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Morning Routine.

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CONTENTS OUR COMPANY Letter from the President Mission Statement Company History Organizational Chart Competitors Profile Our Unique Solution Consumer Profile Branding Features & Benefits Product Profile ALL ABOUT SELLING Selling & Job Description Steps of Selling Sales Tools Common Words & Phrases to Avoid SAMPLE FORMS Purchase Order Sales Agreement Sales Call Planer Territories Notes



NOVEMBER 28, 2011

espoke Grooming is committed to provision the Modern Gentleman with the complete morning routine. We strive to keep our promise in more way than one. With your help, we can make this mission a reality.

Bespoke Grooming takes pride in giving our Modern Gentleman the opportunity to put his best foot forward. With our unique combination of a lightweight formula that provides him with a natural and invisible look, our man will enhance his appearance while still feeling like a man. Additionally, our grooming products will ensure our Modern Gentleman feels empowered and ready to conquer all of life’s challenges. We at Bespoke Grooming are honoured to provide you with the proper selling tools to conquer the grooming world and help us prove we are the next generation of men’s grooming products made for the Modern Gentleman. You are the face of this brand, enabling us to put our best foot forward. This manual has been created to help you before, during and after the selling process. It will make your selling experience at Bespoke Grooming the most remarkable and memorable moment of your professional career. We are confident you will represent our brand and represent it how we wish it to be perceived in the critical eye of our potential customer, giving you a direct influence on this untapped market. Let this sales manual not only guide you, but a way to let yourself soar into a journey of remarkable discovery within yourself, within these` products and within this company. You will learn that there is no difference between a successful you and a successful sales representative. You will eat, sleep and breathe Bespoke Grooming; you will look the part, act the part and you will be the part. We wish you the best in your future with us, as ultimate success is now in the palm of your hand. Let personal triumph be your driving force; if you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe than you will be successful. Welcome to Bespoke Grooming, welcome to our brotherhood. Sincerely, Sarah Larouche President, Bespoke Grooming, Inc.


To provision the modern gentleman a complete morning routine.

Mission Statement 2


Company History

your company began with more than just the bottom line goal of return on investment and high profit; Bespoke Grooming was inspired by the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, where traditional views of what it was to be a man or woman were radically changed.We aimed to mark 2012 as the year men’s grooming products became so much more than just shaving; this was the year when cosmetics became no longer just hers.

Bespoke Grooming started with a vision to revolutionize the modern gentleman’s morning routine. Seven marketing students came together with a mission to change preconceived notions of what is it to be a real man.When we aren’t held back by societies conformed ideals of what a man should look like, the modern gentleman is free to look or act any way he sees fit. BESPOKE GROOMING INC.


Organizational Chart President Sarah Larouche VP Sales Cayla Paris Marketing


Kathryn Sopuck

Tyler Parsons

Human Resources Claudia Nicodemo

Product Development Lauren Nicole Foot

Public Relations Ricky Joe Giaffreda



Product Offering Shaving Products Shaving Brushes Razors Kit & Gifts Shaving Sets Skin & Hair Care Travel

Strengths Shaving is now an art. Best selling line of men’s grooming products in high-end department stores. Acquired by Proctor & Gamble. 39 retail stores across the US – unique shopping experience. Brand visibility, excellent brand equity. One-stop-shop (wide and complete assortment). Classic, timeless brand.

Weaknesses Not available in Canada. Only offer hair gel (pomade?). High prices (niche market?). Advertising?


Product Offering Shaving Skin Fitness Body Fitness Skin Color African Organic Collection Eco/Alchemie Collection

Strengths Products comprise 80-93% natural ingredients. They offer training schedules that stress education, protocol information and practical technique applications. They test their products on humans, not on animals. Their finished box (packaging) is domestically produced from Harvested Canadian Pine; other products are made of recycled paper.

Weaknesses Products can only be bought online. Special products are sold in Europe and are not accessible by customers in North America. Overall branding is quite weak. Ordering product online is a long and timely process. Advertising is very poor, only seen in selective men’s beauty/aesthetic related articles online.

Product Offering Men’s Skin Care Men’s Cosmetics

Strengths Good descriptions for each product along with items that compliment that specific product. Site is user friendly and easy to find information.

Weaknesses Offers a lot of products but not a lot of variety within those products. They do not refund or accept returns on cosmetic/ makeup products. Only available in select stores (3) in Quebec.


Product Offering Makeup Skin Care Other

Strengths Well-known brand name and brand loyal customer following. Wide assortment of product. (Make up, Skin care, Brow gel and Cologne) Product packaging is reflective of strong Design house brand image. (You are purchasing a designer product) Instant status gratification with the purchase of a Jean Paul Gaultier cosmetic.

Weaknesses Their brand targets a homosexual man and will miss a large section of the market that would be interested in Men's cosmetics. Brand image could hurt expanding their customer base to heterosexual males looking for male grooming products. Jean Paul Gaultier products are high priced and someone who doesn't have a major passion for fashion will not spend money on a brand name product. Product is not easily accessible. Not available in the united states retail sector until May 2012, not available outside of the US or the UK.

Product Offering Lip Care Concealer Cleansers Moisturizers Brows



Media Event Strategy Not distributed in drug stores On-line store in N.A only No free samples No set return policy Lack of technological use No internet champagnes

Consumer Customization Customer Driven Marketing Strategy Referrals / Testimonials Affordable for value proposition Physical locations of stores Promotional Campaigns Brand Image


We are the only brand that offers the complete morning routine for the modern gentleman. 8

Unique Solution 9



Gent 10



he Modern Gentleman is a tech-savvy sub-segment of generation X, those born from the late 1960’s to the early 1980’s. This affluent group of urbanites comes from well educated, middle to higher income families, with two to three children. Growing up, their families come from higher social classes and valued appearances, manners, and the arts; stressing the importance of not only a good education, but an interest in and knowledge of music, dance, art, literature and film. Currently, this liberal sub-segment of young singles and couples does not have any children of their own. The Modern Gentleman is highly educated group of professionals, having obtained university and post-graduate degrees. Aged 27 to 39, they are career-focused individuals, who typically make a higher income of $75,000 to $125,000. This sub-segment lives in trendy areas such as the old port, in high-rise apartments or expensive condos and lofts. They reside in close proximity to fitness clubs, hip restaurants, luxury boutiques, cafes, and popular nightspots. Because they are centrally located, and close to work, they favor walking, biking, taxis or public transportation as their main mode of travel.


Most notably, due to the fact that Modern Gentleman consists of individuals who have yet to start a family, they have the time and discretionary income to spend on themselves. Because they work in fields that put emphasis on personal appearance, looking their best on and off their job is important. A lot of spare time is devoted to bettering themselves, and keeping up with the latest trends. Whether it be current fashion, interior design, contemporary arts and electronics, this subsegment is obsessed with acquiring the most up-to-date material possessions. They have very active social lives, and enjoy spending their free time going shopping, clubbing, having dinners at the trendiest restaurants, attending gallery openings and film festivals. Another main focus is physical heath, as they value looking and feeling their best. Gym memberships, yoga classes and Pilates, as well as strict diet regimes help them obtain the physical attributes that are necessary to fit in with their peers. Finally this socially aware group will donate time and money to art and environmental organizations, as giving back to causes is important to them.

The Modern Gentleman is heavily influenced by others in their community, as primary informal reference groups such as friends, family, significant others and colleagues play an important role in their social characteristics and thus their consumer behavior. This ethnically varied group is aware of many cultures and beliefs, as this is evident in what they eat, how they dress, and interact with each other. They are active within their social communities; networking is vital to achieving their personal goals. Pressured to fit in with their peers, the Modern Gentleman is shaped by others close to them. Secondly, being well read, and media conscious is crucial aspect of this group, and plays a key role in influencing who they are, and what they believe in. Because they are extremely tech-savvy, electronic media such as blogs, online newspapers and magazines are read on a daily basis. This influx of fast information shapes who they are, and what they hold important.


Branding Brand Values

Community Growth Leadership Reputation Social Responsibility

Brand Voice

Professional, Charming & Clever

Brand Attitude

Self-Assured & Debonair

Brand Personality

Gentlemanly, Classic & Confident 14



Features Varied colour palette Lightweight formula Narrow assortment tailored to specific needs Packaging is simple and modern Functionality

Benefits Colour for every skin tone Natural and invisible look Men will not be confused or overwhelmed Proud to own and display Ease of use


Products Grooming Cosmetics Accessories Upcoming



Bespoke Grooming

3-Step Process


Pre-Shave Oil

Softens the beard and prepares for shaving. Reduces razor burn.


Shaving Cream

Rich cream that helps lift the beard and moisturize skin. Results in a close shave and smooth skin.


After-Shave Balm

Refreshes and moisturizes skin. Closes pores and reduces any irritation. Leaves skin touchably soft and smooth.


Grooming Moisturizing Soap Bar For the traditional wet shave. Creates a rich lather and which cleanses the skin and ensures a close shave. Best for oily/combination skin. Cleansing Wipes For the man on the go. Cleanse and moisturize skin anywhere. Pomade An essential to the Modern Gent’s perfect coif. Never sticky or hard. Holds all day. Easily washed out. Warning: The modern lady will not be able to keep her hands out of his hair. Comb A traditional styling tool for the Modern Gentleman. Crafted from horn.


Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer Moisturize skin while evening out skin tone. Lightweight formula for invisible results. Concealer Stick Stayed out too late? Nicked yourself shaving? Blemish appear right before a hot date? Use this stick to conceal any imperfections. Brow Gel This light gel tames those unruly eyebrows and gets your significant other off your back. Lip Buffer Buffs away any dry skin and prepares for the moisturizing lip balm. Moisturizing Lip Balm Our alcohol-free formula moisturizes the lips leaving them soft and kissable.


Accessories Shaving Brush Pure badger hair bush with horn handle softens and gently exfoliates the skin, which prevents razor burn. Straight Razor For the Modern Gent looking for the traditional shaving experience. Get the closest shave possible without having to see a Barber. Shaving Stand Stay organized and display your prized Bespoke Grooming possessions with our brushed steel stand. Holds brush and razor. Travel Case Organization on the go for the Modern Gent. Genuine leather case holds all essentials of the complete morning routine.

Upcoming Spray toner Warming facial scrub Facial peel Moisturizer


All About 24

Selling Sales Representatives and Agents are arguably one of the most vital positions held in any business establishment, as sales and profits are in your hands. Our sales team plays an integral role as the liaison between our company, Bespoke Grooming, and our buyers. You are now the face of our company and a representative of our vision and values. High sales and net profit are in fact one of our many goals, but we at Bespoke Grooming stand for so much more. We value our relationships with our community, the environment, sustainable development and our local economy. A strong relationship with not only our community but our buyers as well is as important as meeting the bottom line.

Furthermore, Bespoke Grooming believes selling encompasses so much more than just a transfer of goods between our company and our retailers; we hold the happiness of our buyers at a high regard, as a retailer that is ecstatic with our service results in the retention of clients and satisfied sales representative. Additionally, if you provide a quality product and treat your clientele well, people will talk and the business with grow itself.



Job Description 26

You MUST Technical selling skills and in depth product knowledge. A love for the beauty industry. An understanding and natural talent for marketing. Ongoing networking and prospecting skills. Strong negotiation expertise. An understanding of product development. Sociability and a charming personality. An interest in social and economic issues. Independence, confidence, natural leadership skills and entrepreneurship. The ability to deal with rejection and high stress situations. A love for travel. An active listener. Adaptability. The capability of representing the image of our company (look the part, dress the part, act the part) and truly believe in our products and mission. A strong moral value base and understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Look - Dress - Act

the Part



8 Steps of selling Use these steps as a tool to help guide you through the selling process. Learn them, make them your own and adapt them to each unique selling situation. 29

Self-Preparation A. Self-Preparation

Arguably one of the most vital steps in the whole selling process. You must know yourself inside and out before you can become a successful seller and realistically ask yourself if you’re cut out for this job. Dig deep and ask yourself this... What are my individual strengths and weaknesses? Do I have the ability to prepare and deliver a unique and beneficial sales pitch? Am I capable of representing Bespoke Grooming’s brand image and values? Am I an independent worker, a natural leader and a born entrepreneur What type of sales person do I want to be (aggressive, casual etc.)? How do I deal under pressure and with rejection? What is my personality type and how can I work this to my advantage? How can I improve on my flaws? Am I sociable, charming and do I have a sense of humor? Do I know how to be an active listener? Do I eat, sleep and breathe the beauty industry?


B. Bespoke Grooming Company Knowledge Mission statement Company history Org chart Goals and objectives: short term and long term Target market Branding/image Positioning SWOT analysis Past sales Market strategies Supply chain and logistics

C. Bespoke Grooming Product Knowledge Product descriptions, features, advantages and benefits Unique solution Origin of manufacturing Pricing: cost and suggested markup Labeling and packaging Visual display Rules and standards on beauty products Minimum quantities buyer must purchase


C.Global Market Research Macro-environmental analysis: socio/cultural, economic, environmental, technological, political/legal, nature of competition/market type **only those that will affect our ability to do business Foreign policies Fashion/beauty trends in the industry (the fashion industry is an indicator for the future direction of the beauty industry as a whole) Competitor Analysis: We must know our competition as well as we know our own company. Supply chain and logistics Mission statement Product descriptions, features, advantages and benefits Company history Unique solution Org chart Origin of manufacturing Short term & Long Term Goal Objectives Pricing: cost and suggested markup Target market Labeling and packaging Branding/image Visual display Positioning Rules and standards on beauty products SWOT analysis Minimum quantities buyer must purchase Past sales Selling practices Market strategies Exclusivity rights D.Buyer Preparation Their personality Preference on hours of operating business Past history with Bespoke Grooming Likes, dislikes, interests Birthday, anniversary, major life moments Political interest, culture, religion Marital status, children etc. Beverage preferences (Coffee? Tea? Starbucks? Second Cup?) Does the buyer want a professional, informal, involved, or hands off sales approach E. Buyer’s Company Preparation Target market Other products they buy (categories, from whom) How much square footage our competition has in the retailer Number of stores and location Terms of payment and payment history Delivery location Please Note: The step of preparation is an ongoing process throughout your career with us at Bespoke Grooming. The beauty industry changes at a rapid pace; we must always be one step ahead of our competition. Remember, knowledge is power.


Prospecting Prospecting involves finding the best clients to represent our product. This step done on an ongoing basis (networking etc.) due to the fact this helps replace on average 20% of our customer base that is lost at the end of each year. Prospecting Comprises of: A. Expanding current accounts (selling more product to one buyer) B. Finding new accounts (look at other avenues of selling the product) ***Current clients referrals (65% of referrals become new clients)*** Gyms Spas Local events Galas, benefits Salons Restaurant hotspots (industry) Trade shows, fashion week Conferences Coffee stores Social networking (to find events) Store openings Walking the districts where you sell, go in to new stores as a client and observe Hotel lobbies and hotel boutiques Yellow pages Networking and word of mouth Inactive customers (reactivate them, or get referrals) Friends and family Sales publications (trade and retail) Teaching courses at school (night school) Become a mentor for students about to graduate Become a coach to an athletic team (parent may be in the industry) Go to “bring your parent to school day�



Pre-Approach & approach Pre-approach starts once you get an excellent lead. You must start to compile information on the potential customer, which helps you save time and money (you will know beforehand if that customer is a good fit or not). Where to get the info: Company websites, current buyers that gave you the lead (verify), ask the company in question’s receptionist three simple open-ended questions, go to the retailer and talk to the sales associates and credit checks.


1. Qualify the prospect: make sure the perspective client has the resources ($), authority and strong reason to buy. 2. Prepare an initial benefit statement: designed to heighten the prospect’s interest in seeing you and your product (for one buyer, you prepare three benefit statements – one to pitch and two on reserve).

3. Prepare fact-finding questions: make a list of all the questions designed to get the information you need to know about the buyer. 4. Prepare your sales message: benefit oriented and relies heavily on action packed sales vocabulary.

5. Prepare your request for an appointment: ask for a forced choice appointment e.g. Which would you prefer, meeting with me on Tuesday or Thursday? Approach must be mapped out, and as business-like as possible. It involves making the appointment with the buyer and simply going for it. Practice, practice, practice.


The Sales Presentation Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Become familiar with the gate-keeper (the receptionist): she/he is the eyes and ears of the company. Treat her well to get an “in” with the business. The comfort zone is where you work on building that relationship with the buyer. Here you do not talk business, use the time effectively to gain the buyers interest and trust. The power seat is where you can begin the sales pitch Always try to include all 8 steps of selling when in the power seat.


Deliver your benefit statement in a unique way and prepare two more just incase the first one fails. Make use of your sales tools, but do not bring more than two or three (please see sales tools section following). Never leave samples with the buyer and pick them up later. Bring more items than you wish to sell.

Places to have the sales meeting: buyer’s office/conference room, or our showroom (preferred). Don’t forget to ask the buyer for a referral to a new client!



“Never fear to negotiate, but never negotiate out of fear.� - John. F Kennedy


Negotiations should ensure a “win-win” situation; both you and the buyer should leave satisfied with the outcomes of the meeting. A buyer will either deliver A. a stall or B. an objection. A. Stall A stated reason for not buying now. Reason: An ineffective benefit statement delivered by you. Common stalls: I’m not interested. I buy from a friend. I go with my present supplier. I’m already using a competitive product. I can’t buy everything. Business is bad. B. Objection A justified reason for not buying. Ex: price, style, color, delivery, terms etc. Learn from their objections. Listen and be better.


How to counter an objection?

Qualify the objection: Why? Empathize with the buyer. Do not agree. Feed back the objection. Gives you time to think, and make it clear it was an objection. “Do I understand you to say…”. Isolate the objection. Counter it. Overcoming logical objections

Price is too high? Build value, do not lower price. Doesn’t need the product? Create a need. Solve a problem. Build more value. No hurry to buy? I cannot guarantee my prices past the month or I can offer you a bonus product with your purchase. If the buyer has no confidence in you, the product, or the company, suggest a new rep, use references, add value to the product, take the buyer on a tour of your company and most importantly build relationships by using after-sales satisfaction.



If the benefit statement is presented correctly, the value of the product is far, far greater than the price the buyer has to pay.


You must build the perceived value. E.g. Crème de la Mer is worth about 5% of it’s perceived market value. This is possible because of their high value benefits.


Closing Knowing when to close is a difficult task. Close too early and the buyer feels rushed. Closing too late and buyer will become uninterested. Never ever beg. Remember, if you fail to close, you will lose.


Cues: Look for body language cues; is the buyer relaxed (sell as soon as they relax) or uptight and closed off? The 10 Closes for an idea sale 1. The Weighing Close: weighing the reasons why they shouldn’t buy vs why they should. We start with the negatives and end with the positives. 2. The Forced Choice Close: making a decision for the buyer. Not asking them to commit to the sale, but asking them to commit to an aspect of the sale. Ex: Delivery date. Follow with, “Shall we write up the order.” 3. The Assumption Close: assuming that the prospect is ready to buy and we ask a simple question. Ex: “What quantity will you be taking?” 4. The Series of Decisions Close: “We have agreed that the product will save you time, haven’t we? We’ve agreed that the product is right for your target market, haven’t we? It seems as though the natural progression is to write up the order.”


***5. The Go Ahead and Sell Close: you have researched the amount and type of orders in the past. Pre-write orders by size, color style and amount for the whole season. 6. The Do Not Delay Close: you must give the buyer a good reason for buying today. E.g. “I can’t guarantee this price if you do not purchase now.” 7. The List of Satisfied Customers Close: coming in with certain retailers who have bought and swear by your product. Must used be in a different selling territory. 8. The Buy Now and You Get This Close: the buyer will receive a benefit for buying now. E.g. Volume rebates, discounts, coop advertising, sales associate training. 9. The Objections Close: isolate every objection the buyer has and fix it immediately it. E.g. Price: offer them coop advertising. Color: offer new colors. Terms of sale: offer new terms of sale. 10. The Simply Ask For the Order Close: Used when the buyer gives you certain cues she/he is ready to buy. E.g. “Shall we go ahead and write up the order?”.


AFTER SALES SATISFACTION By now, you have shown excellent selling techniques throughout the entire sales process; now it is time to show our buyers how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors, with our customer service. After-sales satisfaction is the icing on the cake in the selling process. It reinforces that you care about the buyer and they serve a purpose greater than just a signature and a dollar. Building relationships with clients may seem like a daunting task at first, but in fact it eases the selling process and helps to retain and prospect clients. Earn their trust and you will have a long and prosperous career here at Bespoke Grooming.


Here are some of our examples of excellent after-sales satisfaction. We encourage you to get creative and build your own list of augmented services! Drop-in to check on how the grooming products are selling Check inventory levels and suggest replenishment Send a personal thank you card Give a tour of our head office and the warehouse/manufacting facilities Send birthday, anniversary and holiday cards Help with merchandising Offer new products that compliment their current best sellers Hold a client appreciation event Offer co-op advertising Offer product knowledge seminars with sales associates, buyers and management Keep up-to-date with all our gift with purchases Give us feedback on products, best/worst sellers, colors, styles, fabrics, design details Offer advice on how to make worst sellers sell more Create exclusivity for certain products Provide all stores with a lookbook Invite buyers to fashion shows, line showings, store openings and sporting events Take the buyer out for dinner, coffee or gallery openings Introduce the buyer to contacts you feel they would benefit from, but won’t detract from you Take them the buyer to any conferences you feel they would benefit from Bring them their favorite coffee or tea Invite them to trade shows Offer discounts on products for sales associates Become their friend: suggest blogs, books, articles, info etc. to help them grow in their business Bring in sales reports to show if sales are up, then give a thank you present Present the buyer with research on their target market, trends etc. Send samples from the new collection Last but not least, drop in to simply say “hi”!

8 41

Sales Tools Use these items as a compliment to your sales pitch. Never go to a sales meeting without them, but make sure you do not bring more than two or three as you will look unprofessional and unable to deliver a pitch on your own. Adapt each tool to the specific buyer and meeting, knowing your limitations prior to the pitch. 1. Samples of Our Product Bring the samples you feel the buyer should buy, plus a little more. Don’t overwhelm the buyer. Don’t leave the samples at the buyers’ office (may be duplicated). Always use our branded cases when bringing the samples to a buyer’s office. 2. A Lookbook A catalogue can be left at the major buyers. Put post-it notes on the products you believe would be right for that specific buyer. 3. Photographs/Advertisements Bring our marketing efforts in to the meeting and show how we brand ourselves in the eyes of our target market. 4. Guarantees and Warranties Show proof our products are sound to buy and follow strict standards and regulations on quality. 5. A Live Demonstration Bring in models to your major players. Show live demos of before and after’s. Bring one of our barber or makeup artists to help you. 6. Third Person Stories Reviews and ratings or PR from magazines, photos with celebrities. We have catalogues made of these reviews. 7. Charts and Graphs Demonstrate growth of sales and projections. Also showing the major players how we have grown with them and the potential growth of working as a team. 8. A List of Previous Customers A client list of big players who are carrying the line. Must be located in a different geographic territory.


Common Words & Phrases to Avoid “If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.This matters above everything.” - Confucius

As a sales representative, use proper language as a selling tool. It is important to conduct yourself in a business-like manner and represent our brand as the intelligent, well-spoken company we are. Use your words wisely, as a spoken word can never be unsaid. Examples of words or phrases to remove from your vocabulary: Pronouns: I, me, my, you, your, we, our, they, their and it. Non-words: Um, so, ah, like and ya. Negative words: Just, basically, maybe and perhaps. Phrases: “Like do you know what I mean?” “No problem.” “That’s all.” “That’s it.” “That is about everything.” “I guess.” “I think.” “I suppose.” “I am here today.” “My name is… and I am here to sell you.” “First off.” “Lastly.”


Vendor Style #


Bespoke Grooming - Head Office 555 Chabanel - #2061 Montreal, Quebec M5S 1P7



Retailer's Address


Class / Style

Insert Date of Order Here

Order Date

Cancel Date

Vendor Colour

Insert Date of Cancellation Here

Our Logo

Totals =

% /#


Unit Cost Price

PURCHASE ORDER 20326 Terms & Conditions (Examples) 1. Purchase Order number must appear on all cartons, documents and Bills of Lading. 2. Indicate location of packing slip on carton. 3. Expense accrued by failure to observe shipping instructions will be charged to vendor. 4. Return to vendor due to vendor’s cause will result in vendor being charged freight both ways. 5. Vendor accepts responsibility of freight charges for defective merchandise. 6. Style shipped after the cancel date will be subject to a minimum 20% discount.

Purchase Order



Blank Sales Agreement This Sales Agreement is hereby effective as of November 26, 2011 between (Party 1) and (Party 2). Both parties hereby agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. DEFINITIONS. (a) Delivery: (b) Government Authority: (c) Law: 2. DELIVERABLES. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following delivery terms: 3. OWNERSHIP, TITLE AND RISK OF LOSS. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following ownership, transfer of ownership, title and risk of loss terms: 4. FEES. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following terms of payment and fees: 5. WARRANTIES. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following warranties: (b) Disclaimer. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following disclaimers: 6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following limitations of liabilities: 7. TERMS AND TERMINATION. (a) Term. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following terms: (b) Termination for Insolvency. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following termination for insolvency: (c) Termination for Breach. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following termination for breach of contract: 8. FORCE MAJEURE. Party 1 and Party 2 agrees to the following terms of force majeure: WITNESS: By: __________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________ Title: ________________________________ PARTY 1: By: __________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________ Title: ________________________________ PARTY 2: By: __________________________________ Print Name: ___________________________ Title: ________________________________ BESPOKE GROOMING INC.


Sample Sales Call Planner A Fact sheet on research of a particular store and the buyer. Must never exceed one page. Company Name: Company Address (ship to, bill to, retail address): Company Phone Numbers (ship to, bill to, retail address): Buyers Name and All Coordinates (email, cell): Type of Store: Number of Stores: Receptionist’s Name: Who has the Authority to Buy: Sales History With the Retailer: Company’s Target market: Competition and Floor Space: Previous Co-Op Advertising: Delivery Date Preferences: Terms of Payment: Credit History: Buyers Likes and Dislikes: Beverage Preference: Birthday, Anniversary or major Life Moments: What Time of the Season the Buyer Prefers to Buy: What Time of day and Week the Buyer Prefers to Buy:






___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________


Welcome to Bespoke Grooming.

Welcome to Our Brotherhood.

Bespoke Grooming Sales Manual  

This manual has been created to help you before, during and after the selling process. It will make your selling experience at Bespoke Groom...