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Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 1

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 2

A Message From Our President Dear Partner, Thank you so much for your interest in and support of Mid-South Color Labs! As we begin our 61th year in business, I am keenly aware that we have prospered solely because of your support, and I am most appreciative. As I see it, we are unique among labs because our focus is on value, not price. We may not offer the lowest prices or many of the “trendiest” items. What we do offer is the highest quality products, remark¬able consistency and the very best in client service. These factors create a value that allows you to be more successful.

Brooks Clayton, President

The old adage that “you get what you pay for” really is true in lab services. In fact, we get calls almost every day from photographers who reinforce that. They tell us that what they get from us is better and is worth more than from other labs.

Also unique to Mid-South are Luma Vue LED backlit panels. These panels have a stunning impact and are becoming very popular. Once we gain clients who are really serious about their business, we seldom lose them. I sincerely hope that you will allow us to be your partner and earn your business.

In the area of client service, we are happy to assist in workflow, color management and computer issues. When you call us, you speak with a person, not voice mail. We want to be a “partner” in the success of your business, for we know that we only grow when you grow.

Thank you and I hope we can have a great year together.

It is my belief that what makes you a successful photographer is the ability to offer a unique value to your clients. Just as you use your talents and creative skills to capture the best image, we use ours to make sure that what you envisioned is produced in the final prints.

Brooks Clayton President

We are also unique in some of the services that we offer. For example, our digital painter and contour brush strokes can open new marketing opportunities for you. Clients tell us that we are the only lab to offer this level of craftsmanship.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 3

Table of Contents A Message From Our President


Greeting Cards and Quantity Proofs


Table Of Contents




General Information


Retractable Banner Stands


Display Prints


Digital Group Composites


Partnership Awards Program


Photographic Albums


Print Classifications


Digital Retouching and Artwork


Print Pricing


RAW to Retouch


Metallic Prints


Roes Ordering Software


Print Finishing




GiclĂŠe Prints




Painter Portraits


Approval Prints


Contoured Brush Strokes


Image File Archival


Framed Fine Art Prints


Gold and Silver Stamping


Gallery Wraps


Online Proofing


Stand-Out Prints


Service Schedule


Gallery Wrap Clusters


What Others are Saying


Image Boxes


Luma Vue Panels


Folios and Accordion Albums


Boutique Packaging



Image Boxes Page 15 Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 4

General Information Laboratory Contact Information Hours: M-F, 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Central Phone: 731-422-6691 Toll Free: 1-800-221-3920 Fax: 731-424-1902 E-mail: Web: Address: Mid-South Color Labs 496 Emmett St. Jackson, TN 38301 FedEx Ground Service Delivery Schedule

Delivery Time Please refer to our Service Schedule appearing on page 23. Although we will make every effort to minimize our in-plant time, these times may vary as our work load varies and are not guarantees.

Damaged in Transit We package carefully to avoid shipping damage. Sometimes, however, damaged packages are not a result of improper packaging, but rather rough handling during transit. If that happens, please notify the carrier immediately and retain all packing materials. All shipments are insured for a minimum of $100.00. Also, notify us and then resubmit the order for reprinting at no charge. Indicate on the order that it is a reprint for shipping damage.

Rush Orders Any order requiring faster service than our normal in-plant time will be considered a Rush Service. We will try to accommodate you by accepting Rush Orders whenever it is possible for us to do so. Normally, Rush Orders will be subject to an additional charge of 50% to 200% for the rush service. These charges are assessed to offset the extra costs that we incur when schedules are broken.

Order Status You may track the status of your orders at any time by visiting our web site You will need to know your customer number and a password. Please contact Lori Smith for your password. The Order Status Report is updated at the top of each hour. Our web site contains an explanation of the Order Status report and complete instructions on use.

Postage/Shipping/Handling When we ship to you, all packages which contain prints of 16x20 or smaller will cost $9.95 per package anywhere in the contiguous USA. Orders with prints over 16x20 will be billed at actual shipping charges. Orders with prints 40x60 and larger will incur a crating charge of $30.00 to $85.00, and will be shipped by ground services. Applicable freight charges will be added. Drop shipping is available for an additional $5.00 per order. Our normal methods of shipping are FedEx Express Saver and FedEx Ground. When you request that your orders be shipped by any other service or means, we will charge actual shipping costs.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

Remakes Should a remake be necessary, to expedite your order please send the following: A. State clearly what corrections you desire. B. The print to be corrected in the condition it was received. If this information is supplied, we will try to reprint to your satisfaction and return it to you as quickly as possible.

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 5

General Information (Cont’d) Display Prints

Minimum Order Charge There is a minimum charge of $10.00 for all orders, exclusive of freight charges. Some products such as Create-A-Package have slightly higher minimum charges. Smaller orders may be combined into a single order to avoid this charge, if you wish to submit them that way.

As a business partner, we are very interested in assisting you in building your studio business and are happy to apply a 20% discount on display prints. Basically, we make no profit on display prints and therefore must have a clear policy on their use. To us, display prints are used solely to display your work and are not intended to be sold. Prints that you sell, even at a discount, do not qualify for the 20% discount. Generally, we cannot approve annual display prints in excess of 20% of your previous year’s purchases. Artwork and mounting do not qualify for the 20% discount. Display prints are eligible for the Partnership Reward Program volume rebate.

Tennessee Sales Tax If you are a Tennessee resident and exempt from paying Tennessee State Sales Tax on finishing, it is necessary for you to complete a tax exemption form and return it to us. If we do not have it on file, we are required to charge sales tax on orders.


Acceptable uses include: 1. Studio samples 2. Auction or give-away items 3. Special projects for Arts Councils, etc., where prints will be displayed but not sold. 4. Prints for personal or family use.

Although we will handle your digital media with the greatest care possible, the possibility of damage or loss is always present. Neither the best machines or operators are infallible. We must point out that sending work to this firm constitutes an agreement by you to waive liability, even though damage may occur by our negligence or other fault. Our responsibility for lost or damaged film, negatives, originals, artwork, or any other material entrusted to us is limited to the replacement cost of the original raw materials. Except for such replacement, we make no other warranty, either expressed, or implied nor can this be altered by any employee of Mid-South Color Labs, Inc.

Unacceptable uses include the following: 1. Work that you do on speculation that is sold at the time you place the order or that you have the expecta- tion of selling. 2. The upgraded part of an auction or give-away item. For instance, if you agreed to give away a 16 x 20 print, but the winner upgraded to a 20 x 24, the difference between the 16 x 20 and the 20 x 24 would not qualify for a discount. 4

Copyright Information The U.S. Constitution and the Federal Copyright Act gives “copyright” protection to “authors” for their “original works,” such as photographs. Among the protections that copyright owners have are the exclusive right to: 1. Make copies of the work; 2. Prepare other works based on the original; 3. Distribute copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease, or lending; and 4. To publicly perform and display the work. If we cannot make the copies for you, go to your photographer and request them. A professional photographer will do their best to see that your needs are met. If they cannot make the copies, they may authorize us to make them. A consent form is available to you from us to take to the photographer. (Photo Marketing Association I’ntl.)

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 6

Partnership Reward Program VOLUME with REBATE as follows -

We believe it is important to continually look for ways to add value to our custom lab services. The Partnership Reward Program is another way that builds credibility toward important relationships and … you are important!

Your Annual Purchases

Your Rebate Award

$5,000 to $10,000

1% of annual purchases

$10,001 to $20,000

2% of annual purchases

$20,001 to $30,000

3% of annual purchases

$30,001 to $40,000

4% of annual purchases

$40,001 to $50,000

5% of annual purchases

• All monthly statements must be paid on time (within 30 days).

$50,001 to $60,000

6% of annual purchases

• Includes all lab services.

$60,000 and up

7% of annual purchases

We sincerely hope you will take advantage of the program. This program is a volume rebate based upon your annual purchases from Mid-South Color Labs. The Partnership Reward Program is very simple. Here are the guidelines: • Your volume rebate reward will appear as a CREDIT on the February statement following the calendar year’s closing.

Print Classifications Photographic Printing

Giclée Printing

We proudly use Kodak Endura paper for photographic printing.

Giclee Canvas are printed using only the finest, archival media, including archival pigmented inks, and canvas coating with no optical brightners, which can fade over time. Perfect for Painter Portraits and Gallery Wraps.

Standard Prints are lab corrected prints. Our highly trained, experienced technicians will manually adjust your images for natual skin tones, and detail in both highlights and shadows. We adjust each image individually, and never use automated software.

Giclee Fine Art Paper is available in a smooth rag paper or textured watcolor paper. Hand-tearing of edges, and float mount are available. Perfect for fine-art images, black & white, or museum quality print making. Matte spray is recomended.

Economy Prints are similar to Standard Prints, but no adjustments of any kind are made. We recommend this option only if you have a stringent color management system in place and are confident in the results. You are responsible for any reprint charges. Create-A-Package Prints are for school and sports events where consistent exposures are available. Reasonable color and density, but not individually corrected. Die cut wallets are NOT available with this service. Metallic and Canvas Paper Metallic paper give your prints a striking, 3 dimension look, often described as “chrome on paper”. Canvas paper gives a realistic looking canvas texture to your prints.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 7

Print Pricing Economy Lustre Prints Size 8-Wallets 4x6, 5x5 5x7, 5x6 8x8 8x10 8.5x11 10x10 10x20 11x11 11x14 12x12 14x17 5x30 16x16 16x20 16x24 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36 28x36 30x40 30x50 40x40 40x50 40x60 40x70 48x48 48x70 48x96

1st Print 2.95 1.77 2.19 2.95 2.95 3.50 3.50 6.92 5.92 7.49 6.74 13.85 9.63 14.87 18.62 22.34 23.25 31.09 39.28 33.49 47.25 54.00 56.67 64.04

Additionals 2.35 1.41 1.75 2.35 2.35 2.79 2.79 5.54 4.72 5.99 5.39 11.07 7.70 11.90 14.89 17.87 18.61 24.88 31.43 26.79 37.80 43.20 42.50 51.00

Standard Lustre Prints 1st Print 3.86 2.32 2.87 3.86 3.86 4.58 4.58 11.44 7.86 10.08 9.07 18.30 12.73 19.66 24.61 29.53 30.74 41.10 51.91 44.26 62.46 72.00 77.81 96.72 120.90 139.76 160.55 190.58 222.34 184.94 266.81 365.90

Additionals 3.09 1.85 2.29 3.09 3.09 3.66 3.66 9.16 6.29 8.06 7.25 14.64 10.19 15.73 19.68 23.63 24.59 32.88 41.53 35.41 49.97 57.60 58.36 77.37 90.67 90.67 101.07 121.97

1-2 Days In-Lab

Economy Metallic Prints 1st Print 3.69 2.21 2.74 3.69 3.69 4.37 4.37 8.66 7.38 9.36 8.43 17.31 12.04 18.60 23.27 27.93 29.07 38.86 49.09 41.86 59.07 67.50 70.83 80.04

Additionals 2.95 1.76 2.18 2.95 2.95 3.50 3.50 6.92 5.42 7.49 6.74 13.85 9.63 14.87 18.62 22.34 23.25 31.09 39.28 33.49 47.25 50.62 53.13 63.75

Standard Metallic Prints 1st Print 4.83 2.90 3.58 4.83 4.83 5.72 5.72 11.44 9.60 12.60 11.34 22.88 15.91 24.58 30.76 36.92 38.42 51.38 64.89 55.32 78.07 90.00 97.26 109.91 151.13 174.70 200.69 238.23 277.93 231.18 333.51 457.38

Additionals 3.86 2.31 2.87 3.86 3.86 4.58 4.58 9.16 7.86 10.08 9.06 18.29 12.73 19.66 24.61 29.53 30.74 41.10 51.91 44.26 62.46 72.00 72.95 87.53 113.34 113.34 126.34 152.46

Sizes to 50� wide, by any length available. Call for quote. Economy prints are printed exactly as sent by you. No adjustments of any kind will be made, and you are responsible for any reprint charges. Standard prints will have basic color correction and density done according to your specifications and our skilled printmakers.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 8

Print Finishing Dry Mounting Size 8-Wallets 4x6, 5x5 5x7 8x8 8x10 8.5x11 10x10 10x20 11x11 11x14 12x12 14x17 5x30 16x16 16x20 16x24 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36 28x36 30x40 40x40 40x50 40x60


4.98 4.98 4.98 4.98 8.05 8.05 9.25 8.05 8.05 9.25 9.25 9.25 9.25 9.25 16.38 16.38 16.38 23.70 23.70 23.70 24.00 27.34 27.34 36.96 36.96 36.96


Bevel ArtBoard

9.95 9.95 9.95 9.95 16.22 16.22 18.01 16.22 16.22 22.92 22.92 22.92 18.01 18.01 32.39 32.39 32.39 46.77 46.77 46.77 48.00 53.96 53.96 60.00 71.94 71.94

4-Ply Weight Artboard

8.28 8.28 10.34






Available in Gold, Silver, and Black

Stripped Canvas Styrene

6.97 6.97 6.97 6.97 11.27 11.27 12.95 11.27 11.27 12.95 12.95 12.95 12.95 12.95 22.93 22.93 22.93 33.18 33.18 33.18 33.60 38.28 38.28 51.74 51.74 51.74 Black

Reg Texture Fine Texture

39.41 39.41 39.41 45.57 45.57

42.10 42.10 42.10 48.68 48.68

45.57 45.57

48.68 48.68

57.82 57.82 70.96 70.96 70.96 86.71 86.71 86.71 102.00 121.07 132.40 149.81 163.30 176.32

61.74 61.74 75.78 75.78 75.78 92.61 92.61 92.61 111.30 124.88 141.40 153.70 167.53 188.31

Mounted on Masonite or Stretcher Frame

1-3 Days In-Lab

Textures Leather Laminate 7.17 7.17 7.17 7.76 7.76 7.76 11.99 9.24 9.24 9.24 13.99 25.20 13.99 13.99 21.10 18.07 21.10 25.20

3 mil

Machine Textures

.33 .19 .26 .33 .33 .53 .53 .53 .53 .53 .53 2.12 2.12 2.12 3.29 3.29 3.29 4.56 6.78 6.78

Lacquer Spray

Smooth Texture

1.38 1.38 1.38 1.38 2.55 2.55 3.71 2.55 2.55 3.71 3.71 3.71 3.71 3.71 7.27 7.27 7.27 8.02 8.02 8.02 12.00 14.67 15.11 24.11 24.11 24.11

2.67 2.67 2.67 2.67 4.97 4.97 8.67 5.21 5.21 8.67 8.67 8.67 8.67 8.67 14.52 14.52 14.52 16.16 16.16 16.16 24.00 28.20 28.20 46.44 46.44 46.44

Choose from Available in Gloss, Clear, Lustre and Irish Linen Matte and Pebble

About Canvas Stripping Our canvas finish uses the technique of stripping the backing from a photographic print, and mounting the emulsion directly to artist’s canvas. Many photographers feel this gives our canvas a more authentic looking finish than prints that are merely pressed into canvas with a high pressure process.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

Real Lacquer Spray Superior to waterbased coatings, real lacquer spray provides better UV protection and durability. Available in gloss, lustre and matte.

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 9

Giclée Prints

3-5 Days In-Lab

Giclée print making meets the highest quality standard for printing limited edition pieces on paper or canvas. The process sprays microscopic dots of ink onto fine quality paper or canvas. On paper, the inks are actually absorbed slightly and blend to create a fine art. We use the finest paper available by Hahnemühle. On canvas, the process yields prints of stunning vibrancy and realism. Our canvas media uses no optical brighteners, which can degrade image quality over the years. Giclée prints are ideal for reproducing true photographic images and for producing a stylized watercolor look on real watercolor paper. Giclée canvas prints are perfect for Painter images and our one-of-a-kind Contoured Brush Strokes. We have invested in a state-of-the-art Giclée printer. It uses high-end printer RIP for unmatched color control and archivalpigmented inks that provide expected print life exceeding 100 years, even 200+ years depending upon the paper chosen and method of display. We strongly recommend a protective spray to protect the integrity of the colors, and spray will be applied and separately charged, unless specific instructions not to spray are provided.

Giclée Canvas Size

Giclée Canvas

8x10 11x14 16x16 16x20 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36 30x40 40x50 40x60

40.53 53.74 66.60 81.78 99.20 106.60 127.00 127.00 147.40 171.88 229.00 316.80 389.70

Size 8x10 11x14 16x16 16x20 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36 30x40 40x50 40x60

Mounting - Masonite or Stretcher Frame Protective Spray 9.95 16.22 18.01 18.01 32.39 32.39 46.77 46.77 46.77 48.00 53.96 71.94 71.94

Giclée Fine Art Paper 28.35 40.00 51.91 64.89 78.76 87.00 105.00 114.00 123.00 144.60 195.00 283.50 337.50

1.38 2.55 3.71 3.71 7.27 7.27 8.02 8.02 8.02 12.00 15.11 24.11 24.11

Add Contour Add Enhanced Contour Brush Strokes Brush Strokes

Total w/ Mount and Spray 51.86 72.51 88.32 103.50 138.86 146.26 181.79 181.79 202.19 231.88 298.07 412.85 485.75

Giclée Fine Art Paper Torn Edges

Protective Spray

5.00 5.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 15.00

1.38 2.55 3.71 3.71 7.27 7.27 8.02 8.02 8.02 12.00 15.11 24.11 24.11

14.44 27.81 46.22 57.78 72.22 86.67 108.33 104.00 130.00 156.00 216.67 361.11 433.33

23.33 44.92 74.67 93.33 116.67 140.00 175.00 168.00 210.00 252.00 350.00 583.33 700.00

Float Mount Artboard Mounting on /4 inch Gatorfoam for Float Mount 1

9.66 15.75 17.49 17.49 28.50 31.45 42.25 42.25 45.41 49.00 52.39 62.48 69.84

4.79 7.74 8.89 8.89 15.75 15.75 22.79 22.79 22.79 24.00 26.29 35.54 35.54

Giclée Printing is available up to 64” by any length - call us for quotes Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 10

The Painter Portrait This special portrait is created digitally and consists of “brush stroking” the entire portrait to produce a look that rivals hand-painted portraits. This portrait is done entirely by individual brush strokes; no “filters” are applied and thus, it is very timeconsuming and tedious. We require that you see an email proof or a print proof for approval before the final print is made. Most Painter Portrait digital artwork will run $250 for two subjects. Add $25 for each additional subject. Proof prints are available for $15. Painter artwork is charged when you send in your order. Your print and finishing are charged when your print ships. After you approve the artwork, we suggest printing on our Giclée canvas, see page 10 for pricing. We highly recommend adding our Contour Brush Strokes or our Oil-Enhanced Contour Brush Strokes to provide a final product that rivals commissioned oil portraits, but still retains the expression and realism only found in a fine photographic portrait.

1-2 Days In-Lab

Painter Detail

Contour Brush Strokes Brush strokes are hand painted onto your print by our skilled artists. A texture gel glaze is applied, following the lines of your portrait. This effect mimics a true oil painting in its rich texture. Contour Brush Strokes can be done on any finish and type of portrait, but really comes into its own applied to Giclée and canvas prints. Particularly stunning on prints enhanced with our Painter techniques. Take your painter up to a higher notch by adding Enhanced Brush Strokes - we use the same technique as Contoured Brush Strokes and add oil enhancements to the highlights and accents for a true masters look. Contoured Brush Strokes Enhanced Contoured Brush Strokes

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

Contour Brush Strokes: Enhanced Brush Strokes:

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 11

$26 per Sq. Ft. $42 per Sq.Ft.

Framed Fine Art Prints Printed on the finest HahnemĂźhle GiclĂŠe paper. Choose between Photo Rag Paper and Wm Turner Watercolor Paper. Includes: - Hand-Torn Edges - Float Mounting - Double Float Mounted Archival Mats - Classic Black Frame - Clear Acrylic - Full Assembly Choose from these configurations, or design your own. Custom sizes and layouts are available.

12x12 Print (21.5x21.5 Finished Size) $295.00

10x20 Print (19.5x29.5 Finished Size) $325.00

Custom Sizes Available Please Call for Quote

3 7x7 Prints (17x32 Finished Size) $375.00

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 12

Gallery Wraps

1-2 Days In-Lab

Gallery Wrap File Preparation Your Gallery Wrap print is mounted to a 1 1/2 inch stretcher frame, and finished with a an inside frame hanging wire for a flusher wall mount. In order to get a good Gallery Wrap finish, you’ll need to add 4 inches to each dimension. Example: If you order a 20x20 Gallery Wrap, your file will need to be 24x24, with no critical image component within 2 inches from the edge.

Size 8x10 11x14 16x16 16x20 20x20 20x24 20x30 24x24 24x30 24x36 30x40 40x50 40x60

Gallery Wrap 55.74 77.30 89.49 111.91 137.95 151.86 181.36 197.10 212.09 240.00 309.53 406.10 497.81

Spray 1.38 2.55 3.71 3.71 7.27 7.27 8.02 8.02 8.02 12.00 15.11 24.11 24.11

Finished Back Solid Front 2.79 3.87 4.47 5.60 6.90 7.59 9.07 9.86 10.60 12.00 15.48 20.31 24.89

2.79 3.87 4.47 5.60 6.90 7.59 9.07 9.86 10.60 12.00 15.48 20.31 24.89

Metallic Gallery Wraps Metallic Gallery Wraps adds extra punch and sparkle to make your images really pop. Available 24� wide and are the same price as regular Gallery Wraps. Spray is not recommended for Metallic Gallery Wraps.

Stand-Out Prints Your Stand-Out Print is mounted to a 1 1/2 inch foam-core block, and finished with a paper backing and mounting holes for easy installation. Give your clients a clean, fresh option to Gallery Wraps. Lacquer Spray is recommended for added protection. Add Texture Lacquer Spray for an elegant look. Metallic paper available for 10% extra, lacquer spray is not needed for Metallic. Size 8x10 8x12 11x14 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36 30x40

Print and Mount $23.66 $28.43 $40.23 $59.25 $72.65 $108.75 $109.50 $133.50 $155.75 $182.00 $225.00

Spray $1.38 $2.55 $2.55 $3.71 $3.71 $7.27 $7.27 $8.02 $8.02 $12.00 $15.11

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

Texture Spray $2.67 $4.97 $5.21 $8.67 $8.67 $14.52 $14.52 $16.16 $16.16 $24.00 $28.20

Mounting holes are pre-drilled

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 13

Gallery Wrap Clusters Gallery Wrap Wall Clusters. Gallery Clusters allow you to sell large wall portraits while still offering your clients the flexibility to choose more than one image. Clusters come with a hanging template, so all you have to do is position and level the template, install nails where marked, remove the template and hang the Gallery Wraps. Gallery Wraps are printed on our finest GiclĂŠe Canvas and coated with protective spray. The backs are finished with heavy black framing paper, and hangers are preinstalled. Choose from 14 pre-designed templates or design an arrangement yourself. Call for a quote on custom configurations.

Installation Template Included.

11x11 16x20




11x11 20x23



Style A - $287.50 57x20 Total Size

Style B - $350.00 44x23 Total Size

Style C - $281.25 34x24 Total Size

12x8 10x10 10x16 10x10 10x16


8x8 10x8








10x8 8x8


Style F - $380.00 32x27 Total Size

Style G - $330.00 30x30 Total Size


8x12 8x12


Style H - $306.25 28x32 Total Size


20x10 16x24






Style D - $358.75 54x24 Total Size

Style E - $418.75 44x26 Total Size

10x10 10x10 10x10


10x10 10x10 10x10


10x10 10x10 10x10


Style I - $496.25 32x32 Total Size

Style J - $318.75 34x32 Total Size


31x10 15x30 16x24




Style K - $294.41 50x24 Total Size






Style M - $487.50 82x30 Total Size

Style L - $518.29 46x46 Total Size

10x31 20x20



Style N - $481.25 42x42Total Size

Custom Configurations Available. Call for a Quote. Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 14


Signature Image Boxes Our world-class Signature portrait folio box is at the pinnacle of photographic presentation products. Made from solid wood construction that has been sanded & painted more than 10 times to be mirror finished in either Polar White or Rich Black colors. The inside is black plush felt lined and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of our professional Image Art Mats. The stand out is the recessed glass window lid which allows for the top image to be showcased. The base of the box is also felt lined to prevent scratching surfaces that it’s placed on. The box is deep enough to hold up to 20 Image Art Mats but can be configured in many ways to suit your pre designed packages or your client’s choice. Prints are also available on gold, silver, or black beveled boards, with textured lustre spray. An optional easel to display one of the prints is also available.

Available with Beveled Artboard Optional Easel

8x10 Image Box

Photo Paper

Giclèe Paper

$139 $168 $179 $152 $199

$259 $289 $474

Box w/ 10 Mats Box w/ 10 Mats and Easel Box w/ 20 Mats Box w/ 4 Bevel Prints w/ Easel Box w/ 8 Bevel Prints

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

11x14 Image Box Box w/ 10 Mats Box w/ 10 Mats and Easel Box w/ 20 Mats Box w/ 4 Bevel Prints w/ Easel Box w/ 8 Bevel Prints

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 15

Photo Paper

$195 $219 $268 $219 $299

Giclèe Paper $320 $354 $495

Luma Vue Panels

5 Days In-Lab

LED Backlit Crystal Panel Let your images speak for themselves. The Crystal Panel keeps all eyes focused on your display. With clean lines and a modern design, the Crystal Panel blends flawlessly with it’s surroundings, keeping the focus right where you want it...on your image, product or message.

Crystal Panel Product Details • Made of durable Plexiglas • Available in print sizes of 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 20x24, 20x30, 24x30, 24x36, 30x30 and 30x40 • Easy to use bolt installation • LED-life of 50,000+ hours • Uses 7-12 watts • 3-year warranty • Portrait or Landscape • 110v or 220v

Cut through the clutter and bulk of traditional framing and display systems. Ultra-slim, lightweight and shock proof, this LED-light panel creates a positively crystal-clear view of artwork or messaging of any kind. It’s made of durable Plexiglas, and easy to use bolt system allows for quick and simple artwork changes, giving you the freedom to update your display as often as you like. And, energy-efficient LED technology evenly illuminates while keeping your energy costs down!

Ground Shipping Included Size 11x14 16x20 18x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 30x30 24x36 30x40

Panel & Image $152 $242 $315 $360 $436 $456 $692 $560 $847

Image Only $42 $48 $54 $56 $65 $72 $81 $84 $114

Pricing subject to change. Please check our website for latest pricing.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 16

Folios and Accordion Albums

2 Sided Folio Uses 2 10x10 Images

$19 Accordion Books Available in 3x3 and 5x5 sizes. 12 images for 3x3, 10 images for 5x5


4 Sided Folio 4 10x10 Images, mounted inside and outside. Textured lustre lacquer spray for added protection.


New! Boutique Packaging Streamline your workflow and give your portraits an upscale presentation with our boutique packaging. Your prints are wrapped in stylish printed earth-toned tissue, and place in a sturdy and elegant brown box. Finished off with a hand-tied satin ribbon. For prints 5x7 to 11x14.

$7.25 per order.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 17

Greeting Cards, Proofing and Quantity Prints Greeting Cards We offer a variety of slimline greeting cards for Christmas and other occasions. Cards are 4x8 or 5x7 and are provided with envelopes. Submit any design you choose for the above sizes, verticle or horizontal.

Quantity Less than 50 50-74 75-99 100 and over Envelopes only



.65 .57 .54 .46 .05

.87 .81 .75 .64 .12

Love, Brooke The Andersons

Quantity Prints 4x5, 4x6 or 5x5 - Color Corrected Up to 25 25 to 39 40 to 74 75 to 99 100 to 499 500 to 999 1,000 plus Gold/Silver Stamping

Proof Books Proof books are an excellent way to present portrait, senior sessions and weddings. We offer three sizes of books, 5x7, 81â „ 2 x 11 and 10 x15. We can bind the books with spiral binding with a cover design or clear acetate and black backing. Pages have a black background with the file name under the image. The pages are numbered sequentially.

.46 ea. .44 ea. .42 ea. .38 ea. .37 ea. .33 ea. .29 ea. .06 ea.

We recommend 1 image per page on 5x7, 4 images per page on 81â „ 2 x 11 and 6 images per page on 10 x 15 books, although you may specify any number of images per page. If you submit the cover, it will be charged as a regular page. No Color Correction With Color Correction Pages Cover Pages Cover Pages Cover

Proofing Traditional Proofs are available either non-color corrected (economy), or color corrected (standard). No unpaid returns will be given for economy proofs. Proofing is for first-run images only. Any finished prints will be charged our regular print prices. A minimum order of 10 Proofs is required to qualify for proof pricing.



3.5 x 5 4x5 4x6 5x5 5x7

.36 .36 .36 .36 .63

5x7 5x7 8 1/2x11 8 1/2x11 10x15 10x15

.95 Included 1.96 5.78 2.89 6.30

5x7 5x7 8 1/2x11 8 1/2x11 10x15 10x15

1.26 Included 2.73 5.78 3.63 6.30

Standard .63 .63 .63 .63 .95

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 18


1-2 Days In-Lab

Proms, school events, sports, etc. only For events photographed in volume, minimum 10 images in order. Ideal for same day photography, same lighting, same exposure.

Dog Tag Keychain

3” Metal Button Clear Keychain

Package 8x10 Package 1/2 Unit Package 11 x 14 3” Buttons 1 3x5 Magnet 2 3x5 Magnets 4 3x5 Magnets 8 Trading Cards Photo Dog Tag Keychain Clear Key Chain Bag Tag 8 1/2x11 Funpack Packaging - per unit

8 x 10 Unit (min.. 2 units) $1.85 1/2 Units after first 2 units $.95 11 x 14 added to package $9.87 Metal Buttons with mylar cover $2.00 1 3x5 Magnet with image $2.00 2 3x5 Magnets with Image $3.00 4 3x5 Magnets with Image $4.20 Photographic prints on both sides $6.50 With Necklace Chain $4.20 Same Photo on Both Sides $3.50 Photo one side, ID Tag on other $3.50 Days In-Lab $3.15 Die Cut - Many Items in5 One In clear or paper window env.


Retractable Banner Stands Retractable Banner Stands with Custom Graphics are quick and easy to set-up. Ideal for trade shows, lobby displays, meetings, and on-location events. Printed on long life 10 oz. vinyl with environmentally-friendly, ecosolvent inks. Graphic size: 31 1/2 x 84”. Price includes: Proof, hardware, print and carrying case. With U.V. over laminate, add $67.53 per face.

Single Sided Banner Stand: $275.00 Double Sided Banner Stand: $525.00 5 Days In-Lab

Group Composites We can create composites for schools, fraternities and organizations from your digital files and a completed spreadsheet listing file names, first names, last names and title. In most cases, your client can provide the spreadsheet minimizing the chances of misspellings. We provide a proof before production allowing you and your client to check for accuracy and completeness. Download the Excel spreadsheet file and a Composite Order form on our website: Price Per Head: Price Per Head: Data Adjustment:

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

$2.00 for properly color corrected and cropped images. $3.00 for images we color correct and crop. $50.00 per hour to correct spreadsheets not set-up properly.

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 19

Photographic Albums The Diamond Coffee table style album is the finest available. Master craftsmen hand make each individual album. The Diamond Album uses 10x20 prints for a panoramic image with the smallest gap in the industry.

Design Service Upload your images and let our designers professionally lay-out your album. A PDF proof will be sent your approval, and any changes you’d like to make. $10 per spread (two pages)

Destiny The Destiny is a beautifully handcrafted bonded leather that we assemble for you. Each Destiny includes a slip-in hard case.

Diamond Diamond Albums are available in black, brown, red, light blue, quartz, pink, blue steel and white. Destiny albums are available in black or ivory.

Destiny (Flush Mount)

Diamond (Panoramic) Size




5 8 12 8 12 16 12 16 20

10 16 24 16 24 32 24 32 40



Print Price 2.32 2.32 2.32 3.86 3.86 3.86 4.58 4.58 4.58

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing






98.32 104.08 109.84 143.60 155.12 156.64 201.84 217.20 232.56

121.52 141.20 165.52 205.36 247.76 280.16 311.76 363.76 415.76


5 8 12 8 12 16 12 16 20

10 16 24 16 24 32 24 32 40



731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 20

Print Price 2.32 2.32 2.32 3.86 3.86 3.86 4.58 4.58 4.58



63.32 69.08 74.84 98.60 110.12 121.64 146.84 162.20 177.56

86.52 106.20 130.52 160.36 202.76 245.16 256.76 308.76 360.76

3-5 Days In-Lab Digital Retouching and Artwork With years of experience, you can trust our artists to make your images look their very best.

Senior Senior retouching uses specialized retouching software to remove blemishes and soften under eyes.

Basic Basic retouching includes: Blemish removal, slight wrinkle softening, teeth whitening, tone/color adjustment, tone down facial shine, and the removal of a few stray hairs.


Enhanced Enhanced retouching includes everything in Basic retouching, and adds: Eye enhancement - whiten eyes and define irises, more detailed wrinkle softening, remove minor tanlines, smooth double chin, lighten facial shadows.

Extensive Extensive retouching for problem images or subjects will be charged by the hour. Some examples of typical retouching are provided in the chart below.

Single Head

Multiple Heads

2.50 5.00 8.00 75.00/hr. 7.75 15.50 15.50 7.75 7.75 15.50

10.00 15.00 75.00/hr. 15.50 20.75 20.75 15.50 15.50 20.75

Senior Retouching Basic Retouching Enhanced Retouching Extensive* Simple Glass Glare Complex Glass Glare Remove Braces Smooth/Remove Double Chin Smooth/Remove Clothing Wrinkles Extensive Stray Hair Removal

Extensive retouching includes any special requests you may have, such as head swaps, background removal or extension, object removal, multi-image composites, new background, etc.

RAW to Retouch The ultimate in processing convenience, RAW to Retouch allows you to simply send us your RAW files, and we’ll convert them to .tiffs and apply whatever retouching you want to them. We can collaborate on target prints with you to get you exactly the look you want. We’ll work with you to get the tones, contrast and saturation that meet your expectations. With our calibrated color control systems, you can be assured of prints that meet your target each and every time.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

$.50 per image, plus applicable retouching charges (see above for retouching levels)

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 21

How To Send Us Your Digital Files Use ROES for optimal ordering with Mid-South Color Labs. This cross-platform application is easy to install and will automatically update with any new products or services we add. ROES is simple to use. Just select a folder of images you want to use, pick a product to order, and drag in your image into the middle of the product.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 22

Scans From Negs and Prints up to 8.5x11

1 Original

5 or More Originals

Scan for Websites - up to 5MB



$5.00 $10.00 $20.00 $60.00 $8.50 per Order $5.50 $30.00 per hour $50.00

$3.00 $7.50 $15.00

Scans for Prints Up to 8x10 - 5 MB Up to 16x20 - 10 MB Larger than 16x20 - 20 MB Hi Rez Drum Scan Archive to Gold CD Archive to Silver CD Extreme Color Correction and Cleanup

From Prints over 8.5x11


Image File Archival We burn your image archives to Archival Gold CD’s. There is growing evidence that standard silver CD’s may fail within a very few years and data lost is not recoverable. For this reason, we have chosen Delkin Gold CD’s, which have an estimated data life of 300 years. These CD’s cost more, but we think the extra security is well worth the cost.

Archival CD - $8.50

Approval Prints

Gold/Silver Stamping

If you would like to see a proof for final approval, we can take care of that for you. Approval prints are approximately 16x20 in size, with size varying depending on the job.

We offer the service of stamping studio or company name in gold or silver on prints. If we provide stamping dies, the actual cost for the stamping dies is billed to customer. Normally, dies run about $35 to $45 each, depending upon size. As dies wear out from use, they are replaced at customer expense.

Photographic Approval Print - $7.50 Giclée Approval Print - $15.00

Customers need to supply camera-ready artwork for the dies. The best and most detailed artwork is a professionally prepared digital file, but output from a laser printer on good quality paper is acceptable, provided the detail is captured.

Restorations Complete restoration service is available for black and white and color photographs and artwork. Our artists use digital techniques as well as traditional art methods like pencils and dyes. Our prices depend upon condition of original and the extent of restoration desired. Call for more information, price quotes and service times.

Most customers use one size for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10, a second size for 11x14, 16x20 and 20x24, and a third size for everything larger. Stamping charge per print is $.25 for regular prints and $.06 for greeting cards and quantity proofs.

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 23

Online Proofing You have a choice of two methods to proof your images online. If you need a high resolution image so your clients can see all the details of your image, ProVues is the best choice. ProVues is designed for multi-media presentations as well as individual image viewing. Add music to create a slideshow much like you would in your studio. Pro-Vues is the most economical choice for online viewing capability. For actual web-based selling, DigiProofs will enable you to show and sell your images online. You have a choice of self fulfillment where you handle all the orders, or integrated fulfillment where the order is sent to us, we print it and drop ship it to your client. DigiProofs will take a commission in addition to the normal fees for the integrated fulfillment option.



With ProVues Online, you can create and customize your own web photo gallery on your desktop and upload it directly to Mid-South Color for hosting using Shozam! Here’s what you get:

Now, with DigiProofs online proofing through MidSouth, you can increase sales from portraits, weddings and other events by reaching more customers who increasingly view and buy photographs online. This service increases your marketing reach while reducing your studio work..and costs. As guests view passwordprotected events, they pass your proofing web page (included) and your marketing message.

- Choice of templates, copy, links, slide show, index sheet, etc. - Add your own music and video - Higher resolution images to enable viewers to see fine detail - Flat monthly rate hosting fee for 5 Gigabytes of storage. - Galleries online for 60 days - Clients view gallery via any Internet browser - Apply a watermark to discourage illegal downloads - Link directly from your website or direct viewers to a customized web page created for you on our server.

With DigiProofs from Mid-South you have two online ordering systems:

Self-fulfillment - your clients order online and the order details are sent to you to send to Mid-South as you normally would. Credit card information is collected online and forwarded to you for processing.

Fees: Initial Setup: $35.00

Monthly Fee: $40.00

Integrated-fulfillment - your client’s orders are sent directly to Mid-South for fulfillment. We print and ship directly to your client without any further intervention from you. Credit cards are processed and you will receive a check from us based upon prices you set minus 10% DigiProofs commission (which includes credit card fee), and regular lab charges.

Gallery Creation software available from Shozam! Setup Fees Include: - Studio Homepage on our server - Your image - Your studio information - Your message - Link to your galleries - Code for your existing website to link to ProVue galleries directly from your site

Sign-up anytime...24/7. Visit our website:midsouthcolor. com and click on the Portrait Services link and then on Online Proofing.

Integrated Fulfillment Event

Monthly Hosting Includes: - Unlimited uploads - up to a total of 5 GB of storage space - Galleries online for 60 days -- automatically removed after that - Server available 24/7 - Technical assistance from lab

- Annual Online Membership Fee - $100 - Unlimited space to store your images - Commission, including Credit Card fees - 10%

Self-Fulfillment Event - Unlimited Space - - 0-25,000 Images - - 25,000+ Images -

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 24

$100 one-time fee .02 per image .014 per image

Service Schedule Service

Working Days

Notes About Our Service Schedule:

Archive File to CD


Mid-South Color Labs is sensitive to your expected turn-around-times. We make every effort to produce a high-quality product in a reasonable time frame.

Banner Stands


We strive to meet or exceed the times we have listed, but quality comes first. In the event that you need your work by a solid deadline, please be sure to note that on your order.

Canvas (Stripped)


Christmas Cards


Competition Prints


Contour Brush Strokes


Enhanced Contour Brush Strokes


Digital Albums


Digital Composites


Digital Create-A-Package


Digital Prints


Digital Retouching


Dry Mounting


GiclĂŠe Prints


Gold/Silver Stamping Painter Artwork




Proof Books


RAW to Retouch








Work Prints

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing


731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 25


What people are saying... “A staff that will treat you like family” “Finding Brooks Clayton and his staff at Mid-South Color has been an incredible blessing on many different levels. Creating top quality products for our art savvy clientele takes a team of dedicated professionals. We consider our lab to be a critical member of our team and Mid-South is the perfect fit. Brooks personally worked with us to create unique repeatable processes and products that communicated the WOW factor we were trying to achieve. He has developed and trained a highly skilled and personable staff that will treat you like family. It is a rarity to find such a skilled quality conscious business that cares about their clients.” Gregory Daniel M. Photog.Cr., F-ASP

Gregory Daniel Portrait Artist - Titusville, FL “Never settle for good enough” For me, what I love about Portrait photography is the never ending creative process. Working diligently to perfect design, lighting and posing is what I want to concentrate on. Mid-South Color allows me that freedom as they take care of perfecting the beauty of the final image. Knowing and trusting Brooks and his amazing team to personally watch my orders and tweak where needed guarantees me the perfectly printed portrait. Each photographer has their own vision of what the finished canvas should look like. Mid-South doesn’t limit me to a drop-down box with three options in finishing, instead they worked with me to find the perfect canvas and spray combination to complete my vision. My clients choose me because they desire a style that I create. They return because we exceed their expectations with quality. Audrey Wancket M. Photog.Cr., CPP Wancket Studios - Arlington Heights, IL

“ I have found my team--Mid-South Color Labs” “The day I started working with Mid-South Color Labs was the day my life in the studio improved. Changing labs has never been easy but the switch to Mid-South could not have been easier. From day one, their service has been incredible! Whenever I call with a special request or a problem that I have created, customer service has always said ‘We can take care of that, do not worry about it.’ On top of this great service is their fantastic print quality and turn around time. It is so nice to find a lab that is concerned about my satisfaction. As a high-end studio, I need a team behind me working and delivering the finest portraits that can be produced. I have found my team--Mid-South Color Labs. Thank you Mid-South for being there and making my portraits look their very best.” William Branson, III

M.Photog., F.Ph., F-ASP William Branson, III Photography - Durham, NC

Mid-South Color Labs Pricing

731-422-6691 or 1-800-221-3920 26

2018 Mid-South Pricebook  
2018 Mid-South Pricebook  

Welcome to the 2018 Mid-South Pricing Book, this edition covers all the updates from our last version as well as shows some new products tha...