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Inferno Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness Label: Agonia Records Reviewer: Stoodge McNulty

Released: 24 September 2013 Highlight: The Funeral Of Existence

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Inferno/322975231147644

Having had two separate visits north to the Necromorbus Studios in Sweden laying down the foundations of this album, Czech Republics Inferno have produced one hellish and mighty Black Metal record.

have created their own desultory realm of darkness within this record.

So often we hear bands with similar sounds in this genre and with no disrespect but innovation seems to be a trait a lot forget about. What Inferno have done This is their first studio album since their critically here is taken their early influences, wretchedly acclaimed 'Black Devotion' came out in 2009 and with obscured those with their own umbra and in doing that this advancement in the bands progression we can have created their very own incomparable discern how trenchant and fortified these nocturnal subterranean nightmare. creatures have become. The cover art of this album signifies that there is a With six tracks here coming in at a total of fifty sinister narrative awaiting within for anyone willing minutes, opener 'Pervasion' being the least in length and resolute enough to behold it. Having listened to simply serves as a calm prologue before this dark this a few times I'm still none the wiser on the beast recoils into operation. concept, this is fine though as I've enjoyed David Lynch movies in the past without any comprehension With an album so long despite having five tracks on what's going on in the story. So the moral of the included it would be easy to presume that what's on story is.........ah nevermind, just go and check this offer here would become tenuous, in truth Inferno album out.

Symphony Of Pain Hydeology Label: AFM Records Released: 28 October 2013 Reviewer: Lee Walker Highlight: For Now I Am Dead Website: http://www.symphonyofpain.co.uk/

While glancing through the review pile this month I couldn’t help but notice the artwork of a Slash style hat adorning a skull with crossed guitars below it reminding me of the traditional pirate flag which immediately had me thinking that ‘Symphony Of Pain’ was some sort of pirate metal band thankfully S.Y.P were far from it with opening track ‘Mister Hyde’ immediately establishing a dark, almost gothic feel to the album. As the album progresses you get to appreciate the classical instrumentation of Pam Chowhan (pianist to Julian Lloyd Webber) more as it merges seamlessly with the gothic ambiance

bringing the often dark vocals of the multi talented Tracie Law (ex Beki bondage and L.O Girls) to the forefront creating songs which are gothic in nature occasionally throwing Rob Zombie influenced curveballs such as ‘Am I Dreaming, or ‘For Now I’m Dead’ into the mix, creating an album which captures your attention throughout. I think its fair to say that with this release Symphony Of Pain will turn a few heads in the alt/gothic scenes and will leave you wondering how will they follow this release up.

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Firebrand After Dark Issue 4 -October  

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