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Christmas Turkey and all the Trimmings Simple Sorrel Leftovers Revamped Old Fashioned Rich Fruit Cake

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What’s In Store At Super Centre by David Neilands


e e nd this year of economic trauma w i t h most of us still intact.

C o n c e r n about the cost of food has led us t o f o c u s on what we eat, where it comes f r o m a n d most importantly the realization t h a t “ H o m e drums beat first”.

Managing Director Super Centre Ltd.

H o w m a n y times have we talked about the n e e d t o c hange our diet, the need to place m o r e e m phasis on fruit and vegetables? We l l , t h e t r uth is, today the story remains the s a m e . We have too many people suffering f r o m i l l h e alth, and especially chronic nonc o m m u n i cable diseases such as diabetes, h y p e r t e n s i on, cancer and heart disease. As


k now,





d i s e a s e s can be reduced through diet and e x e r c i s e . So let’s all resolve to get moving!

weight, eat sensibly and drink in mod e r a t i o n . Everyone who has engaged in a f i t n e s s program because the doctor said “Yo u h a v e to lose weight” usually finds out ho w m u c h better you feel once you have a c c e p t e d the discipline to walk on the road t o b e t t e r health. We at Super Centre, wish you, our cu s t o m e r s

G e t o f f t h e couch and into the garden or

and friends, a wonderful holiday sea s o n a n d

o n t h e r o a d. Let us encourage our mothers

a much healthier New Year. We are c e r t a i n l y

a n d f a t h e rs, brothers and sisters, uncles

going to continue reminding you of t h e n e e d

a n d a u n t s and daughters and sons to lose

to make nutritious choices.


contents Sweet & Savoury Gourmet Snacks

from the



Easy Substitutions


C h e f A s h b y ’s Ta s t y Tu r k e y


C h e f D e r e k We n t ’s H a m R e c i p e s


Casaro Cheeses


J e n ’s K i s s o f C h o c o l a t e C h o c o l a t e C o o k i e s 2 0 Roberts Rich Fruit Cake


W h a t ’s H o t f o r C h r i s t m a s


Elements Spa


B e t t e r t h e S e c o n d Ti m e A r o u n d


To p 1 0 Tr a v e l Tr e a t s


Fresh from the Farm of Ras Iley




fter what has proven to be a particularly unsettling year with global




beginning to see a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As we look towards 2010, we need to thank God for all of our blessings and remember what Christmas is all about; caring, sharing, family and friends. In this issue, we’ve got great recipes for you to try as well as some cool gift i d e a s i n o u r “ W h a t ’s H o t f o r C h r i s t m a s ” feature. If you’re going abroad for the h o l i d a y s , y o u ’ l l e n j o y o u r “ To p 1 0 Tr e a t s t o Ta k e W h e n y o u ’ r e Tr a v e l l i n g ” . We’re thrilled at the response we’ve received called


enjoyed Living



written Super








C e n t r e ’s






suggestions for recipes or features you would like us to include. The Food & Living family would like to wish you and your family a Merry

22 4

C h r i s t m a s a n d a h e a l t h y, p r o s p e r o u s

Christmas Cake






Canadian born Jen Maveal has

Allan Ashby has been a chef for

Trinidadian born chef Derek Went

been baking for over 15 years.

more than ten years, working at

is one of the island’s most creative

Jen graciously agreed to share

Divi South Winds as a pastry chef,

chefs. For this issue, Derek has

some of her wonderful recipes for

Jambalaya in the Gap as a sous chef

created some great recipes to use

Christmas cookies in this issue of

and other eateries, including the

up that leftover ham.

F&L. Every Christmas, friends and

Waterfront Café, Coconut Court,

family look forward to receiving

Move and Pick Deli, and Choices

R e c i p e s - Chunky Butte r n u t

Jen’s beautifully packaged treats

Café. Ashby currently works at the

Squash and Sweet Pot a t o

under their Christmas trees. This

Allamanda Hotel where he is known

Soup with Ham and Co r n m e a l

Christmas, spread some joy of your

for his extraordinary Sunday Roast


own with Jen’s simple recipe.

with Yorkshire pudding.

R e c i p e - K i s s of Chocolate

Recipe – Christmas Turkey with

C h o c o l a t e Cookies.

Red Wine Stuffing.

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Cool and Creamy Ham a n d Avocado Salad. Boxing Day Ham Palam . (Page 16)


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Savoury & Sweet Gourmet Hors D’ Oeuvres Cheese platters are no longer reserved for

airy allowing the full flavour of the cheese to be

society gatherings; as cheese prices continue

d e v e l o p e d . I t i s p e r f e c t f o r s o f t e r, m i l d f l a v o u r e d

to decrease

cheeses or paté.

and the range of accompanying

products steadily increases, this type of fare is no longer reserved for a privileged few but can be used to add zest and sophistication to even the m o s t i n f o r m a l g e t t o g e t h e r. Check






items at your nearest Super Centre supermarket.

Medford Farms Savoury Onion Crackers platters. GET SAUCED Sauces and toppings are an easy way to set your event apart, with very little



c h e e s e p l a t t e r. I t i s i m p o r t a n t

platter with an array of crackers and dips allows guests to create flavour profiles all their own. Here are some to try:







and jellies, this rich fig spread adds a wonderful sweet aroma to cheeses. Sable & Rosenfeld Port and Cranberry Sauce typically thought o f a s a t o p p i n g f o r t u r k e y, t h i s

Sesmark Ancient Grain

sauce serves a dual purpose

Crackers Parmesan and Herb -

during the Christmas season.

made from gluten free ingredients

S w e e t a n d t a n g y, i t t o p s

for the growing number of gluten

sharp cheeses and makes a

sensitive individuals. The flavour of

fantastic topping for baked

this cracker complements most soft

b r i e . To p a w h e e l o f b r i e w i t h

cheeses M a r g a r e t ’s Artisan Bakery Wa l n u t a n d D a t e or Mango and Cashew Crisps - a stunning combination of



commonly found with the jams

with varying levels of firmness the




Dalmatia Fig Spread,

to serve a selection of cheeses Accompanying

Yo u


Add some zest to your classic






add a subtle flavour and

a crisp consistency to most cheese

sauce, wrap in chilled phyllo pastry (ensure that the pastry is fully defrosted in the fridge) and bake at 350° until golden brown. B r o n c o B o b ’s R a s p b e r r y o r Mango Chipotle Sauces,

fruit and nuts, this slightly sweet

commonly found with the cooking sauces.

taste perfectly complements aged, firm

These toppings are sweet and very slightly


s p i c y, w h e n p o u r e d o v e r b r i e , c a m e m b e r t

M u s e t t e P e t i t e To a s t s a r e l i g h t a n d

or even cream cheese, they make a truly special treat;



Creative dips include:

Ta p e n a d e s a n d p e s t o s c a n b e u s e d

Roasted pepper

to create tasty delicacies to please

dip made from

even the most discerning gourmet.

combining sour cream,





crumbled feta cheese


and Peloponesse Sweet Pepper

Pillsbury Crescent rolls before rolling, to

Spread served with toasted pita bread

c r e a t e b u t t e r y b i t e s w i t h a b u r s t o f f l a v o u r. Or dollop tapenades such as, Peloponnese Kalamata Olive Spread or Bella Familia

Hummus such as Sabra Greek Olive


Hummus with slices of fresh sweet


Ta p e n a d e , o n t o s q u a r e s o f

puffed pastry before baking to create light, flaky

pepper and cherry tomatoes; goat

hors d’oeuvres. They can be placed alternately

cheese and kalamata olive spread

to create an impactful checkerboard effect of

made from combining goat

green and black

cheese, with yogurt and

Dress up your cream cheese by adding a tapenade and filling a pastry cup f o r a s a v o r y c h e e s e t r e a t . Tr y B e l l a F a m i l i a Ta p e n a d e i n S u n - D r i e d To m a t o , t h e c o n c e n t r a t e d , s l i g h t l y fruity flavour of the sun-dried cream cheese, or Familia Goat


kalamata olives and fresh herbs to taste, served with melba toast. FOR THE SWEET TOOTH

selection, but the easy finger desserts


Ta p e n a d e

cream cheese with diced

Most people overlook offering a dessert

tomatoes is mellowed by the

available at Super Centre will be the


perfect end to your meal without



R o a s t e d S w e e t P e p p e r,

Tr y

the sharp goat cheese and


your of






with a chocolate sauce such as

the sweet and piquant roasted red

Sable & Rosenfeld Chocolate

peppers blend with the cream cheese


i n a w o n d e r f u l m e d l e y o f f l a v o u r.




chocolate mousse made from filling tart shells such as VIP Mini Pastry

ZESTY DIPS Add to your chips and salsa regimen of dips and include some more sophisticated fare:

S h e l l s w i t h p r e p a r e d m o u s s e m i x s u c h a s D r. Oetker Mousse Mix in Dark Chocolate; crispy sweet biscuits such as Vicenzi


P i t a c h i p s , Te r r a S w e e t P o t a t o c h i p s , C a r r o t

Fingers taste decadent when dipped in melted,

c h i p s , B l a c k To r t i l l a a n d B l u e c o r n c h i p s a r e

white, dark or milk chocolate.

affordable and interesting ways t o d r e s s u p y o u r d i p p l a t t e r. Providing a variety of dips will




your guests will find something liking.





Happy entertaining!

Easy Substitutions Have you ever started to prepare a recipe from a cookbook, and halfway through realized that you were missing a vital ingredient? The table below provides h e l p f u l t i p s o n s o m e e a s y, i n e x p e n s i v e substitutions that could save your dish.

Please note that it is always best to use the suggested ingredients and that substitution may create a dish that, although similar to the original recipe, m a y d i f f e r i n t e x t u r e o r q u a l i t y.




Evaporated milk or equal parts of cream and milk

heavy cream or heavy whipping cream

Used both for the fat content and creaminess. Heavy cream can also be easily whipped. This combination is difficult to duplicate. Tr y c r è m e f r a i c h e f o r c r e a m s a u c e s O R ¾ c u p m i l k + 1 / 3 c u p b u t t e r, h o w e v e r t h i s w i l l n o t w h i p a n d m a y curdle when heated

whipped cream

Beat chilled heavy cream in a chilled, narrow bowl with chilled beaters until soft peaks are formed


Add 1 tbsp lemon juice to 1 cup milk and let stand for 5-10 minutes OR plain yogurt, dependant on the recipe

1 tablespoon arrowroot

1 tbsp cornstarch OR 2 tbsp all-purpose flour

1 cup bread crumbs, dry

1 cup crushed crackers, ground oats, cornflakes or potato chips

1oz bitter or semisweet chocolate

½ oz unsweetened chocolate + 1 tbsp granulated sugar

1 oz milk chocolate

1oz bittersweet/semisweet chocolate + 1 tbsp granulated sugar

1oz sweet German-semisweet chocolate

1 oz bittersweet/semisweet chocolate + ½ tbsp granulated sugar OR 1 oz milk chocolate

1 cup light corn syrup

1 c u p h o n e y O R 1 c u p g r a n u l a t e d s u g a r. W h e n u s i n g g r a n u l a t e d s u g a r, i n c r e a s e l i q u i d i n r e c i p e b y ¼ c u p

1 tbsp cornstarch

2 tbsp all-purpose flour

½ tsp cream of tartar

½ tsp lemon juice

1 cup crème fraiche

Wa r m o n e c u p h e a v y c r e a m t o a b o u t 1 0 0 F, a d d o n e or two tbsp of sour cream, cultured buttermilk, or plain yogurt (make sure the brand that contains active cultures) OR sour cream, although this will most likely curdle when boiled

1 cup clotted cream

1 cup mascarpone cheese

1 cup superfine granulated sugar

1 cup granulated sugar pulsed in food processor or blender until very fine

1 cup cake flour

¾ cup all-purpose flour + 2 tbsp cornstarch

References The Cook’s Thesaurus




main dishes

Chef Ashby’s Tasty Turkey Christmas Turkey with Red Wine Stuffing INGREDIENTS


1 turkey

10 slices bread (cubed)

but ter/margarine

3 onions 1 sprig t hyme


1 sprig marjoram


4 cloves garlic

dried sage

turkey livers & gizzards


4 t bsp olive oil


½ cup red wine ½ tsp salt ½ tsp pepper

Method Mix dry rub ingredients and rub on the skin and inside the cavity of the turkey. Chop onion, garlic, thyme, marjoram, livers and gizzards. Heat olive oil in frying pan and sauté all chopped ingredients for 5 minutes. Add red wine and let simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Add bread and stir to combine. Coat turkey with butter, stuff turkey, tie or skewer legs together to hold shape during baking. For a healthier turkey, try olive oil instead of the butter baste. The general rule for calculating how long to bake a turkey, is to multiply the weight (in pounds) by 15. This is for an unstuffed, thawed turkey baked at 325F degrees. If the turkey is stuffed, add 15 minutes to the cooking time.


Christmas Cranberry Sauce Ingredients 1 bag Ocean Spray Cranberries 1 cup of brown sugar juice of one orange 2 cups of water 2 cinnamon st icks 2 tsp of dr y sherr y (opt ional) 1 tsp of lemon juice Method Put all ingredients into saucepan on medium heat and stir regularly. When ingredients come to a boil, turn down heat, cover and simmer (stirring regularly) for 20 minutes, until berries become soft. Use potato masher to thicken sauce, leaving some of the berries whole. If you prefer a thinner sauce, add a little more water or orange juice. Note: This Cranberry sauce is such a hit you might want to double the recipe. Serve hot or cold with Christmas dinner. Refrigerate and have cranberry sauce for the whole season.





1 lb sweet pot ato, scrubbed, diced into 1 inch cubes

1 cup chopped PERONNE ham 2 cups corn meal ½ cup plain flour

1 lb but ternut squash, diced to 1 inch cubes

2 tsp baking powder

½ tsp went wor x island sweet for veget ables to t aste

1 tbsp wholegrain must ard

7 cups veget able brot h

1 tbsp unsalted but ter, melted

6 cloves fresh garlic, minced

2 cups water or milk

2 large onions, minced

2 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

3 t bsp fresh grated ginger

¼ tsp sea salt

2 t bsp fresh lime juice 6 st alks fresh chives, chopped


3 t bsp olive oil

Place all ingredients in a bowl. Stir well to combine and add enough water or milk to make a fairly soft dough. Add more flour or liquid as necessary.

sea salt to t aste

Cover and set aside. To cook, drop by the spoonful into simmering liquid. They float when cooked.

Method Heat a large saucepan and add olive oil. To the hot oil add the wentworx spices, onion, garlic and ginger. Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes and then add the cubed Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash. Toss in the oil and spices until coated and sauté for another 5 minutes. Next add the vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and allow to simmer covered for approximately 15 minutes or until the potato and squash are tender and the soup begins to thicken. After 10 minutes, add the PERONNE Ham and Cornmeal Dumplings. When the dumplings rise to the surface, add the lime juice, chives and sea salt to taste. Stir gently and remove from heat. Serve immediately.


BOXING DAY HAM PALAM Ingredients 1 large onion, diced 1 cup PERONNE Ham, diced 2 cups cooked rice 4 slices bread, shredded into small pieces 2 large tomatoes, diced 1 red pepper, diced 1 large onion, diced 5 cloves garlic, diced


1 tsp went wor x island heat for all meats


½ cup milk


2 eggs, beaten

1 cup PERONNE ham, sliced

½ cup cheddar cheese, grated + ¼ cup for topping

2 ripe avocados, halved and pit ted

sea salt to t aste

1 cucumber, par t ially peeled, t hinly sliced

but ter for greasing casserole dish

4 leaves of romaine let tuce, shredded 1 small red onion, t hinly sliced 1 red sweet pepper, diced small Dressing 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or

Method In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients thoroughly. Place in buttered casserole dish and sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350˚ F for 20 minutes or until set. Allow to cool slightly before serving with a tossed salad.

1 tbsp ex tra virgin olive oil ½ tsp went wor x island sweet for veget ables to t aste sea salt to t aste Combine in a bottle, shake well and set aside. Tip: Make ahead of time to allow the flavours to fully develop. Keep refrigerated. Method Combine the dressing ingredients in a bottle, shake well and set aside. Combine the other ingredients on the list in a bowl, toss with the salad dressing just before you are ready to serve and fill each half of Avocado with the mixture. Alternatively dice the Avocado into bite sized chunks and gently toss it with the remaining ingredients at the last minute before serving.


Cheese Master Ryan Celius

Casaro Cheeses In 1993, Silvio and Giuse Ferri left their homeland of Italy to realize their dream of opening an Italian restaurant in Barbados. Due to a series of unfortunate events, the venture was unsuccessful and the Ferris made the decision to produce an item intrinsic to their Italian culture... cheese. Italian cheeses produced right here in Barbados. O n J u l y 1 4 th 1 9 9 4 , S i l v i o a n d G i u s e i n v i t e d f r i e n d s t o a c h e e s e tasting party to sample the first mozzarella produced by Casaro Cheeses. E a c h d a y, G i u s e ( a k a M a m a ) d r o v e a r o u n d B a r b a d o s l o o k i n g for customers, introducing chefs to the idea of using fresh, l o c a l l y p r o d u c e d c h e e s e . I n i t i a l l y p r o g r e s s w a s s l o w, b u t t h e n the calls started coming. Impressed with the unique flavour of the Casaro mozzarella made with Pine Hill Dairy milk and no preservatives, chefs were calling for the Italian cheese m a d e i n B a r b a d o s . T h e r e s t , a s t h e y s a y, i s h i s t o r y ! To d a y C a s a r o C h e e s e s p r o d u c e s mozzarella and ricotta c h e e s e s i n o r i g i n a l a n d g o u r m e t f l a v ours including hot pepper, s u n - d r i e d t o m a t o e s a n d o l i v e s f o r s everal of the island’s top r e s t a u r a n t s , s u p e r m a r k e t s , p r i v a t e v i l las and chefs. The Ferris dream of opening an Italian restaurant eventually came to fruition with Mama Mia Italian Deli & Pizzeria where Casaro cheeses are used to make everything from pizza, ravioli and lasagna, to cheesecake. Aside from the locally produced cheeses, Casaro also carries a s e l e c t i o n o f c h e e s e s i m p o r t e d f r o m I t a l y.


Delightful DESSERTS

This Christmas, instead of buying a gift, try this recipe for delightful Christmas cookies that your friends and family will l o v e . To p a c k a g e , p l a c e c o o k i e s i n c l e a r cellophane bags or buy small brown or

white paper bags, cut a square of cloth with a Christmas print and glue the square on to the front of the bag. Punch 2 small holes at the top of the bag and use decorative ribbon or twine to fasten.

Kiss of Chocolate chocolate Cookies INGREDIENTS


1½ oz unsweetened chocolate, melted

Microwave chocolate squares in small bowl on medium for 2 minutes, stir until melted. Cool.

1 cup but ter, sof tened 1 cup granulated sugar 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking soda ¼ tsp salt

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg, vanilla, and melted chocolate. Add flour, baking soda, and salt. Wrap securely in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm, approximately 10 mins. Shape dough into 1” balls, roll in additional sugar. Place on ungreased cookie cheets. Use handle of wooden spoon or your thumb to make deep indentations in centre of each ball. Bake at 375F, for 8 – 10 minutes or until set. Place one kiss in the centre of each warm cookie. Remove from baking sheets to cool on wire racks.

1 pack milk chocolate kisses Makes 3 dozen medium-sized cookies. Make the cookies smaller and you can yield 4 – 5 dozen cookies.


ROBERTS’ RICH FRUIT CAKE 1½ lb or 575g raisins 5 eggs 6 ozs or 175g currants ½ cup or 100g pineapple jam 4 ozs or 100g glace cherries 2 tsp or 10ml cinnamon & nut meg 8 ozs or 225g mixed peel 1 tsp or 5ml baking powder 1 cup or 250ml rum ¼ cup or 62ml falernum ¼ cup or 62ml cake mix wine 2½ cups or 575g flour 8 ozs or 225g GLOW SPREAD ½ tsp or 2.5ml salt 12 ozs or 350g brown sugar METHOD Soak minced fruit in half rum, add spices, jam and 2 – 3 tablespoons brown sugar. Mix these ingredients well, put them in a glass jar, cover and allow them to steep for 3 weeks or longer, stirring occasionally. When ready to use, add fruit mixture to a saucepan over low heat and allow to cook for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Set aside to cool, (prior cooking of the fruit, shortens the baking time of the cake and reduces the probability of burning.) In a bowl, cream GLOW SPREAD and sugar until frothy and almost doubled in volume. Beat in eggs


one at a time. In a separate bowl, sieve flour, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add dry ingredients to the creamed mixture alternating with the cooled fruit. Fold to incorporate completely. Put mixture into baking tins, greased and lined with 2 thicknesses of waxed paper. Fill pans 3/4 full. Bake at 275F for 2-3 hrs according to the size of the cakes. When cake is removed from the oven, prick with skewer to create small holes, then pour remaining rum, falernum and cake mix wine over the cake, pausing to allow absorption without flooding the pans. Allow to remain until liquid is fully absorbed.

drinks & spirits SoRREL - A BAJAN TRADITION Sorrel is the unofficial Christmas drink of the Caribbean and is

flavonoids, which are believed to boost health partly by acting

consumed, with some variation, in most of the Caribbean territories.

against the process of oxidation in the body. Sorrel is extremely

It has many health benefits. Sorrel contains a wide range of vitamins

versatile and can be used in chutneys, sauces, desserts and jams

and minerals including vitamin A, C, calcium, niacin, riboflavin and

and of course, the tried, and truly loved, Sorrel drink.

Ingredients 1 oz or 1/4 of a bag dried sorrel pet als 3 strips of orange peel 4 whole cloves 1 small piece of ginger, peeled. 1 1/2 cups of sugar 1 cinnamon st ick 1/4 tsp ground cloves 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 litres of boiling water METHOD Put all the ingredients in a jar. Slowly add the boiling water. Stir the contents until the sugar dissolves. Let sorrel infuse for a couple of days. When you’re ready to drink the sorrel, strain through a sieve, pour it into the bottle. Chill and serve.

elements Renew your inner glow


he term spa conjures images of luxurious pampering





tranquil destination. One such destination is i n 2 n d S t r e e t i n H o l e t o w n . Tu c k e d a w a y i n t h e beautiful setting of Mango Bay Hotel, you’ll f i n d j u s t t h e p l a c e t o r e n e w y o u r i n n e r g l o w. Elements spa offers both the world renowned Phytomer range of skin care products and the Jessica Nail Care Cultivation System, founded







H o l l y w o o d , J e s s i c a Va r t o u g h i a n . S k i n a n d F a c i a l Tr e a t m e n t s i n c l u d e : The Elements Signature Customized Facial - a European-style facial with concentrated marine







complexion. Spa Prestige Facial - a professional facial with a series of masks, serums and creams which hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the fragile eye area. Sea Essential Brightening Facial – a facial • Facials • Massage Therapies • B o d y Tr e a t m e n t s • N a i l a n d Wa x i n g S e r v i c e s







safely fade marks such as age spots, marks from sun damage and other overly pigmented spots.





uneven skin luminously toned and brilliantly smooth for a flawless complexion. D e e p C l e a n s i n g B a c k Tr e a t m e n t – T h e b a c k is cleansed, exfoliated and steamed with extraction and mask, leaving the back soft, smooth and radiant. Elements spa offers professional makeup and hair styling services for weddings and special functions as well as waxing treatments for t h e f a c e a n d b o d y. Elements spa is owned and managed by Barbadian graduate College member

entrepreneur of



Tr i n g






prestigious Hertfordshire British


Champneys UK





T h e r a p y.

a of


a l s o h o l d s a C I D E S C O d i p l o m a , ( t h e w o r l d ’s most prestigious qualification in the field of esthetics and beauty therapy) which is recognized in over 33 countries around the world. Elements




Tu e s d a y


Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm. Appointments can be made outside of the regular spa hours by calling (246) 432-6826 Email: w w w. m a n g o b a y b a r b a d o s . c o m / s p a


Feeding Pla n

Better the Second Time Around

After the Christmas feast, many of us have leftovers

sandwich on brown bread, or for the big appetites, the

in our fridge and freezer that we struggle to transform

Boxing Day Knockout sandwich of turkey, ham, stuffing

into tasty, interesting meals for our family. After the gastronomical largesse of the Christmas season, what is mostly required afterwards are quick, easy and nutritious meals to allow a return to normalcy as soon as possible. Many people throw away leftovers after just a few days, with the belief that their families will no longer eat them, not only does this waste food, it means that you will have to go shopping more frequently in January, traditionally a very cash-strapped month. In this article, we will give you ways to prepare leftovers that will make your family and guests believe that you cooked from scratch. To store food, first allow it to cool completely then place in a freezer bag or container. Store in the fridge or freezer


Make sure that you keep the turkey carcass and ham bones for your soups and stews. Eggs are an easy way of using leftovers meats,

to label and date

vegetables and cheeses and can be used to create



convenient meal preparation, be removed from the cavity of the turkey/chicken and stored separately. Soups and sandwiches are standard fare for Christmas leftovers and for some persons, the post-Christmas pork or turkey cutter is more anticipated than the Christmas However, even these standards can be jazzed

up with little alterations eg, try a pulled pork or turkey sandwich with shredded leftover pork or turkey, leftover coleslaw and bbq sauce; or a turkey, avocado and bacon


fill you until New Year’s Eve.


meats should be stored sliced and stuffing should always


and cranberry sauce‌and coleslaw, it is guaranteed to

quick and nutritious meals. Frittatas and omelets are great for brunch or a light lunch after the Christmas feasting. Try an easy turkey or ham frittata, simply heat a large non-stick broiler-proof skillet and add cubed meat, onions, garlic and your favourite

vegetables; add eggs and salt and pepper. Cook on low

Leftover mashed potatoes are gobbled up as mashed

heat in a covered non-stick oven proof dish until the eggs

potato cakes; a crispy treat that’s fun for children to

are almost set, then sprinkle with grated cheese and

eat. Create patties approx 1/2“ thick and dredge in

broil in the oven for an additional 3 minutes or until the

combination of flour, salt and pepper. Fry in hot butter

top is set and starts to brown. For a more sophisticated

until a golden crust is formed, approximately 10-15

alternative try a ham/turkey/pork, cheese and vegetable

minutes. Serve as a side or add cheeses or vegetables

quiche, the pastry can be store bought.

to make a more complete meal. A similar format can be

Leftover Christmas meats (most often turkey, ham and pork) can be used to create many other affordable meals including fried rice; stews, shepherds pie,


turkey, in





followed using leftover sweet potato however, some flour may need to be added to this mixture, cover the patties in a mixture of corn meal and flour before frying. Leftover sauces like sorrel or cranberry can also be put to good use. You can



add them to mini breakfast muffins or



cookies. Boiled vegetables can be


pureed and frozen, defrost to add

with potato salad, pizza

to pasta sauces, pizza sauces and

and for children’s lunches

stews. Picky eaters will never know


turkey or pork patties (with frozen dough as a time-saving measure).

that they’re there! Receive (or buy) lots of chocolate during the season? If you receive more than you can possibly eat,

For those post-season meals with family, impress them

here’s a simple tip – chop them up and add them to the

with Ham and Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits.

cookies or brownies that you take to your next office

Combine 2 cups flour, 4 tsp baking powder, ¼ tsp baking soda, ¾ tsp salt. Using fingertips add 2 tbsp chilled butter and 2 tbsp chilled shortening

party or social gathering. They will count as your gift and you remove the temptation to sit at home and singlehandedly finish the entire box of chocolates.

until mixture looks like crumbs. Add 1 cup leftover

These tips are sure to extend the life of your leftovers,

ham, chopped and 1 cup grated cheese. Pour in

try to create some Second Time Around recipes of your

buttermilk, stir to combine into a sticky dough and

own. Using leftovers saves time and money and if you

turn onto floured surface. Gently fold dough over

don’t call them leftovers, no one will ever know.

itself 4-5 times and cut out biscuits with a 2-inch cutter (a large drinking glass is fine). Make sure to press straight down through the dough. Bake in a preheated 450 degree oven for approx 15 minutes or until golden. It’s not just meats that can be reused, leftover potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and vegetables; however, can be reengineered as well.


Fresh from the Farm of Ras Iley F o r o v e r 3 0 y e a r s , D a r c y S m a l l a k a R a s I l e y, h a s b e e n a n a v i d f a r m e r. Every day after school, the former Lodge student helped his grandmother tend to her crops and so began D a r c y ’s p a s s i o n f o r p l a n t i n g . At age 16, Darcy earned his jockey license and went on to become one of the top riders in the island. Aside from the recognition he received on the horse racing circuit, Darcy was also known as one of the i s l a n d ’s t o p d i s t a n c e r u n n e r s . The hat Ras Iley is probably most recognized for wearing, is the crown of Road March King 1986 and 1993, which he won for his calypso anthems “Spring Garden” and “Inez” To d a y, R a s I l e y e n j o y s w o r k i n g t h e l a n d a t h i s P i n e B a s i n f a r m , w h e r e h e g r o w s a v a r i e t y o f l e t t u c e c a l l e d Tr o p i c a l E m p i r e . I l e y ’s l a r g e , l e a f y h e a d s o f l e t t u c e h a v e e a r n e d him yet another moniker “The Lettuce Man”.


Food & Living Xmas 2009  

Food & Living Magaizne is a periodic publication by Super Centre Supermarket Barbados

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