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Advantages of Using 1 800 Numbers in Your Business Toll free numbers, or sometimes called 1 800 numbers, are one of the most powerful marketing tools to boost your business profit and credibility. More and more companies nowadays have already realized the importance of toll free numbers in maintaining an excellent relationship with their customers. Aside from its incredible power to attract lots of potential customers, these 800 phone numbers can also help you in creating a more professional and reliable image for your business. While there may be some companies which are still hesitant to get their own toll free number thinking that this will only add extra cost to them, there are, however, a greater number of competitive companies that opted for 1 800 numbers and did not regret the choice they made. So if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, having your own toll free number is indeed a smart thing to do.

To help you decide, here are some of the advantages of using this type of business phone system: 

Increase number of customers. The main reason why lots of people are motivated to call companies with toll free 800 phone numbers is that they won’t be charged for the phone call they make no matter how many times they want to reach you. It’s totally free, so your customers and other potential clients can communicate with you anytime, anywhere they want.

Increase sales. The more number of people calling you, making inquiries about your products and services, the greater the chance you have in promoting your business and make more profit. Using 1 800 numbers is the easiest way to draw in customers who are interested to buy your products and make use of the services you offer.

Enhance customer satisfaction. Since you are the one who pays for every phone call that your business receives, your customer will have a great sense of appreciation knowing how committed you are in providing excellent customer service even if it will cost you a bit of money.

Create strong and reputable business image. When you pay for the phone call of your customers, you gain their trust and confidence. If they are aware that you have your own 1 800 number, like if it appears on your website, advertisements, signage, or business cards, they visualize your company as one of the leading names in the industry and also, you get to have that “big time” business look.

With these awesome benefits, you will surely have an edge in competing against the giant players in the market. Not only that, you also get to have the opportunity to build rapport with your customers and eventually gain their respect. So don’t think of it as an extra burden for you. Rather, think of it as a wise investment that you can make for your company’s success. With 1

800 numbers, your customers will feel one step closer to you as you are always readily available to cater to their needs and concerns wherever they may be.

Advantages of Using 1 800 Numbers in Your Business