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Toll Free Numbers—a Natural Fit for Telemarketers Telemarketers or customer service representatives have a lot to gain using toll free numbers. This feature of a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone system gives customers the convenience of getting through to small businesses, their products and services by calling them for free. Costs for every connected call, whether they are coming from the same area code or a long distance call from a different state or country, are shouldered by the company instead. Although telephones or landlines have been around and used as sales tools for nearly a century, telemarketing was first used in the 1980s. Agents make use of phone calls to solicit customers, generate leads and transact business on various products, services and causes. The global economic meltdown, however, has brought to the fore a shift in the working environment for telemarketing and sales jobs— from traditional office environments to virtual ones or even at home—and technological advancements in the telecommunications industry—the rise of VoIP and 800 numbers as its basic feature. Here are the two types of telemarketing services and some features of the VoIP phone system most likely to suit each type: In-bound telemarketing 800 numbers are particularly useful and are thus growing popularity among those who venture in in-bound telemarketing services. The customer directly responds to a company’s advertisements or PR gimmicks, usually featuring their toll free numbers, and calls the company to directly order products or avail services. Although getting these numbers incurs costs on the business owner, some of them even going out of the way of their budgets to subscribe to a more expensive vanity number, return of investment is worthwhile. Because 800 numbers are easy to remember and easy to associate with a business’ product or service, owners could expect more number of calls which means more chances of soliciting customers and would-be customers. Out-bound telemarketing The out-bound telemarketing service is said to be more proactive than the abovementioned, with the telemarketers or company taking initiative. This type of telemarketing service involves employees calling their consumers and potential clients to solicit orders or make appointments to showcase products and services. While the basic VoIP feature of unlimited minutes on local and long-distance calls is particularly useful for outbound telemarketing, toll free numbers compliment this as well. A telemarketer’s initiative should include being available anytime it

is most convenient for the customer to promptly attend to their needs. Having 800 numbers give their customers the convenience of calling them anytime and anywhere whereas no calls will go unanswered with the call forwarding feature automatically forwarding these calls to you. Growing businesses require the capabilities of various technologies like the VoIP to ensure their success. The virtual telemarketing industry is a good example of a business using VoIP-solutions like the toll free numbers to boost sales and market success.

Toll Free Numbers - a Natural Fit for Telemarketers  

Telemarketers or customer service representatives have a lot to gain using toll free numbers.

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