130mm length & 950mm seat height Suede detailing + Semi transparent tank 20� brakediscs with 4 piston calipers Triangular telescopic forks Belt drive

RETRIEVER POD 1st TERM VEHICLE DESIGN PROJECT How could a future system for local food logistics change how we consume and perceive food?

Ume책 Institute of Design Collaboration with Bombardier & Viavolo December 2010

WHY PROMOTE LOCAL FOOD? We have no general idea of what we are eating and we have lost connection with producers.

Why not make induction driven refrigerators autonomous to refill themselves when empty?

CHARACTER Character development is based on the theme and interpretation of the keywords; Energy and Movement. Momentum, balance and flow has been the main inspirations for theproportions. Forward leaning, standing posture visualize a built in strength, stamina and direction.

Where do your food come from? What are we feeding ourselves with? Who is feeding you? Do you care?

INTEGRATION The pod is a vehicle integrated in the system, with other autonomous vehicles aswell as vehicles driven by people. It express a sense of intelligence and knowing of its presense. Interaction with pedestrians and other vehicles is made with lights and graphics.


On its way to and from the producers the retriever can project commercial information about its distributers and cooperations. This makes it valuable for larger companies to get involved in local products.

LINE-UP In large numbers, the pods create the most effective pattern for the place. Concerning of space for people to move amongst them. For example when the Pods are used within supermarkets.

MARKETPLACE Arriving to the urban environment, the pod visualizes a scene from where it’s been collecting the food. An image or a video from the foods origin is taken during loading and displayed for customers.

HOW I CREATE VARIOUS SAMPLES OF WORK The most important part in my personal design process is ideation with a lot of sketching. This sets my mind free from conventions and open up for innovative ideas. For fun or for work. A day is not complete without a good sketch on the wall!


PORTFOLIO 2013 - Richard Stark  

Transportation Design - Umeå Institute of Design

PORTFOLIO 2013 - Richard Stark  

Transportation Design - Umeå Institute of Design