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The object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and in particular, to encourage and foster: FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve the society; THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life; FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business.



In making any decision affecting the lives and fortunes of others, The FOUR Way Test of the things we think, say or do… Is it the truth? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?



I want to be a Rotarian for the world Make the Rotary Flag be the flag of peace unfurled I shall serve my community Help to seek international unity Through Rotary I shall dedicate my all World understanding shall be my cherished goal Refrain: With the four-way test, I’ll pursue my quest And if I in a way have obtain, Peace in the world I shall not have lived in vain I’ll observe Service above self Lend a hand to all who’ll need my help; I’ll get my spouse to be involved in Rotary And in Rotary ways I will train my family Repeat Refrain: Build a bridge for tomorrow’s youth Strengthened by nothing but the truth Let’s join our hands, there’s no reason to divide. We shall all understand while Good Lord is our guide. Repeat Refrain/Coda: Peace be achieved We shall not have lived in vain


QC Sports Club, E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City

Night Chairman: Rtn Chris de Vera Call to Order Invocation National Anthem Object of Rotary & 4-Way Test Recognition of Visiting Guests Rotary Information Classification Talk Secretary’s Report Treasurer’s Report President’s Time Other Matters Recognition Time Rotary Pledge Community Singing Adjournment

Pres Rene Canlas PP Greg Buhain VP Ferdie Yumang PP Rene Cantos Rtn Jigs de Belen PDG Francis Paderna PP Kit Victoria Sec Jerome Punzalan Treas Lito Pattugalan Pres Rene Canlas Rtn Sam de Laza Rtn Ramon Cruz PP Louie Gomez Pres Rene Canlas

For payment of Club dues, you may deposit to BDO Account No. 003938006530 (Scout Albano-Q. Ave. Branch) ROTARY CLUB OF TIMOG QUEZON CITY and advise the Club Treasurer

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RI Presidential Message Ian H.S. Riseley President RY 2017-18 January 2018

In Rotary, our diversity is our strength. This idea dates back to the earliest years of our organization, when the classification system was first proposed. The idea behind it was simple: that a club with members who had a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities would be capable of better service than one without. In the years since, the idea of diversity in Rotary has come to be defined more broadly. We have discovered that a club that truly represents its community is far better able to serve that community effectively. Looking ahead, it is clear how essential diversity will remain in Rotary: not only to strong service today, but to a strong organization in the future. One of the most pressing aspects of diversity to address in our membership is the age of our members. When you look around at almost any Rotary event, it becomes immediately obvious that the age range in the room does not promise a sustainable future for our organization. Our membership is near a record high, and we are bringing in new members all the time – yet only a small minority of those members are young enough to have decades of Rotary service ahead of them. To ensure a strong and capable Rotary leadership tomorrow, we need to bring in young and capable members today. We also cannot discuss diversity in Rotary without addressing the issue of gender. It is difficult to imagine that just three decades ago, women could not join Rotary. Although we have come a long way since then, the legacy of that misguided policy is still with us. Far too many people continue to think of Rotary as an organization only for men, and that idea has had a detrimental effect on both our public image and our membership growth. Today, women make up just over 21 percent of Rotary's membership. While this is certainly a great improvement, we have a long way to go to meet what should be the goal of every club: a gender balance that matches the balance of our world, with as many women in Rotary as men. Whatever brought each of us to Rotary, we stay because we find value in Rotary membership and believe that our service has value to the world. By building clubs that reflect that world in all its diversity, we will build even more enduring value in Rotary: Making a Difference.

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Club President’s Message The Mt Makiling Mid Con The recently concluded Mid Term Convention at the Boy Scout of the Philippines compound last February 2-4, 2018 in Mt Makiling was a phenomenal success. The participants exceeded by 30% the expected number of attendees as the various activities of this one of kind and first ever event of Rotary District 3780 attracted not only Rotarians from the district but also from other districts particularly from D3820, where Los Banos in Laguna belongs to. Congratulations are in order to Great Governor Chito Borromeo and his district team, the Past District Governors, Spouse Nona and the other spouses of PDG and Past Presidents, the Great President, the host clubs and the chairpersons of the different committees that handled the various activities. Friday, February 3 started slow but by late afternoon when the Quartet elimination round started to roll, everything came to life. This was followed by the Great Barbeque Cookfest where the contest was divided into beef, pork, chicken, and others. Of course the night will not be complete without the usual fellowship among Rotarians and guests where they partook not only of drinks and finger foods they brought but also the various meats that was BBQed for the contest. The Rotarians where divided into 6 regions and each one was made to decorate their respective tents in their areas. The colorful decorations was an indication of the kind of event that will eventually transpire in the next 2 days of the convention. The next day, Saturday, started with a Zumba group dance in the morning followed by the Great Walk towards the Boy Scout of the Philippines quadrangle to inaugurate the commemorative marker. District Governor Chito Borromeo, together with other PDGs and D3820 Governor Lewi continued on next page ►

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Tolentino unveiled the marker. They were joined by Mayor Cezar Perez of Los Banos town. Lunch was a boodle fight that was prepared by RC Camp Crame’s TGP Chen Purugganan, a Police General and law enforcer. This must have been the most fun and satisfying lunch for the delegates as they were treated not only to the usual sumptuous Filipino fare of adobo, itlog na maalat with kamatis, buro and talong but also with roasted sheep. The afternoon was spent reviewing the Mid Term reports that were submitted to the district 2 weeks earlier. Again we were divided into 6 regions with each region being handled by a Past District Governor where the Mid Term reports of each club was discussed with recommendations on how to proceed with the completion of the said report. The final report is to be submitted by March 31, 2018. The night started quite late but to the TGP this was a welcome respite from the unending grind of activities for the day. The Quartet champions were the singers of RC Biak na Bato while the Overall BBQ winner was region 4 who won both the chicken and beef categories.. Best in overall tent design went to Region 2. Needless to say the fellowship that followed was a blast. This was of course backed by the performance of the Japanese Rock Band ‘Duran’ who were imported directly from Tokyo, courtesy of PDG Sam Pagdilao. But the highlight of the night was the surprise performance of Luningning of Wow Wow Willie fame who gyrated to a fast dance beat to the delight of the male audience especially the TGPs. She also did a sexy dance number with selected TGPs who came up ready to show their dancing skills. The next day, Secretary Jerome and myself volunteer as mentors to the RYLA delegates. RC Timog’s Arleth ‘Ace’ Vilocero enjoyed every moment of the Leadership Traning that was facilitated by Twinkle Calalaty, PP Benjie’s daughter and PP of the RC Timog Rotaract club. Indeed it an understatement to say that the Mid Con was a success. It was blast, not it was beyond that. It was an explosion, a blockbuster of an event. Again congratulations to our Great Governor Chito Borromeo. Page | 4

Rotary Information

PDG Danilo “Danny” V. Fausto Past District Governor Danny served as District Governor in RY 2007-2008. He also served as Chairman of District 3780 Rotary Leadership Institute; Chairman of Rotary Academy and Information Committee; RC New Manila East Club Trainer; and RI D3780 District Trainer for Rotary Years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UP and Masters in Business Administration post graduate studies from DLSU. In 1975 he worked as Assistant Manager at the Mitsui & Company. He later moved to the National Housing Authority involved in investments, planning and project implementation. He pioneered local government bond flotation and other credit facilities as an alternative means of sourcing funds for LGUs. He acted as financial advisor for over 40 LGUs and designed and packaged over P7 Billion worth of Municipal (LGU) bonds and other credit facilities for their priority projects. He is President of Preferred Ventures Corporation which designs and packages LGU government bonds and municipal bonds. He is also currently Member, Advisory Board of the Philippine Carabao Center, Chairman, Dairy Committee, Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food, Inc., Founder, Talavera Dairy Cooperative and President, DVF Dairy Farm, Inc. involved in the production, processing and marketing of fresh carabaos milk and other dairy products. From 2006 to 2012, he was National Chairman of the Dairy Confederation of the Philippines. He is the author of the book entitled “Dare to Dream, A Filipino Entrepreneur’s Tale of Success in Dairy Farming”. Page | 5

Rotary Information

DISCON 2018 Page | 6

Upcoming Events Feb 13 – Golf Tournament

Feb 16 – Valentines Date with Lolo and Lola together with Interactors Feb 18 – The Great Walk at Maginhawa St. (co-sponsor together with RC St. Ignatius) Let’s lend a helping hand to our fellow Timogan…

RTN JAMES OLAYVAR For pledges, pls. coordinate with Treas. Lito Pattugalan For latest Rotary news – check out Page | 7

Regular Meeting January 22

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Regular Meeting January 22

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Our newest member Rtn Joseph D’Oliveira Hon. Consul of Guyana

Regular Meeting January 22

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Sisterhood Agreement with RC Fuente Osmena Cebu January 25

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Plaque of Appreciation

January 28 Page | 12

Pres. Banong Visits 55th Founding Anniversary of Trinity University of Asia January 31

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MidCon RY-2018 at Mt Makiling February 2-4 Page | 14

Our RYLA delegate Arleth 'Ace' Villocero

MidCon RY-2018 at Mt Makiling February 2-4 Page | 15

MidCon RY-2018 at Mt Makiling February 2-4 Page | 16

Jan 25 – “Hampas Lupa” at Veterans Golf

Jan 26 – Lunch at Cebu Page | 17

Jan 27 – Singing at Annabel Lee Cafe

Jan 29 – Monday Fellowship at Big Daddy’s

Feb 2 – “Hampas Lupa” at Veterans Golf

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Profile of a Timogan PP Jose “Petchoy” Morales III Past President Jose ‘Petchoy’ Morales III was born on May 25, 1963 to Past District Governor Jose “Pete” Morales, Jr and the former 1959 Miss Mindanao Emelita Aniban Morales. PDG Pete initiated and supported the chartering of the Rotary Club of Timog in 1990 and is considered a godfather of the club. So it was no surprise that when it was time for the 2nd junior (the third Jose Morales actually) to join Rotary, he chose RC Timog for obvious reasons. This was in 2002 upon his return from the USA. PDG Pete love for the club extends to his love for his family and in this case to Petchoy. He knows in his heart that his Eldest son and namesake will grow up to be a good Rotarian with RC Timog. Petchoy as he is fondly called by family and friends graduated with a Bachelor of Science, major in Management degree from the University of the East in 1983. Not many Timogans know this, but Petchoy also loves singing as he was a member of the popular UE Chorus singing group and was an active member of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. He was also a consistent academic achiever during his grade school and high school days at Don Bosco Makati where he also played in the soccer team. He migrated to Virginia, USA shortly after graduating from college and continued his academic pursuits by enrolling at the Georgetown University and completed his legal education via a Paralegal course. Not contented with his academic pursuits, Petchoy took a 2–year Information Technology course at the George Mason University where he graduated in 1992. Eventually he was hired by the Arnold & Porter Law Firm, one of the top 5 law firms in the Washington D.C. area as a paralegal specializing in Information Technology. He worked with the firm for 10 years from 1992 to 2002. continued on next page ►

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In late 2002 he decided to return to the Philippines and busied himself with the things he loves best, Cars & Big Bikes. Today he is a very successful businessman trading in pre-loved cars and signature big bikes-the likes of BMW. Petchoy has 4 kids, Karla who works for Meralco, Pierce an airman of the US Air Force, Justin who is graduating from the University of Fairfax in Virginia, and 6 year old Pryce, the apple of his eyes who is in the 1st grade at the Ateneo. Petchoy loves to spend his free time riding his BMW bike around the country and in Asia and USA. He is a member of BOSS (BMW Owners Society of Saferiders) and was the Chairman of the BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge on 2015.

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Rc Timog club bulletin Tik-A-Tik 2018 02 05  

Newsletter of RC Timog QC District 3780

Rc Timog club bulletin Tik-A-Tik 2018 02 05  

Newsletter of RC Timog QC District 3780