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Reduce Flushing Prevent Drain Build-Up Deodorize

Biological Urinal Blocks

Biological Urinal Blocks

The Matrix Dry-Cube® is a specially formulated urinal puck that saves you water and

Reduces Flushing

by degrading the crystalline structure of uric acid that can slow the drain system.

Reduce flushing by placing the Matrix Dry-Cube® in each urinal. With each use, they dispense bacteria, water softening agents, and enzymes into the drain pipe. This unique formula targets and cleans scaling build-up as it deodorizes. There is no need to continually flush your urinals to wash away urine.


Cleans and Freshens

money by reducing the frequency of urinal flushing. It contains powerful biological cleaning agents, proven to maintain clear and odour-free urinal traps and drain lines

MDC-CG Order our custom-designed plastic cages to hold Dry Cubes over urinal traps

Sold in convenient rolls of 12 Cubes for one low price.

Introductory Special Offer BUY 3, GET 1 FREE! For every three rolls of Matrix Dry Cubes ordered, receive one free roll. Contact Water Matrix™ or your local plumbing wholesaler to order. Product # MDC-12, MDC-CG

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The Matrix Dry-Cube® contains protease enzymes, surfactants and bacteria blended with additional cleaning and water softening agents, odour blocking fragrance and colouring. It actively cleans your urinal with each use.

Works in all Urinal Systems With urinal tanks, manual or electronic flush valves, on porcelain, stainless steel, or fibreglass surfaces; the Matrix Dry-Cube® is simple and easy to use. Just place it in the provided cage right over each urinal trap and your savings begin.

Prevents Clogged Drain lines Neutralize the harmful acids in urine before they reach your drain. Matrix Dry-Cube® conditions and degrades uric acid, eliminating odours and preventing scale from building up in your pipes.

Protects the Environment and your Health Why compromise your patron’s health and the air quality in your washroom? The Matrix Dry-Cube® has none of the toxic pDCB (paradichlorobenzyne) that is found in most other urinal pucks. Our active bacterial ingredient is non-pathogenic and approved on the Canadian Domestic Substances List (DSL).

Ideal for use with our UTC Sentinel® automated urinal flushing system.

Matrix DRY-CUBE  
Matrix DRY-CUBE