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One of the first customers of Jhan Ray is Ric Salvador who is a mechanical engineer by education and business strategy consultant by vocation. S’Ric, a past president of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit D3780, asked for rationalization of software files in his iPodTouch 4th Generation and iPhone 5S. The two gentlemen also shared ideas on the business model that the new business may finally lead to develop. For a young business head with technical-professional types of service as offerings, one of the challenges is pricing. In jest, S’Ric cited an interesting Pricing Approach  Standard price list for regular customers  25 % discount for friends  50 % discounts for girl friend  75 % discount for prospective girl friends

JHAN RAY CHALES CO launches start-up business Jhan Ray who has just graduated with the degree of BS Computer Engineering has started providing diagnostic, maintenance, adjustment, repair and upgrade services for users of hand-held and desk-top computer devises. Jhan Ray has been an active member of the Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit

The personalized service may be availed of even during events in malls.

Rotaractor of Holy Spirit starts service business  
Rotaractor of Holy Spirit starts service business