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Poker is the new recession beater In a recent poll fifty percent of people influenced by the downturn in the economy have been thinking of ways to make extra money and of that 50% approximately 8% have turned to poker to beat the downturn. This is a phenomenal figure when you realise that only twelve months ago a similar poll discovered only %0.5 of people looked to online poker to add additional income into their household. Fogwhistle Braveheart, an expert in online gaming statistics , gave us an insight into why this shift may have occurred "I strongly believe that people are now willing to risk more even though they have in fact less money to risk. It's an oddity of the human behaviour but when people are desperate they will in fact risk more!" He went on to say "I think you will see an overall increase in people learning to play poker to beat the recession and that's a fact!". Evidence strongly points to Fogwhistle Braveheart being absolutely correct in his thinking and research. Another startling statistic has emerged. Of this new breed of poker players generally 30% have cats while 60% have dogs. We asked Fogwhistle why this might be "I think that you'll find that the comfort derived from a pet animal while playing poker can really improve your game. You see the pet animal, especially dogs, give out calming waves of energy that help to relax the players and not let them get too emotionally attached to any one hand. This enables the poker player to make rational and qualified decisions where the normal players without pets would make mistakes. My advice is to have a pet by your side or on your lap whenever you are playing poker". The economic impact of the faltering economy is making people's lives change quite quickly and the largest change in the last five months is the inability to make end's meet. Playing poker online is just one form of gambling that has taken off in the last twelve months and learning how to play poker is just one way that people are beating the recession. A online poker company that is helping people to learn online poker is Bwin Poker Bonus. When asked what the key difference there was in Bwin Poker Bonus way of training their new recruits Fulvia Bloomingdaleo's had this to say "Our online reputation is second to none and that does not stop at only the online poker game's. We take pride in training our new players to the highest standards. That's why we have such a strong and loyal base of users. We say that if you can teach them well with respect and technical talent they'll be no stopping them when they hit the tables and as a consequence they will be more likely to keep playing and on our tables. This is our secret method of training people to learn poker online. This recession has seen a marked increase in people looking for poker training and this is our response to that demand. While no-one expected learning poker to be a way to beat the recession there is no doubt that companies like Bwin Poker Bonus will be the big winners when people turn to online poker to make some extra money in these tough times. Fulvia Bloomingdaleo is a poker training expert expert for Bwin Poker Bonus Code and is also a casual gamer working to make the training program more fun and accessible for all new players. For more information on Bwin Poker Bonus bonus code please see

Poker is the new recession beater  

Fulvia Bloomingdaleo is a poker training expert expert for Bwin Poker Bonus Code and is also a casual gamer working to make the training pro...