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Immex Search Path Map based on a student’s problem solving strategies

Source: Personal correspondence with UCLA developer, Ron Stevens. Used with permission.

Analysis: Each of the cases in IMMEX requires students to apply problem-solving strategies to solve a problem. Thus, the IMMEX problems are classified as strategic. In addition, each problem solving exercise in IMMEX produces a strategy map, which offers students the opportunity to reflect on their problem solving strategies and how their strategies compare to those of experts, thus it is also classified as a metacognitive item.

Know what (Declarative)

Level of Assessment in the IMMEX problem sets. Know how Know why Know when, why, how Know own learning (Procedural) (Schematic) to apply (Strategic) (Metacognitive) X X

The range and scope of these assessment examples are indicative of the complexity of the issues facing educators today. There are challenges to face in dealing with the validity and reliability of approximating each student’s progress on multiple learning standards, as well as the 21st century skills that many nations and states are embracing. The complexity and challenges speak to the



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