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TIBET Finding Your Feet

North Ridge Expedition

2018 7 April - 13 June

In 2017, I attempted to climb Everest in memory of my twin uncles - Patrick and Michael McGowan - who were both taken by cancer. I made the difficult decision to turn back at 7,900m as my energy levels were extremely low and I did not want to enter the ‘Death Zone’ above 8,000m where rescue is impossible - I wanted to be sure that I could get myself safely off the mountain and back to my family.

introduction I recently became the first Brit in twenty years to reach the technical summit of Mawenzi, the second highest summit on Kilimanjaro. I’ve now climbed four of the seven continental summits, and climbed to a maximum altitude of 7,900m on Everest’s North Ridge last year. I draw on my wide spectrum of life experience as a committed mountaineer, an ultra-endurance athlete, a humanitarian aid worker and a Polar Ambassador to motivate and inspire audiences with stories, images and video from my deployments with the Red Cross, completing the Marathon de Sables and my continuing attempt to become the first Brit to climb the Triple 7 Summits.

Sadly, one of my team-mates was badly injured after running out of oxygen at 7,500m and suffered multiple blood clots on his lung, became temporarily wind-blind and suffered severe frostbite. He was eventually rescued and helped down to basecamp by Sherpas, where I coordinated his medical treatment and his safe evacuation to hospital in Kathmandu. I shared my attempt via social media and I received a huge number of messages of support throughout. Although I turned back before the summit - thanks to the generosity of friends, family and supporters - I raised over £7,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Over the course of two months from 7 April to 13 June 2018, I will now make my second attempt to climb Mount Everest - the highest mountain on earth at 8,848m - via the North Ridge route in Tibet.

This expedition is the culmination of a lifelong dream to stand on the highest point on earth. If I succeed, I’ll become one of a handful of Brits who have climbed the world’s highest mountain and have completed the Marathon des Sables, know as the ‘toughest footrace on earth’. By attempting Everest for the second time, I’ll also raise funds for Finding Your Feet, a charity established by a friend’s sister - Corinne Hutton fell ill after suffering acute pneumonia and septicemia, and surgeons were forced to amputate both her hands and her legs below the knee. Following her near-fatal illness, Corinne defied the odds and the doctors and walked unaided on prosthetic legs within four months. Corinne now devotes her life to supporting others who face limb loss, by encouraging, mentoring, speaking, motivating and inspiring.

In April, I’ll travel from my home in Cambridge to Kathmandu, Nepal.

itinerary & route profile

From here I’ll travel overland through Tibet and finally reach Mount Everest basecamp, where the challenge will really begin. Over the course of six weeks I’ll acclimatise on the mountain; this involves travelling to high camps and back down to basecamp again. This process is essential to get my body used to the altitude and reduced levels of oxygen on the mountain. When the weather is stable enough and I’ve acclimatised fullly, I’ll make my summit attempt, leaving basecamp and spending up to seven days on the mountain fighting cold, altitude and physical and mental exhaustion to achieve my goal of standing at 8,848m on the top of the world The expedition is not ‘guided’, but has a team leader to coordinate all of the logistics and our movement on the mountain. We use yaks to move much of our equipment up to Advanced Basecamp at 6,400m. We employ group Sherpas to establish high camps and carry some of the group gear above ABC. Each team member will be provided with 5 or 6 bottles of oxygen for use above 7,000m.

route: north ridge

The north ridge was first attempted by a British team led by Mallory in 1921 – they reached the North Col (7,003m). The second expedition in 1922 reached 8,320m before turning back, and was the first team to use supplemental oxygen. It was also on this expedition that the first deaths were reported when an avalanche killed seven Sherpas. The 1924 British expedition with Mallory and Irvine is most notable for the mystery of whether they summited or not. Hillary and Norgay summited for the first time from South in 1953. Overall, the north side of the mountain is more technically difficult than the south side and significantly colder and windier. However, there is no need to cross the Khumbu icefall that sits on the south side, which is inherently unstable.

climbing & camps

Advanced base camp: 6,492m – 6 hours (first time) Many teams use ABC as their primary camp during the acclimatisation period but it is quite high. This area can still be void of snow but offers a stunning view directly at the North Col. It is a harsh environment and a long walk (22km) back to the relative comfort of base camp or Tibetan villages. At ABC, we’ll rest and take time to review our equipment, safety procedures, climbing techniques, cooking and camping methods, and working to form ourselves into a more cohesive team.

Base camp: 5,182m Located on a gravel area near the Rongbuk Monastery, this is the end of the road. All vehicle assisted evacuations start here. There are no helicopter rescues or evacuations on the north side or for any mountain in Tibet. The drive follows a dirt road along the Rongbuk Valley and has spectacular views of the Himalaya. We will spend a day resting, acclimatising, and organizing equipment into Yak loads. Interim Camp: 6,187m - 5 to 6 hours (first time) Used on the first trek to ABC during the acclimatization process, this is a spot where a few tents are placed. Usually this area is lightly snow covered or none at all. We spend two days moving up to the “interim camp”. There are limited clean water sources so sickness is common.

North Col or C1: 7000m – 4 to 6 hours (first time) Leaving Camp 1, we reach the East Rongbuk Glacier and put on crampons for the first time. After a short walk, we clip into the fixed line set by the Sherpas and and climb from ABC to the North Col steadily gains altitude with one steep section of 60 degrees that will feel vertical. We may use ascenders on the fixed rope. Rappelling or arm-wrap techniques are used to descend this steep section.

We’ll spend several nights at the Col during the expedition. Over the following weeks, we’ll climb up and down the mountain, establishing camps, and building our acclimatisation and strength levels. We’ll also descend to basecamp several times in order to rest. Following this careful acclimatisation schedule will give us the best chance to ascend in safety and maximise our opportunity to reach the summit during the few weather windows that open in May.

Camp 2: 7,900m – 7 hours. Mostly a steep and snowy ridge climb that turns to rock. High winds are sometimes a problem making this a cold climb. I turned back here in 2017.

Camp 3: 8300m – 4 to 6 hours. The ridge is steep, rocky and exposed. Tents are perched on rock ledges and are often pummeled with strong winds. From here we make our final summit push. Summit bid. We first make our way through three rock bands known as the first, third steps.The first step is only about 3 metres located at 8,500 metres. The second is located just above the first step and is about 50 metres. The third and final step of 20 metres is slightly further up from the second at 8,800 metres Step 2 is exceptionally difficult to cross, even with an aluminum ladder placed by a Chinese team in 1975. After surmounting the 3rd Step, we ascend the final summit slopes (50 to 60 degrees) to the top.


When Corinne Hutton fell ill in June 2013 after suffering acute pneumonia and septicemia, surgeons were forced to amputate both her hands and her legs below the knee. Following her near-fatal illness, Corinne made remarkably swift progress, defying the odds and the doctors, walking unaided on prosthetic legs within four months. Corinne now devotes her life to supporting others who face limb loss - immediately following her illness, Corinne set up Finding Your Feet to support families affected by amputation or limb difference, through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects

Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. It has been proven that quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% not surviving to one year post amputation. FYF are key in addressing this issue. They are directly saving lives! They run over 50 clubs per month in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Leeds. These include swimming, skiing, climbing, gardening, crafting, pilates, fitness and their most popular ‘Ampu-teas’ session where their ‘Troopers’ meet up for a coffee and chat. They have a Tui Na Chinese medical massage therapist and an in-house Counsellor who sees their Troopers for 1:1 appointments as well as group Mindfulness sessions. They provide additional support for Troopers who aren’t ready or able to leave their hospital or home and they have an online support forum which offers peer support for amputees around the UK and beyond. I played rugby for several seasons at Glasgow Hawks with Cor’s younger brother Scott, who is now a partner in a top international legal company based in Dubai. Her older brother Davy is a property entrepreneur and owner of Quicksale Property and an important sponsor on my first attempt to climb Everest last year. Both Scott and Davy are trustess of Finding Your Feet.

I am determined - with your support - to raise as much as possible to support their amazing work

Ricky’s expeditions have have been covered in the traditional & outdoor media worldwide, including in the UK, Canada, Australia & Indonesia. He has inspired and engaged audiences through coverage by BBC Radio, Radio France Internationale, The Times, The Independent, The Herald, The Scotsman, Outer Edge Magazine, Wide World Magazine, Trek & Mountain, Get Out There, CA Magazine and many others. He was interviewed live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire twice in 2017 and achieved signifcant coverage for his Everest expedition in The Times, the Daily Record and Trek & Mountain magazine. Most recently, he was featured on the front cover of Trek & Mountain magazine and his Triple 7 Summits project was profiled inside.

reach & engagement

His Everest updates achieved up to 500 likes, 226 comments & 46 shares each. His Triple 7 Summits Facebook page has 1,700+ followers

700+ follwers and recent Everest updates have had over 6,000 views each

Over 2,400 followers & growing rapidly

His Carstensz Pyramid Expedition film has had 95,000 views to date

CA magazine profile

CA magazine profile & cover shot

Trek & Mountain: cover shot & profile

Ricky draws on his wide spectrum of life experience as a committed mountaineer, ultra-endurance athlete, humanitarian aid worker and executive leader to motivate and inspire audiences with stories, images and video from his deployments with the Red Cross, completing the Marathon de Sables and his attempt to become the first Brit to climb the Triple 7 Summits. He’s also a registered STEM Ambassador and Polar Ambassador working with primary schools as part of the Government’s Polar Explorer Programme to raise STEM aspirations in underachieving schools. Ricky finds personal inspiration from sharing his extraordinary life experiences with pupils and business audiences. In the last 6 months, he has delivered 16 inspirational talks to over 3,000 people.

public speaking “It was a fantastic evening and a huge thank you for speaking. Everyone was raving about you.” President, Glasgow Academical Club

“You were a delight to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your story” - Director, Member Engagement, ICAS “I thought your talk was so fascinating. I thought the flow and content were just right. You kept me gripped and entertained all the way through.” - Financial Accountant, UK Shared Business Services “Your presentation was inspirational and a perfect fit for our event, and I’ve received a huge amount of positive feedback on your presentation.” - Head of Site Operations, ScottishPower Renewables “Thank you so much for an awe-inspiring assembly; it was fantastic to actually see pupils’ jawdropping expressions! The questions continued long into the day as they processed the amazing experiences that you shared with them.” - Assistant Principal and KS2 Leader, Dashwood Banbury Academy “Thank you so much for the insightful and truly inspirational assembly. There really was a buzz around the place afterwards and all of the staff have said how well delivered itwas.” - Year 6 Teacher, Harriers Banbury Academy “Your narrative was compelling and your conversational delivery made for an easy listen” – Depute Rector, Morrison’s Academy

sponsorship packages Sponsor Benefits

Level Value Number

Equipment Sponsor £1,000 10

Announced as  equipment  sponsor  on  all   social  media  channels

Framed summit  photo  (unsigned)

1 organic  social  media  post  per  week   specifically  mentioning  your  organisation   on  build  up  to  expedition  (Facebook,   Twitter,  LinkedIn) Choose  which  equipment  you  want  to   sponsor:   1)  down  suit  2)  mountaineering  boots  3)   shell  clothing  layers  4)  insulated  clothing   (mitts,  gloves,  midlayers)  5)  satellite   communication  6)  audiovisual  (GoPro,   compact  camera,  solar  panel,  storage)  7)   flight  &  travel  8)  insurance  9)  safety   equipment  (oxygen  mask,  ice  axe,  harness)   10)  sleeping  system  (-­‐40C  bag  &   mattresses)

Base Camp  Sponsor £2,000 5

Inspirational talk:  Ricky  will  visit  your   premises  to  deliver  an  illustrated   inspirational  talk  to  a  group  of  your   choice.

Climbing Sponsor £3,000 4

Inspirational talk:  Ricky  will  visit  your   premises  to  deliver  one  inspirational   talk  to  a  group  of  your  choice  and  to   spend  time  with  your  teams  at   lunch/dinner  AND  Ricky  will  deliver  a   talk  to  a  school/club  of  your  choice

Announced as  base  camp  sponsor  on   Company  logo  featured  (3"  x  3")  on   all  social  media  channels summit  clothing  (right  and  left  arm)  

Signed, framed  summit  photo

2 x  organic  social  media  posts  per   week  specifically  mentioning  your   organisation  on  build  up  to   expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,   LinkedIn) 1  x  organic  social  media  posts  per   month  in  12  months  following   expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,   LinkedIn) Logo  displayed  in  weekly  email   distribution  before  expedition

Announced as  climbing  sponsor  on  all   social  media  channels

Company logo  on  all  expedition  press   releases

8,000m sponsor £7,500 2

Inspirational talks:  Ricky  will  visit  your  premises  to   deliver  two  inspirational  talks  to  groups  of  your   choice  and  to  spend  time  with  your  teams  at   lunch/dinner  AND  Ricky  will  deliver  a  talk  to  a   school/club  of  your  choice

Summit Sponsor £12,500 1

Exclusive expedition  naming  rights.  Company  Name   featured  in  all  social  media  posts  prior  to  expedition

Company logo  featured  (3"  x  3")  on  summit  clothing   Ricky  to  act  as  Brand  Ambassador  before,  during  and   (right  chest,  left  knee)   after  expedition  (to  31  May  2019)

Corporate Flag  &  Logo  carried  to  summit  of  Everest   (10"  x  14").  5  x  signed,  framed  prints  provided  in   addition  to  high-­‐resolution  digital  image

Mentioned in  all  PR  &  media  activity

1 x  1/2  day  visit:  Ricky  will  visit  your  premises  to   deliver  inspirational  presentations/workshop  to  a   group  of  staff.  To  include  themes  of  your  choice,   including  Goal-­‐setting,  Teamwork,  Leadership  and   Risk  Management AND:  Ricky  will  deliver  two  talks  about  the  expedition   for  schools/clubs/societies/stakeholders  at  a  time,   date  and  venue  of  your  choosing

Company logo  displayed  at  all  speaking   Company  logo  displayed  prominently  all  speaking   engagements  following  expedition engagements  following  expedition

Corporate Flag  &  Logo  carried  to  summit  of  Everest   (10"  x  14").  5  x  signed,  framed  prints  provided  in   addition  to  high-­‐resolution  digital  image.

3 x  Signed,  framed  summit  photos  with   5  x  Signed,  framed  summit  photos  with  company   company  banner banner

Company logo  featured  prominently  (4"  x  4")  on   summit  clothing  (left  chest,  right  knee)  &  selection  of   other  clothing

3 x  organic  social  media  posts  per  week   specifically  mentioning  your   5  organic  social  media  posts  per  week  specifically   organisation  on  build  up  to  expedition   mentioning  your  organisation  on  build  up  to   (Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn) expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn) 2  x  organic  social  media  posts  per   3  x  organic  social  media  posts  per  month  in  12   month  in  12  months  following   months  following  expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,   expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn) LinkedIn) Logo  displayed  in  weekly  email  distribution  before   Logo  displayed  in  weekly  email   distribution  before  expedition  and  for  1   expedition  and  monthly  for  2  months  following   month  following  expedition expedition

Free and  joint  use  of  all  photo  and  video  content   taken  by  Ricky  on  Everest  to  use  in  your  own   marketing  and  publicity  material

Main focus  for  PR  &  media  activity  -­‐  your  logo   displayed  in  all  media  appearances Satellite  phone  call  from  summit,  subject  to  weather   conditions  and  technical  feasibility Exclusive  short  video  thank  you  message  from   summit  (2  minutes  max) Company  logo  featured  on  all  slides  on  all  speaking   engagements  up  to  12  months  after  expedition 1  x  organic  social  media  posts  per  week  in  12  months   following  expedition  (Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn) Logo  displayed  prominently  in  weekly  email   distribution  before  expedition  and  monthly  for  3   months  following  expedition Logo  displayed  on  Ricky's  Everest  JustGiving  page,   raising  funds  for  Finding  Your  Feet

Sponsorship: Branding Options

Climbing Everest captivates the imagination and has tremendous public appeal. Sponsoring this expedition provides a fantastic opportunity to benefit from the associated publicity around my climb, while presenting a unique chance to engage staff, clients and stakeholders in the process. I invite corporate sponsors to share my journey as I aim for the top of the world.

Sponsorship packages available are detailed on the previous page: > Equipment - £1,000 > Base Camp - £2,000 > Climbing - £3,500 > 8,000m - £7,500 > Summit - £12,500 Summit clothing branding options are illustrated to the left and are available in the Climbing, 8,000m and Summit packages. Confirmed sponsors so far include:



In-Country Logistics £24,000 (including permit, group equipment, base camp cook, meals & drinks, overland transport, accommodation, yak transport, tents, stoves etc.)

Flights & excess baggage


Oxygen £2,500 Equipment £2,000 Satcomms £1,000 Insurance £1,500 Public Relations


Miscellaneous (tips etc.)




MOUNTAINEERING BOOTS: triple boots BOOTIES: Synthetic or down fill booties TRAINERS / SANDALS GAITERS SKI POLES: Adjustable poles BASE LAYER TOP: (1 or 2 sets) Synthetic or Merino options. LIGHT FLEECE TOP: 100 weight, Powerstretch fleece or similar PRIMALOFT JACKET: to fit over shell SHELL JACKET: Tlarge enough to go over two base layers. EXPEDITION PARKA (WITH HOOD): Down - 600-800 fill power DOWN SUIT: full body expedition suit VEST: Fleece, puffy or down vest adds warmth T-SHIRT or SUN SHIRT BASE LAYER BOTTOMS: Merino wool or synthetic bottoms SOFT SHELL PANTS: e.g. Schoeller SHELL PANTS: fully separating side-zips a INSULATED PANTS: synthetic/down pants can be layered over shell pants REGULAR UNDERWEAR: 2-4 changes SOCKS: 2 - 3 sets of wool or synthetic LIGHT GLOVES: (1 – 2 pair) soft shell gloves INSULATED GLOVES: Warm, insulated gloves are crucial. SUMMIT MITTENS: Warm as possible WARM HAT: One medium weight, warm hat BUFF + SUN HAT: HAND WARMERS: 3+ sets for summit day GLACIER GLASSES: with side protection and 100% UVA and UVB SKI GOGGLES: required for adverse weather EXPEDITION PACK: 60-70 litres LARGE ZIPPERED DUFFELS x 2: 70 - 100L for transporting personal gear EXPEDITION SLEEPING BAG: rated to -40 degrees C (down is preferred) COMPRESSION STUFF SACKS SLEEPING PADS: one closed cell pad + one inflatable pad ICE AXE (with leash): 65 cm length CRAMPONS: 10 or 12-point mountaineering crampons HARNESS: with adjustable leg loops. CARABINERS CLIMBING HELMET HEAD TORCH SATCOMMS CAMERA & AV KIT

Curriculum Vitae BSc (Hons) Physiology & Sport Science Chartered Accountant - The CA qualification is a prestigious and internationally respected qualification that demonstarates Ricky’s knowledge, skills and values as a highly regarded business professional

Contact Email: Phone: +44 (0) 7867 143 657

Former Head of Corporate Services, British Antarctic Survey - Ricky led a team of 50 finance, HR and science support professionals, was a member of the BAS Executive Team, chaired the BAS Management Team and was a member of the Major Projects Portfolio Board


Mentor, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland - The ICAS One Young CA contest identifies rising stars of the profession - emerging leaders; CAs who shine; CAs with a real entrepreneurial spirit, as well as innovators and technology adopters; CAs who are passionate about making the world a better place and who are leading and inspiring others. As an experienced and successful ICAS member, Ricky was selected to mentor a category winner in the annual ICAS One Young CA competition.


Polar Ambassador | STEM Ambassador - STEM Ambassadors volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to encourage and inspire young people to achieve more and progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Ricky also provides support to three schools to improve progression in STEM subjects for 7-11 year olds as part of the Polar Explorer Programme Churchill Fellow - Each year more than 100 Fellowships are awarded for a wide range of projects, providing a unique opportunity for UK citizens to travel overseas to bring back fresh ideas and new solutions to today’s issues, for the benefit of others in the UK. Ricky became a Fellow in 2010 as leader of the Australasia 3 Peaks Glacier Expedition




Profile for Ricky Munday

Everest North Ridge 2018 - Expedition Brochure  

My official expedition brochure for my second attempt to climb the North Ridge of Everest in Tibet from 7 April to 13 June 2017, to raise fu...

Everest North Ridge 2018 - Expedition Brochure  

My official expedition brochure for my second attempt to climb the North Ridge of Everest in Tibet from 7 April to 13 June 2017, to raise fu...