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A Brief Guide on How to Take Care of Ophthalmic Products Before knowing about the ophthalmic products, first of all we must understand the meaning of Ophthalmology. It is generally a branch of medicine that deals with the physiology, anatomy and various diseases of the eye. Ophthalmologists are the physicians that offer a complete eye care services. The various services offered by these physicians mainly include:

1) Vision services including examination for eyes 2) Medical eye care- for conditions like chemical burns, Iritis and glaucoma 3) Surgical eye care- for cataracts, crossed eyes, glaucoma, trauma, and other ills 4) Diagnosing and curing the eye conditions connected to added illnesses such as diabetes or arthritis 5) Plastic surgery- for baggy eyelids and treating wrinkles The various products used in ophthalmology includes eye ointments, eye drops, eye gels, eye lotions, contact lens solutions, ophthalmic inserts, etc. There are several types of instruments used in Ophthalmology that require exceptionally careful handling.

Some of the maintenance points that one must keep in mind while handling the ophthalmic instruments are:

1) The tips of the scissor should not be touched as the scissor points are extremely delicate. 2) The protectors used for covering the tips of various instruments such as scissors, needle holders, fine forceps etc, must wrap up the entire blade or tip of the instrument. 3) While passing the instruments like scalpel blades and knives to the surgeon, one must handle these instruments with the cutting edge pointing downwards. Moreover, the artery forceps must be used to remove the blade. 4) As eye instruments are extremely delicate, no instrument should ever be thrown down. 5) After use, the needles must be disposed of in the right receptacle. 6) Other instruments must be cleaning properly after using them. Rain water or distilled water should be the first preference. If neither is available, freshly boiled tab water can be used for cleaning purpose.

7) Before storing all the ophthalmic products, make sure to inspect each instrument carefully and if you find any instrument that is faulty it must be removed immediately. So, this way ophthalmic instrument must be handled and taken care so that they can be put safety for further use.

A brief guide on how to take care of ophthalmic products  

Ophthalmic products are the mainly used to do eye related surgeries,so a complete guide is useful to get knowledge about the products.