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Buckcherry 10 / 10

Confessions Record Label Century Media

Released 18 February 2013

Highlight of the album: ‘Sloth’ Website

So this is the new one from the loud and raucous guys with a penchant for southern grooves and some of the best lyrics in rock. Their track record is rather good actually, as they haven’t actually produced an album that I haven’t liked. That record is still unbroken, as Confessions is an absolute stormer.

a loose theme to the album. Especially with songs named after the seven deadly sins, as well as others of course. As a concept though, it really works, although I don’t think it’s a full on concept album, it’s just variations on a theme, or at least that’s the impression I get from it, you may well disagree.

Yes I will admit, it’s pretty much business as usual for the guys, as they’ve still got that trademark sound, and the same attitude in the lyrics that they’ve always had. I’m very much a believer in “if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it” and thankfully it seems that the Buckcherry guys adopt the same philosophy. Nope they’re not trailblazing off into new realms, but rather taking you on another trip through familiar territory. There’s no harm in that at all though, especially when these guys do it with so much style.

This album isn’t going to set the world alight by being innovative, or by bringing anything new to the world of rock, but it’s classic Buckcherry and they’re a band that can get away with making the formula work well, over and over again. This is by no means just a re-issue of the last album though, as it still has its own identity, and is well worth you spending your hard earned pennies on, because there are some bloody great tunes on here.

One thing I’ve always liked about their music though is that there’s always an element of fun about it in places. Its music that can really get behind you and sometimes it can even lift you up. Throughout this album though, it’s evident that there’s

Jon Seymour

Skarlett Riot 10 / 10

Tear Me Down Record Label Self Release

Released 25 March 2013

Highlight of the album: ‘Broken Wings’ Website

Now those who read any of my reviews on a regular basis will know by now that I have a soft spot for a good female vocalist. I’ve been hearing great things about this band since their appearance at Bloodstock 2012, so when the opportunity to give the new album a review, naturally I jumped at the chance.

a lot actually. It’s packed full of energy, and it’s pretty relentless with its assault on your eardrums. It’s fast, hard, and precise. There are some truly great songs on here too, and I defy anyone to be infected by them. They’ll get under your skin, and have you dancing like a marionette. There are some monster sing-a-long choruses too, and I found myself singing before I knew I was doing it. You also have to keep The album is a straight ahead rock and roll album. There are reminding yourself that this is their debut full length album. no frills or gimmicks, it just lets the music do ALL of the talking. It’s a feisty album too, packed with a sassy attitude, I can honestly say that I have another female fronted band and there are some pretty heavy tracks on it too. To venture to like, but you can never have too many of those, right? This into the heavier territory, then the vocals have to be spot on. album has a classic rock sound, it’s got a great many things Thankfully Chloe’s vocals are more than up to the task. going for it and honestly I can’t find anything negative to say about it. I’ve tried to find something, but I am completely at a These guys have been on the live circuit for some time, and loss. It’s music of the highest quality, and 2013 could well be that experience comes through in the music. It’s of a very the year that Skarlett Riot achieve world domination. It’s high standard, and is easily as good as anything else out not inconceivable by any means. there right now, and a great deal better than many others. Jon Seymour You may have gathered by now, that I like this album, rather


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