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Issue 10 - July 2013


Famous Underground

Buffalo Summer

PLUS Lawless Shy Manowar Thunder and Lighting Blackmore’s NIght Scorpion Child SOiL Grace Solero News Gig Lisitings and more...

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Firebrand Magazine

“I do believe that I may one day do an updated version of some of that old material” Famous Underground


“That was the first chance we’d had to shake the dust off” Heaven’s Basement

“There are many things that are difficult to understand for people from other cultures“ Seagull

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“To be honest we can’t really remember much about it” Buffalo Summer



Firebrand Magazine

From The Editor Well what a month temperatures rising through the roof a royal sprog of which we will never hear the end of if the media have their way. So thankfully we have Firebrand Magazine to take your mind off the royal diaper changing news. Lots of things happening over on planet Firebrand this month. Our first festival Skyfest is picking up steam well so if you are planning on coming to the event over in Mansfield in September make sure to get your tickets. Also check out the official Skyfest page on Facebook for a very special competition from our friends The Room. As you know we have a legend of the rock scene in the shape of Danny Vaughn DJ’ing on Firebrand Rock Radio, but I am very pleased to announce that joining our celebrity ranks is none other than the superb Mr Tony Mills. His show will be going live over the next couple of weeks and we will post all relevant news on the Firebrand Rock Radio wall on Facebook. Firebrand After Dark did phenomenally well for its first issue and you can expect lots more Metal goodness in up and coming issues. Keep it rockin’ peeps Doc


Firebrand Magazine

The Grapevine Dream Theater Release New Studio Video Dream Theater have revealed more behind the scenes magic from the studio in the form of this brand new video. Dream Theater are set to release their milestone self-titled album on September 23rd & you can find out how it was created right here. We are very impressed with their organisational skills alone. Loads more album info coming soon!

autumn of 2012, which included a four-night residency in London.

Reckless Love New Studeo Release In September Reckless Love, the flamboyant Finnish rockers who burst spectacularly onto the UK scene in 2010, will have their new / third full studio album released via Spinefarm Records on September 2nd – titled ‘Spirit’, this is the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Animal Attraction’, also issued on the Spinefarm label. Produced by Ilkka Wirtanen, and with mixing duties divided between Ilkka Wirtanen / Juha Heininen & Petri Majuri, the album represents a bold step forward for RL, with the commercial aspects of the music pushed to new & heady heights, plus the heavier side showing some serious bite, with the wonderfully titled ‘Metal Ass’ hugging the fast lane from first note to last. Between these two extremes, RL deliver some of their most thoughtful, atmospheric and finely crafted songs to date – the likes of ‘Edge Of Our Dreams’, ‘Dying To Live’, ‘Runaway Love’ & ‘Hot Rain’. Meanwhile, the second single from the album has now been confirmed as ‘So Happy I Could Die’, with a video due to be filmed in early August; this follows on from lead track / video ‘Night On Fire’…

The single ‘I’m Coming Home‘ featuring Tommy Denander on guitars and is due for digital release on August 5th, and precedes the release of the full-length album, II, on September 2nd. Houston “II” is the follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2010 debut. The band has been working on the new songs since the last tour of the UK in 2011, and the result shows that it was not chance that got their first album to 1st place of Classic Rock Magazine’s top AOR albums of 2010. Producer/ keyboard player Ricky Delin has for this album become a full member of the band, together with Hank Erix (vocals) and Freddie Allen (drums). The trio has once again used Sweden’s finest melodic rock musicians, such as the great Tommy Denander for most guitar parts and long-time band associate Soufian Ma’Aoui for the bass parts.

Houston Release New Video Swedish AOR outfit HOUSTON have released the video for the single ‘I’m Coming Home‘ from ‘II‘ the forthcoming full-length album. The video can be viewed below:

James Rivera Is Coming To The UK James Rivera (Helstar, Vicious Rumors) is coming to the UK to launch the UK chapter of his 'Sabbath Judas Sabbath' tribute band. The US and European Chapters for SJS have been running for several years and now the UK In addition, Reckless Love have announced a headline run of UK dates for October 2013; this tour chapter is set up. The first UK gig is in Birmingham follows on from the band’s month-long UK visit in the on Friday 16 August and coincides with several European dates this summer including Metal Days festival, Slovenia; Alcatraz warm-up show, Belgium, and the official Wacken after-show party, Germany. The next run of UK dates will be in October and Yardbirds, Grimsby is already confirmed for 25 October, with more to be announced shortly.


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Lawless 10/10

Rock Savage Record Label: Escape Music

Released: 19 July 2013

Highlight of the album: Heavy Metal Heaven Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Combining members of Persian Risk and Demon ‘Lawless’ was always going to grab my attention.

The album itself draws well from the pedigree of the musician’s that it is made up from with it being littered with examples of stunning guitar work, Formed at the of 2012, with current Demon catchy hooks and great sing-along choruses, ending members Neil Ogden and Paul Hume and Persian with the cheesy as Hell ‘Metal Time’ this debut album Risk guitar maestro Howie G with HeadrusH bassist hits the spot and places ‘Lawless’ as one of the top Josh ‘Tabbie’ Williams completing the lineup this hard rock bands to watch out for this year. North Staffordshire band have a lot of pedigree going into it but have somehow not yet been labelled as a ‘Super Group’ just yet. ‘Rock Savage’ starts off well with ‘Heavy Metal Heaven’ setting the scene with its perfect blend of 80s guitar work and tradition classic rock anthamic vocals with Paul Hume doing a cracking job on vocals (with Neil Ogden surprisingly behind the skins on drum duty).

Blackmore’s Night 8/10

Dancer And The Moon Record Label: Frontiers Records

Released: 14 June 2013

Highlight of the album: The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea) Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Comprising of Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night ‘Blackmore’s Night’ don’t need much of an introduction. With this partnership coming together around 1997, Blackmore’s Night created their unique blend of music thanks to Richie and Candice’s love of early renaissance music and have been together ever since.

duo are known for, with it creating a relaxing and soothing effect with the exception of the stunning rockier track ‘The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)’ and the prog inspired instrumental closing track ‘Carry On... Jon’ both reminding the world of just how great a rock guitarist Ritchie Blackmore actually is.

With ‘Dancer And The Moon’ being the eighth studio album from this multi-talented duo Blackmore’s Night continue to push the boundaries of renaissance style music, once again delving deep into familiar territory to create thirteen tracks of musical excellence, centred predominately around the stunning guitar work of Ritchie Blackmore and the melodic vocals of Candice Night.

Overall ‘Dancer And The Moon’ ticks all the right boxes for the die hard Blackmore’s Night fans and the inclusion of the two rock tracks adds an extra incentive for fans of Richie’s earlier work to check out what this guitar maestro is currently up to.

The album as somewhat expected doesn’t deviate far from the folk/ renaissance style ballads that the


Firebrand Magazine

Live Review

Waterfront Studio, Norwich 2 July 2013 Supports: Skarlett Riot and Buffalo Summer Review and Photos by Jon Seymour If there’s one British band that have been kicking ass and taking names for the past year or so, it’s Heaven’s Basement. Out on a second leg of a UK tour, this was the opening night, and their first time in Norwich, and the show was a sell out. The Studio at the Waterfront is a more intimate venue, with no photo pit, so the security barrier is no more than 12 inches from the very small stage. In fact the people at the front often have to be mindful of swinging guitar necks and flailing mic stands. It often makes for an interesting gig....

the end of the first song. Addressing the crowd at every opportunity and inviting them to join in and clap along, it wasn’t long before the atmosphere in the room was pumping. They’re a great live band, and their obvious chemistry spills out into the audience, and by the time we get to the invitation to sing along with one of the songs, pretty much everyone was joining in. Keep an eye on this band, because with live shows of this quality, it won’t be long before we start seeing them on the top of the bill....

So first up on the agenda was Skarlett Riot. This is another band that have been making a name for themselves recently too. The band was in Scotland only a couple of days before tonight playing LesFest and before that they supported The Darkness on their UK dates. Being the first band on the bill is always a bit tough, but thanks to the stage presence of the little dynamo that is Skarlett, the crowd had warmed to them by

Buffalo Summer was for me, the unknown quantity. I will admit to not having heard of them before they were announced as first support on this tour, but obviously I took the time to listen to some tracks before tonight, to give me an idea of what to expect. Once again, right from the start, the band took control of the room. Each of the guys has a distinctive character, and to watch them together is something of a spectacle.


Firebrand Magazine

Vocalist Andrew struts about the stage like a Welsh Chris Robinson and his stage presence is spot on. They did a great job of keeping the crowd on the boil, and their performance was really tight. This is another band to watch for sure. I certainly want to see them again, and I’m kicking myself for not having caught them before. Discovering new bands in this way is one of the most exciting things about the whole gig experience.

and Rob taking up the vocal duties for one song. This was a side to the band I’d not seen, so it was a welcome addition to the set. One thing that I really wasn’t very keen on though was the circle pit going on a few rows behind me. This was an ages 14 and over gig, and a lot of younger fans try to get to the front, as they can’t see over the adults. I’m too old for circle pits these days, which is why I don’t go to see metal bands too much, and when I do, I stay away from the mosh pits. I wouldn’t class this band as a circle pit band, and I don’t take kindly to fearing for the safety of people down the front who were repeatedly crushed against the security barrier, me included. At least the security was on hand to sort it out though, and it would have been great if they had, but alas no one bothered. I was so pissed off about being repeatedly squashed, I moved away from the front row and went and stood elsewhere. I get the fact that lots of people “love” rock music, but come on, you’re not the only people at the gig. There are others who don’t appreciate being trampled on, squashed, punched, elbowed and kicked by selfish fuckwits who think its “cool” to do so, but hey I guess as long as you’re having a good time, no one else matters, right?

After the first two performances, Heaven’s Basement was certainly going to have their work cut out. The bar had already been set really high, so they were going to have to bring their A game to keep this crowd happy. They grabbed the audience by the scruff of the neck right from the outset, and refused to let go. If there’s one word to describe these guys, then it has to be “energy” as they never keep still. They were all pouring with sweat after just the first song, and they put everything into their live shows, to keep the crowd happy. Aaron is a born front man, and has the crowd hanging on his every word, both verbally and vocally. Inviting people to crowd surf though, possibly not one of his best ideas, as it almost caused some injuries down in the front row. Once the song was over, it was something which he admitted to himself to be fair. A really great moment in the show came when Aaron took a break, and left Sid, Rob and Chris on stage by themselves, with Sid Despite that though, on the whole, the evening was awesome from start to finish, filled with great music. My enjoyment was marred slightly, but that wasn’t down to the bands, it was down to the knuckle dragging Neanderthals in the crowd. I left the venue with my ears ringing, and my head filled with some already good memories. The sound in the venue was again top notch, and I’ve definitely no complaints on that front at all. They have promised that they’ll come back to Norwich, and I’ll most certainly be going to that gig when they do. As a live bad, there’s not a lot of people around that can hold a candle to Heaven’s Basement, and every time I see them they impress me further. They are definitely one of the most exciting bands around at the moment, and if you go and see them, you’re guaranteed a great rock show.


Firebrand Magazine


Firebrand Magazine


Firebrand Magazine

Manowar 9/10

Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary

Record Label: Magic Circle Entertainment Released: 16 June 2013 Highlight of the album: Hand Of Doom Website: Reviewer: Jon Seymour

Re-issues are always a bone of contention, as they’re often exactly as they were first time around. This edition of the album has been remastered and bundled with an extra live recording of House Of Death.

but it still has that raw energy that we’ve come to know and love from Manowar. Also of course, this is the album that introduced us to their versions of Nessun Dorma and An American Trilogy. Neither of these songs you’d associate with a power metal band, but they are both poignant and emotional. They also show the versatility of one of the finest metal bands ever to have graced our earth.

Now obviously there are going to be the “completists” who will buy this album to keep their collection up together, but for the rest of us, is it worth getting it if we have the original? I would actually say not, to be honest. That said, if you don’t have the original version, but you intend to get it, then this is well worth it. A lot of the time, remasters are a bit hit and miss, and they often remove the original “essence” of the original when it was recorded. This album though has managed to keep that. It sounds a little crisper,

The live track is a great addition, and manages to capture the energy of the band’s live performances. The original version of this album was a great addition to the band’s music catalogue, and this is a worthy update. It’s not Warriors Of The World 2.0 though, but more Warriors Of The World 1.1.

SOiL 10/10


Record Label: Pavement Entertainment/AFM Records Released: 16 August 2013 Highlight of the album: My Time Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Forming around 1997 I must confess to not really listing to much SOiL apart from the expected hit songs such as ‘Halo’, ‘Unreal’, and ‘Redefine’ so actually sitting down and reviewing their new album was a new experience for me.

the album continues to fly through without dropping a beat with track after track effortlessly pounded home with the album peaking at the jaw dropping ‘Amalgamation’ and ‘My Time‘

Overall with ‘Whole’ you have eleven tracks of energy Opening up with ‘Loaded Gun’ you know that you are packed pulsating metal which needs to be played listening to a band in their prime, with the big chunky loud. riffs and power packed gritty Panteraesque vocals powering the song setting you up nicely for the rest of the album where monsieur’s Ryan McCombs, Adam Zadel and Tim King set about re-discovering the form that made the band burst out of the shadows when ‘Halo’ initially hit. ‘The Hate Song’ continues the audio assault, without deviating from that successful ‘Halo’ formulae, with its collection of catchy modern riffs, classic SOiL sound and aggression reminiscent of Pantera, as


Firebrand Magazine

Elena Seagalova Of

How did you become involved in the music industry? The same way as most of us, probably. After learning for about two years with my first guitar teacher, I decided to try my hand at it and formed my first band. I was something you usually call a “garage band”. Later I understood that my passion for music is serious and I lack knowledge and technique. I finished a music college, then a university, and got back to creative work at a whole new level.

honor for me. Over the years the Russian music scene seems to have been shrouded in secrecy due to various reasons. How would you describe the music scene over there? It’s paradoxical. There are many things that are difficult to understand for people from other cultures because those things are specific and characteristic for Russia.

How do you think the isolation of it has hindered What artists influenced you? its development? First of all, it was Joe Satriani. He opened a world of It did, no doubt. As I just said, there are many things instrumental music for me! It was unbelievable! Then specific for Russia, for example, extreme I found inspiration in many other musicians, like concentration of many artists and listeners on song Blues Saraceno with his unusual, very special lyrics to the detriment of a musical component. manner, and Jeff Beck – needless to say, it’s just an Fortunately, this situation is changing quickly. There outer space! Besides, these days I listen to a lot of is a new generation of young virtuoso musicians, and different music, not only guitar. Say, I’m really it’s wonderful! inspired by gloomy magic worlds of Mylène Farmer and her extraordinary emotionality. It’s difficult to list everyone, it will take too much place. Why did you decide to take up the guitar? Out of curiosity I’m like Alice who followed her curiosity and fell down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. What type of guitar set up do you currently use? In general, it’s a modern superstrat with ergonomic fretboard and a Floyd Rose tremolo system. I have a unique instrument named Foxy Lady, made in Germany by luthier Siggi Braun. It is the guitar of my dream! Her sensitivity is just jaw-dropping! I’m really proud to be an official Siggi Braun artist, it is a


Firebrand Magazine

In terms of your band ‘Seagall’ how did it start off? The band was formed as my solo project. I wrote music, and other band members just accompanied me, without taking part in creative process. Being a band like this, we released our fist album, Illusions, in 2008. I was extremely lucky to form a band, consisting of very talented and brilliant musicians. I realized that if every one of them will be able to implement his ideas, the band will only benefit from it. This is how SEAGALL turned to an equal quartet, with two guitarists-composers and all band members equally participating in arranging and forming the sound. So, Hidden Ego is a new side of the band that was hidden before. How would you describe the bands’s sound? It’s live. Maybe it’s even “dry”. I mean, we try to make the sound as close as possible on recording to the sound we have on stage. Lean and mean. Obviously Seagall is an instrumental band - do you encounter many barriers in getting your music out there? Yes, we do. But, as far as I know, these problems are commonplace. Instrumental music has a limited audience comparing to music with vocals.

is our first worldwide release, and it’s very pleasant and very important for us! How did the album itself come together? Ideas of some tracks, later included in Hidden Ego, came to us when we worked on our first album. But they were too different from that album, both in sound and in musical concept. So, we decided to set them aside. So, when we had finished the first album, we already had material for a next one in our minds. However, recording of the second album has taken a lot of time, because we had to change a bassist twice. How would you describe the album? Hidden Ego is our reflection in our current state, with all our highs and lows, with our joy and sorrow. As time will go by, so we will change, and our music will change with us. But, looking back, we’ll be able to listen and to remember ourselves as we were back in 2013.

Do you come under pressure to add a vocalist to the mix? I wouldn’t call it “pressure”, but yes, we often get asked why won’t we add a vocalist? You know, we are instrumental music enthusiasts and fans, and we believe that a musician can tell everything using only his instrument – and be heard and understood. Recently we performed at one of the biggest Russian open-air festivals, Rock-Line in Perm. We were the only instrumental band for all three days of Do you have any favourite tracks on the album? the festival. However, we played right before a All tracks on the album are our favorites, they all are headliner and went down a storm! our children! But the most important track for me personally is “Alter Ego”. This track is very personal, Your ‘Hidden Ego’ album has recently been it is related to a lot of my feelings and memories. released via recordJet. Have you been happy with the way it has been received? What do you have planned for the rest of the Oh yes, we’ve been very happy! Both press and year? audience received the album very warm, we’ve got I’m a bit superstitious, so I don’t like to answer a many positive reviews from all around the world. This question like this one. In Russia we have a saying: “if you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans”. Just follow our official web site or the Facebook community – and you will know everything! Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans? Dear friends! You are our biggest achievement! If there would be no fans, there would be no meaning in what we are doing. Thank you very much for your trust and support, and thank you very much for being with us!


Firebrand Magazine

Grace Solero 7/10

Hundred Years Apart Record Label: Wohone Records

Released: 30 September 2013

Highlight of the album: Unless Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Not being overly familiar with Grace Solero I was River’ conjuring up strange images. somewhat surprised by ‘Hundred Years Apart’ when it popped up in my review pile. Overall ‘Hundred Years Apart’ is an interesting effort and will draw comparisons to the likes of Skunk Having a sound not too dissimilar to Skunk Anansie Anansie and Alanis Morisette but as with both opening song ‘Riptide’ sets the stage for this latest artists you will either love or hate this album owing to offering, which seems to dwell in the ‘alternative’ its uniqueness. region of descriptive pigeonholes with its strange mix of angst ridden, emotionally charged lyrics, backed up with powerful, and yet not over powering, bursts of guitar work, creating an interesting mix of sounds as the album unfolds in front of you. The album itself has somewhat of a concept feel about it, particularly with song titles such as ‘Riptide’, ‘St Ives’, ‘Yard Of Blonde Girls’, ‘The Woman By The

Scorpion Child 9/10

Scorpion Child (Self Titled) Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Released: 24 June 2013

Highlight of the album: In The Arms Of Ecstasy Website: Reviewer: Jon Seymour

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this band right played with the volume cranked up to eleven. now, and on the very first play through of this album, it’s not hard to see why. This is a colossal slab of If you don’t play it loud, you just won’t hear powerful heavy rock. everything that it has to offer. Sure it’s good at lower volumes, but it’s when you push up the noise level It begins pummelling you into submission right from that it really shifts into high gear. It just sounds the opening track, and by the end of that, you’ve incredible. surrendered yourself to the relentless assault. It’s then you realise that there’s a lot more tracks to You may gather that I like this album, quite a lot in come, so you put on your head guard and put in your fact. It’s raw, it’s powerful, it’s relentless, and it’ll gum shield, and prepare for the following rounds. bludgeon you half to death to make you appreciate it. There are monster choruses a plenty, and some They don’t take their foot off the gas pedal for any cracking musicianship. What more could you want length of time either. The vocals are raw and from a rock album, seriously? powerful, and the music has a certain southern groove. Oh yes, this is some really good stuff, seriously. It thunders along, and you can feel the rhythm thumping you in the back for the whole trip. This is one of those albums that just needs to be


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Firebrand Magazine

Interviewed by Jon Seymour So it’s the opening night of the tour, and it’s a sold out show, that’s got to be a great feeling hasn’t it? Yeah, we can’t believe it. It’s great to be back out there though, and it’s the first time we’ve ever played here, so it’s great to know that we have that much support..

to places we’ve never been before.

Filthy Empire was released in February, and there was quite a long time elapsed between the album announcement and the release, why was that? We weren’t actually in any rush to get it out to be honest. We wanted to make sure we got everything So is this really the first major headline tour you’ve right, and we needed the timing to be right so that undertaken? we could literally tour everywhere once it was out. No it’s not really the first, but it’s definitely the most We want to tour this album for as long as possible, anticipated one for sure, and the longest too. We’re and initially when we were recording it, we wanted to actually out on tour until the 19th July. We’ve been record something timeless. We wanted it to be as away from the touring scene, doing festivals, and good as it could be, and we wanted all of the songs we’ve spent the last month in the US, so coming to be strong enough to include in our live shows, and back to the UK and being able to play these shows is effectively play the entire album in the set. It also really exciting for us. wasn’t that it took a while to make the album it just took a long time to sort everything else out. The So have you guys been out to the US much album it’s self actually only took eight days to make, before? but it was all the bollocks that it took to actually get Not that much, we’ve been out and played the odd to the stage of making an album. show here and there, but this time around we were there for like five weeks, and we got to check out a The reaction to the album has been really good lot of different places. We literally went everywhere. though hasn’t it? We played to some surprisingly big crowds, and we Yeah it has. When you initially do an album, you just did a few dates out there with Buckcherry and we do it for yourselves. You put songs on it that you also did some radio stuff down the West Coast, so it believe in, and that you’d want to hear if you were was a really high profile stint, and it was great to go sat down somewhere and they came on. We just


Firebrand Magazine

went out and made music that we got off on, and when you do that, you’ve got a bit more confidence anyway, because whatever happens, you’ve made the album that you wanted to make, and you can be proud of what you’ve done. It was great to see our existing fans react the way they did too, and that gave us more confidence to win over new fans. First and foremost though, it was about making the music that we wanted to make. The last time I saw you guys live, was when you toured with Halestorm last September, how have things moved on from there? Well even now we’re a much better band than we were back then. That was the first chance we’d had to shake the dust off, as we’d been off recording for so long. It was also the first major European tour that we’d done with Aaron so we were probably a little rusty. We’ve been touring constantly almost since then, and this year we’ve played almost every night since the 2nd of January, so we’ve got a lot more confidence now. It’s also great to be able to play a full set, as most of the time we’ve been playing for thirty or forty minutes, so we’ll be talking in the van on the way to the gig, as to what we’re going to play in the set and when. We’ll probably mix things

up for the whole tour, as we like to keep ourselves on our toes, and make sure everything flows right for the entire time. Do you have anything planned once the current run of dates have finished? We’ve got some festival appearances lined up, but no tours as such. We’re playing Wacken Open Air in Germany, and we’re also doing Reading & Leeds. We’ve got a couple more festivals in Europe, then back to the UK in August for a couple more dates, and then we’re back in the US in September playing a festival, and hopefully we’re going to be in the US until the end of October. November we’re out on tour with Black Veil Brides and then we should hopefully have something to announce for December soon too, so that’s the rest of the year done and dusted. You’ve managed to land yourselves on some pretty major festivals this year though, so obviously you must be doing something right? Yeah we’re looking forward to Wacken, although we don’t quite know what to expect. We also managed to get onto Hellfest in France, and Rock The Beach in Finland as well as the bigger ones in the UK, so we’re really enjoying the festival season.

Photo Credit Jon Seymour


Firebrand Magazine


Firebrand Magazine

Thunder And Lightning 9/10

In Charge Of The Scythe Record Label: Hammersound Records

Released: 23 August 2013

Highlight of the album: Shadowlight Website: Reviewer: Graham Pritchard

German metal band Thunder And Lightning have been around for a number of years and have a few albums under their belts.

live shows over here we will be in for a real treat. Tracks like ‘The Unborn Truth’ and ‘Wheel of Life’ are proper stompers, while on the other side of the coin the title track of the album is a nice powerful melodic anthem.

The new album In charge of the scythe will be released on August 23rd this year and I think this will highlight the band more over here as it is a brilliant album. A heavy mix of old school, thrash and power metal all rolled into one band. The very powerful vocals of Norman "Diddi" Dittmar give the band an edge seldom heard in other bands, mix that up with the talents of Marc Wüstenhagen on Guitars, Benjamin Dämmrich (also on guitars), Robert "Hoschi" Rath on Bass and Steve Mittag on Drums and you get a band that will aspire to new heights.

My personal favourite track though has to be ‘Shadowlight’ a nice almost Evanescence style of song which features the vocal talents of the very foxy German singer Cora Lee. If Hammerfall wrote songs for Metallica they would sound like Thunder And Lightning.

The album leaves me thinking are we being fattened up for the kill? when these guys come and do some

Ronin 8/10

Limerence Record Label: Self Release

Released: 4 October 2013

Highlight of the album: The Bearer Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Hailing from Worcester the young whippersnappers stadium rock filling anthems exemplified with ‘The known as Ronin have been creating a lot of noise Bearer’, which is being released as a taster for the lately with their own breed of music. E.P and will be available as a free download around the 17 August 2013. Musically speaking it’s pretty tricky to pigeonhole these guys as they have developed a sound which Overall ‘Limerence’ is a great introduction to Ronin displays hints of prog mixed in with indie rock, and should put them firmly on the map of the rising producing an interesting combination of styles indie rock scene. creating sounds that are not to dissimilar to Morrissey in places with the subtle use of understated guitar work and distinct vocal style. The ep itself is a well thought out affair, with the poignant, emotionally charged lyrics being the driving force behind the songs turning them into huge


Firebrand Magazine

With Chris Nelson 18 & Life is the brainchild of Firebrands Switchblade Serenade presented by me, Chris Nelson. Each month I will be bringing you an insight into what goes on in the personal lives of musicians and bands. It's 18 questions all about them, with final question telling you what they are up to at the moment and what their plans are for the next 6 months. So if you’re in a band and you want to take part, send your contact details to This months

Features Drummer Mark Cross. He's played with some of the best in the business including Helloween, Firewind, Outloud, Tank, Metalium and he's appearing at this years skyfest with UK hotshots Tainted Nation. WHATS THE BEST BAND YOU’VE EVER SEEN LIVE? The Village People ARE YOU AFRAID OF ANYTHING AND WHATS YOUR FEAR? Housework

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME TO A CERTAIN TIME AND PLACE IN HISTORY, WHERE WOULD YOU CHOSE, AND WHY? 1990 or 1991 when Gus G walked into our dressing room with his parents asking for an autograph WHAT WOULD YOU SAY YOUR CAREER HIGHS AND LOWS HAVE BEEN? Oh dear! That’s a hard one, I sadly recall the hardest time and lowest input in my life in 2002, when I got so ill during the Helloween recordings, which forced me to leave the band. The highest always being on the road and on almost every tour bus!


DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS OR UFO’S AND HAVE YOU HAD ANY EXPERIENCES YOU CAN SHARE WITH US? You mean “sexually”? J There are certain places that make me shiver and I never understood why! I’ve seen UFO, yes


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YOUR CHILLING AT HOME AND PUT ON AN ALBUM BY AN ARTIST SOMEONE WOULD NOT ASSOCIATE YOU WITH, WHAT WOULD BE YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Etta James, Brand X and Weather Report WHATS THE MOST UNUSUAL PLACE YOU’VE EVER HAD SEX? In the nineties, one early morning drunk as s…. with a lovely lady in a Morgan. Parked in a quiet neighborhood, people passing by going to work, we didn’t care. Very uncomfortable, how the hell did we fit in these twin seats! Someone had fun I’m sure … FAVOURITE COMEDY TV SHOW OF ALL TIME? My name is Earl and Harry Enfield’s WHAT IS THE ONE THING IN LIFE YOU SIMPLY CANNOT DO WITHOUT? My family, my drums and my bike!! WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Good aged Rum and good Beer WHATS YOUR FUNNIEST TOUR BUS STORY? It was in the summer of 2000 on a flight from Hamburg to Madrid, the hottest day in Spain I believe 43 degrees and nearly knocked us out when we landed. Why? Because we were drunk. We were heading to a festival with Metalium and it all started when our Guitar player Matt cut a few lines of salt on his table asking the stewardess for a couple of straws!!!! She smiled and walked off to our singer who was sitting right behind us. Our singer Henning had just creamed his pink colored dessert yoghurt into his face asking for a beer! Lars, the bass player felt too embarrassed (his wife was with him) and disappeared into the back of the plane. “You guys must be a band?” Oh yeah, Henning threw his hair in front, pulled it under and rolled it back on top of his head and looked just like my grandmother. He stood up and started to sing Puccini!! Don’t get me wrong , he’s one of those cats who really can!! “Champagne anyone?” Hell yes, thank you Ma’m……:) and the audience asked for more! Party on flight so and so to

Madrid. Now the tour bus picked us up and a few gigs later on one early morning, we made a stop at a service station close to the Portuguese border, really tired, we just woke up tumbling towards the cafeteria with only one thought. Coffee!! Jack Frost, who at early hours can through the looks of a prehistoric creature, (we called him caveman) his hair pointing into every direction wearing a flowered pijama and … barefoot. We smiled. Next thing was, Jack dropped his pijama and ran screaming like a duck being chopped through frightened Spaniards who tried to fill up their cars with petrol. The crew froze and we just cried laughing and never made it to the cafeteria!! Next thing? Cops, their dogs and an extensive Bus search!! Hey, where is our Bus driver?? And that boys and girls is another story!! The Metalium State of triumph European tour had it’s moments almost every day and worth writing a book. It was no job, it was a f…. adventure! WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIG YOU EVER WENT TO? A gig of a band in a church that was meant to be torn down. My parents took me there and I still don’t know who they were, but I was amazed by the long hair and rough playing. I was six years old and still remember it! WHAT SPORT DO YOU ENJOY PLAYING OR WATCHING THE MOST? Martial arts, skiing, diving and watching Nadal WHAT ARE YOU UP TO AT THE MOMENT AND WHATS YOUR PLANS FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS? Getting my business going, setting up my new studio, design a new frame for my drumkit and prepare for getting on the road with Tainted Nation! RAAAAWK!!


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Bluesfest will also celebrate the music of the recently departed legend, Bobby Bland - this promises to be an unforgettable evening with an All-Star line-up on Friday Nov 1st. Continuing the festival theme, there will be various food and bar stalls, merchandise and stands all open throughout the day, it is the only opportunity for visitors to see the Royal Albert Hall host an event in this way and is a must for lovers of live music. London, 16 July 2013: BluesFest 2013 announces that Robert Plant, Bobby Womack, Van Morrison, Gregory Porter, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mavis Staples, Chris Rea are all confirmed for a celebration of music inspired by the Blues. BluesFest takes place at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 29 October – Friday 1 November. This is the first full scale music festival of its kind to be hosted at the venue. Performances taking place not just in the main auditorium, but also in other spaces around the Hall during the daytime.

Festival director Leo Green says "I am thrilled that BluesFest London 2013 line-up includes some true icons of Blues & Soul, as well as some of the greatest artists the following generations have to offer. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Royal Albert Hall for a superb BluesFest London 2013".

In the evening there will be two concerts, taking place in the early and late part of the evening in the main auditorium, headlined by Robert Plant, Van Morrison, Bobby Womack, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Chris Rea and other Artists.

Thursday 31 October Daytime stroller 1.00pm doors: Royal Southern Brotherhood, Georgie Fame, Ian Seigal, Ben Poole, World Party 6.45 pm doors: Chris Rea

Tickets went on sale at 9am on Friday 19 July and start from £30 for headlines shows, with a separate adult Daytime Stroller ticket available for £10 and free Daytime entry for children. Throughout the day, four rooms will feature a Visit or variation of one-off intimate sessions featuring blues to get yours. & soul inspired acts; James Hunter, Marcus Bonfanti, Georgie Fame, Huey Morgan, Dr Bluesfest line up: Feelgood.Renowned music journalist David Tuesday 29 October Hepworth will be conducting an in conversation Daytime stroller 1.00pm doors: Ray Gelato Giants, with... David chats to influential, passionate and Oli Brown Band, Matt Schofield Band, Smoove & renowned music fans, artists and broadcasters and Turrell, Nate James shares their 'ultimate vinyl collection' in an intimate 6:15 doors: Tedeschi Trucks Band & special guest and stunning surrounding. North America Guitars Mavis Staples & her band will showcase some of the finest instruments around 10.30pm doors: Bobby Womack from their unique collection of handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Plus a chance to see the Wednesay 30 October instruments in action with some exclusive BluesFest sessions from a variety of emerging new talent such Daytime stroller 1.00pm doors: James Hunter Six, Dr Feelgood, Marcus Bonfanti Band, Jo Harman, as Ben Montague. In addition the Royal Albert Hall will open it’s incredible vault of memorabilia from an Natalie Williams, Liane Carroll. unrivalled history that includes rock and roll 6.45 pm doors: Van Morrison artefacts from Eric Clapton, The Stones, BB King, 10.00 pm doors pm show: Gregory Porter & his Muddy Waters and many more. band


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10.00pm doors: Robert Plant presents sensational Space Shifters

Acts so Far announced; DR Feelgood Band of Friends Simon McBride Friday 1 November Daytime stroller 1.00pm doors: Huey Morgan & the Stevie Nimmo Jo Harman New Yorkers, Cerys Matthews, Nell Brydon, The Motives feat. Matt Taylor, Jess Roberts Grainne Duffy Big Boy Bloater 6.45 pm doors: All star tribute to Bobby Bland Harry Manx Now in its third year, Bluesfest has seen the likes of Lucy Zirins BB King, Robert Cray, Dr John, Jamie Cullum, Booker T, Tom Jones, Erykah Badu and Southside Johnny take to the stage for some mind blowing performances. 2013 is set to be the event’s biggest To buy tickets go to or year to date! ring 0203 287 6684

HRH Blues in proud association with ‘The Blues Magazine’ and ‘Team Rock Radio’ which will take place at Hafan y Môr Holiday Park, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales March 21st & 22nd. HRH Blues is pleased to announce an all-star blues line-up for its first weekend including from Canvey Island seminal blues legends DR Feelgood, Band of Friends (who celebrate the music of Rory Gallagher), plus some of the most talked about names on the Blues scene including Simon McBride, Stevie Nimmo, Jo Harman, Grainne Duffy, Big Boy Bloater, Harry Manx and Lucy Zirins plus more names to be confirmed over the next few weeks. For anyone that needs another reminder of the excellent Dr Feelgood check out the link below

More acts will also be announced shortly


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Nick Walsh Of

Interviewed By Lee Walker How did the Famous Underground first start off? Well, after Laurie-Anne and I had gone through some different incarnations of our Revolver project, we had decided to take a little time to reflect and re-group. I had been working on a new collection of songs that had a bit more of an edge than the previous material and we decided to recruit some new players and take it from there.

short period of time, however I do believe in hindsight that the timing was just slightly behind on when it should have been released. I don’t think a reunion is something in the cards for Slik Toxik but I do believe that I may one day do an updated version of some of that old material, as well as some of the songs that I had written for that time that never saw the light of day.

Obviously you have the whole ‘Slik Toxik’ connection being pushed right now. How do you think this is impacting the development of the band? Well, I think it’s a smart way for the label and promotions company to get some people that may have already been fans of mine wondering what I’ve been up to all these years, but also this is many years later and F.U. is a different beast all together.

In terms of the Famous Underground, you recently released its debut album through Dust On The Tracks Records. Have you been happy with the way it has been received? Honestly, I was saying that I would be happy if we were getting 6.5 out of 10 for a debut, but we’ve been averaging a whopping 8.5. I couldn’t be happier for the debut; also the fact that most people are getting the music as a hybrid of traditional metal and How similar would you say the two bands are? hard rock means that our sound is coming across I think that the obvious similarities are first off that I’m the voice that carried Slik Toxik and now F.U. and as intended. the other would be that I was an integral part of the How did the album itself come together? song writing back then, so my experiences and evolution as a writer would obviously be reflected in Well; as I had said earlier, I had been writing a new collection of songs and demoing them and came to the songs I write today. the realization that this was something that I wanted to see completed. So I spoke to my long time Doing some research for this interview, I noticed a engineer Darius Szczepaniak about getting involved snippet where you were quoted as saying that you had been approached to do a ‘Slik Toxik’ reunion but in the mixing process again and getting it honed have turned it down. Have you had many requests to sonically where I wanted the sound to be and the result is the debut Famous Underground record. reform ‘Slik Toxik’ and would it ever happen? The thing is about Slik Toxik is that it was such a short lived career. We did get a lot of notoriety in a

In terms of the album name why did you decide to


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go the self-titled route? Well seeing that this is a brand new project, the whole point was to get people familiar with the band, more so than some clever line or title that tries to define the band. How would you describe the album? I think if I had to; I would say that it carries the torch of Metal in traditional Hard Rock arrangements. This collection of songs does not over extend the listener as some other Cd’s tend to do these days. We have peaks and valleys in the dynamics of the songs, from heavy to mellow in an effort to have the listener want to put it on again, rather than getting fatigued after one listen.

person and writer I have had so much more experience in life and in music. Secondly, this is a new era where we are able to make music in more comfortable environments, and feel less pressure. Therefore the end result can be more satisfying to the artist because we don’t have to worry so much about the ticking clock in the studio $$$. What do you have planned for the rest of the year? We are currently in the planning stages of booking some dates for the band to get over to the European shores in the New Year. As for fall we are doing some one off shows here in Canada and working on our recording for FU2 which is already 6 songs deep into the recording process.

Do you have any favourite tracks on the album? I do. Considering they are all my labours of love We hope to do what bands used to do in the 70’s, there is a few that stand out for me from a sonic and that is to get out and start touring without point of view and some from a performance aspect. breaking for the studio and releasing another record as to not stop the momentum. We live in When on stage I love the power of songs like such a fast food age now that if you take too long in ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Bullet Train’, but I also like the between albums there will usually be someone else emotion and passion put behind a ballad like ‘On there to fill your shoes. You know what they say; ‘Out Broken Wings’. of sight, out of mind’. I have said it before, ‘We never want to be a band that is one dimensional, that’s what made bands like Guns n Roses and Metallica so good, is a that they had something for every occasion. How does this release compare to some of your earlier releases as ‘Slik Toxik’? Well first off they are years apart and as a

Are there any messages that you would like to pass on to your fans? Just that first off we thank them all for the support they have shown so far and that we really hope to get the opportunity to bring them our live show. We feel that it is our live performance that really gives people the true F.U. experience. Cheers!


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Robin 2, Bilston, 20 July 2013 Support: Federal Charm Photos by Reg Richardson 30

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This month we bring you a new monthly feature. Here you will see just what makes our DJ’s tick and what their current Top 5 favourite tracks to play actually are. Kicking off for us for our first delve into the minds of the DJs (Scary!) is Jason X Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To King


I've loved A7X for a while now and have been eagerly waiting something new from the guys for what seems like an age. Now that this title track from their forthcoming album is out, I pretty much am listening to it all the time.

Fight or Flight – Leaving


From the second Disturbed side-project band, Dan Donegan & Mike Wengren's Fight or Flight is it's own beast. To be honest I've been listening to the whole album A Life By Design over and over but this song stands out and so I am including it.


Rob Zombie – Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Gaga From Zombie's latest offering Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor; this is definitely my favourite track. I'm not sure if it's recorded live (it seems that way) but there seems to be something in this song that has otherwise been, dare I say, lacking in Rob Zombie's work as of late. This song, for me, is a return to form for Zombie.

Motley Crue – Sex


I am a HUGE Crue fan so it's with little surprise that I am including this song. If this is the level of awesome we can expect from the highly anticipated 'last ever album' from the Crue then they are going out with a bang!

Metalium – Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)


I am a huge fan of cover songs and this is one of my all-time favourites. Different enough to be original and enough of the original for it to be a proper tribute. This is what I think makes a good cover.

Don’t forget to check out Jason X’s show 31

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Firebrand Rock Radio’s


As I mentioned in my “Across the Pond” article last month, one of the things I enjoy most is the Band of the Month competition that we hold here everyone month on Firebrand Rock Radio. It’s so great to hear so many hard working, amazing bands and it’s our privilege to introduce them to you. This month, I would like to introduce you to our June Band of the Month competition winner, The Spin. The Spin come to us from Stockholm, Sweden, and consists of amazing four part harmonies, awesome guitar and bass, drums, and top notch vocals. The band has shared the stage and toured the UK with fellow Swedish bands such as Dynazty and Miss Behavior. Their debut album was released in 2011, and was hailed as one of that year’s most important in the Swedish rock community…even given the title “Best Album of The Year,” and rightfully so. What is the history of the band? Have you ever heard about a Swedish pop band with two female vocalists? You probably thought about ABBA, but that’s how we started out as well. After that, we had some changes in the lineup and ended up as a guy only four piece, playing something a bit more rock n’ roll, but in a poppy way. We have done lots of touring in Sweden, and the UK, so you can imagine there are some stories to tell.

years, but finally decided to change it as no one could pronounce it or even remember it because it is so different. We came up with The Spin as a result from that, something short and punchy! Who would you say are the band’s influences? We all have different musical backgrounds, but you could probably say there is some Bon Jovi and Green Day in all of our hearts. That, plus lots of other stuff, combines to make our music sound the way it does.

Who are the band members and their role? Erik is the lead vocalist but he also plays the guitar flawlessly, Freddy, the lead guitarist, always with a new lick in his back pocket. Mattias as the bass player, and Chris, the drummer, brings a solid, dance friendly groove.

How would you describe your sound to someone who may have not heard your band before? Our sound has been described as both great car driving music, happy party tunes and one reviewer even said it was perfect for when you are doing the dishes. Kick ass songs, that’s all.

What is the origin of the band name? We had lived with the name "Sencelled" for many


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What would you say is your greatest strength as a band? After all these years it still feels like we are at the beginning of our career. And with the support of all the great people we have met along the way, we have lots to bring!

music scene. We have a whole host of gigs lined up for autumn, with a particular favourite being Streetlife driving schools, classic car and bike show. It’s being held at Colchester Stadium on Sunday 15th September, 10-3 with The Spin being the headline act.

What are the current goals of the band? Right now, we are focusing on the next record. Recording will commence beginning of July, and we plan to finish the recording process in a month. After that, we are taking the next step by moving to the UK, making¨ it possible for us to play full time!

Intrigued yet? You should be! I recommend their music to anyone who loves good, catchy music. You can hear The Spin on rotation on Firebrand Rock Radio. You can also hear them and find out more about them on the following websites: What are the long term goals for the band? Their website,; Several number one singles, of course! on Reverbnation ( thespinsweden); Any upcoming gigs that you'd like to announce? on Facebook ( With our permanent move to the UK set for August spinsweden); and can follow them 2013, we are really forward to rocking the British on Twitter (

Do you think your band has what it takes to be Firebrand Rock Radio’s

Prizes include interview both on air and in our Magazine, and much more. If you are interested, please email us at for more information and details! We only have six slots available, so get your entries in! Good luck! 33

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3rd Ear Experience 9/10

Peacock Black Record Label: Thousand Thunder Music

Released: 12 March 2013

Highlight of the album: The Surface Of Last Scattering Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Described as being ‘Experimental Psychedelic Rock from the Mojave Desert’ I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I finally had chance to listen to the latest opus from the 3rd Ear Experience, which features Dug Pinnick of Kings X and Robbi Robb from Tribe After Tribe.

The songs themselves are very much in the vein of early Hawkwind with their rich array of intermixed sounds, subtly merged together to create a full wall of sound which envelops you and leaves you feeling like you have been transferred back in time to an early Hawkwind, or Grateful Dead gig with the strange alien, out of world feeling that is brilliantly captured throughout this release.

I was somewhat surprised by the deep, spacey, progressive songs which make up ‘Peacock Black’. I use the term songs loosely as movements would be Overall ‘Peacock Black’ is a must for any fan of the more suited with the shortest one of the four songs progressive music scene and seems set to propel that make up the album weighing in at just under 15 3rd Ear Experience to the forefront of it. minutes long, with the longest song a whopping 26 minute long.

Owen 7/10

L’ami Du Peuple Record Label: Polyvinyl Records

Released: 2 July 2013

Highlight of the album: A Fever Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Not being overly familiar with Mike Kinsella’s work, the first thing that struck me with ‘L’Ami du Peuple’ was the quirky, off beat album cover and album name.

Overall ‘L’Ami du Peuple’ is an interesting release but sadly fails to ignite for me.

Opening track ‘I Got High’ really sets the scene well for this release. With its mix of acoustic guitars, soothing drum beats and laid back thought provoking lyrics, which prove to the backbone of the album. With the music seemingly added around them later, emphasising the poignant meanings contained within the songs themselves. With titles such as ‘Coffin Companions’, ‘The Burial’, ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Vivid Dreams’ creating quite a dark undertow to the album at times reminding me of Morrissey/The Smiths in places owing the lyrical content.


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Arc Angel 9/10

Harlequins Of Light Record Label: Frontiers Records

Released: 23 August 2013

Highlight of the album: California Daze Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

The name ‘Arc Angel’ might not be recognised by quite a few of you but I dare say that Jeff Cannata is. With ‘Harlequins of Light’ Jeff Cannata has resurrected this project that stems back to the early 1980’s. The first thing that caught my attention with this release was the impressive futuristic artwork which looks like it should be on display rather than used as an album cover. The song themselves are a mixture a grandiose prog tinged with hints of AOR, with sounds not to dissimilar to Asia, with the album having a slightly concept feel to it with opening song ‘Harlequins of Light’ paving the way for the rest of the album to follow with its opening bursts of sounds springing up images of a precession before the soothing, velvet

lined vocals of Jeff leading the way as the deep progressive sounds wrap around you enveloping you it its rich tapestry. As the album progresses you can not help but be impressed with the way in which the songs gel together, creating a seamless merging of them as if they are telling you a story, which leads you from the beginning to the end of the album. Also included in the release is a re-recording of the classic song ‘Fortune Teller’ taken from Jeffs 1988 ‘Images of Forever’ album. Overall’ Harlequins of Light’ ticks all the right boxes and brings the Arc Angel period of Jeff’s carrier to a whole new generation.

Pat Travers Band 9/10

Can Do Record Label: Frontiers Records

Released: 5 July 2013

Highlight of the album: Stand Up Website: Reviewer: Lee Walker

Despite the fact that the Pat Travers band has been around in one form or another since the late 70’s I must confess to never really listening to them until this latest offering popped up in my review pile.

allowing the songs to wash away all the worries of the world. The only fault that I can pick with this cracking album was the decision to include a cover of the Eurythmics ‘Here Comes The Rain’ not because the PTB version of it is bad (it is far from it) The first thing that I noticed with ‘Can Do‘ was the just due to its location within the album itself as, at classic sounds employed within the songs least in my eyes, it would have been better to have themselves, with a deep rooted blues influence being this as a ‘bonus’ song rather than half way through present throughout the album, hawking back to the the album itself. sounds of the late 70’s, with hints of all the greats from Led Zeppelin through to Deep Purple through That hiccup none withstanding the ‘Can Do’ is a very to Santana being present though out the album. good album and is a testament to Frontiers decision to ask Pat to revisit those early sounds, that helped As the album continues to play you loose track of establish the Pat Travers Band.. time as the rich blues ridden sounds wash over you with their summertime carefree lyrics take hold inviting you to sit back and grab a cold beer while


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Jon Seymour Interviews

So, the first night of the tour. Have you guys played in Norwich before at all? No we haven’t, the nearest we’ve played to here would have been Ipswich a while back. How did the tour come about? Do you know the other bands on the bill? Well Chris was in the original line up of Heaven’s Basement way back when, so we went to a couple of shows some time ago. We also hooked up with them at Download a few weeks back too. They’re a great bunch of guys.

toured with Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe, Walking Papers, in fact we’ve been out a couple of times on a UK tour with those guys now. Then as soon as this tour is finished, we’re going back out to Europe with Ugly Kid Joe out to Switzerland and Germany for a few dates, so our booking agent is keeping us busy.

So what have you got out in the way of music at the moment? Our debut album came out in April, and you can get that from Amazon and iTunes. We released it ourselves some time ago, but it was picked up by Cargo Records and April is when they released it. So you played Download for the first time? What We’re planning on trying to get into the studio to was that like? record some new material later on in the year, when To be honest we can’t really remember much about we’re not touring of course. it. Complementary Jagermeister is a cruel, cruel beast, but what we can remember it was very nice, So what’s it called? and we’ve seen some good pictures. Well being our first album, it’s self titled, like Elvis’ first album. We thought we’d keep it nice and simple. So you boys like a drink or two then? Well it’s complementary, so it would be rude not to So what sort of bands were you listening to when really. We’d be giving Wales a bad name if we didn’t. you were growing up? Free, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Black So what have you guys been up to this year up until Crowes mostly. Also Deep Purple when David now? Coverdale & Glenn Hughes were in the band. Also a TOURING! No seriously, we’ve been nonstop all year. lot of Motown too, we’re all big motown fans. We did a headline tour of Spain in February, we also


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So being a fairly new band, how would you describe your music to the people who haven’t heard it yet? Well it’s pretty good like. Seriously though, it’s bluesy seventies classic rock, with a motown groove mixed in, that’s what we’d say. So are there any other bands or artists around now that you particularly like? Yeah there’s a band from the US called Howling Rain, they’re pretty good. We still dig Black Stone Cherry a great deal like, we know those guys quite a bit. Walking Papers are another great band, and we’re still really hung up on Band Of Gypsies really. We don’t really listen to that much to be honest.

ZZ Top albums in a row, and the day before, and the day before that. We’ve been listening to a lot of them lately. They’re Welsh aren’t they? Texas, South Wales? So would you like to say anything to our audience that might be reading or listening? Um, Hi? No really, we’re Buffalo Summer and we like bluesy classic rock n roll, with a motown groove, so please check out our new album. Also check out our website and our Facebook page buffalosummer and feel free to message us, we’ll try to answer any questions you might have for us, and come see us at one of our shows.

I guess as a touring band you don’t get much chance to listen to music very much? Only in the van really. Yesterday we listened to five

Photo Credit Jon Seymour


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Live Review

The Asylum, Birmingham, 19 July 2013 Review by Paul Nicholls, Photo by Stephen Brophy Following the untimely death of Steve Harris what seemed so quickly subsequent to the release of what turned out to be the final SHY album, the bands followers were left stunned and not a little saddened by the turn of events. How to gain something positive from this was the question and the event we attended on the 19th was just the ticket. The show was kicked off by the superb Mr Ian Danter and his band who ran thru a very good set setting the stage for SHY Not a wake more a celebration of the man and his music, the final line up of SHY took to the stage to play a storming set consisting of 6 songs taken from the final SHY album. After the show, talking to the band, they were unsure how the show would be accepted as Steve Harris’ guitar parts were played into the PA via a laptop . Fraught with problems though this may have been, it was pulled off in masterly style, the result being 100% seamless. After the first song “Land Of A Thousand Lies” the audience raised the roof, cheering the band to the rafters. Obviously buoyed by the response, they then tore into the remainder of the set... The highlight being, for me at least, “So Many Tears” which contains perhaps one of the best solos I have EVER heard it is so fluid and tuneful .Following a blistering rendition of “Union Of Souls” during which Lee Small,

who’s vocals were wonderful raised one of Steve Harris’ guitars (two of which were on stands on stage) in a salute to the absent guitarist. The band left the stage for a short break to return with Tony Mills joining them to perform some SHY classics from the past, to the delight of the audience. Joined again by Lee Small, both singers shared the lead vocal duties on “Break Down The Walls”. Highlight for me as it’s always been a favorite “Give It All You’ve Got.” In all a magical evening, the atmosphere was electric . People dug deep into pockets for T shirts and raffle prizes the funds donated to the Brain Tumour charity... The raffle alone raising £650... To which the ticket prices are to be added. Those who missed it for whatever reason need not go without as a DVD of the show is planned so please, put some cash aside to purchase a copy! Set One - Land Of A Thousand Lies, So Many Tears, Blood On The Line, Pray, Over You, Union Of Souls Set Two - Telephone, Skydiving, Can’t Fight The Night, When The Love Is Over, Give It All You’ve Got, Emergency, Break Down The Walls


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Hi Joey. How are you? I am doing very well, thank you. We are currently working in the studio, finishing the mixing and mastering for The Lord Of Steel Live album, and listening to the recordings from these recent shows is a blast. Brings back so many great memories.

each other to the limit to create a new sonic experience for these songs that we, and our fans, love so much. I love mixing and mastering as much as writing and performing. It is very liberating when you have the opportunity to bring your music to life exactly the way you envision it.

We can imagine. Speaking of memories: You have remastered Warriors Of The World and released as a 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition. You must have plenty of memories about that album, too? Too many to count or tell. There is something special about each of our albums and that is why we and our fans enjoy looking back on our material as much as we enjoy looking forward to the new material. Warriors Of The World was the beginning of a new era. One of the many memories is Stefan Raab of Germany’s TV Total performing with us on stage, and we also had many insane moments with German comedian Olli Pocher. And, as everyone who joined us on this tour will well remember, the Warriors Of The World Tour in 2002 was just wild.

What can MANOWAR fans expect after the release of the Warriors Of The World Remastered Edition? Like I said, we are currently finishing The Lord Of Steel Live. From the first show in Zaragoza/Spain in October 2012 to the last show in Yekaterinburg/Russia in March this year, The Lord Of Steel Tour was a terrific experience. Performing new songs for the first time in front of your audience is an incredible experience, and our fans were just wild and open to this new material. Just look at the photos we posted on Facebook! So many new faces in addition to the loyal Warriors who have followed us for years. And with that said, you have another reason why Warriors Of The World is so special to us: Our fans really are these warriors! They come from all over the world; a family of brothers and sisters under the sign of the hammer and with a spirit of unity and honor that is second to none.

What is special about the Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition? The new edition of course features all 11 original tracks, mixed by our brother Ronald Prent. Ronald has worked with literally everybody who has a name in the music industry. He is truly gifted and the collaboration with him was fantastic! For the new Anniversary Edition, I remastered the entire album in our own studios with our in-house engineer Dirk Kloiber. We constantly pushed

Thank you for your time, Joey. Thank you. And to all of you out there: There is a lot more to come this year! Constant updates are available on


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By Lee42 Walker

Firebrand Magazine

Gaskin formed in March, 1980 with Paul Gaskin on guitars and vocals, Dave Norman on drums and Stef Prokopczuk on bass. The band recorded a demo in April 1980 at Fairview studio in Hull, which featured the songs ‘Sweet Dream Maker’, ‘Despiser’, ‘End Of The World’ and ‘I'm No Fool’.

made up of early demos and unreleased tracks as well as 2 live tracks. There was also an 8 page booklet containing rare photos. The release was limited to only 500 copies. The band continued to build upon the memento and in 2012 they played a number of festivals including The British Steel festival, the inaugural Denim & Leather festival and Hard Rock Hell as well as releasing a new studio album titled ‘Edge Of Madness’ through High Roller Records.

During that period the band opened for Girlschool, Vardis and Praying Mantis and many more. DJ Neal Kay got in touch with the band and the demo soon became a regular at the Bandwagon HM charts. He also suggested that the band back away from its record deal and obtain a dedicated frontman. One of In 2013, Paul briefly announced that the band was the people who auditioned was Steve Mills of the retiring from live gigs until public opinion convinced band ‘Trespass’. him to change his mind. The band are currently taking time out to work on other projects with a In April, 1981 the band issued a single featuring ‘I'm festival appearance lined up for late February/early No Fool’ and ‘Sweet Dream’. The band's debut album March 2014 at Brofest 2 was released shortly after. Discography: Not long after the release of ‘End Of The World’ the I'm No Fool Single 1981 band tried another singer (Mick Clarke) and spent End of the World Album 1981 time at Enids studio for a weekend in order to record No Way Out Album 1982 several new tracks. Sometime during this point, a Mony Mony Single 1982 major split occurs with Stef and Mick venturing off to Stand or Fall Album 2000 their own band, ‘Ace Lane’. Bassist Baggy is Beyond Worlds End 80-81 - Limited Edition recruited soon thereafter. Compilation album The Contract EP 2012 Gaskin recorded its second album (‘No Way Out’) in Edge of Madness Album 2012 April, 1982 at Enids studio in Suffolk. The album was considered more commercial in nature and despite For more information on the band check out: a period with Bren Spencer on vocals and a tour with Wishbone Ash the cracks began to show. Spencer and Gaskin were looking for a heavier direction, while groups/256893230302/?fref=ts Dave was comfortable down the commercial lane. All For more information on Brofest check out : this resulted in a final gig in December, 1982 at Scunthorpe Baths. A new line-up featuring Dave Gugelot on bass and Dave Wagstaffe on drums was briefly trialled but did not last. While the band disbanded after ‘No Way Out’ the act reappeared on Neat 17 years later spurred by the appearance of the band's music on several NWOBHM samplers in the '90s. ‘Stand or Fall’ was delayed for various reasons for eight years before finally being released in 2000. Bren Spencer died in a car accident in 1996 which prompted the band to play a one-off reunion show. In 2000 a reformed version of the band made an appearance at Wacken Open Air and returned to Germany once again in 2005 to play the Headbangers Open Air festival. In 2009, the band released a limited edition collectors vinyl titled ‘Beyond World’s End’ which was

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Amy Mc Donald

August 23 Bournemouth O2 Academy November 6 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 8 Sheffield O2 Academy 10 Newcastle O2 Academy

13 - 15 Portmeirion Festival 21 Belfast Ulster Hall 23 Bristol Colston Hall 24 London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire 27 Manchester The Ritz 29 Glasgow Barrowland

Heaven’s Basement

Metal Wave UK

13 Manchester Ritz 14 Dublin Academy August 8 West Yorkshire The Picturedrome Bloodstock December August 8 Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 08 - 11 Derbyshire Catton Park July 26 Scarborough The Spa 26 –27 Kirkcudbright The Wickerman Festival

Anvil July 27 Hafod-Y-Dafal Farm Steelhouse Festival 28 Glasgow Cathouse 29 Manchester Academy 3 30 London Garage

Buckcherry November 22 London Koko 23 Coventry Kasbah 25 Manchester Academy 26 Glasgow O2 ABC 27 Belfast Limelight 2 29 Dublin The Academy 30 Nottingham Rock City December 2 Bristol O2 Academy 3 Cardiff Solus 4 Exeter Lemon Grove August 17 Chelmsford Hylands Park V Festival 18 Stafford Weston Park V Festival

Deep Purple

Levellers August 01 Dorset Bestival 04 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

London Grammar

September 24 London O2 Academy 25 London O2 Academy 27 London O2 Academy 29 Birmingham LG Arena October 01 Manchester MEN 03 Glasgow Hydro Arena

June 29 Pilton Glastonbury July 21 Dublin Longitude Festival 27 Kendal Kendal Calling Sun 28 Huntingdon Secret Garden Party August 2 Dorset Camp Bestival 9 Cornbury Wilderness Festival September 6 Isle of Wight Bestival October 15 Norwich Open 16 Brighton Haunt 18 Brixton Electric 19 Oxford Gathering 20 Bristol The Fleece 22 Nottingham Rescue Rooms 23 Birmingham O2 Academy 3 24 Leeds Cockpit 26 Manchester Sound Control 27 Glasgow Broadcast 28 Newcastle Cluny



November 11 Glasgow Hydro 13 Leeds Arena 15 Manchester Arena 19 London The O2 January 2014 27 Birmingham LG Arena

Emilie Autumn

December 10 London O2 Arena 12 Belfast Odyssey Arena 14 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 16 Glasgow Hydro 18 Manchester Arena 20 Birmingham LG Arena

Black Star Riders November 22 Bournemouth O2 Academy 23 London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire 25 Bristol O2 Academy 26 Cambridge Junction 27 Norwich UEA 29 Pwllheli Hard Rock Hell 7 30 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall December 01 Cardiff Solus 02 Oxford O2 Academy 05 Inverness Ironworks 06 Edinburgh Picturehouse 07 Newcastle O2 Academy 08 Leeds O2 Academy 10 Leamington Spa The Assembly Rooms 12 Nottingham Rock City

Mindless Self Indulgence

November 28 London Shepard’s Bush Empire 29 Birmingham Town Hall 30 Holmfirth Picturedrome December 01 Gateshead Sage

Depeche Mode

Black Sabbath

Huey Lewis and The News

Joanne Shaw Taylor

October 12 Manchester O2 Apollo 13 Glasgow Clyde Auditorium 15 Birmingham NIA 17 London Roadhouse

August 9 Leeds Brudenell Social Club

October 05 Purfleet The Circus Tavern

September 30 Gateshead The Sage October 01 London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire


Bad Manners

August 22 Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

August 23 Edinburgh Picture House 25 Manchester Ritz

Fleetwood Mac

September 22 Northampton Northants County Cricket Club 28 London Alexandra Place

August 15 Newcastle O2 Academy 16 Glasgow Cathouse

Gama Bomb

November 28 Brighton Concorde 2 29 London KOKO 30 Norwich Waterfront December 01 Edinburgh Liquid Rooms 03 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 04 Manchester Ritz 05 Bristol Anson Rooms

Motorhead and Saxon November 13 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 14 Newcastle City Hall 16 Brixton 02 Academy 17 Brixton 02 Academy 19 Wolverhampton Civic Hall 20 Manchester 02 Apollo 22 Glasgow02 Academy

Neil Young August 18 Liverpool Echo Arena 19 London O2 Papa Roach December 01 Portsmouth Pyramids 02 Sheffield Academy 03 Birmingham Academy 05 Manchester Academy 06 Dublin Academy 08 Glasgow Barrowlands 09 Newcastle Academy 10 London Brixton Academy

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Manic Street Preachers

August 17 Belfast Empire Music Hall

September 13 Newport Centre

Green Man Festival

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August 15 - 18 Powys

Hard Rock Hell 7 Novermber - December 28 - 1 Pwllheli Hafyn Y Mor (Haven Holiday Park)

With the following info: Date(s), Band Name, Venue, City (Please do not send any attachments) Sadly if any of the above information is not included we will be unable to list your event.

Hawklords October 12 Leeds Brudenell Social Club


Firebrand Magazine

Paramore September 2 Lurgan Skelton Tower 20 Manchester Arena 21 Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 23 Birmingham LG Arena

Rebellion 2013

07 Birmingham LG Arena 08 Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 10 Plymouth Pavilions 11 Bournemouth International Centre

Steelhouse Fesival

August 8 - 11 Blackpool Winter Gardens

July 27 - 28 Ebbw Vale Hafod Y Dafal Farm

Reckless Love


October 01 Manchester Academy 3 02 Newcastle O2 Academy 03 Glasgow Cathouse 04 Leeds Cockpit 05 Nottingham Rescue Rooms 06 Wolverhampton Slade Rooms 08 Norwich Waterfront Studio 09 Bristol The Fleece 10 London O2 Academy, Islington

August 17 Abbw Vale Odin’s Rock Club September 21 Stoke Prior Rock Circus Festival

Roger Waters


September 14 London Wembley Stadium

November 09 York Barbican 10 Inverness Leisure Centre 11 Manchester Bridgewater Hall 13 Bristol Colston Hall 14 London Hammersmith Apollo 15 Plymouth Pavilions 17 Oxford Apollo 18 Birmingham Symphony Hall 19 Southend Cliffs Pavilion 21 Brighton Dome 22 Portsmouth Guildhall 24 Ipswich Regent Theatre 25 Cambridge Corn Exchange 26 Sheffield City Hall 28 Glasgow Academy 29 Edinburgh Usher Hall

Soundgarden September 13 Manchester O2 Apollo 14 Birmingham O2 Academy 16 Dublin O2 18 London O2 Brixton Academy 19 London O2 Brixton Academy

Status Quo July 27 Scarborough Open Air Theatre August 09 Crewe Betley Court Farm 24 Bedfordshire Wrest Park December 06 Liverpool Echo Arena

Sweet Taste July 25 Manchester Grand Central 26 Bury Flying Shuttle 27 Burnley Sanctuary

The Cult

October 18 Cardiff University Great Hall 19 Exeter Great Hall 20 Southampton Guildhall 22 Norwich UEA 23 Wolverhampton Civic Hall 25 Manchester Academy 26 Glasgow Barrowlands 28 Nottingham Rock City 29 Liverpool O2 Academy 31 London Roundhouse

The Damned August 04 Yorkshire The Picturedrome November 29 Portsmouth Pyramids December 06 Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall 07 Edinburgh The Picturehouse

The Front Bottoms September 16 Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut 20 Nottingham Bodega Social 21 Birmingham Temple, The Institure 23 Bristol Thekla 24 London Dingwalls

The Goo Goo Dolls October 15 Nottingham Rock City 16 Manchester Academy 17 Glasgow Academy 19 Newcastle Academy 20 Leeds Academy 21 Norwich UEA 23 Birmingham Institute 25 Hammersmith Apollo

22 London Electric Ballroom

The Quireboys October 06 Bristol O2 Academy 07 Oxford O2 Academy 09 Birmingham O2 Academy 10 Sheffield O2 Academy 11 Glasgow The Garage 12 Nottingham The Rescue Rooms 14 Newcastle O2 Academy 15 Manchester Club Academy 17 London O2 Islington Academy 18 Bournemouth Old Fire Station

The Wickerman Festival July 26 –27 Kirkcudbright

Training Icarus August 24 Stoke Scarfest YES April 2014 29 Oxford New Theatre 30 Southend Cliffs Pavilion May 2014 02 Glasgow Clyde Auditorium 03 Newcastle City Hall 04 Birmingham Symphony Hall 06 Leicester De Montfort Hall 07 Sheffield City Hall 08 London Royal Albert Hall 10 Manchester O2 Apollo 11 Bristol Hippodrome

Y&T September 21 Nottingham Rock City

The Pretty Wreckless August





Headbangers Balls August 2 Wakefield The Snooty Fox 3 Manchester Academy 2 4 Glasgow The Grand 5 Newcastle World HQ 16 Liverpool The Lomax 17 Birmingham The Warehouse For More information please visit


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Firebrand Magazine Issue 10 - July  

Issue 10 of Firebrand Magazine is out now featuring interviews with the likes of Heaven's basement, Seagall, Famous Underground, Buffalo Sum...

Firebrand Magazine Issue 10 - July  

Issue 10 of Firebrand Magazine is out now featuring interviews with the likes of Heaven's basement, Seagall, Famous Underground, Buffalo Sum...

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