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ACADIA UNIVERSITY Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Replacement of 200 toilets, 99 urinals Installation of 1 UTC Sentinel速 programmable urinal flushing system, 210 faucet aerators, & 32 low flow showerheads ESCO Partner: Johnson Controls Estimated Domestic Water Savings: 44,280 m3/year Estimated Reduced Municipal Water Distribution CO2 emissions: 17.7 t/yr Measures: A 250 acre campus with approximately 3,000 students. Eleven of the campus buildings consumed an estimated 84,188 m3 of water annually. The scope of the project involved the replacement of 200 toilets, 99 urinals, and the installation of 1 UTC Sentinel速, 210 faucet aerators, and 32 low flow showerheads throughout eleven buildings. Post-installation estimated annual domestic water savings were 44,280 m3. The project was completed within budget and in 2 months, ahead of schedule.



331 Trowers Road, Unit 3, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 6A2 Tel: (905) 850-8080 | Fax: (905) 850-9100

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