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1. (TCOs 1, 6) Because information in _____ is lost when the power is turned off, that type of memory is considered to be _____. (Points : 5)

auxiliary storage, nonvolatile auxiliary storage, volatile RAM, nonvolatile RAM, volatile 2. (TCOs 1, 6) What does IDE stand for? (Points : 5) Interior Design Environment Integrated Development Environment Integrated Design Environment Interior Development Environment 3. (TCOs 1, 6) Which keyboard function key do we use to compile and run a C# program within Visual Studio.NET? (Points : 5)

F5 F11 F10 F1 4. (TCOs 2, 3) A computer uses the _____ numbering system to represent and manipulate data. (Points : 5)

binary decimal hexadecimal octal 5. (TCOs 2, 3) The proper operator precedence, from first to last, is _____. (Points : 5)

subtraction, addition, and multiplication addition, subtraction, and multiplication exponentiation, division, and subtraction exponentiation, addition, and division exponentiation, division, and multiplication 6. (TCOs 2, 3) Your C# program needs to store a single alphanumeric character the user will enter. When your program starts, the default setting for that character should be the letter A. You implement this functionality by writing _____. (Points : 5) charmyVar = A; char myVar = ‘A’;

char myVar(‘A’); char myVar(A); 7. (TCO 4) The following C# code _____ compile; however, it contains a _____ error. int x = 15, y = 10; if (x < y);=""> Console.WriteLine("x is less than y");

will, compiler will, logical will not, compiler will not, logical 8. (TCO 4) Which part of this expression will be evaluated first? if (b <= c="" &&="" d="">= e)

b <=> c || d d>= e if() 9. (TCO 5) Your program keeps asking for input from the user. If there is more input, the user types “Y” after entering the data. If there is no more input, he/she enters “N.” In this context, “Y” and “N” are used as _____. (Points : 5) accumulators counters integer data types

sentinel values 10. (TCO 5) In this code, the variable _____ is a counter and the variable _____ is an accumulator. double sum = 0, height = 2.0, stop =10, max = 50; int track = 0, num = 0; while (num<=> { sum = sum + height * num; if (sum <=> track++; num++; }

num, track sum, track track, sum height, stop

1. (TCOs 7, 8) Which is a predefined C# method? (Points : 5)

Console.PrintLine(); Console.Print(); Math.Sum(); Math.Sin(); 2. (TCOs 7, 8) Which is a valid overloaded version of the following method? float DetermineResults(float num1, float num2) (Points : 5)

float DetermineResults(double num1, float num2) float DetermineTheResults(float num1, float num2) void DetermineResults(float num1, float num2) double DetermineResults(float num1, float num2)

3. (TCOs 7, 8) Because Main() and MyFunction() store counter in _____, the output of this code will be _____.

(Points : 5)

different memory locations, 8 9 10 the same memory location, 8 9 10 different memory locations, 8 9 11 the same memory location, 8 9 11

4. (TCOs 9, 10) Which of the following is not good programming practice? (Points : 5)

Indenting the statements in the body of each control structure Using integer types for loop control variables Left-aligning nested repetition structures Placing vertical spacing above and below control structures

5. (TCOs 9, 10) In Figure 1, objectB is a _____ and objectC is a _____.

CheckBox, Form Checkbox, MenuStrip RadioButton, Form RadioButton, MenuStrip

6. (TCOs 9, 10) When the user of your flight reservation GUI selects the “checkBoxAirGhana” CheckBox, the string “AirGhana” should appear in the “listBoxOrder” ListBox. To implement this functionality, write _____ in the ckBoxAirGhana_CheckedChanged() event handler. (Points : 5) 7. (TCOs 11, 12) To pass the entire myInfo array to the PrintElements method, replace the commented line below with _____.

PrintElements(myInfo); PrintElements(myInfo[0]); PrintElements(ref myInfo); PrintElements(6,7,8,9);

8. (TCOs 11, 12) The size of an _____ must be determined when the program is written, whereas elements of an _____ can be added or deleted at runtime. (Points : 5)

ArrayList, array array, ArrayList array, array

ArrayList, ArrayList 9. (TCOs 11, 12) An array that stores four days of closing stock market prices can be declared as _____. (Points : 5)

decimal price1, price2, price3, price4; decimal [] price = new price[4]; decimal price[] = new decimal[4]; decimal [] price = new decimal[4]; 10. (TCO 13) Because your C# program needs to read data from a file one character at a time, you choose to use the _____ member of the _____ class. (Points : 5)

ReadChars(), StreamReader ReadChars(), BinaryReader ReadChar(), StreamReader ReadChar(), BinaryReader 11. (TCO 13) To print out the time a file called “timeSheet.txt” was created, write _____. (Points : 5)

Console.WriteLine(File.GetCreationTime("timeSheet.txt")); Console.WriteLine(GetFileInfo(“timeSheet.txt”); Console.WriteLine(GetCreationTime(“timeSheet.txt”); Console.WriteLine(File.FileInfo(“timeSheet.txt”); 12. (TCO 13) The following C# code will print out _____.

the names of all files in the current directory the names of all subdirectories of the root directory the contents of all files in the root directory the names of all subdirectories of the current directory

1. (TCO 3) Show the source code for a C# console application called “SalesTax” to display a 7% sales tax one would pay on an item that costs $150. (Note that the sales tax would be .07 times the value of the item.) · Declare and initialize appropriate variables for tax rate and item cost. · Include at least three descriptive comments. · State what your program displays when it runs. · State how you would use the debugger to check the values of your variables as your program runs.

2. (TCO 5) Describe two types of loops that can be used to write the C# code required to print every fifth integer from 0 to 500 (i.e., 0, 5, 10, 15, etc.), each on its own line. Which would be a better choice and why? Write the code using that type of loop. (Points : 20) 3. (TCO 8) Briefly describe how parameter passing by-value and by-reference are accomplished in memory. Write statement 1 to call method A below. Write statement 2 to call method B. Which method uses pass by-value? Which method uses pass by-reference? 4. (TCO 9) Identify an example of one of each of the following GUI design errors in Figure 2:

5. (TCO 2) Although the following code compiles and runs, the programmer made some major readability errors. Describe at least three changes that would make it easier for other programmers to read and understand the code.

6. (TCO 11) Write a C# program to store an array of integers 10 through 19. Use an appropriate loop to multiply all of the values in the list. Print out the result. (Points : 20)

Cis170 final exam  

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Cis170 final exam  

CIS170 Final Exam CIS 170C Lab 6 of 7: Menu-Driven Application CIS 170C iLab 7 of 7: Sequential Files CIS 170C iLab 5 of 7: Arrays and Strin...