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Issue 1,  April  27,  2014  

COOKING FOR  THE  BOYS  LIVE   What’s  Cooking  

Welcome Home   “Whenever  we’re  together  that’s  my  home”      


You’re my  Home,  Billy  Joel  

A quick  look  at  one  of  my  favorite   dishes  from  past  episodes  


New Video  Series   A  new  series  of  cooking  videos  from   Chef  Mick  starts  in  May  


       Cooking  is  a  passion  but  the   fires  for  that  passion  are  not   easily  stoked.      Like  many  of   my  non-­‐paying  hobbies,  I  need   proper  motivation  or   atmosphere  in  order  for  the   creative  side  of  my  passion  to   show  itself.    This  motivation  

has shown  itself  in  the  form  of   exercise.    W hile  I  train  for   another  hobby,  Triathlons,  I   find  myself  with  energy  that   needs  to  b e  used  for  more   than  just  watching  Netflix.    So   here  we  go!  

HINT: 2009  was  a  great  year  for  California  Red  wines.  

HOTEL COOKING SERIES: The new video series from Chef Mick will focus on meals that can be fully prepared in a hotel kitchen. Working from The Residence Inn, with a two burner electric stove top and a standard microwave oven, Chef Mick will demonstrate the techniques and shortcuts of cooking great homemade meals while on the road.


Issue 1,  April  27,  2014  

Warm Pizza Margherita Salad Croutons—store bought or homemade Tomatoes—Grape, Cherry or your favorite type Mozzarella Basil—fresh is best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt and Pepper to Taste

Preheat Oven to 350*

In an Oven Safe dish, place halved grape or cherry tomatoes or sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella and basil (torn or cut in a chiffonade style). Drizzle in enough Olive Oil to coat the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper. Place the dish into the Oven for about 15 minutes, until the mozzarella begins to melt. Remove from oven and top with Croutons, place back into oven for about 5 more minutes just to heat the Croutons through. Now serve to your guest while it is still warm. (There will still be plenty of oil at the bottom of the dish so please be careful while serving)

Enjoy, Chef Mick


Newsletter cooking for boys  

the first in a continuing publication that is designed to accompany the Cooking for the Boys Live show.

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