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Week 8 What’s Your Prospecting Plan after PEP? o In PEP, a daily prospecting goal of 21 contacts per day was set for you  Helping you establish prospecting habits  Giving you a target/goal  Creating accountability o

Now you need to create a more personalized prospecting plan that will help you reach your specific goal 

In the ‘Success Planning” recording you were taught how to do this

 Now, it is up to YOU! • You Started Your Income Goal In Week 6 o Income Goal o Your Average Sales Price* o Your Average Commission Rate per Side* o What % of business will come from sellers and % from buyers* o % of Listings taken that actually sold* o % of Transactions opened that actually closed* o # Contacts needed to get an appointment o # Appointments attended to obtain a contract  Listings

 Sale

*In case you cannot get these statistics, the forms have numbers you can use until you develop your own.

Prospects You Have Generated During PEP o If you have been prospecting, you have been generating leads for future business o

These means future income if you…..  Put them into a contact management system  Create a follow-up plan  Execute the plan

After Initial Active Contact o Plan a follow-up campaign 

It needs to involve consistent, timely contacts – using all forms of contact: – Email – Mail – Phone – Face-to-Face

o How many of you asked for an email address in your initial contact? o If not, contact them again as a follow up

o Tell them you want to make sure they get valuable information on what’s happening in the market – locally and nationally that could affect their future real state decisions Using the Tools for Follow Up o eGreetings o Electronic newsletter o Life @ Home o Fine Homes and Estates o Commercial o Hispanic o Drip Campaigns – Action Plans o Blogging All of the above will be more effective if personal contacts are mixed in (face-to-face/voice-to-voice) Search the Course Catalog to find additional classes you might be interested in.

Follow up Tips o Maintain a “library” of articles from various media sources o Use them as a reason to follow up  Changes in interest rates  Changes in the market  Innovative, new financing programs  Company news – New Listings, just sold  Home improvement/home staging articles •

Final Assignment o Complete your Business Plan Worksheet  As you learned in the recorded class “Success Planning” o Review with your broker/manager o Keep it where you can review it daily o Get a visual of a something you want to reward yourself with when you reach your goal 

New house, new car, debt reduction, vacation, etc.

Where Do You Go From Here?

Things to Remember: o PEP was not a destination, it was a journey o

Along the way, you should have gained prospecting scripts, tips and ideas

o There is always someone to prospect o You have gained confidence in your prospecting abilities o You have gained an understanding of the importance of o

Active Prospecting: Face to Face or Voice to Voice.

o Empower others to help hold you accountable o Continue to Hold yourself accountable o Continue to Track your prospecting and production numbers o Have a business plan and study it regularly. • The Journey o While on this journey, what was biggest hurdle you encountered?

o Do you feel you have overcome it?

o If not, what do you plan to do about it?

o If yes, what will you do to keep it from becoming a hurdle again?

Now that PEP class is Over… Tips for continuing on the journey o Stay focused on the Performance Enhancement Process. o Prospect – Track – Accountability – Production o

Work to improve your skills which will improve your confidence.

o Confidence leads to applying the skill – applying the skill leads to results. o Continue to empower others to help hold you accountable. o Hold yourself accountable. o Schedule time for prospecting. o Stay focused on the numbers.

The Numbers and What They Mean o

In “Success Planning” and “Success Achieving” classes you learned all about the numbers and what they mean.

o Numbers tell you how to plan your journey. o They are your “road map”. o How much money you need to make. o

How many contacts you need to complete to achieve your desired income

o They tell you how you are progressing on your journey

o If you are reaching your prospecting goal o How much you need to do to stay on track or get back on track o Which sources are being successful for you and which are not o Whether or not your dialogues and approaches are working o # of Contacts vs. how many appointments are scheduled o # presentations before you get a listing or buyer representation agreement signed o They’ll tell you why you’re working harder. o % Listings that don’t sell o List Price: Sales Price ratio o Average days on market o Buyers not going under contract o Transactions under contract that do not close

Numbers Don’t Lie o Keep up the tracking o Be honest with the numbers  Otherwise you are just fooling yourself – no one else o Just like blood pressure numbers, cholesterol numbers, etc. tell you about your health o Numbers tell you the health of your business!

Another Reason for Tracking: Good numbers give you “bragging” rights!

Some Final Prospecting Tips!

Avoiding Pitfalls o Not having a prospecting plan o Failing to schedule the prospecting time and committing to it o Falling back on passive prospecting rather than active because it is “easier” o Forgetting there is always someone to prospect o Not learning from the numbers o When you get numerous buyers and sellers, you tend to cut out prospecting o When in doubt about what to say to a prospect - remember the fourstep process o

Time for Reflections…. Finish this sentence: What PEP has done for me is

Parting Words o

“Personal development is your springboard to personal excellence. Ongoing, continuous, non-stop personal development literally assures you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish.� Brian Tracy


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PEP Scripts Week 8  
PEP Scripts Week 8  

o Your Average Sales Price* o # Contacts needed to get an appointment o What % of business will come from sellers and % from buyers* Week 8...