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My Real Users Profit Instruments Review – Can Profit Instruments Help You Make Money Online?

Profit Instruments was created a while back now. The programs creator was Ritoban Chakrabarti, who had generated a six figure yearly income by building “affiliate websites”. Profit Instruments was extremely popular when it first launched and still has members trickling in and out to this day. Ritoban has a very unique concept when it comes to conducting market research and product research! He has worked out an entire formula for determining whether your “profit instrument” will be profitable or not. Your profit Instrument refers to your affiliated product you’re going to promote.

The Profit Instruments Formula! So, Ritoban has an exact formula for working out whether your profit instruments are going to be worth building an entire campaign around. This formula is very systematic and methodical and although I have tweaked it to my preference, I have certainly incorporated it into my business model. Understanding your target audience and the product you’re going to promote is the foundation work. The next module consists of creating your profit instrument. This is where you’ll learn the proven strategies for building a fully optimized Wordpress blog. This is eventually how you’ll start making your first few sales online, through the search engine traffic. The PNK (Product Name Keyword) See, Ritoban doesn’t just stop at Market and Product research, he incorporates his “PNK” system. This is too only target keywords that have your product name in them. This means you’ll get much smoother conversions and eventually make more money! In the next module Ritoban covers some off page optimization techniques for your site. I have to admit there were some pretty cool tips such as his “cool strike method” and “stealth mode method”. These were particularly useful tutorials within Profit Instruments. The following modules are about growth, expansion and eventually DOMINATION. Dominating the search engines for your keyword.

My Profit Instruments Review Cuts Through The Hype!  
My Profit Instruments Review Cuts Through The Hype!  

This short 2 page document will detail what you can expect roughly from Ritoban Charabartis Profit Instruments course. Links to my full Prof...