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What Does Remy Hair Extensions Irrespective of the age group you belong to, you will surely have wishes that are so dear to you. Wishing to have beautiful hair is something that every woman wishes all her life. It is a natural tendency for women to want to look beautiful as days go by. The natural process of decay is not accepted in today’s time. You need methods to change and be young forever. This desire to be young forever and look younger by the day has made new inventions in the human history. Human hair acts as the most prominent entity in human life. It is especially true of women, and they love to remy hair extensions themselves with lovely long hair. To achieve this goal, women take extreme steps. Due to the modernization, there is a flip side to this too. There are irreparable losses that occur and they are devastating at times. Hair extension: a boon to womanhood Hair extension has come as a blessing for those women are so eager to come up with new styles. Hair extension has brought new life into many women’s lives. It gives you the power to bring that new look on your face. Making of hair extensions: When hair extensions are made, two types of materials are used. Remy hair extension and synthetic hair extension are the two popular kinds of extensions available. Remy used natural hair and synthetic extension uses artificial material. Remy Human Hair is of the highest grade of real human hair and it is highly used in wigs and hairpieces. Remy gives a natural look for the extensions used. What does Remy Hair mean? Remy hair is looked on as the best and finest quality of human hair. The cuticles are kept intact so they are not stripped like in non Remy hair extension. The hairs' cuticles are aligned in a unidirectional fashion and that is the reason Remy hair extensions are completely natural in look and appearance. This also assures that the hair remains shiny, soft, silky and tanglefree. It also lasts long and remains natural throughout the life cycle.

Donors donate hair and then the donated hair is subdivided according to color and sizes. Once the division is made, finest products like clip in, pre tapped, pre bonded, micro ring and sew in comes to you for use as Remy hair extensions. Difference between Remy and synthetic Extensions It is natural to have differences, and so do the extensions have major differences. Remy hair extensions are widely used because of way they adopt to curling, straightening, dyeing, washing and styling. Unlike Remy, synthetic extensions are heat sensitive and they cannot be treated the way hair is naturally treated. They also don’t last long as Remy hair extensions. Now that you know about Remy hair extensions, it is advisable to go to a professional hair salon and study your hair type and find the right type of hair extension for you. There are professionals who can help you in indentifying the right combinations to your hair and also suggest you the best Remy hair extension for you.

Remy hair extensions  

When hair extensions are made, two types of materials are used. Remy hair extension and synthetic hair extension are the two popular kinds o...

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