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Ricky Arshi: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Based in Calgary, Canada, Ricky Rakesh Arshi is an investor who has a number of varied interests. He likes real estate, oil and gas services, and actively invests in technology startups too. He manages a number of businesses in many different markets, too, (R2 Developments and Coalburn for instance) and sits on the board of a few organizations including Arshi Family Foundation, his own foundation. Ricky has, in fact, expanded his gamut of knowledge from managing a diverse sales team to building a large organization entirely on its own. He has worked on creating and managing the corporate structure of the development projects he undertook, their financing and management too, in order to ensure that they stayed highly profitable. Ricky regularly looks for new opportunities to invest in interesting projects. As an investor, Ricky is always very accessible and full of practical advice learned from years in the industry. His skills and experience can be valuable to most organizations, especially those that are up and coming.

Ricky Arshi - Everything You Need To Know About Him  

Ricky Arshi is a Calgary-based investor who has invested in real estate, oil and gas services, technology start-ups, manufacturing and softw...