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Basic Steps to a Clean and Healthy Kitchen The kitchen is probably the most important place in any home simply because it’s where you prepare and cook meals for your family. To prepare wholesome and safe food, you need to make sure that your kitchen is always clean. If not, your family will be exposed to the dangers of foodborne illnesses. Here are the basic steps to a clean and healthy kitchen. Clearing Out & Cleaning If you take a peek into the shelves in your kitchen, you may be surprised to find quite a number of items that have not been used in the past year or two. Some of these items may even be expired so it’s best to get rid of them and clear those shelves. Do you need more glasses or cooking ware? Do the knives need to be sharpened? Is it time to give the walls a new paint job? Do all the things to make your kitchen as bright as possible. Look into the drawers and other storage space to clear out all the unnecessary items. That’s how your kitchen should appear and you should work hard to maintain this standard of cleanliness. What Do You Have Under the Sink? Most people keep their cleaning products under the sink, and these include kitchen cleaners, silver cleaners, window cleaners, wood cleaners, floor cleaners, and more. Can you imagine the amount of toxic chemicals found in all those cleaning products? Do you think the kitchen surfaces and floors are really clean when you “clean” them with all those products? It’s best to remove all those toxic products and replace them with more environmental friendly products which are safe for your family. It’s true that these organic products may cost more but you should always consider the health of your family. Alternatively, you may opt for common cleaning products like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and cornstarch. What’s in Your Fridge? To promote healthy eating in the home, you should read the labels on the jars or packets of food in your fridge. The idea is to find out what products are made from natural ingredients and what products contain a high level of additives or other unhealthy elements. A healthy body requires nutrients for energy so you should try to get rid of all the foods that contain a lot of additives. The Stove The stove can be a pretty dangerous place, especially when you have young children in the home. In most cases, your back will be facing the door so you cannot see who is coming near the stove when you are cooking. To solve this problem, you can place a mirror above the stove so you can see who is entering the kitchen. Clean Water Some people assume that the water from the tap is safe enough to drink because it appears to be clean enough. In most cases, there will be some chlorine in the tap water, along with other impure elements, which are invisible to the eye. In this light, it’s always safer to filter your water. provides the opportunity to research and request free information about best culinary schools in the world. Get information about restaurant management training courses & programs to start career in culinary.

Basic Steps to a Clean and Healthy Kitchen