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The first moment of waking up and finding eyes are really tired and eyelids are tired and feeling heavy. Makes my vision more blurry than usual and notice part of vision is covered by upper eyelids.

Just waking up and stretching and noticed my joints popping and muscles tensing. I could Feel the cold areas on the bed from stretching and changing positions. while staring at the ceiling I remember also noticing my pillow and duvet in corner of my eyes.

When I put the cold face cloth onto my face I notice colder patches on it from the inconsistent heat distribution of the hot tap water through it. The smell of washing is still lingering onto the wet cloth and sticks onto face.

while cleaning my face I notice the cloth rub against the imperfections on my skin, wiping against smaller pimples makes me feel a small prick of pain. Wet skin instantly feels colder when exposed to cold air.

I usually don’t really notice details while swiping eftpos card but I noticed that todays eftpos machine was bulkier and had a swivel base.The machine was dirtier and I noticed all the dust and dirty marks. The buttons were slightly sticky aswell when I pressed them.

Noticed the colder temperature of my card was cold when I picked it up and my body heat transferring into it. As I swipe the card I feel the the bumps inside the swipe path. I could also remember my hand dropping slightly after swiping because I put the weight of my hand against the card.

Ccdn231 sensory ethnography  
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