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Tafel says the biggest rule of lighting is to provide indirect illumination and avoid glare. He recommends using lighting design professional to ensure the best results. “Most people don’t recognize the value of a lighting company until they’ve made mistakes in prior lighting decisions,” he says. “Having a company who specializes in professional lighting design makes a huge difference in your investment in lighting.”


Helping customers make informed lighting decisions includes choosing the type of lighting that is best for the particular home. Adamson recommends LED outdoor lighting, which is more energy efficient, compared to traditional outdoor lighting and has a greater life span. “Lighting on the outside of the house should be chosen the same way lighting on the inside of the house is chosen,” explains Tafel. “People have different likes and dislikes, so when we meet with people we spend time at the beginning discussing what they want to achieve with the lighting. We work to offer 100% satisfaction to get the lighting that is right for them.” Adamson calls on his knowledge, obtained from a degree in Landscape Architecture, to help design around seasonal changes. “You have to design and explain, for example, how highlighting a specimen Japanese maple will look with the beautiful foliage in the summer and show off the branching structure in the winter.” His involvement with the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals provides information on the latest technology as well as design ideas from outdoor lighting professionals throughout North America.


Both Adamson and Tafel agree that homeowners should look for an experienced lighting design professional. “So many homeowners know what they don’t want, but they don’t know how to describe what they do want. That’s where we come in,” says Tafel. “We take the same homes that are beautiful during the daytime, with the architectural details and the landscaping, and translate them into great nighttime scenes that homeowners can enjoy.” “To see the potential of a property that is not being enjoyed at night and then see the final result that is utilized by family and friends of a happy client, that is what drives Red Oak Design and why I love what I do,” says Adamson.

2 By focusing light on just a few items, this picture shows how you can turn an area into a place of solitude while still showing the tree line to make the most out of this attractive outdoor space. Photo provided by Red Oak Design.

3 This tree line is brought to life with up lighting that focuses on the mature trees, while still maintaining the rustic serenity of the location. Photo provided by Red Oak Design.

4 4 This area comes alive at night with a perimeter of balanced lighting and illuminated pathway. Photo provided by Red Oak Design.


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