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Create every digital voucher type in one place including group, prepaid, gift and free B2B vouchers.

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Digital Vouchers


Every digital voucher securely, whatever your setup, that work best for you and customers

Publish every digital voucher across every channel, targeting the right people at the right time.


i v p l a t f o r m .com

Build sales, reward loyalty and win customers

Vouchers have long been the mainstay of how businesses have to drive incremental revenues and sales , but, with the advent of digital vouchers, they’ve become more than a currency for businesses, they’ve become a currency for consumers. 2012 figures show that 72% of consumers now regularly use vouchers – an increase of 11% compared to 2011, with consumers showing a strong preference towards mobile and digital vouchers. It’s time to get on board, take control, and get everything you need from B2B and B2C digital vouchers, all from one smart solution, iV PLATFORM. iV Platform delivers everything you need to be smarter in B2B and B2B digital vouchers, all in one place, making it simple to grow your sales, reward loyalty and win new customers.


CREATE • Offer Creation • Partners & Community • Venues & Targeting

• Publishing


• Offer Syndication • Campaign Management

• Redemption


• Payment & Finance • Report & Analysis

• System Administration & Users • Customer Data Management • White Label • Enterprise Infrastructure & API



i v p l a t f o r m .com


Every digital voucher type in one place, on your brand and terms, customers love...


Offer Creation and Management Create and approve vouchers on-brand and on your terms, across a range of voucher types and categories.



• Create every type of digital voucher, prepaid, group, free and gift across every category you choose.

• Reduce the cost of creating digital vouchers.

• Define all of your voucher terms, valid and expiry dates and pricing. • Manage your digital assets and content library.

• Grow your voucher pool through partners and merchants.

• Control the content, terms and quality of every voucher.

• Review and approve voucher you and your partners and merchants create. • Create unique voucher codes, or import / export custom voucher codes, and use bar or QR codes. Group Vouchers

Prepaid Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Group Vouchers


i v p l a t f o r m .com

Partners & Community Management Secure access and added value software for your partners and merchants to create and manage offers you can monetize.



• Set up partner and merchant accounts locally or via self sign-up.

• Reduce the cost of creating large volumes of vouchers.

• Define user-roles and permissions.

• Manage and grow your communities more

• Empower merchants and partners to self serve deals and vouchers. • Review and approve merchant and partner vouchers for distribution.

cost effectively. • Drive customers and sales to your partners and merchants, adding value.

• Manage merchant venues and locations. • Manage and report partner and merchants community activity. * Business Management Countries * Business Management Areas * Store Locations


Venues & Targeting Define and manage your merchant venues and target offers in the context of your organisation and goals.



• Define and add voucher categories that serve your audience.

• Appeal to your audience with voucher and categories they want.

• Import or set-up venue details in one place.

• Cost effectively manage multiple venues across your business.

• Define your business context to target vouchers e.g. stores / venues by ranges stocked, services, size, turnover and any other criteria.

U.K: Special Deals 1 Germany: Special Deals 2 France: Special Deals 3 Italy: Special Deals 4 Spain: Special Deals 5 Ukraine: Special Deals 6

• Deliver targeted voucher specific to your organisation and goals.


i v p l a t f o r m .com


Every digital voucher targeting the right people, at the right time across every channel...


Publishing Reach existing and new customers and traffic across every digital channel and device, to optimise your audience value.



• Use the “out of the box” email and web templates or create your own.

• Deliver vouchers through every marketing channels from one place.

• Deliver vouchers through built in email and SMS engines, and connect via social channels.

• Grow voucher distribution by publishing to partner channels.

• Distribute vouchers via mobile app to customers on the move.

• Get to market quickly using “out of the box” templates or build your own for the perfect fit.

• Publish vouchers to existing partners channel, without making changes via our API (e.g. kiosks, ePOS, mobile apps and websites)


i v p l a t f o r m .com

Offer Syndication Syndicate offers to increase distribution via trusted partners, and source new offers that appeal to your audience.



• Share voucher within your distribution

• Increase distribution of your vouchers to increase sales and win new customers.

partners and affiliates. • Source offers vouchers that serve your target audience.

• Cost effectively source vouchers for distribution to your consumers to drive incremental revenue.


Campaign Management Plan and schedule your marketing campaigns to deliver more relevant, timely and personalised communication



• Plan and schedule your campaign calendar

• Control when and how campaigns are delivered, targeting the right people at the right time.

or trigger based on customer data. • Target campaigns to specific customer lists and segments. • Distribute campaigns to your partners and merchants for co-marketing activity.

• Automate voucher campaigns more cost effectively. • Engage in co-marketing activity to increase distribution.


i v p l a t f o r m .com


Every digital voucher securely, whatever your setup, that work best for you and customers...


Redemption Powerful and secure redemption solutions for you, your partners, merchants and customers, delivered on mobile, on-line and in-store.

Features • Secure, real-time redemption of vouchers via any device (web, mobile app, SMS, email, Epos). • Redeem vouchers via unique code, bar or QR code. • Powerful API for fast and easy deployment.

Benefits • Range of flexible and secure redemption methods for venues, partners and merchants you can trust. • Range of redemption methods to deliver a great customer experience.


i v p l a t f o r m .com

Payment and Finance Securely process all voucher purchases through a range of payment types, and manage funds with partners, merchants and affiliates.



• Secure 3D process for all voucher purchases online via a PCI compliant and trusted payment provider.

• Deliver secure payment process customers trust.

• Integrated fund management with double booked ledger. • Define revenue share with partners, merchants and affiliates. • Manage invoicing and payments.

• Securely track voucher claims and associated fees across all channels. • Cost effective management of voucher funds, invoices and payment from one system.


Reporting and Analytics Real-time dashboards and reports with rich data for analysis and insight to improve decisions and increase results.



• Real-time dashboard summarising key indicators.

• Respond effectively based on real-time information.

• Access to a suite of reports of performance and results.

• Improve decision making based on insight and intelligence.

• Access to a rich data cube for detailed analysis and insight.

• Complete visibility, control and accountability of voucher performance and financials in one place.


i v p l a t f o r m .com


Create + Publish + Redeem



i v p l a t f o r m .com

System Administration and Users Designed to support multiple accounts and distributed user communities, the iV PLATFORM makes it simple to create and administer user accounts, set up user roles, passwords and access rights, to support internal users and build partner and merchants communities.


Customer Data Management Capture and centrally manage your customer data and every interaction with your vouchers, marketing campaigns and channels.

Features • Create a central customer marketing database. • Import and export your data. • Capture new customer data when they interact with vouchers from every digital channel and forms. • Segment and manage customers to target your marketing.

Benefits • Manage customer data in line with best practice. • Build and enrich your customer database . • Build insight on customers to segment and target more relevant voucher marketing.


i v p l a t f o r m .com

White Label Branding A white label solution that you, your partners and merchants can brand, with easy setup to control look and feel.



• Set-up branding look and feel of email and web templates and mobile app.

• Deliver your brand to every users and every digital communication channel.

• Customise branding for each partner, merchant or venue.

• Build your brand with partners and merchants, or enable them to go to market in their own look and feel.

• Integrate look and feel with existing digital channels.

• Use existing brand assets and get to market quickly with a look and feel your customers expect.


Enterprise Infrastructure & API The iV PLATFORM is a complete enterprise voucher marketing software solution, architected to be highly scaleable, secure and resilience. Accessed via the internet in the software as a service model (SaaS), it provides a fast “out-ofthe-box� deployment, automated on-going software updates and low on-going operational costs. The platform operates on the Amazon Cloud, or support multi-cloud environments, enabling deployment within private server infrastructure and Cloud environments. Our powerful API provides an easy to deploy technology solution for digital voucher publishing and redemption across every channel and device.


i v p l a t f o r m .com

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