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Getting paid in the future for work you are doing right now is known as residual income or as some like to call it a walk away income. In this article I want to make a case for why I think this is the best big money home business approach to take. When you sell a product on the Internet you earn a commission one time for that sale. Many Internet marketers have figured out that it is just as easy to sell a product that earns them a commission of $1000 as it is to sell an ebook that earns them a commission of $20. You certainly can make big money online selling high ticket products. However the problem with this type of income is you are only as good as your next sale. This is the same problem that salespeople have in the off line world. Ordinary people have the same problem when they have a job. If you do not produce sales or go to work you are not going to get paid. Now let's flash ahead and consider the person who is building a residual income. They are not only getting paid today for the work they do, but they're also getting paid in the future for the work they are doing right now. Selling memberships to programs that provide Internet marketing training is an example of this. You earn a commission for the sale that you make today. However every month that membership is in effect you are also earning a residual commission as well. Over time you can develop a very big money home business of residual income on the membership sales you have made. Someday you can still make money whether you are working or not because you work hard right now. Building a network marketing business is another way to create big money from home. You make money from commissions on the purchases and sales of distributors underneath you with this business model. By leveraging your time and duplicating your efforts you are getting paid in the future for work you are doing right now. This is one of the best ways to build residual income and develop a very large home business too. In summary I hope you can see the value of building residual income into your big money home business. That you can continue to make a lot of money without working is a very exciting idea.

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==== ==== Want to work from home and earn big money?Check this out. ==== ====

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