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Tooele County Chamber of Commerce

June 2011

Olympic Sport of BMX Bicycle Racing in Tooele County


corporate transfer ultimately landed the Olympic Sport of BMX Bicycle Racing in Tooele County via Sacramento, California. Original directors Todd and Melinda Peterson transferred to town and quickly learned that there was not a local facility for BMX Racing. A competitive/individual sport their son enjoyed and excelled at. BMX Bike Racing is easiest described as (competitive pedal biking for male and female, both the young and the Not-so-young... over mounds of dirt as jumps, and Daytona like corners,) Like many others, the Peterson’s work schedule wouldn’t allow for the commute to South Jordan in time to enjoy BMX during the week (at the time SJ was the closest option) so the alternative was to develop a program right here in Tooele County. A gem was discovered!!! The Peterson’s and the Administrators of the Deseret Peak Complex met and agreed that a BMX track near the famous MX park would surely draw a crowd!! Tooele County obliged, and the Peterson’s commenced to shaping a challenging track for bikers of all ages & skill levels. DP BMX has been a member of the American Bicycle Association (60,000+ members nationwide and very involved at

to win the season long competition against the experts and intermediates. Come enjoy the Olympic Sport of BMX in your own backyard. Spectators and Fast Action are always FREE!! Saturday Night BMX under the lights is the Hottest Ticket in Tooele, come join the exciting world of BMX!! This challenging course is located on the West end of the Deseret Peak Complex. Racing most Saturday evenings beginning June 18th. Registration and practice begins at 5-6:30pm racing at 7pm Roland Critchfield photos courtesy of DSN Photography the olympic level) DP BMX has seen several National Champions and a few World Champions gate up and do battle... On June 18th, DP BMX will host the first points event of the Rocky Mountain Challenge Series where competitors from neighboring cities and states will compete for daily and series prizes and awards. All skill levels and age brackets will be scored individually giving new comers, novices and girls the same opportunity

Purrfect Pawprints Animal Rescue Serving Tooele County


urrfect Pawprints was organized in 2008 as a non-profit, 501(c)3 animal rescue. Our team works side by side with Tooele city animal shelter by consistantly spaying, neutering, vaccinating, microchipping and treating ill animals. With statistics proving that there is a 90% chance that a dog will never walk out of the shelter we as a rescue strive to decrease that number. 30% that enter the shelter are purebreed animals and more than less become exposed to deathly viruses. We strongly encourage the public to adopt before buying. According to USA today, it costs Utah tax payers an estimated $2 billion each year to round up, house, kill and dispose of homeless animals. Spay USA did the numbers and each day 10,000 humans are born in the US and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. As long as those birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all the animals. We have a loyal team of wonderful women who are compassionate in their efforts and volunteer work. Much of our work consists of fostering animals, sometimes sick, pregnant, abused, dying, abandoned, and unwanted.Possibly the animal you once loved or lost. We place them in safe homes with their forever family. We believe we are helping these animals but in

reality, these animals are helping us to become more aware of what they are limited to as living, breathing, unconditional loving creatures. We rescue URGENT dogs from shelters throughout Utah and also out of state providing them with the best health care, compassion and love we can offer. Purrfect pawprints travels both short and long distances for adoption events and spay/neuter clinics weekly. The Super adoptions are the most rewarding yet tiring event. Volunteers take several days off of work to prepare and be at these events. Each event spans three days where a volunteer typically puts in over 12 hour days. We take twenty to thirty dogs and about thirty cats to each event. Rarely do we come back with any animals. They are either adopted out or placed into rescues.That ends up being close to another 180 animals from Tooele City that have been spared a death date with the freezer. Before adopting an animal to its forever home the animal is spayed/neutered, has had first and second vaccinations and always microchipped making it easier to find its owner if he/she becomes lost. There is an interview process to be sure that the animal and potential owner are compatable and follow ups to check that the animal is being cared

Deseret Peak BMX Race Schedule 2011 BMX PARK



6/18 Single Point

9/10 Single Point

6/25 Double P RFL

9/17 Single Point

6/26 Single Point

9/24 Single Point



7/9 Single Point

10/1 Single Point*

7/23 Single Point

10/8 Single Point*

7/30 Single Point

10/15 Single Point*


*Weather Permitting Practice each Monday 6-9pm $3 Saturdays practice/registration beginning June 56:30pm; race by 7pm Each double will also have a Sunday morning single the next day, registration 9-10am

8/6 Single Point 8/13 Single Point 8/27 Single Point

Questions? Contact Roland 801-979-6537 or or find us on Facebook: Deseret Peak BMX

for properly. Rescuing and providing for these animals is not an easy job. Many have poured blood, sweat and tears into it. Funds are low and being un-profitable makes our time valueable and limited. Fosters are slim to none and public educating has still yet to be of importance in our county. Over-population is a large issue in Tooele. In October of 2010 and May 2011, we payed for the Big Fix to come out and neuter 80 male cats and spay 80 female cats. These cats came from residents of Tooele and the only condition was that they be a resident of Tooele County. We had such a great turn out that we would like to make this an annual event pending funds and donations. The event cost $2620 and was worth every penny. Tooele has a huge problem with unwanted cats. Purrfect Pawprints is working to eradicate that problem. It is our hope that we can prevent further homeless litters of kittens and puppies. In 2008 we saved 118 cats and 44 dogs. As of last year our numbers have spiked. In 2010 alone we saved 232 cats and 195 dogs. These numbers do not include any lives our rescue has changed at the Tooele city shelter. I have witnessed the most disturbing animal abuse cases outside

of the animal shelter. Ranging from kittens being tossed out of a moving car to a shock coller causing open burn wounds around a puppies neck. Innocent, voiceless animals who are only wanting to love and be loved. Sickly animals deserve to be treated and we do this every single day. Some dehydrayted needing force fed and medicated several times daily. The reward is priceless, selfless. Our goal is to see animal shelters operate without the help of rescues. The public has been helpful and we are always in need of cash, food, litter and blanket donations. To continue saving lives, increase adoption rates and decrease death rates we need more volunteers. Any amount of ones time makes a big difference in the life of one animal. The work of our rescue is endless and extreme. It comes with carrying heavy hearts and the courage to keep moving forward. We have a list, updated weekly of adoptable animals you can find on our website at Purrfectpawprints. It takes a village of people to make a change. Become part of it. Director- Ann Marie Fuller 801-597-6019 Assistant director- Christi Gaffney 707-280-9526


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