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In Faith - There’s A Storm Coming Record Label: Rocktopia Records


Released: 24 October 2014

Highlight of the album: A Million Ways Website: www.infaithofficial.com Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

In Faith are a new Melodic Rock band from the UK featuring the very well known Pete Newdeck on drums (Tainted Nation, Newman, Eden's Curse), Tony Marshall on guitar ( Contagious, Vaughn ) and Pete Godfrey on vocals and this new project is launching on Rocktopia Records (the label run by Kieran Dargan and Bruce Mee, the organisers of Firefest). The question here may be where has Pete Godfrey been hiding his silky smooth voice for all this time, this is classic British AOR.

cracking solo from Chris Green (Rubicon Cross, Furyon), the good guitar work is right through the album from not only Tony, but special guests Brooke St James (Tyketto) on "Where I Wanna Be" and Pat Heath (ex Furyon) on "Radio", and of course everything is backed up by the always excellent drum sound of Pete Newdeck. There's a lot to like here, and the more you listen the more you take in. "All Or Nothing" has a slightly harder and heavier edge to it which is great and like mentioned helps to keep everything fresh.

Kicking the album off with "Radio" the tone is quickly set, the track itself has a bit of a Harem Scarem feel to it, which can never be a bad thing in my book, it's a booming energetic rocker that lifts your ears up straight away, cracking start, and it doesn't stop there "Does It Feel Like Love" is a wonderful ballad, which like all great songs is more than just a jumble of words and music, we are taken on a journey, the music ebbs and flows around the song itself. Pete Godfrey's vocals are excellent here as they are throughout the whole album, as are the backing vocals that tie everything together nicely. Next up we get a track that was used as the Anthem for Firefest X in 2013 "Church Of Rock 'N Roll" which sadly for me doesn't work so well on the album, it's not that it's a bad track, don't get me wrong, but maybe it doesn't fit in as well with the others and that always has an issue with how an album flows for me.

But WOW what a way to finish an album off, the last four tracks are just so strong, starting with "In Flames" which I could see being a crowd pleaser at a live show, and it has that anthemic quality to it. "A Million Ways" is a stunning track for me, it's the one that hits me straight away and it's one of a couple of tracks that just keep drawing me back, yes it is a ballad but it shows off Pete's vocals really well and it's put together really well, gets my foot tapping and I'm pretty sure I know the lyrics already, love the solo too, one of those songs you don't mind leaving on repeat for a while. Coming up straight after it is "Leave Me Now" a terrific slice of pop with a hard rock edge, at this point I think Pete could probably sing anything, the theme's of love and life are nothing unusual, but not every album you hear has songs of the quality that In Faith have produced on There's A Storm Coming. To round things off a crunching rocker in "Bitter End" which rumbles along nicely and gets softened in places with the backing vocals, another cracker and a great way to finish the album.

But we are soon back on track with "Where I Wanna Be", another classic sounding AOR track that would fit in perfectly on any of the best releases of the last 10 years, and again I just think it's a shame that we haven't had more output like this with Pete Godfrey on vocals, but happy that the guys have put this together and that the quality is so high across the board, hardly a surprise with the people involved both in front of and behind soundboard. Over recent times Pete Newdeck's talents behind the mixing desk have been in high demand, and it was an obvious choice to get him to work his magic on this album and then the Mastering was done by none other than Harry Hess of Harem Scarem, and this is just as polished as you would expect from the assembled team.

Overall this is a really top notch debut from a project I hope will not only continue to create new music but will hopefully get out there and Tour this album, I think people will want to hear it. Either way check out In Faith's debut, it doesn't disappoint at all.

"Addicted", "If That's What Love Means" and "All Or Nothing" provide a nice variety of tracks throughout the mid section of the album, changing pace and style, but all good songs in their own right, with "if That's What Love Means" being another good ballad and as is the way with everything presented in this package we don't have a big rash of songs that just sound the same, which is nice and refreshing. "Addicted" is more of pacey rocker with some excellent guitar work and a


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