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star wars

an age of heroes 5 of 5

by rick troula

Well, as you may know the galaxy is basically split into TWO groups, the

New Republic and the Empire.

As it seems, the so called New Republic stands among the shatters of what’s left of the old Republic struggling to rebuild what was broken. Since Leia Organa Solo’s murder the Republic crumbled and fell apart, and now her daughter has started to pick up the pieces. Answering a call from Admiral Ackbar she came back and picked up where her mother left. On the other side of the board sits the huge and imposing machine of the Empire, still strong and still working, and now under a new ruler, if the rumors are true. They may not be as strong as they once were, but they’re getting there.

Actually, the way I see, none of them are as strong as they would like, so both secure representatives in the galatic senate and fight their war through politics. Where can a bounty hunter find more credits? From Lok Darren’s datalog: transcript from communication A#32

This story does not take place on the regular Star Wars continuity, instead it is a self-contained continuity created for the sake of creativity freedom.

This is not a comic to be sold it’s just a fan’s work. I’ve drank on the infinity well of information and ideas that the internet provides regarding Star Wars, from Wookipedia to other fans’ works. Thank you all. This story was born a long, long time ago at an rpg table.

Thanks to Daphne and her unending criticism, it made it all better. Thanks to Pete for being such a Star Wars nerd and his research and to the rest of the gang for all the readings and critics. And thanks to Anibal Folco for the typography mastermind.

All the characters here was created by me, except the original ones, like Jaina and Admiral Ackbar, and the protagonists. Stratus Darklighter was created by Pete Burton and me; Lok Darren was created by Rene Hendrick and me; Hazu was created by Marcelo Fazoli and me; and Dirtran was created by Cassio Jordão and me.

an age of heroes #5


by rick troula

Tarrjurrd we got to get back to the ship. The droids warned me that it’s ready.


See those juggernaut transports? When they get here I want to be long gone.


No, we don’t have enough fire power to fight them. Not even with your thermal detonators. Cover me, I’ll try to change our luck on this battle!

boom ! God damn it Wookie, that’s what I call a cover!

but don’t get too....

I know, you go I’ll hold them here.

Fine, then let’s finish this.

Stratus, we’ve got to go help them.

No, I won’t leave you, there’re too many.

time to deal with this my way.

Impressive little brother, impressive.

Who’d know that you’d be this good.

Or should I say this vicious…

You stole a lot of my contracts Darren. It’s time for the payback.

Killing the famous Lok Darren will help me build my reputation.

And I will tell everyone how you died weak, pathetic and unarmed.

I’m always armed you stupid bastard.

You brought an army to beat me and it still wasn’t enough.

You’re good Organa Solo. You’ve been well trained, but by weak masters that know very little about fighting and battle.

Come with me and I can teach you how to become the greatest sword master of all.

You cannot tempt me, I have no interest on the darkside. I’m not weak.

My mother?

Oh, but you have. You would give anything to avenge your mother’s death. Wouldn’t you?

Oh yes, I remember her face when she died.


you killed my mother!

I’m not that naive you bastard!

I wouldn’t kill my mother twice by giving in to the darkside!

Disappointing, I guess I’ll just have to kill you then.


Enough! Yeah, enough.

Time to end this princess.


LOK! You ok?

I’m… I’m fine. Ship’s ready and… Tarrj is starting it up.

Let’s go get Hazu and Stratus.

How did you beat all those troopers and vehicles? I know you’re good but…

That wookie is a hell of a fighter, we’re a great team. But we haven’t won yet.. we just pushed them back, but they’ll return.

Hazu? We’re coming to get you and Stratus.


I’ll go get Stratus, we got separated.

You’re not my brother! Where’s Argyus?!

the Argyus you knew is dead. I’m stronger and more powerful now.

And I won’t let you take my place at the Emperor’s side.

What makes you think that I want your place?

I want you dead!

The Emperor thinks you’re powerful, but I know he’s wrong.

You can’t kill me, little brother! I’m too powerful.


Yes I can.


Gone? What you mean gone? Come on let’s go. Where’s Stratus?


Let’s go pick him up.

Oh, no. I thought he was only a little confused...

but… it was more than that…

He went to the darkside....


I can’t believe... Stratus...

Where were you when we needed? No one could have saved Stratus but himself.

I was fighting the Emperor. But he’s too strong and Darklighter tilt the balance.

Stratus didn’t want to be saved.

Why did he go? Why did he betray us?

Stratus was a tormented soul. He couldn’t find peace with himself, there was too much anger and suffering He could inside him. not fight it anymore and just gave in.

Your battle alone was already too much to bare.

No, we could have saved him, we should have done more, we..

The Emperor knew he could not corrupt you, so he tried to destroy you, and you beat those sith warriors without killing them. You stayed true to end.

And Jaina fought a strong adversary, who sought to lure her to the darkside.

But you resisted too. Both of you wanted to stay into the light, and nothing could make you change. Stratus didn’t.

You’re at different sides now.

the end. for now...

Star Wars An Age of Heroes 5  

Fifth issue of the fanfic comic book Star Wars An Age of Heroes

Star Wars An Age of Heroes 5  

Fifth issue of the fanfic comic book Star Wars An Age of Heroes